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My Sister Has Changed

My mom has gone to rehab almost a couple months ago. I already lived with grandma, so my mom didn't have to worry about finding someone to watch me (she's single). But she couldn't find someone to watch my sister, so she asked her ex's mom if my sister could stay at their house. Let's say that wasn't a smart idea. My mom's ex abused me and my... [more]

Ruined a friendship and...

1) My sister has female friend from a lot of time but she is a bad influence on my sister.

1x) Me wants to get rid of her from my sister life but wants no risks to avoid any kind of countering.

1xx) This minx already has been notified by me and my mother as an occasional embezzler of our things, however the sister of mine care for her so... [more]

Hooked up with cougar and know her daughter

Picked a women on tagged and we hooked up. She liked me pictures and paid for the room. I banged her itch and she sucked mine. She was a nasty woman who liked me pounding her spread legs. I lied and told her I live in Baltimore. She lives three streets over from me. Her daughter is few years younger than me. She told me shit I knew was a lie. But... [more]

I like pointy tongues

When I was in high school I dated this cute, petite beauty who had this small, pointy tongue. To this day I can feel how awesome it felt as it touched my tongue, lips, and mouth. I wish I could find another girl with a tongue like that. It was amazing.

Ex bfs

Who knows how many posts I have posted here so far... everytime I feel miserable I come here, I write my thoughts and I get better. Sometimes I feel like the possibility to say how I feel even anonymously, here, is what keeps me going.

So here it is.
I feel weird. Last week I was at a conference where I met three guys from my past. All three... [more]


Fuck chinese products, they are rubbish. A little research will find USA or German products. I wouldn't piss in their mouth if their teeth were on fire! The trumpets of war are sounding...I say we get a head start and burn them now!

Just Attraction

I'm not in love with you anymore C.I told myself that the last time you broke my heart would be the last time I let you.I didn't pay much attention to what K. told me about you,because I knew years ago how self-centered and arrogant you are,but I still loved you for your other traits.Maybe you only said you liked me because you knew how I felt... [more]

What a Sexy Man

I like to look at photos of Leo Jimenez(Spanish heavy metal singer).He is so sexy.

What I Realized After You Finally Contacted Me

Hans,you wanted to be sure that I'd still be available for you sexually.The answer is no because you have a girlfriend now.I can't be involved with someone who is taken.I'd be constantly reminded of the fact that you chose her over me.It says a lot about you that you would do this when you have a girlfriend.With a heavy heart,I'm telling you that... [more]

I'm a cheating wife

The longest I've ever been faithful to my husband is 3 weeks. I started being with black men when I was in college, where I also met my husband, and I really do not want to give them up. I was married a month after college graduation, but even on my wedding day I had sex with 3 black men I knew in college. On our honeymoon, the day after our... [more]


Know how to get a nun pregnant? Brass her up like an alter boy!

My Best Friend Touched Me

I am 36 years old, the mother of 2 kids, happily married for 14 years. I have lived a pretty boring life. Up until last weekend.

We were going to the beach with our friends and their family. "Sally" (not her real name) came over early to help me with getting food ready. Everyone else in the house was still asleep. I was simply wearing a... [more]

Better than her

I feel like I'm a great looking woman. Pretty face, Nice body, thick in the good places, slim in the others. I'm smart too... Degrees, great job, working on my entrepreneur thing. But... When I see women who may look better, and have all the same things I do... I confess when they have weave or fake nails, contacts, body parts...

I feel like... [more]

I love the smell of a woman's ass!!!!!

I love a woman's ass smell rather if it's smelling their ass or their dirty panties. I love when women ware tight pants and they bend over in front of me I would sniff their ass without them knowing it. Smelling a woman's ass smell gets my penis really hard. If there is any women out there that wouldn't mind me smelling their ass please let me... [more]

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