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I enjoy having a phiscal done

I enjoy haveing my physical done because I'm in my underware/naked in front of my female doctor although she is not hot I never fail to get hard every time she touches my b**** I just really enjoy her looking touching and feeling my b****

Driving Nightmare

I was driving home from work today, just my normal 10 minute commute home. It was around 5 and I normally go home about three. I was at a 4 way stop trying to turn right and oncoming traffic stopped. They do this sometimes when the person turns left to let people in my spot turn out. I went and and heard a horn blow and there was a school there... [more]

Joke I played on paltalk

I saw a bible studies chatroom which was being taught by a Baptist minister. I thought I'd have some fun and here is what I did.

I don't know all that much about the Mormon religion but I have a friend in that religion so I do know a few things.

I entered the Baptist chatroom and suggested they also study the Book of Mormon. The minister... [more]

Drug addicts I hate those sons of b******

During the course of my life I have been screamed at, assaulted and harrased once by a worthless b****** on PCP and later by a guy on crack cocaine. I hate them both. I wish society would wake up and instead of feeling sorry for these scum incarcerated them. Better still line them up and exterminate them. Shooting... [more]

Smoking and pregnant

OK, so I think I'm beating a dead horse, but I think I am the fourth post about being pregnant and still smoking. 4 months, and smoking at least 1 pack a day, and don't care to quit anytime in this century. i agree with all of the previous posters on this subject; there is absolutely nothing wrong with smoking while pregnant. I've done it twice... [more]


Good morning Cat
i try my best not to think of you too often
to not tease myself with such dreams.
but sometimes i can’t control it.
i wonder what it would be like…
to have those beautiful eyes stare into me
to have those lips touch against mine
to have you write a poem about me or for me
to have your head lay against my chest and feel... [more]

I'm falling in love with my boss

So, I am incredibly attracted to one of my bosses. Both intimately and emotionally. I really want him to notice me more, but at the same time I'm worried that my feelings can get us both into trouble at the workplace. I don't want to say that I love him, but the foundation is there. I look forward to seeing him during the day and I... [more]

Fl.State Refs

Dear Florida State referees FU*K YOU!!! -Noter Dame 7-0 florida state 6-1

Best morning ever with auntie

I'm a 21 year old man and I have a very attractive aunt in her mid 30s , it's kind of an embarrassing tale cause shes my aunt. But none the less I couldn't get over this sexual attraction I have for her. She's about 5'6 brown skin nice weight Beautiful titties and an a** that is near perfect. I've been attracted to... [more]

I was baby sitting my landlords daughter

I was renting a room upstairs in his house and when he and his wife would go somewhere he would lower my rent a little if I made sure his seven year old daughter was safe.

One day she wanted to walk to a near by store when I accidentally let out a small amount of gas. We were outside and there was a gentle breeze blowing but she apparently... [more]

Belly sitting

Ever since I was a child I have always loved sitting on girls bellies. I especially like the warmth and softness of it. When I sit on a girl I always lift her shirt up to her ribs. Her bare belly is the very warmest. I love to sit and gently rocked back-and-forth and wiggle on the belly. I love it when they keep their knees down because their hips... [more]

Mature men

I am attracted to men that are much older than me. I don't know why. I just want to date one in real life but they will never get attracted to me because they would think I am a kid even though I am 21. i hope I will find a mature strong man soon. i need love, I need to be loved, to love and just lose myself to him....

I love the guy my friend in love with too

I've been in love with my friend since 2 years ago. I am a girl, and I have other girl friend whom in love with this guy too, just like I do. What should I do? Everytime I see him in the school, he always got me but, months ago, that girl told me not to marry him in future because she just cant face it. I think she's deeply in love with the guy i... [more]

I liked to get punched,kneed and kicked in the b**** by women

I love it when a woman repeatedly grabs and squeezes my b**** really hard and repeatedly punches,knees and kicks me hard in the b****. It's very painful but I just love having it done to me. Any women out there want to do this to me?

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