The Lady of the House

My first experiences of sexuality came about through many confessions of fantancy(ies). I had some misfortions and needed to move in for living arrangements almost right away. A few months after I moved in a family friend I walked in on was having s** with the lady of the house. As politely as I did I... [more]

My wife Jan has a dress code.

When Jan and I got married 6 years ago we started having a little fun with some of my friends from work and the footy club. It was obvious from the start that all my mate fancied her and who wouldn't. The is tall and slim with nice long legs, a slim waste and 34D t*** that sit proudly on her slender... [more]

h*** s** Addict

I'm a normal, masculine guy - a suit & tie guy - who works in Marketing for a college. But every day after work, I go to adult bookstores. Not only do I watch p*** and m********* in those little booths in the back, I perform oral [more]

Incest s**

Im 18 and have s** with my mom like 3 times a day shes a nympho and loves my big dickim not proud of it but shes amazing in bed shes 45 very fit and tonedperfect 32 c titsdad caught me once and beat the s*** out of us both and raped me they split up but... [more]

Seeing a BJ

This is the most embarrassing thing that has ever happened to me but was also very nice in a way and gets me hard still now when I think of it.
This happened nearly 30 years ago. When me and my wife were courting we lived some distance away but we both worked in London, so we could meet up in London during the week and at the weekends I used to... [more]

Got caught by my mother in law

I went to the in laws on my lunch break to "pick up something I had left there". Unknown to me my mother in law was working from home and had popped out to the shops. She came back and found me wearing nothing but her panties wanking myself off to several pairs of her dirty panties and bras. I was so "in the zone" I didn't hear her come home and... [more]


I'm pretty sure I have bipolar - I realised today that I go through long term (eg months) periods of mania and depression. The only weird thing is that I also have shorter periods of mania and depression within these periods that often have a trigger (eg being around the guy I'm in love with can trigger mania but then later on realising I can't... [more]

Its ended

He doesnt love me anymore. And Im just realizing it now. Is there a universe I can go to, away from this sadness? My God what have I done to myself??? -Lo

You should have known. It's not my fault. It's yours,

Come on Cheryl, seriously? You've known me since high school and you've known the whole time that I am a big-meat freak. If I notice, or just find out, that a guy has big meat, I am totally going to check him out. And I am so TOTALLY going to s*** him. So when you told me in September that you... [more]


When I was about twelve years old I got suspended from school for 2 weeks, even though they eventually found out I didn't do anything. So since I was "misbehaving" my Egg-Donor/Womb Donor (I don't see her as my mother) called my Sperm-Donor (whom I haven't seen for a long a** time) So he comes and starts... [more]

Sue and her step brother

I was talking with my wife Sue's step brother a few weeks ago and told him about a wife picture posting web site I had found and said that there some interesting photos posted sometimes. I didn't tell him that I sometimes posted Sue on the site. A few days later he called round and said he had taken a look at the photos and had found the ones I... [more]

Does she care? no

My mother doesn't appreciate anything I do. No matter what I try, it's not good enough for her. I did some shopping recently, and I paid for everything with my own money, but she gave me a huge lecture about how much I spent, and using her code instead of a different one (as I told her, I don't have the other one committed to memory!). I bought... [more]

My 10 year old son calls the "Free the Nipple" bluff

My wife was on Youtube the other night, and ran across the documentary trailer for Free the Nipple - where women are calling out the discrimination/sexism of a man being able to walk anywhere topless, but women can't.
Now, I'm not in disagreement with that position (I'd actually like it a lot). But, I'm also a practical man, and gently argued... [more]

Jack Morley's 3 Inch p****

My name is Jack Morley. I have a 2.8 inch erect p****. I love to "flash" women and have done it thousands of times. I recently exposed myself at a Bridgton, Maine coffeeshop, a Sonic drivethru, at Blockbusters, and elsewhere. I usually wear a d****... [more]

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