Every time

Every time I take a s*** I take a shower

I hate how people smell in the US

I visited America ( Cali ) in a holiday and I regret it, people were smelling like p*** and pee.. when I pass a crowded places I literally cover my nose. Like, cant you take a shower ? At least wash your a**** after taking a fuc*ing sh*t!!

Believe it or not, I like drinking.

I broke my promise not to drink. Had the best rum I've ever tasted, puked my guts out and had a gnarly hangover. I regret nothing because s**** my manipulative and controlling boyfriend. I'm sick of all the guilt-trips for wanting to game online with my friends without him ONE friggin' night a week... [more]

I smoke

I smoke dope almost everyday and I can't stop this s***

Using escort girls for s** rather that dating

My father makes a good deal of money and he sent me through college. Every once in awhile I rent a room and call up an escort service. This allows me to have s** and avoid a potential disaster with a coed.
Reading about coeds who apparently had consented to [more]

Son's suicide

I lost my son to suicide a little over a year ago. He shot himself after having a fight with his girlfriend. He was 24. I feel like I am at risk for doing the same thing. I was fine until he passed. I just cannot deal with the pain. I feel like I should have been able to save him. Why should I be able to live, when he did not get the help... [more]

Best friend

It really sucks not having a best friend. I have nobody I can really tell everything to and it sucks. I have close friends but none of the people who I consider my best friend feel exactly the same way because they have a friend that's better than me. I want somebody who is my best friend and I'm theirs. Is that really so much to ask for I just... [more]

Puberty moments

I hit pubert when I was seventeen, I remember when hair started to grow on my face i was embarrassed, didn't want to meet anyone. Lol i was so stupid.

Bad.......but exciting.

I graduated from high school last spring but am still living at home with my parents. I start college in January but will still be living with them. I still have to live by their rules while I am there which means no sleepovers with my boyfriends. And I still have to go to church with them for mass. For Saturday mass, I decided I needed some... [more]


I think the guy in my english class is adorable

I don't know!

It sounds ridiculous but when I say "Oh I like that!" It has more of a meaning than just me. I feel as if there are parts of me that are separate people and they're all hanging around. I doubt I'm suffering from a multi-personality disorder but something's happening I can't explain. I feel myself as a person but I feel separate people with me... [more]

Pjh my secret love

I love u D

Straight friend

I'm in love with my straight friend (I'm a bi guy). I know for a fact that he's straight because he's told me that he loves my best friend who's a girl. Can anybody help me to either stop loving him or get him to go out with me because it's tearing me apart. And I can't just detach myself because we're in the same class at school and there's only... [more]

The One Who Got Away...

I'm in love with this guy I knew in high school. Ever since freshman year, I just couldn't get him out my head. We became friends in junior year and as I got to know him, I fell for him even more. I mean, he wasn't the most perfect guy and that's what I loved about him. He made me a better person. There was a point where he had feelings for me... [more]

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