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Teacher Desire

It began my sophomore year, he was my honors English 10 teacher, German and so so strict. I was very reticent to accept his style of teaching more so his instruction. Every time he'd pick on me to share my writing prompt or answer a discussion question pertaining to our reading. Then presentation projects came along and I nailed it with a 100 but... [more]

Sex with cousin

We had a thanksgiving dinner at my house the Saturday before thanksgiving this year and I had sex with my cousin durring it. So I just turned 15 and she was about to turn 14, she was just starting puberty and I could really tell, she was tiny for her age but very mature. She had 32 A boobs and an awsome a**, and I... [more]


2 years ago I was all alone and there is dis sexy maid working in my house she always bent too much to show her cleavage and I was too eager to suck them she came to my room and as always bentmuch more than needed and this gave a hard in my d*** I just grabbed hold of her from back and inserted my hands in her bra and... [more]

Cuddle Buddy?

The other day,I ran upon an article that talks about a web app called cuddlr app. I can't seem to get it on my t-mobile android phone yet but seems like it may be on its way.
But anyway,I was so turned on about that idea that I am willing to try it.The point is to find a stranger,willing to cuddle with you "without any sex". I am so willing to... [more]

Karma doesn't work

I used to know a girl who suffered horrible physical and verbal abuse at the hands of her older brother.

I had to quit dating her in part because of her brother. I don't know what was wrong with him because he seemed to be p***** off every second of his waking life.

I haven't described the abuse but use your... [more]

I'm sorry Mary

I was dating different girls when I met you. We both had our own apartments and when we were introduced I thought you were cute.

You actually were kind of cute and very nice.

Unfortunantly for you I wasn't so nice. You were honest and upfront with me about your strong religious values. No sex until marriage. I wanted to stop dating you... [more]

I'm Miserable

I'm so tired of my life right now. I'm almost 19, I can't find a job after losing my Id, ss card, and birth certificate in a fire. I don't have a drivers license (My mother held off on it) and after she died I was forced to move in with my sister who hates me because I want her to leave her husband. He lies, cheats, and disrespects her in front of... [more]

High School SwimTeam - Speedos

I recently found some pictures of me when I was on the swim team in high school. We all wore speedos and seeing the pictures now made me realize how much they showed off of us. The speedos were very snug and left very little for anyone seeing us in them to wonder about. Our backsides seemed almost a little sheer especially when the speedos got... [more]

Gay Black Drama

I've cheated on my boyfriend lots of times, the last couple of months I've put that beside me & trying VERY hard to control my urges & be faithful. I truly believe he's cheated on me at some point with-in our 2 year relationship, just really great at not getting caught. We both love each other extremely! He's a sensitive & delicate being, yet I'm... [more]

Agnostic Vs Atheism Part 2

Don't think I made it very clear in Part One, but I am not a theist. I may have sound like one, but I am Agnostic. Not "agnostic atheist" or "agnostic theist", just plain out agnostic. I believe the truth is forever outside our grasp, and we should just get on with our lives and believe what we want, be it God or no god. If you think I'm wrong... [more]

Agnostic Vs Atheism

A few months ago, I was roaming the internet with no real goal. I was flipping through Youtube videos when A thought came to my mind. That thought: "How do atheists deal with death if they do not believe in an afterlife". I typed in "Atheist death" and got a plethora of vids. I clicked the first one, a video by TheAmazingAtheist, and felt dirty... [more]

Scared of ghosts?

I was at a party and I arrived during the afternoon. I brought my black friend with me. The apartment was on the other side of a large old graveyard and in the light of day everything was ok.

Ok we stay at the party for a few hours and then its time to leave. It was now very dark outside. no moon or other sources of light except for the... [more]

Heres just one reason to hate religion

I was at work when this short ugly wimp of a boy came to me with his usual holier than thou attitude.

He told me that he would never marry a divorced woman. Well every woman in my family was divorced and remarried. I felt insulted because no woman of any description in her right mind would want to marry someone as short and ugly as he was. ... [more]

Upset with God

I confess that I sometimes question God and starting to think that life's success doesn't depend on God but depend on how hard and smart we work our a**** off. I'm really having issues with God now. I feel like He's having fun doing the opposite of things I pray for. I'm very upset at Him now.

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