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Friends sister brother incest

A friend and his sister had too close of a relationship for a brother and sister so we all thought. In our circle of close friends thought they were a little weird together. Their body language showed so much attraction to each other it was a little obvious something weird was going on between them. He had a girlfriend who apparently cheated on... [more]

A secret love

We called each other Bubble Buns.....We had a very loving relationship that ended because I am still married. He is 34 years old and 9 years younger than me. We met at work and continued our relationship for at least 2 years. I still love him so much but don't have the courage to tell him the truth. We've been apart 5 months now and talk... [more]

I Have Been Secretly Violating My Female Coworkers For Years

I am a male and have been secretly violating some of my female coworkers for years. I have never been caught, but I keep upping the ante to get more and more sexual excite. I am afraid at some point I am going to get caught. Here are examples of what I have been doing. Sometimes I purposely stay at the office very late, or come in over the... [more]

Caught jackîng off by female cop

So one night while driving home I was alone in my car and an hour away from home and I got h**** so I decided to pull over and Jack it off all was going good I had my pants to my ankles dîck out and I was jàcking off up until I heard a *knock knock knock* on my window I froze my dîck was still throbbing I turned... [more]

I hate my father

Well this isn't really a confession, it's my life that only a few of my friends know about. So me, I'm a 14 yr old girl and I have a disabled younger sister. And a mum and a father that hates me. It started when my sister was born. I was 6 and he would blame me and tell me it was all my fault she was born like that. I would often cry and ppl would... [more]

I want him but cant have him.....

I fallen inlove with this married man but I have a boyfriend too but this man is smitten about me and admits he likes me and asked me out a couple of times. I want to be with him and he is so sweet, funny, nice, and caring. I do my best not to cross the line and so does he. He makes me happy and I want to be with him and want to make him happy as... [more]

My wife the c***

I married my wife for her money. Her family is loaded and I wanted finacial security for myself and my kids. I've done that. shes a f****** rediculous spiteful b****. She gets p***** when my family comes to visit or when I leave the house to go cut the grass... [more]

This site and negativity

What is it with just about everyone on here? These people have decide for what ever reason to tell their stories and all you can say is that's a lie. So what if it's a lie, at lest give a bit of feedback incase it is real.

f****** ugly dress

Enough with the f****** blue black or white gold dress its f****** annoying tbh I don't give any g****** f*** about that f****** ugly dress for f*** sake please [more]

Really embarrassing

When I was in 3rd grade I once went in my dads drawer and found this little packet. I was excited, bc I thought it was a sweet. I opened it and it was a condom. I didn't know that then and I thought it was a balloon. So I blew it up and played with it. Then I packed it in my bag and took it to school. Then at school in a break I took it out and... [more]

What makes me sad

It makes me sad to find people who are lost from God. I myself wemt through a spell of open defience towards God and Jesus. After I read the Left Behind series, though, I realized there are sincere Christians. Yes, sadly, there are false christians who accept all the benefits but nome of the responsibility of a true Christian. These kinds use... [more]

Gropped on a bus

When I was stationed in Yokosuka, Japan had a three day pass and I decided to go to Kamurkura and take in the sights there.
I boarded the bus and boy was it crowded and I couldn't find a seat so I had to hang on the metal hand rails along the roof of the bus to keep from falling all over the place. But as crowded as it was you couldn't fall if... [more]


I am a husband and father, been married for 15 years. About 8 yrs ago my niece starting flirting with me, I had a weak moment and kissed her. She would flash me and I was close to having sex with a 16 year old. I did not do it and became uncomfortable around her. She has moved on but as she grew up I fell in love with her, she does not know and... [more]

My dad is an a******

My "dad" as he is known as, is useless. Growing up I was always a daddy's girl and thought he was amazing, well 18 months ago that bubble was burst. I moved country 5 years ago to be with my now fiancé, leaving basically all my life behind. I came home to visit 18 months ago (I was 26 at the time) and my dad offered for me to stay at his house... [more]

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