I love my girlfriend but not enough to commit - I fear that she will kill herself if I leave her but I want to be with other people desperately. I met a girl on tinder and we're meeting up soon and it feels so wrong but I can't help myself and im going to go for dinner with another woman but not tell her I have a girlfriend. I am betraying two... [more]

Slob for a partner

I love my partner of seven years. He's laid back, loveable and I trustworthy etc.
However, he's a lazy, messy slob. I've always done the house duties.
But since April'15,I haven't bothered as much.
Because of this, I've noticed everything piling up and my partner see's this and does nothing.I love him, but because of his snobbish ways, it's... [more]

Suicide thoughts

Many times i think of what is the use of living and think about how it would be to just end it. when I was younger (I am in my mid 40's now) i was still enthusiastic and energetic about life, new experiences and doing wonderful things.
the more i have learned about how corrupt the world actually is we live in, and I mean full blown corrupt... [more]

I am in love with a friend

I am in love with a friend but he doesnt care one bit for me.

I hate being a mom

I had 3 kids under 3. I love them, they are actually really good kids compared to all the other little s**** I know. But that doesn't make being a stay at home mom any easier. The biggest thing have kids taught me is that I don't like kids, at all. I am so sick to death of the whining, crying... [more]


I've been s******* a married man for years. It was fun and carefree for awhile- runnin around town drinking, snorting & whatever else. Now he's in love with me and instead of saying no, i mess around with his head and say i am too. I'm not, he's a play-thing, but i won't give him up bcz there... [more]

Forgive me

I have killed several small animals by pinning their arms and legs to sharpened sticks I have made, and break each bone in their body with my thumb and forefinger.

Ramona dogs bona. bolloni

Once bullied me to help get her s** from a man I liked. she only liked him because I did. she attacked me viciously one night at a party and kicked me and scratched me and got her fist and jabbed me hard several times. she wanted to look sexy and pretty but did not want me to. [more]

Flog with old s****

Life is ok sometimes til you see the litter box, or s*** on the toilet seat or smell the litter box or s*** the parents on potty s***** out.


I am a 29 year old girl.
I have been to co-ed school after that I joined girls college for graduation n post graduation.
I would like to confess that I have played mischievously with male friends.It started when I joined a job, I moved out from my home town, so I have enough time to spent on weekend.
It started with drink party with a male... [more]

Weight on head

I avtar got weight on head thinking of kaam with kutha thinking of breathing heavily thinking of decaying spirit no honka no weight no thinking of bucha kaam

I want to get addicted to drugs. I'm Embarrassed about smoking

I am 16 and I want to do drugs like cocaine, smack, etc, I want to get that 'high feeling' and I don't care abut the consequences. Tobacco isn't enough I need just anything that is stronger. I want to get addicted.
However my mum caught me smoking and I was just so embarrassed about it, not getting caught but actually smoking. I don't know why... [more]

If only

That brings you happiness so be it...

I had unprotected s** with hookers

I had unproteted s** with three hookers hopeing to get std s to give to my wife that they did have .

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