I felt up my neighbor's wife at their Super Bowl party

I have never been attracted to the neighbor lady but had too much to drink at their Super Bowl party. I was heading to the bathroom as we passed in the hall. She asked my if I was having fun. I said yes and she said my wife seemed uncomfortable. I said she didn't like football much. She leaned in and whispered in my ear "I like looking at the players butts." My hands went up her shirt and I cupped her b******. She said "well, well, well," smiled and walked away.

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  • Pretend it never happened and move on. Take that to your grave. We all make mistakes, at least you were intoxicated so you can blame some on alcohol but you should respect your marriage and your neighbors.

  • That's funny well well well - lol

  • At least get a little head. She will definately give it up.

  • Dude she probably knew you had too much to drink and was trying to just pass it off with humor. You start s******* in your own neighborhood you may have to move...

  • Go ahead and f*** her

  • You are h**** and she is a w****- take advantage of it.

  • Your an a****** and shes a s***, you dont love your wife and shes not friend to your wife. I hope you both get the s*** kicked out of you and divorced.

  • Stay away from her she is a homewrecker and you won't have a home if you cheat!

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