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I almoust killed my brother

When i was 12 years old my little brother was 5, he was taking a bath and for no reason i took his head and heldag it under the water for almoust a minute


I stole my stepbrothers girlfriends panties while they were out they r black satin and I also found out they have some of her c** marks in them


I was a young guy studying in a renowned engineering college.I am sharing the worse moments of those days. In the first yr there was ragging.Everything happened on my birthday.I was about to cut the cake.suddenly someone pulled down my pant from behind.

Neighbors wife

I live next door to a married couple,and she is really good looking.When i see her i often tease her,i thought she didn't mind the teasing but her husband said she gets irritated with me.I always thought he that he was dominated by her.One day i was invited over for a cook out.When i went in the house i found him in the corner naked and with a red... [more]

Slutty gfrnd

I let my gfrnd meet up with my best friend and suck his d*** regularly. He videos her awesome performances and she sends them to me st work. I set up a camera and got to watch what they dont film. Its hot watching him f*** her and them not know I see. They dont know I know they [more]

I'm Pretty Sure I'm Crazy but Whatever.

So I'm still trying to figure out a way to drop this in everyones lap.
I dont fully relate to anyone about anything. the one person who finds me every four years or so usually makes me believe they want me and then they always eventually dont.
In the past few months I've lost about 4 people. 2 for no good reason. One just died. and One I... [more]


I use to work with a women named Stephanie. From day 1 I found her attractive but never acted on the matter because we are both married. Long story short I thought we were friend....until she screwed me out of a promotion by talking about me behind my back, plus I am pretty sure she was sleeping with the Superintendent. So 1 night while I was... [more]

Last night

Last night me and my boyfriend were in a tent along with my sleeping brother and his friend. my boyfriend has had sex before(obviously) and sometimes tries to push me into it but I always say no. he had a b**** so I started grinding into it, and then he started moaning(which is my #1 turn on) and it leaded up to me... [more]

This is Me

I am 15 and a girl. Pretty tall(5'8) and I have dark red hair. I love playing sports and am a Sophomore in high school. I also love reading books and am obsessed with cars. I can't seem to find a guy willing to respect me though. I am a virgin and haven't even been kissed before. I just want a guy that is down to earth and honest. I am tired of... [more]

Struck back with an anonymous text app

So an acquaintance said some really horrible things about me and my husband. She became estranged from our group of friends because her conservative husband didn't approve of us, or of her having friends outside of him. She said such horrible things about me that i used an anonymous text app to send her a few messages saying she and her husband... [more]

I Think I'm in Love with My Best Friend

I met Mary in seventh grade at a basketball tryout. We weren't instant friends. However, she called me up a few months later begging me to be her friend when she knew I didn't like her. I gave her a chance and I never looked back. We got closer than I had with any friend before. I told her about how I was called a [more]

Daddies little girl

I am in a bdsm relationship with a man. Commonly known as a daddy Dom. I have a boyfriend and I am so afraid of losing him... But I don't know how to stop this addiction...

I'm in love with two people...

I am 20 years old, married to a wonderful 26 year old man and we have a beautiful little 1 year old girl who I could never imagine life without. We have been together upwards of 5 years.
Husband and I are both gamers- one game in particular we play every so often was World of Warcraft.

I met one of my closest friends on this game, who is my... [more]

I think I am in love

Last night I went to this club with a friend of mine and I didn't realize that it was a gay and lez club. It didn't take me about 3 minutes and I was shocked just how open a lot of the patrons were. Kissing and touching going on every where I looked.
The show started and I had my eyes fix and who I thought was a girl but towards the end of her ... [more]

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