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Depressed and Afraid

Sometimes I'm uncomfortable in my boyfriend's room because he keeps a gun stored under the bed and I'm afraid I'll lose control and kill myself with it.


I like to masterbate with panties and then c** in them , I have used my wifes and have used ones from other women I know .would like to find some more panties and maybe a girl that would let me c** on her panties while she is still in them

Naked exibition freak

That I love to be a naked little show off. My fantasy is to get whacked out high on coke and walk in public for hours shaking my hot little tight a** without getting into trouble but being humiliated and dominated like a piece of meat b**** boy. I like to power smoke naked until my fully... [more]

A relationship that changed me

It started off great. Her and I were both really happy with each other for a pretty long time. But at some point through it I felt like I was getting dragged so I thought about splitting it up. But she had all these horrible things happen to her so quick. Two of her best friends was put into mental hospitals, another friend of her moved out of the... [more]

Hit by the Truth

We dated for only about a month, but we have a lot of history prior to this. (over 2 years)
When we were younger (16F and 15M) we dated for maybe 4 months. The duration never mattered though because it's always been an intense relationship. The first time we broke up was because we both had too many personal problems to be dating. I started to... [more]

Male in undies

I'm a 28yr old man and I absolutely love wearing granny panties I love the way they feel against my skin I have been wearing them since I was 13 I own 3562 pairs of granny panties I love buying them from the shop and saying they are for me and sometimes at night I go out for a walk and I put a big pair of knickers on over my jeans and walk past... [more]

Preggo smoker

I'm 19. I started smoking when I was 10. At age 8 I started getting puffs off of my mom's ciggies. Now I smoke 1 ½ to 2 packs a day. I'm preggo with my third kid. I smoked all the way thru my first one and second one and everything turned out fine. So I am going to keep smoking during my second one. I love to smoke and will not quit, even for my... [more]

To blame

To wishing i'd never been born. That had i not been born events in others peoples life that i interacted with would be different, i don't know if they'd be any better or worse but i know that by removing my interaction with them that they would be different.
I know i am to blame for me and my wife being broke, for the marriage... [more]

Behind The Chair Tips Before Your Next Haircut

Tips From Behind The Chair

1. If the adult or child is sick, please reschedule until ALL of the symptoms are gone. We don't want it nor do we want to pass it around to our family, co-workers and other clients.

2. Be on time, for your appointment or reschedule it, if you're going to be late. It's not fair to stylist or any other guest, that... [more]


I am probably going to end it next week.

Smart Styles Salon

Smart Styles is a salon that is located inside of Walmart. The levels of ratchetness that comes through the door will drive you to drinking!!! They will hire anything off the streets to work there. If you can blink, burp or f*** you could become a manager. No training or background checks required. Everyone gets a... [more]

1.51 am

How the hell is is possible that you tell me you love me when you know all I want is to have a relationship with you again. How can someone be so cruel to say those words that matter so much yet keep the person so far away.
It hurts to have to be your "friend" when you still call me beautiful and still hold my hand but tell me I'm too... [more]

My Mother In Law

My MIL( mother in law) has really put me through pure hell. I want to kick her a** so hard, that she'll have to clear her throat just to f***!!!

Mother In Law

My mother had 5 kids and truly wiped her feet and s***** on us till we got of age and left. 3 of us tried committing suicide as a way out. 1 brother accomplished his mission at 27yrs, in 2014 because our childhood f***** him up really bad. Well I've got a son who's 20yrs and has been... [more]

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