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Mother in law sex

I as well would live to fuck my mother in law she is nothing special so I don't get it but I have a carnal lust to fuck her fir ten years I've tried to think of a way to get that pussy i mean I would do anything it drives me crazy to think of me inside her 63 year old pussy that no mans been in fifteen years I've seen it by accident and god does... [more]

Fantasy of wife

I want to watch my wife get fucked by multiple strange men on the nude beach while I watch masturbating.

Another wet dream

This morning I woke up soiled from another wet dream, which is the second time this has happened to me in a week. And what's even more confusing is that I don't remember what I was dreaming about.

I can not go on living like this and I have to do something about it by finding a way to channel my energy into something a lot more constructive. I... [more]

I fucked a married man

I fucked a married man on Tuesday and I became his girlfriend he said his wife don't give him non and she have some kind of health problems and now I am his girl and his wife don'know

Is This Love ?

Ok , so I think I have been in love but not sure so maybe someone can help me out . Going back in time - I was 19 years old I'm a girl and I went to fill out a job appellation and had a the interview after I filled it out as the boss had time to see me , I am waiting for the boss and walks in this woman I would say around 25 years old .
She... [more]


You love your wife. You said all those things about her, how unhappy you were...and you didn't mean a word you said. I am a cliche. And so are you. I thought I was a pretty smart person. Intuitive, even. But I'm really not. I fell for it. For you. I convinced myself that I loved you. And you loved me. But that's not what this was at all. I'm so... [more]

I'm with my boyfriend's ex

Everything started out great. My boyfriend and I were perfect. No arguments, no bad feelings, no problems. For the first month and a half. Then there were problems, and fights, and he stopped talking to me. Not really, but he barely talked. And he never had anything to talk about. I was getting bored, and I was always frustrated. Somewhere in all... [more]

Think I Made a Mistake

My husband and I have been together for three years now. Being married 4 months of those three years. We should still be in the honey moon phase but that feeling was long gone before we even said I do. I love him to death and he goes above and beyond for myself and our children. However, I find myself in constant depression because of him. I am a... [more]

I feel all alone with this fetish :(

Im a 17 year old girl i like belly noises i like the way it sounds im single and all that i would like a boyfriend who has this same fetish and who would lay on my stomach and listen to it and would let me lay on his to i dont have many friends im basically off to myself alot i dont tell many people i have this cause people are so judgemental im... [more]

Looking for white boys with stomach noise fetish

Im a 17 year old black girl who like belly noises im looking for a white boy around my age with the same fetish if you are interested kik me totmason15 i feel all alone with this fetish

Depressed and don't have anyone to talk to

I'm 18 and I feel so alone. I mean at my age you're suppose to be going to parties, going out on dates, meeting new people and not worry about being anti-social. All my friends are all attending college and I'm taking a gap year and always indoors. I can't tell anyone my problems because to be honest no one cares. When I search for ways to be more... [more]


I'm hopeless and I've got nowhere to run.

Just You Wait

Those of you who started my son on drugs have been spoken about. I don't know for sure who you are but I"m certain one day things will change for you. Call it Karma, call it life. You will not I repeat, not get away with ruining my son. Those of you who are thinking of selling or dealing need to think again. I have former neighbors who would kill... [more]

Sexs and Revenge

UM This is hard to say but my child hood is pretty screwed up my step dad has raised me since 3 yrs old and since 10yrs old I remember him showing me how to masturbate while watching porn then showed me a vibrator then around 11 or 12 (I don't remember cause I feel like its been going on forever.) He took my virginity then when I was 14 I wanted... [more]

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