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Home for the holidays

I'm not sure I can make it through the rest of the summer in this house.


My cousin just became a bible-thumping homophobe. He has two dads. WTF?

Best revenge is when they do it to themselves

We moved to our town about 10 years ago. We didn't know people here but met them through our kid's school and sports.

We had parties, invited people, and I got invited out with the girls a few times. Then the "ringleader" started posting frequent pictures of the girls going out for drinks, without me getting an invite. The only time I was... [more]


I have the fear of losing everyone close to me. Just recently Dad called out of the blue and said a lot of nasty stuff which as affected me a lot, I can't share it with anyone not even my husband coz he anyways doesn't like my side of the family and I don't want to make it any worse. So holding things inside me is very much unlike me. I can't hold... [more]

Hot causins

When I was a 13 a started to develop this crush on my causin we where the same age so I would often see her at school and all that good stuff. When she would come over I would love when she would wear skirts cause I could see her beautiful legs. I would get these strong hard bones and I would imagine all kinds of stuff about her I would often... [more]

Me and my PE teacher

My name is Stephanie and if you've read my previous confession, you'll understand some of the stuff.

The other day my PE class did gymnastics and man, watching my PE teacher demonstrate was so hot. Then in the change room it was only a few of us left and she came in. The others had finished and I was alone. She asked if I was uncomfortable... [more]

I can't come clean

I have been addicted to gay pornography since I was eleven years old. I was able to stay sober for 6 whole months this year, but sadly I lost control and started watching again. I don't want this endless cycle of mindless watching of videos consume me. I get distant from my family and friends with every click, with every view. I'm a mess.


I compose suicide notes in my head when I'm alone. Occasionally I am tempted to write them. I don't have any urges to self harm or end my life. Sometimes I wonder if I do this because I'm afraid of losing people close to me, and I am constantly searching for ways to say goodbye. It's sad. It makes me sad.

Malaysians are racists

I'm a Malaysian myself, but i really hate the country. It is full of racism especially Malays followed by chinese. I'm half malay . I live in Malay environment because i'm a muslim. Once I started to attend secondary school, the malays (not everyone) are starting to insult and isolate themselves from me..They feel proud of their race like they're... [more]

I almoust killed my brother

When i was 12 years old my little brother was 5, he was taking a bath and for no reason i took his head and heldag it under the water for almoust a minute


I stole my stepbrothers girlfriends panties while they were out they r black satin and I also found out they have some of her c** marks in them


I was a young guy studying in a renowned engineering college.I am sharing the worse moments of those days. In the first yr there was ragging.Everything happened on my birthday.I was about to cut the cake.suddenly someone pulled down my pant from behind.

Neighbors wife

I live next door to a married couple,and she is really good looking.When i see her i often tease her,i thought she didn't mind the teasing but her husband said she gets irritated with me.I always thought he that he was dominated by her.One day i was invited over for a cook out.When i went in the house i found him in the corner naked and with a red... [more]

Slutty gfrnd

I let my gfrnd meet up with my best friend and suck his d*** regularly. He videos her awesome performances and she sends them to me st work. I set up a camera and got to watch what they dont film. Its hot watching him f*** her and them not know I see. They dont know I know they [more]

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