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Karma's a b****

I was a chubby kid who got picked on a lot. The popular girls always used to tell me I was fat and ugly, that my clothes were dorky and that I'd never have a boyfriend. They'd tell me I couldn't talk to them, and they'd throw rocks at me as I walked home from school alone. I'd go home and cry, hating myself, wondering if they were right about... [more]

Father inappropriate

My wife is very controlling and this includes controlling what our kids wear. In a wierd way I find this inappropriately arousing. Like what I mean is that she insists on a sort of cute childish preppy look. So our 16yo daughter is made to wear white socks that come to below her knee. Either with short shorts or just above the knee skirts. So... [more]

My best friends crush has a crush on me

Hi ok so my friend "Jim" had a crush on a girl "Kate" (so did I but Jim was defensive so I didn't tell him) When Jim told Kate that he had feelings for her she told him that she liked someone else and that she couldn't see herself with him. After Jim tried and tried again and again to win her over kate i told him that that I had a crush on her... [more]

I hate everything about my life

Lets start off with the top annoying people or shall i say kids that i hate and yes im referring to my kids i hate my kids so much with their constant crying whining yelling i hate it i feed them I bathe them i put them to sleep i do everything and they still feel it's their job to annoy the fuch out of me! I honestly wish i never had them there i... [more]

Mom's have you ever caught your son wearing your panties

My mother caught me wearing her thong last night and was p*****. She friggin screamed and beat my a**. Then told me I'd I wanted to wear her panties and dress like a girl then you should act like a girl and proceeded to make me sucks a cucumber like a c***... [more]

Embarrassed him

I like my husband in panties. He didn't want to wear them but when I withheld sex he changed his mind. He's in panties all the time and on the weekend in a short skirt and blouse. I don't make him go outside like this.

I always go to the doctors office with him. Chris last visit was the first time I made him go in panties. They were not real... [more]

Weird. fantasy

I'm a Young Male I love sex of any any kind I dream to find a cougar n become their slave I really like to be submissive to dominant women aanyone interested

Thin line between love and hate

I hate the father of my child sometimes.
But by hating him I hate my self because that's who I chose to be with. He has other kids too but he's a selfish lying abusive person. He's cocky and he's forgotten that before he had anything he had nothing and that I was there. I sometimes regret the decision I made to be with him but I have no choice... [more]

Older Guy

I have the biggest crush on a guy who's 12 years older than me. I don't know what to do.

I hate being a mother

I absolutely despise it. It isn't anything like i thought it would be, it isn't anything that I wanted for my first child and I. The man I was with fur almost ten years ditched me for his ex the moment I got pregnant. I went through my entire pregnancy without any support from him, in fact, he and his ex made it a point to harass me throughout my... [more]

Love to cheat

I love to cheat on my husband. I've been doing it right from the moment we got married (a quicky with one of the cute guys at the wedding reception in the limo). I've been cheating ever since. we've been married 4 years and I have cheated with dozens of men in that time. I never felt guilty. It's like, I am doing something I really like and it's... [more]

Out door sex

I once went nude swimming with my boy friend in a rain forest. There were arrows pointing you to the observation tower, fern forest or water falls. Picked the water fall because it was a down hill trail. It was like walking into a humid wet jungle with occasional pick nick tables at the sides of the trail. It was so romantic, the idea of taking a... [more]

I am African American and I self harm

I am 13. My parents found out that I have been cutting for the past 3 years and the first thing that came out of my moms mouth was
"T. Those are white girl problems."
She doesn't know that the majority of female self harmers are African American.
She has gotten my extended family to hate and resent me and she act like its a phase. My dad... [more]

Mixed race sex

I'm ten years older now, but I still remember the first time I had mixed race. It shouldn't have happened, I was 18 and had a bf that was 19, we weren't engaged, or even really that close, more like friends with benefits.
We were planning to take in the circus Saturday afternoon, but he called saying he had to drive a truck hauling a load of... [more]

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