For an exceptional man

I see what holds you back because it is still in me too. One last indulgence that lasts forever. I can't condemn you because that would be hypocrisy. Yet, I think we both have the sense to know that it will not lead us to where we want to truly be and where we truly need to be. I can't compete with those girls in that way. I could try but it... [more]

Feelings for...

I had a temp job the ended a few weeks ago and left to take another position. In a way, it was good that it ended sooner than expected, because I felt like I was getting too comfortable with my boss, that I would've started flirting with him had I stayed longer. We got along quite well and enjoyed the days where we were on the same assignment. I... [more]

Can't leave her , how to win her's heart

Its been 8 month since we met first time ,I texts her first every time ,usually I initiate the conversation every time whenever I get the opportunity to meet her in person ,though she replied vary well but I found out she has no interest in texting and starting conversation with anybody else and on that its looks like she has no interst in me... [more]

It's a terrible cliche', but . . .

. . . I am totally in love with our babysitter. My wife has no clue.

Confession Of Unfinished Symphonist #interstellar

There’s comes a certain moment come in your life when all world starts to fall apart and everyone starts to seem like a bad entity.
It is you all alone, in your given life , what you have to do:
Either helping millions of people or just going somewhere and doing nothing, this all seems like TRAP. Maybe life is just about making self-better... [more]

Step daughter

My husband and i have been married for 7 years. He has a daughter that was 1 1/2 when we married. I hate the little b**** and I always have. She is an evil, no good little girl with absolutely no redeeming or endearing qualities. I had hoped over the years my husband would let go of the girl and... [more]

Older asian men

I came inside a magazine that was being sold by the convenience store run by this hot old chinese guy. i love the way his fat stomach rolls over his puny bulge. i hope hes read it by now.

I can't help it

I've been doing it for years and it's still the same, I can't get away from it. I'm a guy and I get hard every time I put on girl's clothes. I know lots of guys do it but I think the difference is I don't do it because I want to be female or anything, I do it because I want girls to see me and make fun of me. I've given pictures of myself to... [more]

I miss him

I miss T. He & I haven't had any communication in years. His fault. He hurt me with his accusations. Nevertheless, I still love him.

Clear transition

Forces of nature i will find in you what is already connected what is the right way walking beside you on quiet side streets of this town

Stomach growl/ache fetish

I am 14 and i've always had this it really turns me on when a guy's stomach growls. Also if his tummy is upset then i'd love to rub it. I'd love to rest my head on a guys tummy and hear all the wonderful noises too. I'd let a guy do the same to me too. Anyone have this too? My kik is cavycath

I'm Morbidly Obese

I'm 19, 5 foot 8, and weigh 342 pounds. I eat constantly, snack on and off throughout the day and usually have four full meals. I have a sedentary office job and when I'm at school I'm a full time student. Most of the people in my family are obese. I have a busy life and don't feel like exercising in my free time. My boss gave me a ride home from... [more]

Promises not kept

I don't know why I keep getting my sons hopes up every time his dope addicted father calls and promises he's going to buy him sneakers or take him somewhere. It's been 4 years, and my ex hasn't done 1 f@cking thing he promised him. Now I feel bad, cause I keep telling my son these plans for them to not only fall thru but the ex doesn't even... [more]

I'm stuck

The only reason I haven't killed myself yet is because my dad cares to much about me. But he's the only one who cares. I have no friends. I have people who say they're my friends but they never talk to me. They never want to hang out with me.
I feel depressed all the time. Unless I'm experiencing what I call "fake happiness" which is kind of like... [more]

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