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I found one of my friend's overdue bills, called to make sure of the amount, and paid it off for them. I don't want them to find out I did it, because they would be offended, but it was a small amount and they aren't in a good spot money wise. In addition, they need to notify the company of a change and I'm pretty sure they forgot, but I can't do... [more]

Summer Art Camp Teacher

I might have fallen for a woman with the last name of Vancherie. I guess it was a major crush. One time, when she was walking up the stairs, she was twisting her b*** pretty hard and I was right behind her. She was a physical kind of teacher to me. When I'd be working, she'd come and lean over me or... [more]


Great thank to Dr Dros , My name is Laura Evans I live in Dyersburg, TN, USA , I love to tell the whole world what this man have done in my life , I have been married for 15 years now over three years ago my lovely husband Raymond leave me with no choice because him think am not beautiful and romantic enough for him, and
he ran after woman's I... [more]

I think I may have found love

I am 25 and work in the City of London. I live in the top floor (2nd floor) of a flat in Docklands and my nearest neighbour is an 84 year old women who lives across the landing. I have lived here for 2 years and in that time we have become very good friends, for example, most nights she cooks for me and we eat together. Whenever we meet we... [more]

Secretly more in love

I really want to marry my boyfriend. He's amazing. He's the only guy I've ever been with, ever in my life, who I do'nt have to compromise for in terms of his personality.

Every other boyfriend I've had has fallen short in one major area or another - they're totally disinterested in my family, they hate artsy movies and won't watch them, they... [more]

Bad at my job

I absolutely hate my job, and it's making me bad at it. I keep missing little details that I shouldn't be missing, just because I'm so distracted by how much I hate it.

I'm too busy, and have too many things to worry about. I have a full time job (the one I'm bad at), a part-time weekend job, and I teach a fitness class once a week. I'm... [more]

I miss you and I only met you once. I'm sorry.

Dear JB,

I'm half ashamed to be typing this out, but half glad I get to do this anonymously. I miss you, a lot. I miss our texts and talks on facebook from 4-5 years ago, even though we only met once very briefly. Both of us were taken, but were unhappy in our relationships. I was so young and you were everything I wanted. I felt like you knew... [more]

My little sister

I'm really sick and tired of being treated badly by my sister. She makes me feel as if I'm sort of a pathetic human being; a loser. As being the older sister, I wish I had some kind of respect. She makes fun of me and makes me regret telling her my problems. I once thought I could trust her by telling her I had low self-esteem, but I was wrong... [more]


I have a bad habit of not tying the draw strings on my bathing trunks. I was at our pool with my girl friends usual female friends having a BBQ. Honey would you take this hamburger and drink over to my friends. I did and she yanked my swim suite down right in front of them. Ended up stark naked with a plate and drink in my hands, my swim suite... [more]

If it weren't for me my friend would have no visitors

He died early in 2000. He was one of the best friends I have ever had in my life. We drifted apart after he got married but we would still talk on the phone from time to time.

He was a trucker and one day while far from home he died while asleep in his 18 wheeler. He was 52 years old and he had succumbed to an apparent heart attack.

He... [more]

Too comfortable

I am seldom genuinely happy anymore. I have snippets of true happiness but those mostly come from our child. For the most part I am just sad, sad about losing the most important person in my life, sad about what that did to the entire family, sad about the moments as a child I thought I was promised and were so cruelly torn from me, and then there... [more]

I pooped my pants at my sons baseball game!

Ok. So i'm a 37 year old man. I was at my sons baseball game yesterday. I was on the side lines cheering for my star of a son, when oops! I laid a big stinky rotten egg in my underwear! I guess I shouldn't have held it in as long as I did. I played it cool, so no one noticed, and went to the bathroom to change. But wouldn't you know it, THE... [more]

How do i makeout???????

How do I do it? do I sit in his lap? when do I add in my tongue? where do I like touch him? behind his neck? hickies? what am I doing.. cause im ready and hopefully he is too cause i really want to do this. we have been dating for 4 coming up on 5 months and I took his first kiss. I really need advice so someone please help ?????

p.s... [more]

My boyfriend is an amateur

Ok so I really want to make out with him. I kinda know how but he doesn't. I took his first kiss.

to be honest, ill have fantasies about it too. ill lay awake at night and dream of it. I want his tongue in my mouth and his arms around my waist. im a very needy person. and please someone give me advice cause I don't know how to lead into it... [more]

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