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Sick and Tired

I am so sick and tired of my 25 year old step daughter. I've been in her life since she was 12 and I think she still don't give 2 s%%ts about me. She only call me when she need something and also dates these a****** men that treat her like c***. When I voice my opinion she thinks she... [more]

If you work for a sophisticated company don't curse

I was employed at a bank when I for some idiotic reason cursed. I was frustrated and I said g******. The HR head was behind me and she gave me a horrible look which I richly deserved. I should have learned my lesson but I was stupid.

A month or so later I met a pretty girl and after a short conversation I walked... [more]

And I just left her

Several years back, I started chatting with this chick online, Erin. A few months before I had started dating another girl, I'll call her Dana. After chatting online a few days, it turns out Erin and I know each other via mutual friends. So in my conversations with Erin, she let's me know she has no interest in a relationship and I'm up front with... [more]

Fantasy love

I watched a movie the other day called forbidden love and it was a movie about a teacher having an affair with a student. i thought it might be a nice movie but it ended badly. fair enough the guy did the wrong thing with an underage girl and also he was married. but i knew a drama teacher at the college i went to and someone told me he was living... [more]

Afraid of speaking

I never told my parent or anyone else about getting sexually harassed in the school bathroom. It was lunch time and the only girl in there when some boys came in and saw one of them locking the door. They pinned me against the wall, lifted my skirt, pushed their hands down the front of my panties and told they would live me naked if I screamed or... [more]

Entitled to watse water

I live in california. we are in a severe drought, and have been ordered to conserve water. well, i live in a town that has no water meters and we are charged a flat rate for water usage. i love that fact that i am priveldged to use as much water as i want. we take leisurely 20-30 minutes showers. when i go to cook in the kitchen, i hate to have to... [more]


I hate myself . I can't find anything I like about how I am . People around me parade me for being such a good person but no one knows how much I hate being apart of this world. I feel like I'm stuck in a relationship , I try everyday to let go of. I pick fights all the time with my boyfriend so he can leave me but no matter what I do or say he... [more]

Coworker dating supervisor

I think a former coworker is dating her supervisor. Is it wrong that I think "He's got DAT a** tho" cuz she's got a nice body? She has a nice pear shaped body.

Movie night

During movie night with our friends my girlfriend and I were lying on the couch and means how the four of us girls have been staying with each other for a month now we`re used to seeing each other naked and in panties/boxers. So my girlfriend walking around half naked wasnt a big thing, after the movie started I layed my head on her chest as we... [more]

Feeling helpless

To start off with, my family and my cousin's family are very close, and I'm the eldest out out of our group of guys. In the earlier days I tried encouraging them to buy or start a business in the field their experts in, but it fell on deaf ears.

Just recently comes a outsider, friend but not family and he cons them into believing in his grand... [more]


This kid I babysit has a really hot mom. I always get to their house first and they have a key I use to get in. Before anyone gets home I go into the basement and rub my d*** in the mom's bra? Is this bad?

What to do ?!

I was playing a game similar to sims I am a woman who met a woman on there she told me she had a gf but we could be together on the game .I didn't care so we did then we started talking real life when I seen her d*** she was so fine to me she been with her gf for three years .I've knew her for 3 days then and we... [more]

Bad afternoon

Isn't really a confession, i basically just had a bad afternoon. 

i was riding the bus to go a dental appointment earlier today. halfway through the ride a few old women stepped onto the bus and tried to find seats. during that time i was busy looking for where i was suppose to get off at because i hadn't been to that area before (which was... [more]

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