My good friend whose a** I could kick

I was at a sporting goods store and there was a nice carbine I wanted to buy but I didn't have a way to purchase it. No credit cards not even a checkbook. My friend was with me.
I went back the next day only to find my so called friend has bought it out from under me. There were no more of these good .30 cal carbines.
As luck would have... [more]

f****** my mom

Hi my name is rishav..........the story is about when I was 9 years mom is a very sexy lady ......I......always wanted to f*** her.......on that mom was getting ready to go to the office I was in another room just beside her room......suddenly I remembered I have... [more]


I say n***** because it is taboo and offends minorities.

I Should Stayed in the Water Longer

I tried to kill myself this morning by floating in the ice cold lake. Within 30 seconds my body hurt so bad. I stayed in as long as I could (about 5 minutes) then I got out. The pain was intense. My body was numb-feeling and felt detached when I tried to stand up. My heart was racing. It's been almost 12 hour now and 2 hot showers later and I am... [more]

Caught in the middle

The woman I love says she needs us not to be in a relationship because she thinks our love and happiness together will send her to h***. She still visited me and my family but now she's back at her home with her small-minded family. She says she still loves me and doesn't know what will happen with... [more]

Is there a type of person on the earth lower than a drug addict?

I've had two encounters with dopers. One was a PCP user and it made me sick to hear the sound of his voice. If he had dropped dead on the spot the world would have become a better place instantly. The next worthless b****** I ran into was a crack cocaine freak. Ditto. He was a walking... [more]

Step child..? Merging families..? What does this mean!!

I have a stepson who has down syndrome. He doesn't ever listen he is absolutely impossible to be around. Every single time he is over here I try to hide away in my room because he is always being as annoying as possible. He always whines. ALWAYS!! It never ever ever stops. He whines and screams and I just can't take it. I am almost 8 months... [more]

Double trouble

Last Friday night I brought two guys home and let them f*** me at the same time. We did three positions before they came: first they spit roasted me, then one f***** me from underneath me while the other licked me out. Then we tried double penetration... [more]

Right or wrong?

At first I like this guy a lot and he knew but didn't do anything,then I started to move on.One day,he comes to me and ask me to go out,so I did and It was literally nothing.Its just like a dinner with a stranger.I fed up and moved on.Then came this one guy who always make me happy and always there for me.When he's nearby I felt something inside... [more]

Church burns to the ground again

SOme lunatic several yeas ago was burning churches down. He had schizophrenia and he said god cured his headaches when he burned a church. He actually said god himself directed him to do so.
The church had no fire insurace and it took five years for the congregation to save enough money to build another one.
The church burned to the... [more]

On the bus

Yesterday it was rather warm here in Austin and I rode the bus home from the park where I met my husband for lunch and I was wearing a halter top and had a pair of cut off jeans which were rather short but they covered me. While waiting at the bus stop there were these two guys staring at me making me a bit uncomfortable and I just moved away from... [more]

Family confused mother.

During my pregnant my partner was very support he would attend my scans, he would run my feet , made sure I was ok and taken care of in other words he helped me out a lot.
After our son was born he changed it was like he was a total different person. He became more violent towards me, he started cheating by taking other females out, gave me no... [more]

You showed her your d***? Lol

I showed my d*** to my mother in law ! Well text it

I love a girl that I cannot have, my best friend.

(I'm a guy, she is a girl) My best friend (I will call melissa) and I have known eachother for 4 years but we have only been close for about 3 years. When melissa and I first got close, I had started to like her, a lot. She was beautiful and sweet, and was so much fun to be around. You see we volunteered at a summer camp together as camp... [more]

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