Showed My Buddy Nude Photos Of My Wife

Maybe it was wrong, and she doesn't know. I showed my best friend photos of my wife completely nude. He saw every inch of her naked body. It turned me on and it turns me on more knowing that when he visits he knows exactly what she looks like under her clothes. She'd kill me or divorce me if she knew what I did, but that's half the excitement. My best friend is working on getting his wife to let him photograph her naked so he can show me her photos on the sly too. Sweet! His wife has an awesome a** and perky t*** I'd love to see under her clothes. Yum!

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  • 25 years old pic for pic

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  • Anyone want to trade pics of wives in the Chicagoland area for while. Show up a the same places from time to time with our wives, but never speak?

    IDK, I thought it would be kinda Hott

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  • I have been nude infront of my partners friends a few times, one of his friends has a very nice house and my partner wanted to take some nude photos of me. I had no problem with that and in fact it actually turned me on having them all watching me.

  • I have thought about doing this as well... if you want to possibly exchange email me Send a dressed pic of yours and I will send one of mine and if we hit it off we can trade a few more ;)

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  • I showed my buddy Frank some pictures of my wife spreading her v***** open. He loved it

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    Got plenty of pictures of my wife's b****** and v*****! wanting to trade!

  • I did that as well..... he was turned on

  • Hallo. Pic exchange is great. German attractive wife. 52 years.

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  • I, too, love to see other's wives/gfs or even ex's. I love a hairy female though and I have a few of my ex with that beauty showing. Send what you want to receive. Face may be slightly blurred because of discretion her job and area. You will enjoy her muscular bod and DD's for sure. Send yours to

  • I'd LOVE to see other mens wives. I have only a couple older ones and they are prints. Not sure how to share them. She is 50+ and busty. Please send your photos to cardinal1219@hotmaildotcom

  • I have tons of pictures and videos of my sexy wife posing nude. Most are closeups of her shaved p**** being spread open wide for the camera. I would love to share and swap with you guys. Email me at

  • How do we exchange. First timer here ( honestly ) sounds like innocent fun to me?

  • I have naked pics of my wife I'll share

  • Email me guys for the link to my gallery 100+ nudes

  • My wife like showing her body to our friends. One night at the bar I showed my buddies a few of Connie's nude photos. The all so had a few pictures of their wives. The next party at the house a few friends asked to see Connie 's t***. Late into the night I talked her to show her t***. She now only showed them but also the rest of her body. Since then she has had s** with a few of them. Let your wife show and tell and you will enjoy it.

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  • I love trading my wife as well

  • I would love to trade pis I have a Drop dead gorgeous wife

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  • I would love to see another man's wife's pics....especially if they are anywhere in the San Francisco bay area...

  • New to this realm...

  • Like showing my wife off but afraid to show someone I know, since it could get back to her

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  • To be honest with you I think its sad that your wife is un aware that you show her off to your friends because she might actually get excited knowing that you are. Maybe you should ask her and see how she reacts, if she's anything like me she will possibly love the idea and even get you to post some pics on the net for everyone to see. I share my nude photos and my partner is ok with it. He loves reading the comments I get almost as much as me.

  • So true. My gf and i discussed who of our friends would we let see nude pics and what if i showed pics of her naked. She didnt mind at all and in fact i could tell it got her really turned on. She encourages me to wear revealing underwear or none at all and likes to see friends or people checked me out. Hot!

  • I have pictures of my wife for years and we share them our friends and on the PC. Showing her off is great. Our friends has started showing their wives. Be proud and let the world see your wives.

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  • If anyone wants to see my wife in exchange for pics of theirs send pics to I love showing mine off and seeing other wives.

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  • Hi how are i wat share too

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  • I do the same thing,been showing my wife off for years, unknowing to her that is,and all my friends tell me that they can't even look at her anymore without being able to look right through her clothes

  • so you're my wife also she's very sexy

  • I m********* with friends looking at her beautiful sexy body. She knows I showed them to my best friend .

  • Love to do the same showed my wife to her x brother in law

  • I often post fully nude pics of my wife to sites like sloozie, where there are guys looking at her live and chatting to me about how much they like her pics and want to f*** her. They are very sexy pics showing her face and displaying everything, including her completely bald p****. It's an incredible turn on for me knowing other guys are seeing her like that and the comments I get are really hot. My wife knows that I've shown her pics to other guys, but she doesn't know I've posted them to some sites.

  • I let my husband take nude pictures of me and showing off my t*** and a**. When the friends come around I let them see me in person. All wives like showing off to friends and others. My saggy t*** hang low and p**** open. They all they Chas. that Connie looks get today.

  • Mail me and if u want I'll trade

  • My ex gf loved to take nude pictures and videos, I'd always ask her to dress very sexy when my friends came over to which see gladly agreed. She loved to be the center of attention and always gave my friends upskirt and she never wore a bra. Finally a friend of mine said that she should be in playboy. When we were in the kitchen a lone I suggested she show them her nude pictures, she was shocked and said no, but as the party went on she went in to the bedroom and got a few sexy pictures and showed my friends. They loved them and asked if she had anymore, she was embarrassed and said I can't show you them. After constantly asking to see them and my approval she got her very hot and very nasty pictures. After getting everyone very horny I ended the party. I was soooo turned on we fucked for three days straight.

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  • Love showing off my wife when ever the chance arises. have left pics of her places, work shop, store, home attic, car etc for people to find. Never fails to work, just leaving a bit of a shot of her face showing in a pile of papers or folder never fails to get people to look when left alone. You can always tell when they have been viewed and having people like friends and neighbours or family see them and then knowing that they have seen ever inch of her when they are chatting to her is a real turn on. I have made sure that several of the old guys in our road and many of her our friends have seen them . Any tradesmen or visited are always left in a position where they have the chance to carefully study them. Getting her exposed in public is even better nd has been achieved so many times I've lost count. I put pics of her on sites like experience project and tumblr to get comments. Try darolawolrab and have a look yourself, anyone in uk may have been lucky enough to have had the pleasure of her exposure..

  • I have also done this. I had a new bwd delivered las week and 2 delivery men were putting the new bed up stairs in the room. And taking the old bed out. I left 6 full nude pictures under the old mattress. Open pussy. Sucking cock. Fully exposed. They picked them up and put them on the desk. Never said anything about it.. just dropped off the bed and left. But i love the feeling of exposeing her unawear body...

  • Ill show ya mine if you show me yours lol

  • I like showing my wife"s pictures off. She has great body and t*** asking to be played with. Show wife off and then show her off.

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  • I'd love to see her nude pics

  • I pretended it was an accident but a sent a nude photo of my wife to a friend once

  • I my self and my wife love nude photography. I showed to my close buddy nude pics, p**** of my wife. My wife didnt know this.

  • Every husband should take nude photos of wife. We been married 38 yrs. and I been taking photos from the start. Connie love me and I love her. Photos along the way has changed and I can show friends how she got better. Her t*** are larger and p**** open. My friends like the pictures and seeing her for real. Show wife off in photos and in real.

  • I agree every husband should take nude photos of his wife I have been taking them for 35 years,. Its fun to look back

  • We astay in SA, and i also showed my friend naked pics of my wife, while is worked in uk. I t is a real turn on for me, my mail ades is

  • Hi from SA too and love to meet and trade with fellow SA mail me

  • I have shots of my wife.

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  • I would love to see her pics. Would it be exciting for you to know I am seeing them? hmmm, send them and I will return comments.

  • Happy to share photos if your interested.

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  • I took some pics of my wife naked on all fours from the rear and spread eagle on the bed. I work in a warehouse where the foremen have an office with their own desks the desks have plexiglass on top and the men put photos under the plexiglass glass . One time when I was there alone I put my wife's pics under all their desk tops. Every time I was at a guy's desk I would comment on the pics and they all loved looking and I'd go j/ o in the men's room knowing they were getting hot seeing my wife naked.

  • I am a submissive mwm and have a few sexy photos and one nude spread of her when she was younger. i have printed them out and had guys look at them while i sucked them. i would luv to be sexually controlled by a bisex Dom man using her photos to blackmail me.

  • I love showing pictures of my wife. I use to just show my friends and it lead to her to get naked in front of them. We would sit around drinking and they would tell her that they seen them. Then she stood up and stripped for them. Con. has a great body and loves to share it. Most of our friends has had her and she want to have as many of men as she can.

  • Its amazing

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  • I used to take several nude pictures of my wife before we were married, and before the internet. I use to show them to friends all the time and they loved them. Unfortunately they got destroyed several years ago. Since we have been married I have taken more spread shots of her and they are on different websites now. I have printed several of them and took them to different adult bookstores and left them in the video booths for others to find. There is nothing hotter than other men (especially people who know her) nude pictures of my wife.

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  • I love showing off pictures of my girlfriend completely naked, getting f***** and cummed on, taking c*** and other objects in her p****, spreading her p**** lips and a****** etc. I share them with anybody online and plenty of my friends in person... the other night when she was passed out I took down her panties and lifted up her skirt in front of a friend and we both took pictures of her stretched p**** and a******, and then he put his finger in her p**** up to his knuckle and licked it off, before slapping her bare a** a few times. I f***** her in front of him and he took video... ask me for any ;)

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  • I have plenty of nude pics of my sexy wife :p she's 4'11 125 big booty Latina I would luv to trade pics email me

  • I am a lucky husband and father. My wife love showing off to others and have photos taken by me and my friends. Bobbie found some her mothers pictures. She came to me and asked me to take photos of her. Bobbie has very large t***. She started off by sucking my c***. Her mom one day seen her photos and asked me what was going on.She wanted e to take pictures of them bother them Bobbie was sucking mom"s p****. Our friends like these pictures and want more. Now Our friends join them and we all have fun.

  • I had a few drinks with really good friend, we ended up talking about all the girls weve fu***.
    He showed me a pic of his wifes amazing body on his phone right there at the bar, i didnt have any on my phone but i couldn't resist to email him one of my wife later when i got home.
    Kind of regret it now cause i know hes got it saved and i can picture him talking with some other guys..
    "hey check out the picture i have of so and so's wife"
    Nice Pu** and a** huh
    In hindsight i should have just put her anonymously on imagefap and read the dirty comments for a couple days then taken it down.

  • I love showing pictures of my wife naked. It started off showing her t*** and went to full body. A few of them asked her to let them see her nude in person. After a few drinks she agreed. Connie love showing herself to them. We have parties and and after hours the party started. The few women and a few men strips and the party starts. Pictures are taken and we show them off. Men take photos of wife nude and show them off.

  • My mate ask me if he cud se my wife in er undis he sead he had sin er wen he looking in the window i told er she sed ok i no he is that wy i strip of 4 him i can se him havebing a good old pull on is big cock im looking 4 him to come over one night wen iv had sum drinking then he wood get to fuck me all night i will tell him to do that then as he as a well big cock wen im drunk you no im well randy all night so my hubby fix it up 4 me and iv bin at it 2/4.years now my hubby no as im well randy wen im geting sum cock gail37d

  • My girlfriend agreed to pose in a bikini for a fund raising calender the her restaurant she was waitressing at was sponsoring. She told me that when she was at the photographer's studio he asked her to do some special "nude" pics just for him. She couldn't say no and posed totally naked for this guy. She did a lot of open legs and open p**** pics for him. When she told me it totally turned me on. He posted the pics on his studio web site. I loved loking at them and jerking off. It turns me on to know that 1000's of h**** dudes are jerking of to her p**** too. I told all my friends and they all know what her open p**** looks like.

  • We would go out to the pool hall and dance club in our small little town. I hated for my wife to wear a bra because I loved looking at her sexy tits. We were in a pool ternament as partners for a good among of cash. I noticed that the team we played against was paying more attention to my wifes tits then the pool game. The next week I picked out a light button down blouse for my wife to wear, she was reluctant a first, but I told her it would help us win, so finally she agreed. At the pool hall we were matched against a very good team so I called my wife over and unbuttoned her top button on her already see through blouse, she didn't object but just smiled at me. I noticed that pool was not what the other team was focused on. WE WON and pocketed $100.

  • What's the name of the studio? I would love to see her pics too! Or can we trade wife pics?

  • Similar experience here. She is still posing after over 35 years

  • Have photos going back to 1980 ; still enjoy looking and sharing

  • I showed pics of my wife nude to my buddies and love that they know what her p**** looks like. Once I had her in only her panties in front of my friend and I let him touch her a** under the panties then made him leave and I f*** her hard...

  • Love showing naked pics of my wife, send me an email and let you have them, t***, p**** and all.

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  • I have some of my wife naked n drunk

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  • I'll share my wife's pics with you if you'll share your wife's pics with me? Send to Thank you very much. H

  • Hey let shere wife's naked pics

  • My Wifes pussy is yours.

  • I have done it. She knows one friend saw...but not the rest. I have also traded her pics online with other husbands if I thought their wives were hot.

  • That's Hot !!!

  • Love stories of husbands showing pictures and movies of their wife. My wife get drunk and love showing her body. She like when our friends come by and I show them the photos and movies. A few friends come home after a night out and make movies with her. She loves sucking c**** and c** all over her face. Like d**** in p**** and a**. Con... loves showing off for men. Our friends bring their friends by and she puts on a show for them. She is making mine up about showing her on IN.

  • My wife would ask if her pussy is appealing and then close in for closer video views. Then pan out and invite all comers.

  • My ex wife is very beautiful and very sexy beyond belief. I always loved for her to wear sexy clothes everyday, in public, around my friends, even if I wasn't around. My friends always loved to take pictures of us together even in our daily activites. My ex wife was alway ready to model for them and wanted copies for our scrap book. My friends always made sure to give her a copy because thats what made her happy. One day she showed me the scrap book, I noticed that her tits and pussy are in most of them.

  • I love wife having her photos shown off to our male friends. She has had pictures raking with a few of them. Having nude photos of her passed by our friends to their friends makes her feel like a star. Con loves seeing faces of men we had just meet. Friends bring their friends over when I am at work. s** photos and enjoyment has her happy when I get home.

  • I took pics of my wife in a skimpy sheer bikini and showed them to my buddies. Without her knowledge. They wanted to see her naked. They offered to show me naked pics of their wives sucking and f******. And doing a***, my favorite.
    Mike's wife told my wife I'd shown her pics. My wife said she'd like to see pics of her friends f******. Especially up their a****. I liked watching a*** s** but didn't want to do it.
    We took naked f****** and sucking pics and showed them and watched theirs. Everyone wanted to see my wife getting a** f*****. I wouldn't do it.
    My wife let me take pics of her stretching her a****** while she looked into the camera. All the guys loved it. So did I.
    The next time we met to show pics they showed a video of all of them f****** my wife in the a****** and c****** in her.
    I guess I asked for it when I first showed them her pics.

  • I love showing my wife off to my friends. I have allowed a few to f*** her.

  • There's nothing hotter than watching your mate getting serviced as you watch. Eventually eating and enjoying group cock for her and pussy for me

  • Me too, reply with photos and I'll do the same my wife is absolutely gorgeous.

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  • I love taken photos of her and sharing them with my friends. I know my wife knows others has seen her naked and she want me to take more pictures. She goes around nude in front of them and they see the photos. She like to have them take pictures when I am not around. She even let one of them take a movie of they and some of our friends. We would like to trade pictures with others.

  • My wife want let me show any one her dirty pics but I love do it any way best feeling ever to show naked photos to everyone

  • Love to show my wife to friends or anyone if you like to see her e mail love to see your wife too

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  • I have a bunch of pics n videos of mine after we drink she doesn't know I post them but that's the excitement I always work on getting her drunk like if I first met her just to get new pics n videos email me if u wanna check them out

  • I would like to see her pics too. I have lots to share with you.

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  • I would love to check out the pics. I have some interesting ones of my wife if you want to swap. Let me know.

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  • Believe all is normal. Me and my best friend show pics of our wives to each other all the tome. It is a very big turn on. I think more for him lookin at mine than me at his. Not knowing what he's thinking when he strokes to her gets me so hot

  • I have some nude pics of my wife and showed it to friends on internet, who asked me for the pics. If you like to see the pics send a message to

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  • U all buddy r fun loving. Add me as new frnd. Email.

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  • Took nude photos of my wife last year and showed them to two of my friends and have put webcam in bathroom and streamed her showering to them twice. Real turn on.

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    The pics and vids can be deleted any time. All you have to do is sign up. It is free and there is lots of gorgous wife and GF pics and vids there!!!!!!!!

  • Thanks for the site..i hv a 22yo stepdau i'd like to show..clothed only

  • iv been showing my wifes pics off for years now

  • I took nude pictures of my wife and rote my buddys name across her belly . I showed them to him and also gave him some of them . After a while , he made me give him head while he looked at the pictures or he would tell my wife. Soon my other buddy saw them and both of them were using me for more than just oral s** . The were pressureing me to set my wife up for them or they were going to tell her everything I had been letting them do to me . I ended up setting her up and became a cuckold husband . The whole deal is , if you start showing pictures , be ready to go all the way . Good luck .

  • Share some with me, If you are anywhere around San Jose, CA USA then let us meet in person

  • I liked yur way

  • U fucking pussy, tell my wife iv showed naked pictures of her or suck another blokes cock I no wat I wud do, and the u let them fuck her nice 1 wat a twat

  • When I mentioned I should have mentioned that I have posted pictures of myself nude as well and in some very compromising posisions. Is this supposed to be totally anonymous or should I be telling everyone the profile name?

  • It's very exciting for me too. I have been using imagefap and because I have a lot of pictures of her It's easy for me to do the Dressed and Nude type (side by side). I'd post one here but don't think you can. Also, I don't block her face. The pictures aren't the same with out a nice smile face on the naked body.

  • oh yeah I think your a coward. "best friends" spread pictures of wives and gfs on the net all the time. the internet is forever a******.

  • This dude is gay and wears girly panties.

  • I was thinking the same thing.

  • You are very naughty boys!

  • I allowed a buddy to sneak into the backyard and watch my wife shower and douche by peeking in the window. He then watched us naked and saw her give me a BJ in the bathroom.

  • Pics lets trade

  • I've done the same thing. Several,friends have see my prim and proper wife shower, undress, and on her knees blowing me. I love the thrill.

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  • My mate let me look through bedroom curains at his mrs get changed into her nighty. Awesome perky titties

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  • Are you going to tell her, or would she kick you ass if you did,lol?

  • I'll never tell, ha, ha. And I plan on taking some raunchy ones to show my buddy unknown to my innocent wife.

  • Cool! Wish I could see them. Wow!

  • Dude, that's definitely going to backfire.

  • That is so wrong. You are a j*** for invading her privacy like that. She trusted you enough to let you privately photograph her naked and you break that trust by sneaking around showing your friend her photos? Now your friend probably wants to f*** her when you are not around.

  • Yes I do. She is hot

  • Well this "wanting" maybe is part of the turn-on!!

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