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He really tried lol

My ex-boyfriend , who now has a new lover , a guy in which I totally dislike . My ex called me tonight and was telling me about his day . He knows I love the youtuber Pewdiepie . So he proceeded to tell me how he spent literally ALL of today watching "Crazy Wheels" . I was like . " "What's that ? You mean Happy Wheels ?" He was like "Oh yeah yeah... [more]

Sucking an older mans dick

I'm a young man but I really want to suck an older mans cock !

Looks good from the outside

I do lawn care. I love what I do. But my boss, who talks the talk, doesn't walk the walk. I am an observant person, and it has become obvious that he is fully committed to profit, and doesn't much care about the safety of his few employees, nor does he seem to mind much when customers are lied to or cheated.

I'm not going to say what I do, but... [more]


For the first time in my life i have had sex and i feel great, im 46 years old and it was the best thing ive experienced in my whole entire life thank the lord for inventing pussies!

There is somebody out there like me

Im a guy and I like women. Actually I love women. I try to date/bang/flirt with every girl I like without exceptions but sometimes when I get real horny I have this feel around my asshole. Time has passed and I figured out that I like shemales more than women, but not that man faced shemales. The ones with female faces but with a cock. I really... [more]

Basketball depantsing

I'm 16..As I was waiting for my high school teams basketball practice one day watching the girls team finish up practice the girls team manager (she is 14 and I have a major crush on her) little brother (who is 7) sneaks up on me and pulls down my shorts and boxers...considering the fact that I was not wearing a shirt everything was exposed... I... [more]

He's kinda married....

So I have a friend named Chris and initially we wernt very close at all. We met through a mutual friend and He would always look at me with a lustful devilish smile. He always played the cool bad boy card.

Eventually he sent me a message online and we talked from time to time then more and more often. Now we have each others numbers and text... [more]

I really love her more than life itself

I love her and only her. She's engaged with two children (that I love) so she can never know. She's also one of my best friends in the world. I'd probably commit suicide if she wasn't in my life. She's literally the reason I wake up each day. The chance to see her, talk to her, text her, whatever. She's the most perfect woman in the world and she... [more]

I failed.

When I was 16, I fell in love with a girl. For almost 2 years, I kept on telling myself that she also loved me, inspite of a lot of evidence to the contrary. Then I told her how much I loved her, wanted her and needed her. She broke my heart, saying she was in love with someone else. Now, I feel like a failure. I am not able to concentrate on... [more]

Feelings for a Married Man

Reconnected with old friend (20+ years) and he kissed me at the end of the night. Friendly kiss.... but sparks flew and we both knew it. Nothing more happened, we were smart enough to say good night and part ways. Now he's getting a divorce - partly because of what happened with us.

I feel terrible guilt over this. In reality, his marriage... [more]

Corpse-fucking Japs deserve no pity

I one time donated to the Japanese tsunami relief and I want my money back! I want those Japs to take their love for gore/death-porn, thighhigh socks, and necrophilia and drown in the fucking ocean so they cannot further spread that cancer ever again!! FUCK JAPAN, THEIR GORE,DEATH, AND HOSIERY FETISHES, AND THEIR LOVE FOR IT.

Tummy rub

I love watching chubby teen girls rubbing their tummies and stuffing themselves... the weird part is im a 13 year old girl is there something wrong with me?

Fiance's anxiety is driving me to the brink

Three months ago my fiance (we've been together 7 years) moved across the state from a place she has lived her entire life. Because she has anxiety and asberger's I was prepared to deal with her having difficult adjusting, but it's gotten to the point where I can't even handle it.

She has had one job since we've been here and lasted four days... [more]

Tired of the race card

I am SO fucking tired of hearing black people complain about racism and not having enough 'representation' in entertainment.

There will always be fucking racism, not just against black people, but every race because people will never stop being assholes. No one's rights are being affected and while there is still crime against them guess... [more]

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