I hate my ex boyfriend because of what he did to me

My ex boyfriend kept bugging me to have a threesome with him and his friend. I didn't want to do it because I'm not that kind of girl. One night when my boyfriend and I had been celebrating he got me drunk, and real h****. In bed a little later, he teased me so much I would have screwed the door k***, and his talk about having two d**** at the same time was starting to get to me. I was naked, h**** and needing to be f***** like never before in my life. Then he tied me to the bed naked and blindfolded all the while saying I needed to try a new c***. I heard a muffled knock at the front door, but didn't know if it was just my boyfriend fooling around. Next my boyfriend goes down on me and I'm feeling high on alcohol and heavenly from his oral skills. I jolt up a little when I feel two large hands fondling my t***. The friend! I guess. My boyfriend says just relax and enjoy it and goes back to eating me like crazy. Too drunk and too h****, I don't protest. I relax and enjoy all the wonderful things happening to my body. The friend starts sucking my t*** while my boyfriend is bringing me to a climax. I c** hard and loud. When I simmer down, my boyfriend starts f****** me as his friend keeps sucking my t***. I c** again and my boyfriend and his friend change places. My boyfriend licking and sucking my t***. His friend's big c*** f****** me to heaven. When they finish with me after doing everything sexually they could with my body, the friend disappears and my boyfriend unties me and removes the blindfold. The next day he acts distant to me after I tell him how good his friend's big c*** felt inside me. A week later, he called me a s*** and broke up with me. b******!

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  • Simple as this if this is real. The comment on the friend was the line crosser. Men have an ego. And to single out the friend In that experience. To make it seem as if u enjoyed the friend more, is the ego killer.

  • Wrong! If you put your woman in a situation like this you should be man enough to know that it could happen. If your ego or pride gets hurt you're not ment for this lifestyle

  • This is a dude writing his fantasy.

  • What is "that kind" of girl? The kind who enjoys herself and doesn't feel guilty about it? Apparently.

  • This is proly a guy posting this and this is a fantasy of his but has never happened

  • This is BS. You don't sound angry or upset, you sound like you're jerking off.

  • you didnt do anything wrong.

  • This is how f***** up men are. They pressure you to s**** anoter man or woman. When you do it to please them and enjoy it, the men dump you and think you are a s***, as if those freaky bastards were saints. a*******!

  • Sounds like you had a hot time and shed yourself of a d****** boyfriend as a bonus. You go girl!

  • What did you expect? BTW, "you are not THAT kind of girl?" YES YOU ARE!!!

  • I'm a dude. She was raped (de facto, and in many states, de jure) bc she didn't have the faculties for sound judgment at the time due to the alcohol and bc she was bound. It's just like a guy to insist on something, push / force it to the extent that he did, and then be a pissy little baby bc she did what he arranged. We're all assholes (except your dads; most dads adore their daughters, but sadly even someone of them are assholes).

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