I'm a 19 year old guy, the neighbor has two miniture donkeys, a jenny and a jack. One day last week he caught me in the lot with them having s**. He told the other neighbor that I was f****** his donkey, but the truth is, I was the one getting f***** by the jack.

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  • Well now i know i need guard dogs to protect my herds from more than mere coyotes ... LOL

  • well it just goes to show that once you've taken the d*** you just can't say no anymore.

  • Well to answer your questions, I'd let him mount me several times before that. But I always stood more straight upwards and although he he really tried, he just couldn't get the right angle. But that day as soon as he mounted he started biteing on my shoulder, and that caused me to bend over more. And before I knew what was happening he got his c*** in my a**, and my first thought was, oohhhh dam he's got me, and it hurts. But before he got done I was loving it, even when I felt him filling me with his s****, but to tell the truth, after he got off, I did feel a little ashamed that I'd let it go that far. But the next time I let him f*** me willingly.

  • another thought question, you being a male, and letting that jack donkey mount and stick his d*** in you. you must have known what was going to happen, so what was the thought that went through your mind as he started pumping his sperm into you?

  • what was the first thought that went through your mind when you felt his d*** slid between your legs?

  • haha, did he wisper sweet things in your ear when he shoved that donkey c*** in your a**?

  • why would that be embarrassing, you must have been in heat to let him do that, it was something you needed.

  • HAhaha, I think thats funny, an a** getting some a**.

  • Giggity giggity alllllllllright!

  • don't believe you

  • sounds like that jack had something you needed, hope he made it good for you.

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