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Nighttime fears

Many of us hate the nighttime. The clock strikes midnight. You're alone in your bed. Thoughts swirling in your head. All the big and small moments of the day replaying in your mind. "Was that a genuine interaction?" "Did they like me?" "How'd I look?" "What'd they think?" "Did I make a strong impression?" "Am I important to him/her?" "Am I loved?"... [more]

Handsome Ex

My boyfriend will never be as handsome as my ex, and I think they both know that...sorry

Listen up!

I have officially nullified my work ethics while under the influenced of YOU. My fault. 100 percent. My fault. You were everything anyone could only dream off *good job mom!* Cultural divide. Communication divide. Attraction divide. You name it. My FAULT. All of it. MINE. Be happy. Be happy. Be happy. YOU are AWESOME. :)

Don't like hair

Years ago when I was 16, I started off shaving around my d*** with a trimmer. Just didn't like having hair, how it looked and also because I wanted to make my d*** look bigger. I did that and under my armpits. A couple years later, I shaved my arms for a short while until my family made a... [more]

Dad's cousins deserve payback

My father and 7 of his 10 siblings were molested by two of their older cousins.. family took them to court and both got. 1yr in jail because the Crimes were committed in 1960s but I don't think the j*** heads a** butts got what they deserved for hurting so many people, family and friends came forward aswell saying... [more]

Love my fat

I know being fat is bad for you, but I love being fat and having nice rolls, and wide hips and a big a** and big boobs and a big, jiggling belly. I have regular check ups and my blood sugar is perfect, and my cholesterol is fine, but my blood pressure keeps going up and up, and last time was very high, so now I am on... [more]

My wife is rude and selfish.

I think about how nice it would be to divorce her a**.

I used to think she was gorgeous, lovely, sophisticated, and kind, but even before our marriage I occassionally had my doubts about her and about us.

Her true colors have made me see her in a totally different light.

She is ugly to me, intolerable... [more]

Used my son as a weapon of revenge

We were invited to my husband's friend's house for dinner. My husband's friend of OK but his wife Janet is a b****. She is always bragging and gloating, and pointing out she is richer, better, smarter, you name it, and that I am not as good as she is. So before we went, I told my six year old son Jason that not only... [more]

Sitting on my aunt

It was holiday season. I went to stay at my aunt home. She is like little fat 35 age women. Onee day she was alon at home bcz my uncle goes for a job and her children went for there stugy outside town.she was lying in her bedroom in afternoon. She calling me to sleep with her.but i wanted to sit on her stomach.bcz when i am little boy of 5 she... [more]

Things are not what they seem

I have been married for more that 30 years, but still think about my first love. Wondering what she's doing. Wondering if she's happy.

Summer Time

I'm glad it's summer again. I like to lay out topless by our pool when my parents aren't home. The older man nextdoor watches me for his secant floor window. Sometimes I take my bottoms off to and rub myself. It kinda gets me wet knowing he is watching me. Is this a strange thing to do??

I never stopped loving you and never will

You were the first man I ever loved. You were one of my best friends and I loved you with my whole heart. I gave you everything I had to give. Even gave you my purity behind the elementary school in your truck. Any time I needed a friend you rescued me. You told me one night you loved me and would always love me.

I should have waited for you... [more]

Sister in law

Last year we went on holiday with my sister in law and brother in law.
At breakfast one morning my wife sister in law and brother in law all sat round the table I sat on the couch oppersite I noticed she was sat with her legs apart you could see her lace see through White knickers and all her pubic her had to go to the toilet and mastubating... [more]

Weird Cat

Whenever I go to the bathroom, my cat follows me and sits guard by my legs, watching the bathroom door at all times. He doesn't say anything. He just sits silently and watched the door.

As soon as I walk out the bathroom, he immediately follows me out until we get donwstairs and then he goes off somewhere else (usually to eat or sleep)

Weird... [more]

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