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My Tongue Gives More Pleasure Than My p****

I am a black guy, close to 50 and have been luck to sleep with 98 women-different races, nationalities, marital statuses, my 3 ex wives included.

Over the years, the p**** slows down with age, and mine has but still works. Nevertheless, I can tell that I do not quite have the stamina I did in my 20s, 30s, or even... [more]


I'll always be interested in girls only, but I'm beginning to really fricken hate them. Seems like every one ends up being a 2-sided b****. They'll be nice to see you one second, and maybe say they'd like to be friends with you, and then treat you like s***/pretend you're invisible the... [more]


I remember the girls in school being jealous of me because I was prettier than them. They couldn't stand boys paying more attention to me than them. They kept bad mouthing me and harassing me all the time. One day they lured me to the back of the school building and told "you're never going to forget this" They ripped my blouse open, yanked up my... [more]

Is this normal?

I am a freshmen in high school and have never had a boyfriend. My friends think otherwise.

Dawn Avril

For such a hot a** girl, it p***** me off that she's only been f***** by one guy. You may not get what you want out of polish teen Kasia's vids, but at least they're entertaining & watching her finger her beautiful a** will make... [more]

Friendship advice

So I attended a university last year and had to take a year off due to financial reasons, and within that year I made a lot of really good friends. In fact, all of the guys I met, they were closer than my actual family is. Although now, having to be at home away from all of my friends, it feels like most of them have turned away from me and it... [more]

My heart is broken!

I love a man who claimed he loves me I know now that's a lie! We have been together for at least a year we were friends first we hooked up after his wife passed away and I found out I was pregnant and the father deny even being with me so single alone and pregnant not knowing what to do he was married and and were talking about everything and we... [more]


Satnaam baba trying take gifts god gave cant have them


When I was about 25 I had been married for about 2 years and my wife brother was living with his current wife but not married. I was home from the city for a weekend alone that winter and ended up at a friends house party along with my sil and her husband.
I had a crush in her all through high school and even asked her out a time or two with no... [more]

The night i became a s*** 2

Continued. He put the tip of his bbc against my arsehole and began to push. "Relax like youre having a p***" yaz instructed. When i did this the head just popped in. I had never felt such a mix of pain and pleasure. He started slowly pumping until i started moaning. Yaz began rubbing my [more]

I am Not Kidding

I am pregnant and my Farther-n-law is the father! Please wait before you judge me, he took advantage of me! My husband of eight years doesn't know.. no body knows except you people. I had to tell someone I had to get out what had happened I don't know what to do let alone what I am going to do! I love my husband, I love his family but how can I... [more]

My dream death

I want to die in a car accident
About a year or some time ago, I read a book where the main character went through something like that. I thought it was great. She was in the passenger seat and died on impact. After that, she kept on reliving the day and so on. Not interested in the last part. If ur gonna die, die- my view.
There are some... [more]


So here i am 19 years old and never even had a white female show me her breasts! All my friends have all banged a couple and even have texts to prove it. And they're freaking weirdos (love those guys lol) one day we shared sex stories about different girls we banged and all of them had a snow bunny story ! So i was in a rock and a hard place smh... [more]

My first self provided climax

I've never really been into masturbation but tonight after reading some erotica I finally brought myself to climax. It was the most incredible feeling. I feel like I've been missing out and can't wait to do it again and again. I want to shout out to the world how happy I am but I don't think it would be appropriate to tell anyone else.

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