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I love a fgt too much

That fgt is too perf. Me love too much lel

Hey Munchausen By Proxy

Nobody gives a rats a** how much weight you lost.

You still look like a cabbage patch doll

Why don't you spend your time trying to be a good mother instead of worrying why people don't meet you or call you back.

You make threats and stalk people wtf!

It's because you're f*cking obsessed with the wrong... [more]

Getting kicked in b****

I asked to a girl in my class (I'm in 11th grade) if she can show me her boobs (she is so hot) she said: "Of course not!". But I really really want to see them, so, when she turns back, I touch her a**. She turns again very angry and I decide that there was the moment and I grab her boobs, for a second I feel great... [more]

Hopeless crush...

So its 2015, and its been 4 years now that I've had a crush on a guy at my school. Not only is he the sexiest guy on school, but he simply makes my knees jelly. He's a down to earth guy but I can't seem to even say Hi to him. I really want to get to know him. But I doubt he even notices me. Any advice?

Selfish bratty spoiled rotten first cousin

My cousin was a spoiled self centered little brat. When he would come over hed help himself to my toys and sometimes break them. I grew to hate the little a******.

I was 12 and he was 7 which is a bad combination. Twelve being old enough not to want to hang with some seven year old brat.

One day we were over... [more]


I was busted by my sixteen yr old sister recently stroking my c*** on my bed I being seventeen she abruptly walked into my room weeks went by an soon one afternoon she an I was at house alone she came into my room Again this time after knocking she laughed she said you know you should really get a gf you wouldn't be... [more]

His mom caught me during my first kinky experience

I love dirty bondage/bdsm sex. I once was getting intimate with my boyfriend when he asked to tie me up.i was a nobody and he was really popular, so I didn't want to ruin a relationship that I could finally get into. I had only had sex once before, and it didn't go well and we didn't even finish because it was so terrible. I decided I would let... [more]

Why do I keep doing this to myself?

So I've always had a rough family life so when so met my boyfriend my life turned around for the better. Me & him went on dates and hung out with our friends and everything was amazing. Now, 3 years later I have cheated, yes I know it's bad, but, I can't help it. I met this guy at my work, he was amazing. Sweet,funny,caring& smart. He wasn't the... [more]

Lost my swim shorts

So Im 16 and I was at a waterpark and at the waterpark there was a wave pool so I decided to go there and I didnt think about it at the time and my shorts were too big so when the first wave hit I almost lost them and then the second wave came and this was bigger than the first and it completly took off my shorts and left me naked it the wave pool... [more]

No longer in love

I don't love my boyfriend and partner of almost 5 years. I did. I really did. But now I feel my role is about placating, allowing, and entertaining. I don't want a child, I want a partner. I don't know how to tell him, and really what to do. Is it my perception that needs to change or the relationship? Of course this all comes through my... [more]

I can't save them all

To be honest you see all these dear old or young cats and kittens that people can't keep anymore and the shelters put up sad emotionally disturbing ads about "i was left to wonder the streets"" or ""i was pregnant and abandoned in the gutter and people killed my kittens ... now i am at rspca... looking for a forever home""

most of the ads make... [more]

I suppose i will be bullied here too...

Recently i have been ill and but on medications and trying to get better and have been doing ok but for headaches occasionally and bad period pain.... i met a a girl wanted to sell her two 12 year old male cats cuz she works in the airlines and travels a lot and she often leaves them for the elderly man that often looks after them while she is... [more]

Pictures or Nah

So there's this guy I've liked for a while and it's not like a normal crush no I just literally find him insanely hot. He's also my friend, so we have that whole thing going on. Lately he's been showing interest in me, and well, I gave in. I don't do relationships, I can't commit, but he wants to have the whole friends with benefits thing. So I... [more]

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