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Mixed race sex

I'm ten years older now, but I still remember the first time I had mixed race. It shouldn't have happened, I was 18 and had a bf that was 19, we weren't engaged, or even really that close, more like friends with benefits.
We were planning to take in the circus Saturday afternoon, but he called saying he had to drive a truck hauling a load of... [more]

Mother n law

I love hugging my mother n law just to feel her boobs against my chest!!!

Me And My Cousin(s)... I Want To Die For This

I don't want to even explain this. I just want to die already. I would never commit suicide, thats awful, I don't even know how people do it, but I want to just randomly get killed, I really literally want someone to just shoot me on my way school, or i wish I could just randomly die in my sleep. I have feelings for my cousin, the worst part, I'm... [more]

Caught in the buff

I remember sun bathing in our swimming pool with my cousin Susan. My brother had invited his friend from high school over for a swim. We were working on our tans, when my brother came out of the shower room laughing with towel and a bunch of clothes in his hands. He wanted to prank and told us "why don't you both walk in on him" They idea of... [more]

Boys wearing gym shorts be careful

When I was in high school I always tried to be careful and not let this happen. If you aren't careful your genitals are visible and you won't even know it.

I was once in the cafeteria and the gym was upstairs. Walking down the stairs with several girls in front of me I noticed this boy with his genitals clearly visible. I'm sure that any... [more]

I'm sick, and I want to scream

I am living with T.I.As (mini strokes) meaning that at random times, the arteries in my brain thicken and I lose blood for a short period of time. Sometimes I can't talk or move, I'm trapped in my body until it passes. Other times I lose feeling in my face,arms and legs. It's scary as hell. While my doctors are in the process of figuring out how... [more]

My arrogant friend

I am a cold person but to true friends I show them my kind side and my friend "Z" is my best friend like I tell her everything but then because I didn't tell her one thing she got all sad and depressed I gave her a note ?? telling her that it was okay for her to tell me her feelings and that I knew she was hiding things.she told me to never talk... [more]

Belly fetish

Hey I'm a guy with a belly fetish I love it when girls stomachs growl and I've had this fetish all my life in just wondering if there is any girls out there interested in this kind of fetish?


I fantasize about being shot through the head by a firing squad all the time.


I saw you driving by the other day and thought about ducking, then I thought I need to act as if everything is normal and like I didn't know you at all! I managed the best I could! It wasn't easy! Summer is coming and all I can think of is you and running into you, which drives me crazy and makes me sad. I wish things were different!

Wife kissing other men.

I love watching her kissing other guys. We often invite some guy to dinner and then she play with him in the parking lot or in the back of the car while I drive and look everythimg on the mirror. Hot.

Thank you Captain Jack

You were a holocost survivor who joined the Police forcein a city near San Francisco. You were jewish but you were an atheist. No apologies. He didn't believe in god and he had no argument.

I enjoyed your company and wisdom. I adopted your philosophy and for that I'll be grateful until I die.

My problems with religion were many and you... [more]

I've been patient, but . . . .

. . . . we've been dating for over a year now, and I'm not going to wait anymore. You now have one month. Either you tell your wife in a kind and nice way that you're leaving, or I'll tell her in an ugly and mean way, and you know how ugly and mean I can be. Either way, a month from now, she's gone and you're mine (along with the house and... [more]


I believe in God & everything, I'm just not as religious & haven't gone to church since I was like 10. My whole life I feel like WHAT IF there's no heaven? What if when you die, you live in darkness forever? That scares me every day that I think about it. At least when you sleep, you dream. Even if it's not a dream that you like and/or you dream... [more]

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