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A loser's letter to his lost love

Dear ******,
I saw you for the first time, a little over two years ago. When I first saw you, I felt attracted to you, but at that time I didn’t realize it. Over the next few weeks, that attraction slowly grew into love. I realized that I was madly in love with you. Even then, I had a feeling that I would not succeed, and I spent a few weeks... [more]

Can I buy my Adult Daughter Bras and Panties?

I was a single dad from when my daughters were 7/8. They are now adults(ages somewhere between 23 and 25) in college and each have a son. The youngest daughter lives with me.We have no lingering issues at all,sexual or whatever.She has a job and can buy herself anything.I know her bra and pantie sizes.While at a discount store yesterday,I saw very... [more]

Younger Woman

I'm a divorced 62 year old who has been dating the most extraordinary 37 year old woman I've ever known for the past two years. At first, we had a casual relationship and we were both free to date others, but after several months we began to see each other exclusively. She occasionally spends weekends with me at my place and the walk in closet... [more]

An unpopular opinion

Gore and snuff porn are cancers that need to be criminalized.

I enjoy Japanese cartoon porn(aka hentai), but my problem is that 50% of the s*** I browse upon is this necrophiliac gore porn that has become too common.

Sometimes when considering this I wonder whether we shouldn't have bombed Japan twice or didn't... [more]

I'm an Idiot

I cheated on my boyfriend... My boyfriend is in the military and we hadn't been dating long before he got deployed. As soon as he left it was like there was a change in our relationship. He barely talked to me or even made the effort to. I'm not trying to justify what I did... rather trying to express how I felt. Anyways not long after I started... [more]

New cuckold in panties

I have been j********** a lot lately to wives f****** black guys. When my wife wants sex I have trouble getting hard. She looked on my computer and found my internet sites and some were about cuckolding. Last night she made me wear her dirty panties and I got hard right away. She made me... [more]

I Cheated

I cheated on my wife this past weekend. I feel horrible. We are friends with another couple and we all drank too much. My wife went to bed and this other woman and I had a few minutes of inappropriate contact before we both realized what we were doing was very, very wrong so I left immediately. My wife saw me leave our guest room and confronted... [more]

Other woman

I think I may have fallen for my wife's friend (who is also married). Without getting too much into detail, we have been flirting and have gotten close (non-sexual) over the past 1.5 years. The other day, I emailed her a 'hypothetical' situation where a friend I know has feelings for a married woman, etc. etc. It wasn't blatantly obvious that I... [more]

Lost Girl

I am in a 15 month relationship and about 6 months ago and three months ago I flirted with another guy (no pictures and no physical contact) but just cute and flirty messages. It all started when my boyfriend got a third shift job and things between us started going down hill, so I turned to an old friend in England who I've known for 3 years now... [more]

Walked in on during Shower

I was in the bathroom having a shower when my mother in law comes in to wash her hands. She just walked in not even asking if it was ok for her to do so. In most bathrooms this wouldn’t be a problem but in ours we have glass shower doors and you can fully see the person in the shower. I turned my back to her to save myself some dignity. Once she... [more]

My Ex Girlfriend

I had an ex girlfriend who was the hottest, most beautiful girl I've ever met. I would talk to her constantly when I wasn't dating her and then when I was I honestly don't know why I wouldn't talk to her. So she felt as though I didn't like her. I could've asked her to forgive me and give me another chance but I didn't. I made the biggest mistake... [more]

My Heart is Broken

6 months ago my Fiancé and I broke up...You'd think it'd be getting easier with time, but it's actually only getting harder. There is this hole in my life and my heart hurts so f****** bad. Everyday, I just suck it up, wipe away my tears, and keep moving forward...I honestly don't want these feelings, but I don't know... [more]

I am attracted to young teen girls

I'm a married man in my late 20's and i'm attracted to young teenage girls's human nature to be attracted to younger women, but i still feel odd about it. i've fantasized about my 13 year old niece (my wife's niece NOT blood related) they are so developed these days and such soft bodies. i wont ever act upon it but i feel ridiculous .


I still remember this girl putting her hand between my legs and asking me if I had a h******. Stunned I had to confess I did. Ended up getting a b******* and sucking p**** on the first date. There's nothing more arousing than slutty girls taking charge of... [more]

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