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Addicted to sex part 2

This has now gotten so bad that i must wear a p**** plug just because i need something in me as much as possible. In begging my husband to let me be his p**** slave but no straight answers. Im throbbing constantly, and anywhere i go i must masturbate because everything turns me on. I just... [more]

Best Friend's Wife

My best friend's wife and I hooked up a few times before they got married but it was just making out. Then a few months after they finally got married we got together and did the deed and it was absolutely intense, best partner I ever had bar none.

Weird places I've jàcked off

I'm 16 and male and I've Jàcked off while driving and outside at night


I love for my wife to sit on my stomach while making me smell her feet. I especially enjoy the pungent smell when she wears nylons and her feet sweat. I love it so much that I even do favors for her when she does it and use it to bribe her when she wants me to do something for her. She will indulge me about two or three time a month, we have three... [more]

The day I left my wife forever

One night while we were in bed my wife had a spell. She would get angry and say things that would get her in trouble. One night while experiencing her period she said this. "You took me away from Randy, the man I really loved.

I said to her. "I'm going to divorce you in the morning". She said incredulosly. "You're not kidding, your... [more]

Strip spin bottle

Wildest thing I did with my girlfriends when I was 17 was strip spin the bottle. We did it in one of the girls home when her parents were way for the weekend. My three girlfriends and four boys had the whole house to ourselves. My girlfriends almost peed themselves with laughter when I ended losing everything. !Wow! what a rush it was parading... [more]

Does size really matter?

I have a boyfriend and were having sex. He can do things that i wanted him to do when we are in bed but... "His" was small and i am not really satisfied with it.. But i loved the guy. I'm 25 years old lady. What will i do? I am planning to have him for good and yet i'm not satisfied?

I hate my step daughters

I can't stand my adult step daughters 43 & they are jealous of my kids and refer to them as cousins,can't acknowledge anything good or bad that happens to us, and are mean to their father and talk s*** about him to his family. They want gifts, money, and to be treated as equals to our own kids. They overtly... [more]

Double Love

I love two different men. I know it's awful to play with someone's feelings but I just can't let either one of them go. I can't stand being away from them. Both have their strengths and weaknesses. The first is 23 and a college student. He's a great guy but always parties and gets drunk all the time and always wants the dirtiest sex but at the... [more]

Forced to show myself

So Im 16 and I'm not the most hung person out there and more on the smaller side for my dïck size.. Well anyways I was at a party with both girls and boys there I think there was 9 girls and 7 boys including myself and we were playing truth or dare and the way we play is that you get to say no to a dare or not answer a truth 3 times total and I... [more]

What is right

I read all of these stories about incest, cheating ect. Under every story I read a comment from someone preaching about what isn't right. What is right? How do you define right? I believe as long as your not hurting anybody, your choices aren't wrong. ONLY IF YOUR NOT HURTING ANYONE OR FORCING THEM.

My second time with a guy

My ex husband was my first and only sex partner. We were married for almost three years before we realized it was not working.
I dated this new guy and after three months I figured it was time to see what her would be like. So I told him that i would spend the night at his house.
He did not look like me ex at all. I had seen some like his in... [more]

Weird fantasies

Ok sure everyone daydreams at some point of their day. But i really like daydreaming about killing certain people, usually the ones i hate (that have wronged me) and i keep having dreams like these almost everyday it just became a habit. I wouldnt hurt anyone mostly because im a coward but im still scared sometimes.

Urinal in garage

I'm a thirty five year old single man. I have an attached two car garage and I really want to install a urinal in it. I have a 72" television, a keg in the fridge, and a awesome stereo system in there, all I need is a urinal.

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