Hate my girlfriends kid

After 7 years of helping raise my girlfriends kid I can finally say I f****** hate him. I didn't even know it was possible to hate a kid it sounds like something so horrid. However I do. He is entitled ungrateful a smart mouth. He doesn't respect me even though I have been the only provider in... [more]

Keep Quiet

My whole family is staying at the in laws while we renovate.Im so h**** I licked my girls p**** so good she wanted to scream out loud.Im going to make her so everyone in the house heard me pleasure her [more]

I fantssise about being hung by my wrists and whipped

Sometimes when I am stressed, I lie in bed at night and fantasise that I am hung up by my wrists and whipped. In the fantasy I am screaming out in pain from the hanging and then they start to whip me. Not hard as to tear skin but painful. I'm begging and pleading and crying all at the same time. Tears running down my cheeks.
Sometimes the... [more]

Gary Loves Cindy Update

I'm Gary and I've been posting here about my love for Cindy wanting to kiss her and for her to text me. Well, here's an update. Cindy didn't text me so I texted her. We met for a late lunch yesterday. After that she invited me over to her house since her husband was out of town on business. Well to cut to the chase, she passionately kissed... [more]

My friend

I have a friend in my school who I really want to have s** with but she has a boyfriend o can't stop thinking about her she liked me at one point but i was too scared to do anything

Self harm

I've been self harming for a few years. I've always kept a pretty tight handle on it but still, I got addicted. It's so hard to stop.
I started with just tiny cuts on my thighs with a pocket knife that healed up perfectly.
Then I switched to disposable razors but i didnt take the blades out. As a deterrent from causing real damage.
Then i... [more]

Wrongful revenge

Almost a year now I was falsely accused by a "friend" of raping her. Instead of waiting for someone to talk with the police or having her go to a hospital to get checked out her friends decided to take matters into their own hands, they said to the court that "too many rapists get set free and just do it again." What they did to me caused me to... [more]

Raging parent

When the top explodes off my bottled up anger my kids get it verbally! I f****** lose my s*** and usually it will be after a long day of catering to all their demands, running them to school, sports , keeping them safe, negotiating one's needs... [more]

My parents

Ever since I was little my parents have slapped/touched my a** every once in a while, even though they know I dislike it. I'm a middle school girl now, and they still do it, though my mom has mostly stopped. I recently found out that this is the case with a lot of families. Maybe it's normal? I don't... [more]


I read a lot of shota and c** to it

You're going to get what's coming

Oh stupid fool; you should know by now never to threaten me when it comes to my child. By the time you figure out what is happening it will be too late for turning back. From this day forward you will learn!


I quit my job today I had a good job the truth is I wasn't happy I felt like I was over working myself in the hot sun doing too much everyone knows I'm a hard worker and I've proven it but it got to me how they wouldn't raise my rate up or move my position up. I was surrounded by a bunch of hate at work from bad vibes tons of people would try to... [more]

I despise wimpy men

I hate men who lets their women cheat on them and says its ok men like that turn me off. i love men like the anime diabolik lovers mmm now those aggressive possessive men are exactly what i need in my life they say your all their's like treasure, they aren't willing to share with anyone thats a man i need in my life not a freaking wimp

Size confusion

Once I asked my friend as a joke who they thought had a massive p**** (I did it to make her uncomfortable because we were currently eating sausage and that's my sense of humour). For whatever reason she actually said that a guy she'd been with who I'm friends with had a large one, but I've jacked off... [more]

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