Fat Friend

I have a VERY fat friend that I realize I am embarrassed to be around sometimes. She is a great person but she has obviously not taken care of herself over the years. I try to give subtle hints about eating healthy and such and she heeds it somewhat. There have been things she has done that have been especially embarrassing. One time she... [more]

I cannot help it, but . . .

. . . every time I am around my mother-in-law, and every time I even so much as think about her, I get really aroused.

I settled but now have a son

I have an issue with caring about other people, I am in my 30's and I've had this my whole life. I have no interest in others lives or how they feel and obviously this made it difficult to have any kind of relationship. I had a wonderful mother and sister for example, yet have no interest whatsoever in them or their lives. I just seem to lack that... [more]

Secretly A l******

I'm just another teenager and yeah, I am a l******. I have a bunch of friends and there's this girl who I really like but she's into someone else so

I love/hate my kid and barely talk to my wife!

I have a 3 year old son, he never leaves me alone. I haven't so much as taken a s*** alone since he could walk. Every day I wonder if I should just leave but I can't abandon him, in the short term I'd be happier but I know I'll regret it. He lives for his Daddy, always has done, but I can never have... [more]

Nuns turn me on

I was raised a devote Catholic, alter boy, went to Catholic school up through High School, and graduated from William & Mary. Last Halloween my wife dressed up as a naughty Nun and I've never gotten so hard. We left the party early and f***** in the car. She told me she's never seen me so hard, and... [more]

Fallen Mother

I'm a 40 year old mother with a 17 year old daughter in high school. I've been having s** with my daughter's boyfriend almost daily for the past three-months and have no intention of stopping. I know it's stupid and disrespectful of me, I know we will eventually get caught if only by my daughter, and I... [more]

No One To Tell

I always end up consoling the other person ... when I say I don't want to live anymore ... Don't say that, is what they say, Never say that, It's not funny. No. It's not. But every day it becomes more and more plausible. I think tonight I may have run out of excuses to not take the pain away forever.

I think I need a bra, but...?

I'm 13. I've been shaving my armpits for about 3 years now and I haven't told my mum about it. I'm pretty sure she knows, mums have a way, but I've never directly told her. My old bras are getting kinda small, I know I'm in need of a new one, only problem is, when I get it fitted, I'll have to lift my arms up, and then she'll see my hairless... [more]

Distant relationship with dad?

I've drifted far apart from my dad, I hate him. He constantly demeans me acts childish, he's persistent and doesn't know when to stop, he's far too paranoid, asks about everything single little thing I say, and loses his temper too easily. He can't sustain a conversation and his only weapon when in an argument is raising his voice and... [more]

I backed into a parked motorcycle

I had recently been laid off and was going for job counseling. The building had a weird parking garage and a choke point paid exit. I tried to back up and turn into a spot, and didn't see the motorcycle parked behind me. Evidently I pushed one of them over and it knocked into another. I didn't check for damage, but when someone noticed they had... [more]

A Love Song Too My Wife In Heaven

My wife died of cancer back in 2008 and the loss is still as painful for me today as it was the day she died. My wife and I were both big Yes fans but I never got a chance to play for her this rare version of "I'm Alive" from the 1989 ABWH sessions. Nevertheless, the message in much of Yes / Jon Anderson music is that the soul lives on... [more]

Just Listen for 30 sconds....

I just want to say to all you people, if you can ever find somebody to love you, don't do like I did and mess it up. Cherish it. Love her when you don't really feel like it. If she can smile at you when you are down...return the favor. You only get a few real chances in life at real love, don't be a fool and mess it up.

I hate being a parent

I'm a single mother and I hate it I miss my freedom I miss not having no worries . It has all been too men from me I hate the fact that I have to do it all by myself I hate that he has no worries and living life care free while I'm here taking care of our daughter I didn't make myself ... I hate that my mom loves to but in everything and how I... [more]

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