I'm worried I look too prideful. I'm worried I'm too quiet. I'm worried I'll hqve no friends when I grow up. True friends I mean. I'm worried that besides my family, no one would ever truly like or love me. I'm worried I won't live up to expectations and not succeed. I don't want to disappoint.
I'm scared that if or when my parents pass away... [more]

She says she doesn't know what it's like to be cheated on

My friend and I were chatting one day. She struggles with depression, and has for a long time. She told me this herself.
We were recently talking about how you can empathize and have understanding for illnesses you've never experienced. I used depression as an example. I said I have never experienced it, and though I may not fully understand... [more]

Just venting

I have trust issues. Not in romantic relationships but in friendships. I haven't gone that far in life, and I know that this is just the start, but it has been pressuring me for a while now. All my friends whom I trusted always backstabbed me, so I started faking myself. I gave up in making myself happy and started trying to make others happy. It... [more]


Her name is Elizabeth and she is the most vile person that ever walked this planet. Her entire existence revolves around sadistically tearing people down, every day, all day and night. I would she would die.

I just want to get this off my chest

Okay so I don't know how to start this...
About a year ago I showed a person online a selfie of me for the first time. I was basically pressured into doing so because he threatened to never talk to me if I didn't show him my face. I sent him one, and he called me ugly. It hurt my feelings a lot because he just straight out said it to me, when he... [more]

A weird friendship?

So, I have a friend. He has glasses, brown hair and pale skin, he's intelligent, likes learning new things (quite a geek, if you ask me) and I'm actually helping him out with his depression. We first met around five days ago, but we've grown fond of each other a lot since then. I feel like he needs to talk to me everytime we see each other. It's... [more]

Wanta hear a secret?

I be doing my panda panda panda s***!!!! Are you doing your panda dance nucka?

Spanking p*** does not do it for me

I was spanked as a kid and caned a few times at school.
I never heard of anyone ever being spanked on a bare b**. At school it was always over our trousers or on our hand. At home it was whatever one was wearing at the time.
Although I cried because of both the physical pain and the anguish of... [more]


Sometimes it seems that only you and I are standing in the concert in mid of public galore ,my heart feels up with melody .The tunes you raise attimes they blow me I just feel amaze thinking is it really possible or am dreaming..The growth phenomenal ,truly appreciable.I just take the exit route to watch you from far and enjoy the orchestra whose... [more]

I have stomach ache fetish

It just come naturally. Seriously, I was 5 when I realize I have this attraction (except I did not acknowledge it was called a 'fetish'). Basically I got excited and flustered seeing/reading about attractive people got stomach aches. It was not sexual, it never sexual, but once in a while I crave it, pretty much like I crave snuggled up with... [more]

Telling my GF she needs to douche?

So I all honesty this has happened to be before. I wasn't as sensitive with the situation. So I need idea on how to tell my girlfriend she needs to douche? What I did last time with an ex of mine is I went to the Walmart and bought it and when she asked what I got I sat her down and was mature about it and said honey I need you to use this. You... [more]

A pedophile rapist murderer has died in prison

His family wants to bury him in the same cemetery where my family including myself will be buried. I'm trying to get the cemetery to refuse his remains. He doesn't deserve to rest among decent deceased people.
I think his remains should be cremated and his ashes flushed down into a septic tank with the rest of the [more]

Dear a******

Because i do not look like the perfect model, does not mean that i'm ugly or not in shape. I am right where i should be for a 5'6 17 year old teenager. In fact, some people tell me that i should gain weight.
Because i have one pimple at the side of my nose does NOT mean that i don't wash my face. I am a teenager. I am acne prone. That's why i... [more]


Children these days need to learn how to spell through texts. They have f****** spell check, yet their grammar is worse than my 6 year old girl's handwriting. It's not cool to taulk lik th!s. Just type normally!

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