My wife has grown fat and I love it

My chubby wife has grown into quite a large woman in the last 10 years, well into the 300 lb range and I LOVE IT.

I never knew I liked fat women until I met her and as she grew fatter and fatter s** got better and better. now the simple sight of her naked huge body turns me on so much it drives me nuts! I thought I was crazy or some kind of pervert.. but it seems the love of big woman is quite normal. Just something I never told anyone.

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  • My wife has gained 80 lbs since we got married and I love it. I love her big round tummy and enormous b******.

    I know she needs to lose weight for health reasons, but in the meantime I will enjoy her chubby little body.

  • I met my wife when I was serving in the military she was 5'2" and was 110lbs,well everytime I came home from deployment she ended up pregnant an she never lost weight after each baby,well now she is a pleasingly plump 250lbs and she is very happy wearing a size 24,She just says I have more to love!

  • Nice

  • My wife was a slim 14 when we married 15 years ago,well 4 kids later,and good eatting shes a 20-22 dress size,her b**** are 44dd her but is 48 I love every inch of her,and we love s**!

  • I know exactly why you mean my wife was quite slim at 8stone 7pounds big b**** .in the last 5 years she has grown and now is a very sexy 10stone 11 pounds and curvy I absolutely love her bigger and hope she continues I didn't know I liked bigger women her dress size started at 8 five years ago and now she 12/14 the sight of her growing body is the biggest turn on for me

  • The beefier the better. For me, no wife can be "too fat".

  • Pig f*****! LMAO

  • SSBBWs are so sexy, If I was a billionaire I would bribe the diet industry to encourage women to gain weight to get a sexy BBW or SSBBW figure, and the catwalks would have to ban skinny women and no one smaller than a BBW is allowed on them.

  • I love fat women so much, the bigger the woman the better :)

  • I Love fat women so much, My new SSBBW girlfriend is so fat It turns me on 24/7 , she was thinking of losing weight till she met me, and now she loves eating and getting fatter, she never knew it was so much fun and sexy to gain weight.

  • So hot, I love em large too.

  • I never knew so many guys like big women until I read these posts. I am a big woman, 430lbs and thought id be single for the rest of my life. Now I know I am just looking in the wrong places and that gives me hope.

  • SSBBW's are the best. My wife is 560lbs as of her last weigh in. So much soft fantastic flesh. I know it's different strokes but any guy that will not do a fat girl must be gay.

  • I did a really fat woman and it was some of the best sex I ever had.

  • OMG... I live in Lake Orion, MI... I'd Do ANYTHING To talk to you , so we can decide if We'd like to start a friendship (as a start!) Please write back to me...? Very Truly yours, ~Rob rob(at)swoyer(dot)com

  • I grew my wife over the last 10 years. Her belly is the hottest part on her. Now it hangs all the way over the front of her p**** and her belly is so huge and her legs are so fat now its worn/rubbed off all her p**** hair, so you can see all the stretch marks on her fat p**** too, she is totally bald down there now simply because of her fat. Her gut is SO heavy, and her t*** are HUGE, the best part of her t*** are they are so fat now her nipples have rolled UNDER her fat t***. She just hit 380 lbs, and is 5ft 6 inches of pure soft bloated fat.

    I could not think of a sexier body. I have dated fat women all my life, but never as big as my wife. Love having her sit on top of me during s**, my god that body is heavy, covered in fat and stretch marks, and makes me so hot and h**** Just watching her walk around as her fat jiggles all over is enough to get me hard.

  • Interesting comments on here, a mix of truth (guys relaying authentic accounts of their fat wives), wishful thinking (h**** Fat Admirers making stuff up), and 'concern trolls' expressing disgust that anyone could like fat women. Only the first interest me and I love talking about my fat wife. I started dating her in her mid-20s and I knew from the start that this woman would never be thin. A 5'3 Italian type, she had a modest pot belly and was around 165 lbs. She was a foodie, though, and just loved to eat. Our early courtship involved a lot of ice cream and treats. I also noticed that she ate as much as I did (I'm 6'0) and always went for seconds. A few dates in she felt comfortable enough to comment to me about being 'full' and how she ate too much, etc.. We never went to a full feeder/feedee relationship - I more just made clear that her eating was not a problem - and she has still gained around 100 lbs in 20 years (she's now around 270) and gone from a size 14-16 to size 24. You should see her huge, protruding belly! Caressing it is heavenly. Her weight gain accelerates as she gets older. She has to be careful on stairs since she can't see her feet, and I noticed the other day that she has begun to walk with a hint of a fat lady waddle. None of this stops her from doing things like going out for a rich Thai dinner and then having a 1000-calorie Blizzard from Dairy Queen for dessert - being unable to finish the last two spoonfuls because she's so full and spending the rest of the evening digesting. I love stroking her double chin. It's all very hot.

  • I have always liked large women and mostly dated "big" girls when I was in college. When I got married my wife was 5' 2" and just about 150 lbs. Her b****** were the largest part of her weight area and were 44 DD's. Her nipples were huge and extended a full inch when aroused. Within a couple of years of being married she slowly went up to 280 lbs. (I really loved this and often told her how great she looked). I did not actually encourage her to gain weight, but I did always encourage her to eat all she wanted - especially cakes, pies, candies, etc. Of course this, in itself, made her gain weight. We were married for over 10 years and she got up to just under 500 lbs. I loved f****** the h*** out of her at that weight (especially helping her into bed and raising her legs to insert her vibrator before f****** her. I found that a number of other men also found her very sexually attractive at that weight and, over time, I encouraged her to "swing" a little. This wasn't difficult to accomplish, as she had difficulty moving and once I got her laid out on her back it was hard for her to resist any man whom I had invited to enter our bedroom (and her) for the evening. Eventually we did divorce, as she became very interested in another man. They married and she is not up over 700 lbs. He has invited me to f*** her a few times since they married and she seems to love it. Well, now we are all over 60 and I wonder what we will share next.

  • I've been married approx 4 months to my wonderful wife! She has always been on the chubby side and I love it! She is5'2" and whenwe started dating she was about 145 pounds and by the time of our wedding she had steadily grown to about 170. Then we get married and she and she does absolutely nothing that could be considered exercise(except s**!!). All she does is laze around watching tv all day and stuffing her face, even at work! Son already in these lady 4 months she has gained atleast 30 pounds and most that in her belly! Needless to say I can't keep my hands off of her and she loves it! Her s** drive has never been higher and I am one happy man!!

  • Isn't amazing that when they gain a lot of weight there sex drive goes up and they want to have sex more! My wife to even though she doesn't like gaining weight and being fatter she is horny as hell.

  • Well here we go. She has been packing on the pounds now for about 4 years since we got married. She LOVES to show off her fat. Over the summer she had shorts on most of the time, which ran up her a** crack often. We would laugh at the comments people made. Just made me want to f*** her even harder as they made comments like "look at that pig" haha. Her t*** are so heavy its amazing.

    This is what 460 lbs looks like on her. Taken over the last year as she fattened up

  • Yeah. That isn't your wife. Those pictures aren't even all the same person. You can be a wannabe all you want, but don't try to dupe people into thinking you've got it nice.

  • HELL yes, see thats the way I like my women, huge downward pointing tits, fat belly hanging over the pussy, that is perfect. you are lucky!

  • My wife was average height and weight when we married. Then with her first pregnancy, she gained 70 pound. she never lost the weight. with second pregnancy she gained quite a bit more, not sure, but maybe around 50. With third pregnancy, she really had good appetite and gained nearly 100 pound. Each time she never loses the weight. She is now quite fat and lazy. Her mother is over all the time to help raise the kids. My wife mostly just sits around and eats, while her mother does all the work. Since last baby, one year ago, she gains around another 25 pound. I love it, and we have a lot of s**. Yesterday she say she is pregnant again. Can't waait to see how much fatter she gat this time around.

  • I found out the same thing, only I fell in love with an already overweight older woman (230ish) and when I told her how I felt about big girls she lit up with joy. She's since fattened up to 270lbs and we have no plans for her to stop anytime soon, even 500lbs isn't out of sight. Good luck!

  • Lucky you, a lot of guys would kill to have what you have. Treat her right, and make her fatter, the world needs more fat women.

  • Can we PLEASE get some details on your lady? How old is she and what does she look like, all you guys are so lucky!

  • (Original poster of comment) My wife is in her early 60s and has grown fatter and lazier since the first day we met. Since I told her I liked big women the sex has gotten better with every new roll and each new pound. She reached a high of over 300lbs and shes on her way back up to at least 400lbs now. Her belly is definitional her fattest part with 60inches around(though her boobs and her 4 1/2 foot wide ass aren't far behind. Watching her squeeze into our car or into clothes gives me joy and pride in my "piggy". Her belly hangs down and it drives me crazy just watching it jiggle while she walks (which isn't far due to how lazy she is and how fat and jiggly her thighs are.)

  • How do i tell my wife I want her bigger?

  • My wife gain probably around 50 pds in the past year, I told her I like it I think she looks good .. nicer bigger b*** and bigger belly makes cuddling more nicer IM all about her gain around 30 more pds

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  • I think big woman with big fluffy BELLYS are sexy I use not think so till my girlfriend gain a lot of weight and wow I change my mind a big woman is a lot better then skin and bones I will always have a big woman

  • My wife gain around 30 pds and I love it , it turns me on ,I like the weight, I told her I don't want her to lose it, I want her to gain more , the s** is a lot better since she gain the weight

  • When we got married, my wife (29 years old) started pigging out--on our honeymoon--she must have gained 5 or more pounds. Furthermore, we had decided that since I make good money, she could quit her job and stay home. Well, she quickly ended up doing nothing but eat and watch TV. Her smoking gradually went from one pack to two packs a day. She didn't clean the house or cook. It was take out, delivery, or frozen dinners. Soon, I had to hire a cleaning lady to just keep the house from looking like a pig sty. But I didn't mind--My wife just kept piling on the weight, and becoming more and more sexy. In one year, she went from 140 to 220. She is 5"5". As she got sexier, I encouraged her to keep gaining. She said that would be fun, and we actually made sure we always had dessert, and ordered extra from the chinese place or a larger pizza, etc. Her weight piled on faster, and on our second anniversary, she was 315. A few months later, she started peeing a lot, and the doctor said she was non-insulin dependent diabetic, and gave her pills and told her to lose weight. Well, she took the pills, but wasn't into losing weight. In fact she found the pills made her gain more easily. A month later, she had another doctor's appointment and had gained another 13 pounds, but her blood sugar was improved, so the doctor was pleased. So was my wife, and celebrated with an extra large pizza and a tub of ice cream for dinner. She keeps taking the pills, pigging out, and gaining weight. In fact, she just started eating a half gallon of ice cream every night before bed so that she can gain weight even faster. In between eating all day, she now is managing to smoke 3 packs a day and drinks one of those big bottle of coke a day. She is getting to be expensive, but i don't mind; the s** has never been better. She has a doctor's visit in 3 months and hopes to be at least 350 by then--just to show that doctor she is gonna do whatever she wants!

  • I am 26 years old and I am feeding my girlfriend into oblivion. She is the same age as me, currently weighs just under 300lbs, and is 5'3''. She has so far gained 60lbs while we have been together, which is a lot for a person of her height. She has been willing to gain this weight up to this point, and is still willing to gain even more, even though she is currently massive. She has a top off point in mind, but what she doesn't know is that, at a certain point, she will be so fat that she will be basically helpless to being fattened. And she also doesn't know that she is very close to that point. All it will take for her to be fattened into oblivion is for me to move in with her. I've already gotten her to the point where she does very little to no activity, and when I'm with her I do everything for her. She just now needs a constant source of fattening foods and extra calories in her meals, and she will have no way to lose weight and stop gaining weight. I cannot weight to have her be my fat, huge, huffing, puffing, immobile blob of a woman. Thanks for reading!

  • We've been married for 11 years. My wife is 5"8" and at first she was around 165 lbs. She's always loved to eat and hates to exercise. So she gradually gained some weight, up to around 200 in the first few years of marriage. Then she decided to let herself go, cooking a pound of pasta for herself, and then I got in the habit of feeding her an entire box of chocolate every night. The last time she weighed herself she maxed out the scale at 330. I estimate she has easily gained another 20 pounds since. She has no intention of slowing down anytime soon! I can't wait to see her get to 400.

  • Fat wife is better to take full weight of husband. skinny wife can not bear more weight. putting more weight on her is enjoyable. she will need little practice to bear full weight on her. once she get practiced it gives more pleasure to hubby.

  • Thats how i love my wife

  • Fat s** rocks. Fat women rock. Anyone who says otherwise has either never had any or is just plain bad in bed. LOL

  • When we married my wife was 18 yrs 5ft 2in height and weighed only 120 pounds. Soon she became a lazy housewife and i encouraged her to gain weight. Now aftr 3 yrs she is a sexy BBW at 450 pounds. She has 65 in belly and 75 in hips. She cant walk properly nw but we hv great s**. She lies naked on bed all day and is engagd in only eating, sleeping and f******. She is getting more fat and we both love it

  • U lucky guy. Enjoy fucking ur sexy fat wife

  • I love my wife getting extra large for thats hot..what can i feed my wife

  • I love the feeling of my wife's weight crushing me!!
    I love her HUGE soft belly overflowing her legs.
    Most of all I love feeding her during s**!!! our "record" is a dozen donuts!!! She is curently almost 700 pounds.
    It sound odd but I think it is hot to see how she strugles in a world not made for huge women... I like how she has to Squeese her self behind the wheel of our car, also the feeling of the can sinking under her weight. Just seeing her not being able to turn the wheel because her belly is in the way is a turn on. to think thw weight capicity of the car is 800 and she only 100 pounds away.. ..She knows it turns me on to see her eat, the other night out to dinner she eat 4 double burgers and a large pizza!!! Talk about a turn on..

  • Hell ya its a turn on, my wife is 6'7 355 lbs, bitch needs to eat more.. love huge women

  • Hi, I am so glad I found this post I thought I was the only one lol, my wife and I have been married for 10 years and have 3 kids, when I married her she was around 150lbs she started having kids and her weight crept up on her lol, after the 3rd kid and years of being a stay at home mom, she was starting to get fat and I loved it, then she got lazy, started doing less and less around the house and eating and snacking all day her weight went to 250 fast, then I started to encourage I told her how sexy she was and I loved her laziness, she started eating more and sitting on her a** even More, now at 300lbs she is the fattest and laziness she has ever been and I am so turned on by her, I am glad I am not the only one who has enjoyed seeing there wife get fat ......

  • Chubby chaser.

  • How original.

  • Want to help my wife get fatter

  • My wife has been a bbw since the day we got married, but it really peaked in 2010. She was absolutely HUGE and i loved it.

    Then.. she got sick, nothing serious mind you, just a digestive issue from antibiotics she took, and she lost about 80 lbs :(

    Well as of December she is back to health 100% and the fat is just POURING Back on. I took her to a buffet last night and she ate for an hour straight. Came home waddling and looking like she was about to have twins.

    I noticed over the last few months as she got better that her huge belly is slowly growing back down over her p**** again, which I love, and it seems that this new fat is more "blubbery" than before. Its so much softer and coming on her body so much quicker.

    Her b**** which were always huge, have REALLY taken the brunt of the fat gain this time, huge, pendulous, and starting to sag down HEAVY with big thick stretch marks. She is looking like a really really obese fatty now, and I love it and so does she. She just came out to the living room a few mins ago, totally nude and jiggling all over to get breakfast to eat, guess I am going to need to fatten my big obese wife back up some more so see you guys later!

  • Really wife i want breeded..n much fatter

  • Just an update, All her bras no longer fit her so she goes braless which of course shows off the hugness of her tits. I was in the shower with her this AM, grabbing that huge thick layer of fat that now sags all the way over her front of her pussy, her ass is like jello now. I am going right now to fuck her cunt raw and pound her tits with my cum covered cock.

  • Any more updates? And pics?

  • God that sounds so hot, Having her fatten herself back up and then walking around nude while all that new fatty blubber just jiggles all over! You have any pics of her?

  • Would love to see pics dam

  • Yes I will have t post them. Just to update she has put all her previous weight back on PLUS another 80 lbs. She promised to get as fat as I want her, Now back close to 400 lbs and we are both happy. Its amazing how quickly she grew fat again AND managed to pack on even more weight. From the looks of that belly and tits of hers, she is showing no signs of stopping. I just plopped her on the bed a few mins ago and that upper belly on her is HUGE now. I cant wait for tonight to do her again

  • Dude, I hear what you are saying. I've always loved the big girls. My wife was over 400 lbs. when we got married. She looked like a beautiful white parade float when she waddled down the aisle. Now 9 years and 3 kids later she is just shy of 600 lbs. and we can't stop making love. It's almost out of control at this point. We f*** every chance we get and almost every place we go. We simply cannot keep our hands off of one another.

    Don't listen to the insults especially from that broken English writing d****** clown. Do what makes the two of you happy and let everyone else just f****** hang.

  • 600lbs???? you wife is a ugly fat whale. She die of fat soon yes people cannot be that fat or they die. you better dig a big hole to fit or she will smell. nobody like fat whales all of them should die and we will have a clean planet. You marred porky pig and now you must pay for your sickness. making people fat should be a crime because it is a sin like killing.

  • I hate the way the media promotes skinny muscular women as sexy. All of that exercise decreases breast tissue. That's not sexy. Fake b**** can be sexy, but they're still fake. BBW is way better because the b**** are real and they move like water. On a scientific note. Women's bodies are more elastic than men. That's why it's more of a health risk for a man to be overweight than a woman. Woman's bodies are made to stretch return because of their ability to give birth. Being a BBW is not nearly as much of a health risk as being a fat guy. And did I mention that BBW's are way more attractive than skinny muscular manly women.

  • My wife went from a US size 8 to US size 14 and our s** life only improved. She has a nice big (African) behind a belly and big t*** and I just love it. First she wanted to loose weight but I just kept on giving her compliments and now she feels very comfortable. She is in very good shape and works out a lot but also understands that at 50 you have a different body. To stay healthy you just have to watch your bmi and it is not the weight alone that is important but how much of it is muscle tissue and how much is fat

  • my wife was 250 when we got maried..
    early on she gained a lot weight, I let her know I liked the way it made her look. 5 years later she is just over 500. I love how huge she is. s** has never ben bettter!!!

  • That is sexy, I like the 600lb range my wife is 560lbs and I love it bottom heavy and that ass jiggles and hug thighs

  • Your wife will die of her fat soon and you will have to find a fatty to take her place. that is sick and pervert. fatty fckers like you should be locked up in jail. you make the world ugly with your fattys and fat children. you cost us more for doctors because you have fattys to make medical. your fatty sex makes us all throw up. stop making us throw up stop your sex with all the fat ladys. fat ladys need to lose weight and should not have anymore sex until all her fat is gone. you are sick person

  • Nothing better than seeing an average size women turning into a bbw. Weight on many women is so sexy!

  • BBW = big blob whale. do not have sex with big blob whales they smell and are ugly. you probably smell and ugly as well.

  • I turned my wife into a BBW. It wasn't easy but she is now a big beautiful woman. She had a large bone structure to begin with and always battled with her weight. When we got married she was 5'6 155 lbs. Eventually, she stopped jogging and became a stay at home housewife. Started eating, and bam, the weight came on. She eventually accepted she was a natural fatty and has blossomed into a beautiful 272 pounds. Her a**, belly, and t*** are awesome. As she became a BBW, she also got sexually bolder. She became bisexual and she brings over other BBW's for us to play with! Life can not be better!

  • I fattened my wife up over the course of 12 years. The first few years she got chubby and started looking better. s** got better also. Eventually she got more comfortable and she now is 5'4 210. I am going to try and get her to 250. Her a** is 44 inches now and I want to try and get it to a nice 50 inches. She is also starting to get a nice belly and her b**** are getting bigger too. She can't stop eating the sweets now and is becoming comfortable being a bigger woman. She loves that she gets to shop for new clothes and love the s**. Yes, having a fat wife is awesome!

  • Make sure she gets bigger. You want her to a point of no return. Also keep telling her she looks sexy to keep her self esteem up. Another 30-50 pounds would be a point of no return and lifetime happiness for you!

  • I support you in your love. Fat women are beautiful! I am so jealous!

  • fat women do make better lovers, and it you are more attracted to her as she gets huge, you should be a happy dude

  • Fat women make BAD lovers. they smell and have bad breath from eating cheese and junk food. they smell like death and die young from all their fat and glutton sins. fat women do not care about anything but food and will have sex for food with any people who will feed them. they are gross pigs and should be made into oil like dinosaurs. we could have energy from all the fat whales in the US.

  • It can be fun bashing what you don't understand, but it still makes an a******.

    This guy loves his wife and figures out he likes fat chicks. That makes him pretty common in the grand scheme of things. There is a LOT of fat girl p*** on the internet considering such narrow minded thinking.

    My wife isn't anywhere near 300 pounds, but I agree the s** did get better as she plumped up. I say feed her, f*** her and be happy.

  • Nasty comments... :-( You are all f***** up...

  • Wow you guys are a*******. Even if this is fake or not. Being fat doesn't make you an oily smelly pig.


  • I want my wife to be on all 4's she is 6'7 and she is 300lbs, shes beautiful.. i want her a tad bit fatter.. she likes to be spit on , called dirty names..cum on ..and so forth.. and i got her into wanting other men

  • Don't listen to any of these insults. It is absolutely amazing that you love your wife just the way she is. Just watch out for obesity related problems. They could take her away from you much too soon.

  • Poster - well said. What's up with all these other comments... who cares how much a person weighs. Loves comes in all shapes and sizes. I'm sure these men who are posting all these nasty comments most likely don't get ANY. And maybe need to take a look at their mothers, who I'm sure aren't svelte themselves.

  • dusnt she crush you? But im really happy for you buddy =] good on you that your so happy.

  • too obligated to be happy,giving a big pen to pet the helpless whale old woman. LOL

  • every helpless whale will make a huge crappy c*** when using the toilet.
    the hopeless well will show more money to feed the pet whale. LOL

  • months only not years. is this a dinosaur time to be 10 years?? LOL LOL

  • this the ugliest and so desperate in need. save the whale! LOL

  • You go! Don't listen to everyone else. I mean, shes your wife!!!! What ever floats your boat. (No I am not a fat lover people).

  • a supporting suitor insisting a whale. are you on the same boat? you must be desperate too at this time. why don't you have a whale for your a boat? lol a 300 lbs on boat?? shit,are you kidding me? it must be air tube floating under the boat lol you're such a liar! blind. does not a wife! that's a whale! so weird and freaky.

  • boring s** LOL LOL too wrinkles and abnormal fats LOL you must be so desperate to show how lame your s** is. everybody will turn off seeing a wrinkly man and that whale lol...i have not ever watch any retarded s** like that lol. must be so lonely to tell. no one is interested!

  • My wife looks better than you, I bet you look like a skeleton!

  • oh lol a dramatic perv has a sagging whale covering his skeleton frame! lol

  • tell her to kill herself. this is so gross! piggy not chubby! hahahahahaah! what a lame fat fat oily sagging bellies. it's polluting fats.

  • only abnormal hopeless for abnormal fat sagging bellies will say such things that fat are normal lol. you should tell it more or maybe to yourself only? it's not hot! lol f*** this confession. so f****** gross. ewwwwww!

  • A very hopeless perv said abnormal things. LOL This is so sad, this must be the most fail troll LOL fat whale is too normal for hopeless well. oh well how desperate is this. Lies cover underneath all those fats.

  • Dude, what the hell is that? Some kind of broken English or something.. you make no sense.

  • My english may not be good but I do not have sex with fat whales like you all do. you are all hopless sick perverts. you put your pens in fat rolls and think it is sex it is not it is animal rape. your fat womens are like farm pigs you feed them until they die and you have sex with them. it is a crime against the world and you should all be in jail for your sickness. future people will look back on your whale sex and be ashamed of human kind because you are all so sick.

  • You fucking piece of shit..No you are lower than shit!

  • Your English sucks because you are a dumb ass! At least these guys are sleeping with the wives and not their mommy like you! POS!

  • Illiterate idiot!

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