I love Cougars

Ever since i was 16 i have always wanted to be in a relationship with an older woman and now that I am 24 I still want a Cougar I live in Lexington South Carolina and i just want a happy and lasting relationship with an older woman i have found a few that i really like but so far nothing is coming of them so if any one can help me ill really be... [more]


I wish I wasn't circumcised. I don't know why it is so popular in the USA. From my teenage years in locker rooms 100% of my friends were cut. There are no medical benefits to it. If my wife when we were getting married would have said "can you get circumcised ?" I might have but it would have been nice to have a say in it. Too many people say... [more]

My huge c***

My c*** is so huge that when girls suck it they choke on it and pass out from lack of air. The last w**** I f***** after she passed out I slapped her face with my [more]

Thank you

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. --- for stepping aside, and by doing so, helping me not make a fool of myself.-

I am in love with my "to be" niece in law

Please someone talk to me about this without being some perv who's gonna say "Go for it." Or "I'd nail her"
I need help dealing with some very real feelings... Please read on, as I hope this will not be a waste of my time.
I am currently in a relationship with a woman that I am very much in love with. We have been together for over nine years... [more]

My Boyfriend~

I confess that I love my boyfriend. Truly. He's so unlike the other guys and I ... I don't know. He just really stands out to me. I'm so glad I met him b/c he really has changed my life. [For the better, no less.] He treats me with respect and love. He's so sweet. Intelligent. Clever. Witty. Brilliant.~ He doesn't intimidate me, like the other... [more]

f*** my life

That i have a giant crush on a girl i barely met and i just hate life cause she's perfect but she has a boyfriend and i'm a trans* boy who doesn't have a chance.

Alaska love

Jayme, I should have said yes to you when I had the chance.

Fear of being ridiculed

My boyfriend tried to breakup with me 2 months into the relationship with all the "It's not you, it's me" b*******. That was right after I recovered from a serious illness. a******, I know.
So I was there trying to cry, saying that I love... [more]

Women want equal rights but not equal responsibility

I love beautiful women like any guy but almost every woman wants a man that will take care of her
its like the more beautiful she is the more expensive they are
every woman i have dated wants me to take them out to dinner
every woman i have dated wants gifts every woman i have dated
wants to be an at home wife but they aren't willing to cook... [more]

Need a chnge.

I met him 2 years ago. We love each other & had great physical life too. We are getting married in two months, but now i am loosing interest from him. I don't feel him so attractive. I feel him like a boring person. I can't even step back. I don't know what will i do after marriage!!!

The Night Before

About a year ago I met a guy on grindr and talked for about a week. We quickly exchanged numbers but only texted for about two weeks when I just stopped hearing back from him. I deleted his number eventually and forgot about him. Then, about a week ago, I spotted him on grindr again and reached out to him hoping to not get blocked. Like before, we... [more]


So I graduated this year, but I'm still living with my parents. They say their house their rules. Which means no dating. I go to an extremely conservative church which means no kissing till marriage. I went on a youth trip and me and one of the guys were totally crushing on each other. It's been four weeks since that trip and every time we see... [more]

Can't help it......

.......but every time I think of Laura, I smile. She barely even knows I exist, and we've never been on a date. Still, she makes me smile.

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