I have a tiny d*** and I'm a sissy cuckold

I have a very tiny d*** I'm 36 and married . I am a true cuckold and love it . I crave humiliation from women. I live in north carolina and would love to know if anyone local reads this or if any women in the state near charlotte. I wear panties when I can and my wife f**** black guys cause my d*** is very small and I can't satisfy her or any woman.I would love to get caught and humiliated. By other women that think 3 innches is to small . I j******* a lot and would even love to be blackmailed to be a bigger sissy. I will send pictures to prove mmyself to anyone who is female and interested.please comment and let me know. I. Know noone would think these things about me . I am good looking my wife is beatuful annd could never tell by looking at me everyone thinks I am a stud. But truth is I'm a tiny d*** sissy cuckold who needs and craves humiliation and love to be blackmailed.

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  • My d*** is average, but I love to get naked and smoke crack until it gets small like a little nub. That's when I fantasize of being a little naked slave. I want to be humiliated by being g********* in public doggy style and soaked in c** as hot girls insult and laugh at me.

  • I can honestly say my tiny p**** is not 2 in when fully erect. But I Love it like this because my wife of 23 years has been f****** real men, my friends, and Im proud to say, finally a Black Stud. ive always wanted to be a girl, crossdressed, and be used by boys and men with real c****. Ive always tried to push my wife to fully cuckold me and she has for the last 10 years. i hope her and her man will have me castrated, put on female hormones, and be there sissy s*** from now on,

  • I am a 2inch tiny fingersized minipenis & tiny mini b**** little sissy & have been cuckolded by every woman that ever made the mistake of trying to have s** with my tiny micropenis they laughed at me said Iwas way too small for s** & cuckolded me with real men & made me watch be laughed at & called names then forced to do cleanup duties on both the man & the women while being laughed at & teased & called names to tears ! I've never known any other kind of s** besides being cuckolded except for when real men force me to suck their big d**** & f*** my fat big woman shaped sissy a** untill Icry & they c** deep in my b*** & make me swallow their c** too & when their done with me they make me put my panties & clothes back on & their c** leaks out into my panties all over my b*** & stains my pants ! They love to pee on me too for some reason both men & women do & they also pee on underwear & make me wear them for humiliation Iguess Idont like it but they do it to me anyway ! They have even taken photos of me dressed like a siissy f***** & sucking & f****** big huge black d***** & they put them on the web showing my lil tiny 2 inch miniboner for the world to see with my real name Iam so ashamed !!! Sincerely , douglas t. Gugel aka tinypp sissy aka sissy lynn starr

  • I too live in charlotte and would love to meet a sissy like you

  • My girlfriend has a lot of guy friends. We went out this weekend to a club that she said she went to with one of her friends. After, we took a walk to a secluded area where she said she was led to b her friend. It was apparent what had happened. Later that night, she told me she wanted it, and wanted it deep. I am not huge, nor am I small. As I started to f*** her she told me her friend could get it deeper and she called me a f**. I blew my load soooo quick. I told her I want her to have her boyfriends.

  • Has JoeMonco weighed in on this at all? I can't form an opinion without help from JoeMonco.

  • We sissy cuckolds should talk with each other about how effeminate we are, and how much our white wives love Big, Black d****!!!

  • Yes we should. Mine has a big black bull that is a regular for her.

  • You guys are lucky. I've got a tiny d***, too, and would love to be cuckolded by my wife. I can't satisfy her. Because she has a fat belly, I'd need more inches just to get a head start to get back in there and make her feel something. Maybe she is cheating on me. She goes out a lot and tells me where she's going, but she could be lying. I hope she is and that she's getting laid regularly by someone with a big d***. If she is, I wish she'd be honest about it and humiliate me with how good he makes her feel. She could go out as much as she wants and could get money from me to pay for her date, if she'd only asked. I don't want to come out and tell her to cheat or say that it's ok if she already is, because the idea might offend her.

  • Hello. I confess that I am a sissy cuckold too. I have a tiny, useless, little, white peepee, and my white wife has intercourse with hung, black guys as well. My wife has been having bareback intercourse, with four black guys, and is not on the pill. She told me that she would love to have a black baby, and humiliate me to the extreme. I love the thought of my wife carrying a black man's baby, then everyone will know that a real man knocked-up my wife, and my wife and I will get what we deserve for being in this lifestyle!!!

  • What do you mean by "my wife and I will get what we deserve"? The only thing you will get is a lot of fun. My wife tells everyone I am a cuckold with a tiny penis and wear pink panties. The humiliation is very exciting for me. My wife loves to fuck black men. She likes to tie me up so I can't masturbate when I watch her getting fucked. Sometimes I have to suck his dick to be untied and I shoot my load almost immediately. This is the life I prefer and love. Many men do this too but you would not know it. More wives cuckold their husbands than anyone would imagine.

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  • We will head down to Costa Rica ASAP.

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