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Just busted masturbating by my daughter

I am so embarrassed. I am writing this to hopefully share the secret and feel a little better but at the moment I could die. Earlier this morning, about an hour ago, I was lying in bed really fancying some solo pleasure and after listening for a while reckoned I could hear my 13yo daughter down stairs watching TV so thought I would be OK. I did... [more]

Weird ?

I'm a 24 y/o male. Manly job and interests. Have been wearing womens underwear since I was 20. Dont own a single pair of boxers. Its weird on 3rd dates or 1 nighters but for the most part except for one have been understanding. Most are just curious as to colours or cut.


This is not a confession. Rather a message to all of you reading. I have posted a couple of deep issues over the past year and I would like to thank you, my anonymous friends, for your honest advice. You have actually been very helpful and made me more comfortable knowing that I don't suffer alone and alot of people can relate. I'm aware that... [more]

Obsessed with the idea of Addiction?

I’m kind of obsessed with the idea/want to become a drug addict. It’s not like a ‘cool’ thing or whatever, I just wish I could because it would help me get away from my world.

Cosmetic surgery

That I had liposuction when I was 29 years old. It totally changed my life. But no one who knows me would suspect I'm the type of person who would have cosmetic surgery!

Low down dirty shame...

Twelve years ago I met this guy(let's call him Mr. Big Head); he was arrogant and bad and everything I never needed. Did I mention I was 17-18 and he was... 16. To be honest he just seemed older and I didn't care- it was passionate, crazy, f****** fantastic. Sigh we just we made to fit together, but I lived fast and... [more]

My father sexually molested me and I'm a boy

This only happened one time. I have no idea what my father was thinking about. I think he thinks I forgot what he did but I often think about it and sometimes dream about it. The memory is not pleasant.

When I was three or four for reasons of his own he performed oral anal and f******* on me. He did it that one... [more]

I hate being a mom

I hate being a mom! I love my kids and wouldn't want anything bad to happen to them. I just hate my life as a mom. I feel so trapped in my life and marriage. My husband hardly has any time for me except when he works from home and I'm not busy on that day. Or if it's his day off. I have him take a day off for my birthday and our anniversary and... [more]

My disgusting step Dad

That on many of occasions I would think about beating/and or killing my step dad. That piece of s*** is always watching porn. And I mean when he gets home it 4pm-12am or 5am-12am.
Well here's a f****** first. Watching porn right now and not even bothering to lower the [more]

Unrequited Love

It hurts still to this day how I'm not with him. He was my first everything, but he just never felt the same for me. He made me feel warm and wanted at one moment, and hen he was cold and distant in the next, even after our break up. It hurt me so much, that I had fallen so hard for him. After he took my virginity, he completely went cold on me. I... [more]

Moving toward a poly family situation.

Eleven years ago I came out as bi. Seven years ago I admitted to my best friend that I couldn't see myself as monogamous. I almost didn't date him because of it. We talked for hours. He understood and said we could give us a try. Five years ago we got married. Still we fooled around with friends. I didn't want to have one night stands. We wanted... [more]

Thinking about cheating

I'm 23 and have thought about cheating on my boyfriend. I know I could never actually do it, I love him so much, but he never wants to have sex anymore and when we do, he just lubes me up and sticks it in and gets it done, mostly to shut me up. He always says he's either tired or not feeling g well, but he's fine doing other things. He swears that... [more]

I'm dating a friend tonight

Been friends with this knock out divorced woman for 18 years. She's become more attracted to me lately and I have always been attracted but too respectful to be sexual with a friend. She said some things about wanting to see me and how good it's going to be and how much I'm going to like it. You would assume I'm getting laid tonight, been praying... [more]


I had to go pee so into the men's room I went and as I was standing at the urinal I looked up saw this sign which read, " What are you looking up here for the joke is in your hand " It took me totally by surprise I dropped my d*** so quick it hit the edge of the urinal and I shook my head trying to get the thought of... [more]

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