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Girl I loved comitted Sucide

That I regret never telling the girl I love that I love her. See this past Monday she jump off a building and killed herself. See I am way to shy in my personal life. I met this young girl at my local pharmacy, I always wanted to ask her out but I would always chicken out. Now she is dead and I feel s***** about it. I... [more]

Teacher and student relationship

Me and my middle school teacher have been treaty close for about 4 years. Now I'm out of school and 18. I miss him like crazy we email sometimes but that's it. I have deep feelings for him. He was always there to help me and listen to my problems when I needed someone. But we there is like a 15 year age difference and he's married. No kids. But... [more]

Pregnant, but...

I'm a 30 year old woman who is pregnant for the first time. I have been married to the man I want to have my children with for 4 years, but have been sleeping with other men too. For the last 2 months, I have regularly sleeping with 2 men besides my husband. I have bad side effects from birth control pills, so everyone I sleep with has to use a... [more]

Let it go already!

Ok, you've decided what's true for you must be true for everybody. Not so. And you can b****, moan and nag and pester it all to death, I'm never going to fit in your perspective. You think if you just nag and pester enough you can pigeonhole a person or wear them down until they admit to being and seeing it all your... [more]

I watch porn previews

Sometimes I search for the free preview clips. (I'm a female) I don't subscribe to the site, just look at the previews. I don't understand the double penetration fantasy. I kinda want to try their f****** machines. They look overwhelming. I wish I had a mechanical d**** to please... [more]

Please I need Advice

I need your advice ...
I join chat groups and have no problem meeting men and woman on line but as soon as they ask me for a picture of myself and I send them they stop talking to me either right away or soon after . Yes men and woman have done this ..

I'm not looking for sex just friendship so why would my looks cause someone to stop taking... [more]


I love to where my wifes knickers all the time what a turn on for me that much I cant stop hivin a wank 4 or 5 times day and I loveit

Friends other side

Me and this black kid met each other in our junior year of high school. We quickly became good friends and buddys, I played some sports but he didn't, cause he didn't like the rough stuff that went with them.
We went everplace togather and always had a good time, I was always a little more outgoing and aggressive than he was. He was quiet, easy... [more]

My Brother with benefits

So here it is. I am a girl aged 19. I am from India and I am currently studying in 11th grade. When I was in class 9, I had made a friend let's say Aryan whom I used to see as my brother but then he was more like a best friend. Gradually became very close and the thing we had in common was that we both were in a relationship with someone else and... [more]


I am a 14 yr old guy and there is this girl on my team who is extremely hot! It's weird though because she is always complaining about how no guys like her. I like her very much nut just her looks but her personality and everything. I really want to be with her but she thinks I'm a friend... What should I do...?

I want revenge ideas on some f******.

Yesterday I was at a club for a while then I wanted to go home. I was going to the exit and the guys who worked there, were there, right next to the entrance. I was drunk. Idk why but I asked one of them if he knew where to get some pot (dont f****** judge me) and he said to get out, another one even accused me I... [more]

Hate Step Dad

Omg i fucken hate my dad acting like a little b**** and keep sayin u cant b******* a bullshiter the worst part is tht he isnt my dad hes my step dad and if he ever hots me i swear tht ill call the police or ill move to mexico with my real dad he said tht if i dont keep my attitude up then... [more]


I miss the hell out of my girlfriend. We didn't date for very long at all, only about 4 1/2 months, and that's chump change and I know it. But we had a connection before we were dating and it culminated into the best relationship of my life. She had just been cheated on and I had been there for her the whole way there. But I'm a self hating... [more]

Wish it wasn't fake

Tonight my school had a murder mystery. My character was having an affair with a u.s. senator, a guy one grade ahead of me. Throughout the night we fought over things like him needing me to be more discreet and we'd flirt and yell and it was just fun. And I realized that I was getting so excited and really liking our interactions, liking him. I... [more]

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