I did it for the money

I'm not a s*** or a Tramp I'm a normal 19yo girl I live with my mother and my step brother (who is 17) sometimes stays, he lives with his father and is quite well off. I'm at school still and I have an addiction for Xanax I have been taking this for around 6 months when my step brother gave me some... [more]

It was me!

I'm the one who called the cops on my husband after I discovered his browsing history through a site full of child erotica. He doesn't know it was me yet, and I'm not gonna tell him until after the divorce papers are signed just so so he can have his heart ripped in pieces. Mine sure as h*** was. I... [more]

End of days

When the End of Days comes will you all still be worried about your libidos? Some if the confessions on here are downright scarey! Repent now!

How to move on

I'm in love with a guy but he's totally inaccessible (he's 100% straight and I'm 100% gay). How do I move on?

Stomach fetish

Hii am from India and my age 24yearold boy am from up when I was child i sat on many belly but 10year old I never do this if any women let me sit on her belly (pet) so please contact me it's only fun not other attention please any woman give me my childhood days am rub your belly an also massage your belly but am interested only female my contact... [more]

My missing childhood days

Hii am from India (UP) am 23year old boy when I was child i sat many belly but after ten year old I never do this anyone please any woman return my childhood days no other attention I can every do thing but your belly (pet) my contact no is 8574306691 say alok OK so please contact.

Nude acting

I have this secret desire to be nude in a movie someday. I rehearse nude scenes in movies all the time, like the one in Titanic, and Cashback. I find it embarrassing but also very exciting to be seen nude by millions of people. I secretly want to do it, but i dont want to be know as that girl who was nude in that movie. So I dont think i may ever... [more]


I made out with a korean guy then after 1 year with a spanish guy then after that with an African guy even though i have a boyfriend i am with him since 5 years now but I don't know i like a guy they kiss me and I can't stop them me and my boyfriend r in long distance relationship but i love him too much then why i do that

Bad b****** City

One time my boyfriend and I were at my parents house and we had s** (super quietly, my bed is creaky) but he didn't get off so I gave him a BJ, about what would've been halfway through he starts moaning and then I start puking.....so embarrassing.

Paja me uvatio kako fappam

Ja ga baco a paja uso xD


Has anyone heard the loud eery trumpet sounds coming from the sky?
This is not a joke - I'm from Boston, and was surrounded by approx 70 people outside - 2 of us heard it and ducked ; we both made eye contact and when I looked around to gauge other people's reactions I realized nobody else heard it - which was in itself alarming. I shrugged my... [more]

Crush on my aunt

I find my aunt really sexy and very very hot. She's looks really mature and has a curvy look. She has nice b******, mature plump a** and since i have a foot fetish really nice size 9 feet. I tend to take candid pictures of her [more]

I hate Malaysia and being a Malaysian

Malaysians are very narrow-minded. I just- I don't know, man. I'm in my last year in high school and I'm entering a university next year but honestly I just want to migrate.
I just want to get the f*** OUT OF HERE.
Firstly, I love English language. I think it's a very beautiful language and I... [more]

What should I do?

I'm in 8th grade, very attractive, I typically date older guys, and I'm very mature. Just this year I've dated 3 freshmen, 2 juniors, and 4 seniors. I've dated one of the freshman 8 times and have made out with at least half of the 9 of them. I've been offered s** by a majority and have said maybe... [more]

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