How could he?

I just found out that my son is gay and has been married to who I thought was his roommate for almost 4 years. He never told me, came out to me, or anything like that because he was afraid that I would reject him.
I am anything but homophobic.
I am very hurt and very angry with him. How could he lie to me and deceive me for almost four whole... [more]

I Stole from my parrents

I Stole 600 euros in past 3 months. My dads bank called him today and told that someone was buying a lot of s*** online from his MasterCard and told the IP from where the transactions where happening...He called my mom and told her that btw my dad is away for 4 moths and he will be back in about 2... [more]

Is it Love or Depression?

I've been in love with you since that first kiss. Was that your intention? I was half-serious, half-daring you to act when I said we could never be together because I loved your best friend too much. So was it shock value to get in my pants, or something more?
I over-analyze every moment we spent together, everything you said, everything you... [more]

I cry after s**

Every time afte my husband f**** me I cry, because it's supposed to be someone else.


3 1/2 years ago my ex girlfriend went out to a club for a reunion party. I didn't go. Months before that she was starting to act real strange towards me. I moved from one city to the city she lived in, but I didn't move there because of her, but she thought so. Again she started to be real distance from me & I just didn't understand, because we... [more]

We are polyamorous!

There, was that so hard? It's ok for the entire world to know that I'm bi, although I think it secretly bugs you that I'm so public. But gods forbid anyone learns anything personal about you. Your parents wouldn't even know we were atheists if not for that conversation that came up when they wanted us to get married in their church.
Are you... [more]

The day my wife missed out an Valentines day

My wife had problems with her period. All women have problems with their period but my wife was especially vile while she was on hers. One night while have her period she screamed at me that I had taken her away from Randy the man she really loved. I asked her if she wanted a divorce and she said no I'll just live off of you.
She had charged... [more]

My "best friend"

I really hate this person who everyone thinks is my best friend. Even the person doesn't know I hate her. She just annoys me. I am a people person but I just can't stand her. My parents know that we aren't as good as friends as everyone else thinks we are. This is because we have a class trip coming up where we have to pick groups and the day that... [more]


I'm still deeply in love with you even though we broke up in December over my cruel betrayal, we're "best friends" now, but secretly all I want is to wake up to your texts and fall asleep to sound of your voice telling me to go to sleep because it's 5am. You fascinate me to no end and I'm so thankful that you never left my life much like everyone... [more]

I love my teacher

If somebody told me that this will happen to me, I'd never EVER believed them and most likely called them crazy!

I think I'm a homewrecker

I know he's in a relationship, and he has been for four years but he isn't happy with her and he's only with her so he's not alone, he's a good bit older than me but I feel a big connection and he says he feels it too. He's told me he loves me and he wants to be with me and I can see myself being happy with him but I don't want him to cheat on... [more]

My stepdaughter is crazy

My stepdaughter is crazy. I have been with her dad for six years and she is still the rudest most disrespectful little b#### i ever met. I don't even want to be in the same room with her. She is a nasty pig that can't even clean her own room . She gets all the freedom she wants from daddy without having to do anything around the house . She makes... [more]

A d*** ride

I was an 18 year old white boy, and got picked up by two black boys my age. While one drove I rode the other ones d*** while he was laid back in the reclining front seat. We got stopped at a road construction site, the flagman got a really good look at what was going on.

Yeah ummm

I went online and stared masterbating again but I know its wrong I want to stop but the feeling is nice...... I choose to let it go.

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