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Scared of ghosts?

I was at a party and I arrived during the afternoon. I brought my black friend with me. The apartment was on the other side of a large old graveyard and in the light of day everything was ok.

Ok we stay at the party for a few hours and then its time to leave. It was now very dark outside. no moon or other sources of light except for the... [more]

Heres just one reason to hate religion

I was at work when this short ugly wimp of a boy came to me with his usual holier than thou attitude.

He told me that he would never marry a divorced woman. Well every woman in my family was divorced and remarried. I felt insulted because no woman of any description in her right mind would want to marry someone as short and ugly as he was. ... [more]

Upset with God

I confess that I sometimes question God and starting to think that life's success doesn't depend on God but depend on how hard and smart we work our a**** off. I'm really having issues with God now. I feel like He's having fun doing the opposite of things I pray for. I'm very upset at Him now.

Awkward love square

I'm sorta in love with my ex boyfriend's best friend who is also the guy my best friend loves.

My First o*****

I was 11 at the time, and in true 11 year old fashion I didn't know where the hell my clitoris was (though I had heard fantastic things about its existence). Therefore, I didn't know how to pleasure myself and I didn't care to try because quite frankly I had better things to do with my childhood.
So one day I come across a video that tells me not... [more]

f*** Hosiery

f*** stockings, f*** thigh-highs, f*** pantyhose, f*** all legwear, and f*** all the Japanese and the other leg-sandniggers that love them!

Tired of women thinking that $$$ grows on trees

For the last few years i have been looking for love
but it turns out that just about all women are looking for a man to take care of them no scratch that all men & women i am bi sexual so i have tried to go out with even transsexuals but every one thinks that sitting at home while i work a** off will pay the bills... [more]

My life

This is my confession.
About my life.
I'm almost 22 and I've been through things, just like everybody else dealing with their lives.
I had to grow up with a schizophrenic dad, and at times deal with the man who's supposed to love me more than anything not knowing who I am.
The first time when I was 8.
I had to deal with my parents split... [more]

I Have Posed Nude

I have been very public about how I see no benefit to posing nude. I was offered a million dollars to do it, but I publicly turned it down. Yet there are nude pictures of me. My husband has some that I did in college, and he doesn't know that there might be others.


I'm a normal guy in almost every part of life except one. i love wearing wearing women's panties. Wearing nylon and lace panties most of time makes me happy and i wish guys could wear these kinds of things more openly without making it a weird thing. i am grateful for a wife that at least tolerates it.

My relationship with A Fish

We met online - OkCupid, of all places. I started the conversation.
I cancelled on our first date because I had too much homework that weekend. But our first date was at a Thai restaurant - dinner lasted 2 hours with how well we hit it off. Followed by ice cream... and then Netflix at my place. We spent about 6 hours together that night. I had... [more]

I was recently diagnosed woth COPD

When my doctor xrayed my lungs during a routine exam for asthma he discovered lung damage. He asked me if I had ever smoked and I told him no.

The doctor told me he saw COPD damage to my lungs and boy do I feel gypped. I never put a d*** cigarette or cigar or pipe in my mouth my whole life. Nevertheless I have... [more]

I told the school librarian to kiss my a**

She died several years ago and while I'm not happy that shes dead I was not ahpppy with the way she ran my high school library when she worked there.

She heard some punk yell something out and for some reason she thought it was me. She yelled at me GET OUT OF MY LIBRARY. I was dumbfounded as I personally had done nothing to deserve that. The... [more]

Then the rainstorm came, over me

I don't think I'll ever get over him, even though I'm better off now that he's a narcissistic sociopath.

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