Couldn't help myself

I have fallen totally and completely and madly in love with my daughter's new best friend. She and her parents just moved here, and into our condo development, right before school started this year. She and my daughter immediately became best friends (as did my wife and her mother) and they started spending all their time together, which meant... [more]

My stepfather

I want to kill my stepdad because he ate all my chicken, he makes no money. He sleeps all day everyday!!! He ruined my family forever!!!!! My mom has to pay all the bills!!! I just hate him soooo much!!!!!!!!!!!!!??????


A very long time ago i learned that i have a fetish to become very-very-very fat! After i consider it for ahile, i become fearful and put it aside; but then it raises it's head once again.
Im afraid that left in my hands, i will never do it?
I need the choice removed . Imprison me, tie me up and torment me with food until i cant fit thru a... [more]

Did you need to beat me up after you got "the best b****** ever"?

You grabbed my a** in my miniskirt as I walked past. My long skinny legs on show, I was in my highest heels which made me almost taller than you. My tight corset top strapped tight on me. I look at you as you smile after groping me. I kneel down in front of you, and kiss your [more]

Stomach Sitting

I love to sit on stomach and also sometimes stand on it. I have done it in my school days a lot and still I do it on my gf.

I could use some advice

Okay I'm a 20 year old boy and there is a girl I used to talk to when I was a sophomore and we fell off. Ever since then I tried to get her to be my friend or more than that and she wouldn't give me the time of day note we weren't on bad terms but last night I messaged her via Twitter I said "hey big head" she replied "LOOOL REALLY?" Then I said I... [more]


I'm 31, still shapley but getting much more...curvy. In fact, I'm recently packing on the pounds. I'm a chane smoker, drink 8-10 margaritas a day, and dropped out of hi school. Havin a great time. No job. My boy friend loves me and has a good paying job that supports my habits. He is OK, and I like [more]

I'm Depressed

I am currently under a lot of stress and I literally hate everything. I previously underwent a bad depression, and I thought it was gone.
Na, it's just waiting for your guard to come down so it can take a chunk of you a**.
And I cry every night thinking that everything sucks, or that... [more]

My best friends mother narrowly escaped death

She worked for a very small company in Atlanta Ga and she resigned for two reasons. One the job was too far from where she lived and she was afraid of a black male co worker who also worked there.
He was inefficient and came in late and got so p***** off the manager was afraid to fire him.
Her... [more]

Sue worked with George

My wife wworked at a small accounting busines and was assinged to a superviser callad George. He told her that the only way she would keep her job was if she looked afer his needs. She thaught he meant fetch tea and coffee etc. He meant other things and after a few weeks she was having to give him hand jobs and eventually it was necessary for her... [more]

The Lady of the House

My first experiences of sexuality came about through many confessions of fantancy(ies). I had some misfortions and needed to move in for living arrangements almost right away. A few months after I moved in a family friend I walked in on was having s** with the lady of the house. As politely as I did I... [more]

My wife Jan has a dress code.

When Jan and I got married 6 years ago we started having a little fun with some of my friends from work and the footy club. It was obvious from the start that all my mate fancied her and who wouldn't. The is tall and slim with nice long legs, a slim waste and 34D t*** that sit proudly on her slender... [more]

h*** s** Addict

I'm a normal, masculine guy - a suit & tie guy - who works in Marketing for a college. But every day after work, I go to adult bookstores. Not only do I watch p*** and m********* in those little booths in the back, I perform oral [more]

Incest s**

Im 18 and have s** with my mom like 3 times a day shes a nympho and loves my big dickim not proud of it but shes amazing in bed shes 45 very fit and tonedperfect 32 c titsdad caught me once and beat the s*** out of us both and raped me they split up but... [more]

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