Honey boo boo

Ur genetics are garbage just let the health problems take there course the same goes for anyone related to u

I think fibromyalgia is fake :)

Is it just women that whine about having fibromyalgia? Because I just never hear men mention this.
Well, I want to go on record as saying I think it's completely fake and made up. I think it's people that want a good excuse to be lazy, not work, work very little, complain, and get attention.
Fibromyalgia is fake. Thanks for... [more]

Hilary clinton

Who gives better b******* her or Monica?


Do they have s** appeal?

Will smith

Both my kids think they're hot s*** they aren't ...

Kim k

I'm worried I won't be famous for much longer due to my lack of skills and the fact there are a s*** ton of women with more s** apeal than me

Kanye west

I'm a mother f****** wordsmith genius voice of a generation

Kim Jong un

My c*** is so small that I surgically shorten all the men in my country so I can feel better about myself....I'm worried now that even my most trusted ppl might cut my throat....which makes my c*** even smaller cause I'm stressed....fml

I love my fat ;)

I'm getting so so so fat and I love it, even when I'm not sitting Down my belly wobbles and jiggles and hangs out the bottom of my
Shirts which I only got 2 weeks ago! It spills over the sides of my jeans, I've gotten so big it even spills over the sides of my sweatpants! But I love it and so does my BF, he loves it so much, for instance last... [more]


Promising p**** in the afterlife....gullible lol

You talk to God when

You're religious. When God talks to you you're psychotic.

My confessions

I'm fourteen. I'm an opinionated person, extremely so. I support LGBTQ rights and consider myself heteroflexible in a community of persons who all hate any gay person. I'm want to come out but I'm scared. My best friend is a jehova's witness and I'm not a religious person. Whilst i believe in God, I don't live my life strictly by the bible and it... [more]


My Grandfather died a few years ago and being the skinflint he was he left nothing of worth behind. My grandmother had lived way below her means when she could have lived much better.
On my granddads property was a shed that he never allowed anyone to go into but himself. No one knew what was in there.
My grandmother said I could have... [more]

Bad mom

You knew your partner was f***** in the head now ur a single mom and have no money no job when u thought about aborting it and didn't you didn't care that you'd burden your siblings and the grandfather of the now child..there are way too many people like u...the kid will grow up and be just as big of... [more]

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