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I Dont Give A c*** I know its bad

So I'm Just on my phone and someone sends me a message it was the girl i like so she asked me out (not straight up we had i fight before she asked me out) so we date for a while we break up so now its summer i go to England When i come back to the country i live in her a** got bigger like BRUH!!. So school start back... [more]

My cousin looked at me

I was using the bathroom. I was doing number two while visiting my grandparents. In my grandmothers restroom was a hole between the door jamb and the wall. My sweet old grandmother had stuffed a rag in this hole. If you were able to see into this hole you could see anything in the restroom.

Ok I was finishing up when I saw the rag being... [more]

f*** the Palestinians

f*** the Palestinians. They are always b******* and moaning "oh poor me the mean old jews took my country, boo hoo!" well if you weren't such p****** you wouldn't have gotten your country taken by the f****** jews. You know you... [more]

I s*** all over him

My ex really liked anal. A lot. I was never 100% comfortable with unless maybe I was drunk or something.

One day he suggests that I use an enema, so I did, because I literally would've done anything to make the guy happy. He didn't do his research on it and I didn't either because I trusted what he told me, so after trying to evacuate for 15... [more]

It's just nice when someone understands

A little backstory. I am bipolar. Was on a lot of meds, went through a lot of therapy, learned coping skills, quit meds. Have been doing really well but struggling with growing alcoholism. Recently got the birth control implant and the hormones have my emotions running absolutely wild. My coworker is very similar to me, mentally.

After one of... [more]

Lines Have Been Crossed

I'm a husband and a father. Just minutes ago, I'm pretty sure I just had my first suicidal thought. It was about 3 minutes after the family went out to play in the snow. My wife and I have a small child who is just now becoming old enough to enjoy making a snowman, etc.

An important part: I have been out of work for six months and I cold call... [more]

My mom got half drunk and did my boyfriend.

We have a country store with a video game room, on the other side is a bar. Where the people of our community go in the evening. Kids play one one side and adults on the other. On the outside are those in between ages who talk farming hunting guns and girls.
I know my mom had a lot to drink one night, I would have to drive her home. And for s... [more]

I want my boss todie

She is a psychopath. She plays it in subtle ways. She knows where it hits hard - a very dirty face behind a sweet looking face.I wish she dies

takes credit of my work or gives it to someone else
or takes the credit herself
she denied me of a well deserved promotion
she is a racist
she denied me of development... [more]

Husband's friend

I had amazing sex with a friend of my hubby's last weekend. We have always liked each other and his wife is always telling him off for flirting with me and staring at my boobs. Well last weekend while celebrating a friends birthday at our local we managed to sneak out of the pub for some fun. He f***** me on a picnic... [more]

Glad my dad is dead

My father died and i could not be happier. I don't have to pretend to smile to his face or act sad that he is worm food, he deserves it for molesting me all those years. burn in hell dad, love syntheah

Caught while c******

I discovered masterbating at the age of 11. From then on any time I could get alone I was tugging myself. I would normally wait til my parents weren't at home or when I took a shower. Eventually I was so h**** that I became pretty reckless. I would leave the family room and say I needed to use the restroom but really... [more]

Problem with Friend's Son

I'm a single woman, and I recently invited my best friend and her teenaged son to stay with me while she is looking for a job. They had just moved to the area from another state.

I have two bathrooms in my house, one of which also doubles as the laundry room. I keep my laundry basket in there. My friend's son stays on that level of the house... [more]

Feel so much anger towards 19 year old step daughter

My husband and I have been together only two years and he has 3 daughters, 22, 19 and 15. The 19 year old lives with us and the other two live with their mother. I have a 7 year old boy (his father/my late husband passed 6 years ago).
Here is my vent. The daughter that lives with us is in her 2nd year university and is as lazy as they come... [more]

Life is short

I'm nearly 70 and I could tell the story of my life in one hour. MY grandmother lived to be 99 and it was frightening how easy it was for her to tell the story of her own life. A farmers wife who raised three daughters and two sons. Then she took care of her grandchildren. Not much anything else. Even her painless death was... [more]

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