Horror movies :c

I can't watch horror movies even though I want to. Apocalyptic movies make me shake and make me cry but I like the content. Ugh

No one told me the while truth

I had 2 doctors tell me I can't have chrildren due to cancer treatments and I was totally ok with that! I never wanted kids in the first place (just because I have a v***** doesn't mean I should have had a kid!) so when I found out I was prego I cried and cried! Biggest mistake is my mom was there... [more]

Trapped and in love

I live a lie. I stay with my wife because I am trapped. I love my children. All three are great and I want to be around them all the time.
My wife judges me. She holds grudges. I am sloppy, but not overly so. She beats me down for it.
She wanted to swing over the summer with a couple, I got upset. I forgave her. I believe she is incapable of... [more]

The black, blue, red, green, yellow badge of courage

I was caught throwing paperwads in class and I was sent to the office with two other guys. I had been in the office earlier that week and this in those days would get you a leather strapping across your b***.
The other two guys were sort of school toughs and they had been in trouble before too. ... [more]

Hairy and big

I am seriously turned on by chubby women who don't shave their armpits or p****. My wife a few years back decided to do no shave November. She let her armpits and p**** go. It was so hot! She didn't shave until July. That was a few years ago. She did it... [more]

If I had it my way...

... a big wad of money would roll into my lap so I could get on my feet. After all I have been through, it would be nice and I deserve it. I deserve to have my life back, put it in order, just the way I want it. I'm ready to do it. I'm not afraid of anything. Not anymore. It would just be a nice bit of restitution, a wonderful thing. My freedom... [more]

The N W*** nailed a young black co worker

I worked in a warehouse most of my working career. Maybe I could have done better but the allure of a steady paycheck out weighed the chance of making more money somewhere else. I worked hard with little thanks and a mediocre paycheck. I was proud of my work ethic even if I was over worked and underpaid and un appreciated.
I was getting... [more]

I'm sorry Mike and Ronny

Living in the country like were were there wasn't much to do so you and your cousin kept coming over to my grandparents house. I was several years older than you guys and I didn't want you around when I had company.
That didn't give me the right to hit and shove and humiliate you kids like I did. I was only twelve myself but thats a lot older... [more]

Vore Fetish.

To be honest I really like fantasizing about being eaten or eating someone, although whenever I see cannibalism in real life I nearly vomit.
I even have an OC who is a species that needs to digest her prey alive and I write stories and roleplay with her.
Whenever I tell someone they're all like: "EWW PLZ GET AWAY"
And I actually understand why... [more]

I s*** my pants.

One time, I got so black out drunk I s*** my pants so bad it was running down my leg and my friend (Lord bless her kind soul) had to clean me up like you would a toddler, and an hour later I vomited all over her room and broke her window screen.
Next day, I was so hung over I couldn't even help... [more]


I'm a straight guy but I always wonder if my p**** Is big enough it's 6 inches while my friends say there 7 or 8 girls tell me Im good but I really don't know if there telling the truth or just telling me what I wanna hear I wonder if my p**** is... [more]

So there is this one guy.

From England who used to flirt with me... And I find him to be an a******, but I don't want to tell him he's an a****** because he has enough problems and might be suffering from depression at this very moment.

Knowing Me...

So here I sit. 5AM no sleep as usual. My mind never stops. Worse in the last 10 years or so. Only a hand full of people know the real me. I'm a psychopath. I'm 37 and have never cared about anyone or anything. Have a 5 year old son and feel absolutely nothing. Oh I can mimic emotion. I'm great at it, as well as manipulation. Only keep those close... [more]

Having fun with myself

My name is Rich and i love j********** looking at girls feet and toes….especially painted toes..my first wife got me started with this having me pamper her feet..massages and even made me paint her toes…and mine too ..i found i really enjoyed doing this and she made me [more]

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