Cheating wife & I just don't care.

I am a married 36 year old woman. I am pettie and in very good shape because I teach dancing & yoga. I also run almost every day. Last week my husband was out of town and I went running early in the morning. And as luck would have it, I tripped and fell also spraining my ankle. I couldn't even egt up or stand on it. I young man about 23 years old also running stoped to help me. he picked me up like I didn't weigh any thing at all. He is quite handsome and has a great build. He is about 6'4" with very broad shoulders and big strong arms. I tried to walk and I just couldn't. He told me don't worry,he then picked me up in his arms and asked where I was parked. He carried me all the way, He didn't even get out of breath and he never stopped once. And on top of that held a conversatioon with me. When we got to my car. I couldn't drive it because my car has a manual transmission. So my young friend offered to drive me home. I let him and when we got home he carried me right into the house. I thanked him and just before he was about to leave he kissed me. He was so hansome that I let him. before long he picked me up and asked which way to the bedroom. I told him and before long I was sucking the biggest c*** I had ever seen. He f***** me all the rest of the morning. I let him do anything that he wanted to me. I didn't even care that I was cheating on my husband. Because he almost never has s** with me any more. We exchanged phone numbers. I told him that I was married and we had to be carefull. The next day I went back to where we met and he was there. I didn't run but we ended up back at his apartment and we had s** all morning again. I just can't believe that this young guy wants to have s** with me as much as possible. I plan to keep doing with him just as long as I can.

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  • Why not get a divorce? oh yes I forgot your a women you think your entitled and do not think you have to be accountable. If you pick up something and give it to your Husband will I am sorry cover that.

    Why would this man want you because your a free piece of A. even a teenager knows better than this grow up get a divorce. I sure hope you have no children. my ex turned out to be like you a worthless person Meaning how can anyone trust a cheater. your W*** means nothing. If you can not trust your spouse who can you trust?

    I feel sorry for you when you get caught and you will.
    Peter Z

  • Enjoy your new relationship. We worry too much about doing what we "are supposed to do."

  • You should probably find somewhere else to f***. If you keep doing it in your house you are probably going to get caught.

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