True Confessions, Secrets, and Advice

I Lied

That day after school, a year ago on march 18th. You came to pick me up from school, that was normal, we were driving away, stopped at the stop sign leaving the middle school. I heard you take a deep breath and then you asked me, "A****, Do you think you could move back to Hawaii with the rest of us? I know it was tough last time but, I will be... [more]

San Antonio

San Antonio has some fatties...Charles Barkley knows what im talking about

Am I racist?

I feel so terrible for feeling this way. I know that just because a large group of people have done something wrong, that doesn't make them bad people, but I'm a black female who can't stand other black females. I try my best to stay away from them. Besides my family, I can't think of one black female in my life who cared for me. They're... [more]

Life hates me

I have feelings for her. She is married . And she love her husband . But I am sure she has feeling for me. I am try to forget her but its very hard for me . yes yes yes its hurt me .

I know who you are HPJ2

You never told me your real name.I tried to do a background check on you before,but I finally got a hit two months ago by doing a reverse phone lookup.I saw your full name,found your Facebook profile,and other social networking profiles.I "liked" some of your pictures on the photo sharing site profile.I know more things about you now,than when we... [more]

That Sexy Seventh Grader

I'm in Eighth Grade and I have a crush on a seventh grader she has such a big ass. Her name is Viviana and her ass is bigger than all girls in the school except for one eighth grade girl I always watch her ass when I walk behind her I want to talk to her but I'm nervous but she's so hot

Work confession...

I HATE EVERYONE! I am sorry and God forgive me but I am starting to hate everyone at my workplace. I love my work but I really hate people there. Where do I even start. I am sorry but I have to tell something about my ridiculous colleague. Here are the list of people I want to talk about:
#Deewas: This jerk is one of the most annoying and... [more]

I need a shoulder to cry on

Ok I think I have only cried on two people's shoulders my entire life. The first person being my mother. The other person being my crazy ex girlfriend after my brother died. I was in such a state that I just broke down and she was there. She held me and I felt such a sense of comfort that I haven't felt for a long time prior.

I've lost a lot... [more]

Not Leaving

To my metamour, I am not leaving. Ever. Get over it.


I feel like a hypocrite because I don't mind that my husband watches porn, but I hate it that he visits cam sites. To me it feels like cheating because porn is just videos and cam sites you interact with the person. I feel like the only one who feels like this.

Dear, so called 'Best Friend'

You...are a piece of work, you know that? I've know you since I was 9, so for about, what, 5 years? You annoy me and piss my off more than anyone else on this earth.
You steal my stuff and clothes. I can't even buy anything nice anymore because I know you'll take it!
And, you're a selfish, mean, manipulative, immature, self obsessed, spoiled... [more]

Your life is not my fault

Money has never been a problem for me. It's just something that has always been there for me and I think it has to do with my attitude towards it more than anything else. I enjoy having it, I don't feel the least bit guilty about it and I also know to live in a state of appreciation for everything else in my life.

My mother is rather... [more]


We have been together 5 years. We haver had sex in 8 months, he hasn't slept in bed with me in over a year, we hardly see one another unless it's in passing, and when we do it's a fight. We aren't in a relationship. We are roommates, and I don't think I want to fix it anymore

I messed everything up.

I officially started dating a guy yesterday. We've been hanging out for about 1.5 months. The thing is that throughout this time I have had a crush on his roommate. His roommate always seemed to flirt with me but after a while I just assumed that's how he naturally was and he wasn't really meaning anything by it. Tonight I find out he likes me and... [more]

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