My Wife's Boss

My wife is young and cute and has a boss who is a very handsome older man. He is a very successful alpha male type and I know she has a crush on him.

She freqently travels with him on business, and I never used to think anything about that, but then a few weeks ago i noticed that the underwear she packed was a little nicer than usual. Now I keep thinking about it and my stomach gets all tied up in knots.

But here is the strange part. The more I think about it, the more it turns me on. I picture them together, him seducing her, undressing her, and her letting him do it all. It makes me so hard. When I think of him doing her I almost c** on the spot.

What the heck is wrong with me?

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  • Women like alpha males. She is sleeping with him and you like it. So what? it is far more normal than you imagine. When she comes home, try licking her p**** then feel his c** around your c***, you'll c** in seconds. Enjoy it.

  • I suspect you're a bit late in checking into this. Unless you enjoy them joined at the groin, you may want to check with an attorney concerning what can be done about the boss. You could be sitting atop a litigation goldmine.

  • You could always bring up the idea of opening things up a little bit. That it intrigues you to think about what she might get up to when she travels for business...

  • I used to travel on business with my boss and one night we had too much to drink and ended up in bed together. I felt bad, awkward and strange, but the s** was wonderful and i couldn't stop thinking about him after that. The next time we went out of town, he asked me if I wanted to have a drink, I think knowing I would say no if I didn't want it to happen again. I said yes and he knew he could have me. After that we pretty much got together on every trip unless I was on my period. I don't think my husband ever suspected but your confession did make me wonder because looking back, i did pack my nice underwear. He got transferred after a couple years and it never caused any problems. I loved my husband then and still now, but the s** with my boss was just mind-blowing and I will never forget how it felt.

  • I was in your wife's same situation and ended up having an affair with my boss for 6 years. I know I should regret it but I don't. He was so good in bed and taught me everything I know about s**, which was a benefit to my husband I'm sure. I still fantasize about him sometimes.

  • Don't listen to all those dirty comments. Those freaks just have dirty minds. Your wife is not going to be unfaithful to you with some old geezer. What you need to do is to pack a Bible in her suitcase to keep the Devil away when she is on business trips, and you should get into God's W*** to keep those dirty thoughts out of your mind. I write this God sent comment in Jesus name! Amen. Pastor John.

  • Young and cute, out of town, with a handsome man, who is successful, who is an alpha male, who she has a crush on.... I'm sure nothing will happen ha ha.

  • I think from what you have said she probably is having s** with him, and it is good that you are ok with it. Maybe more than ok with it. I don't know your situation, and you should think it through, but I think that you should tell her your feelings.Tell her that you want her to keep having s** with him, as often as possible, as long as after she tells you about it.

  • good thing it turns you on dude cause he's totally nailing your wife.

  • She's sleeping with him sweetheart. We girls choose our nicest underwear when someone is going to see us in it.

  • i think that's normal,and called going thru a rollercoaster of feelings,and being turned on is one of those feelings,but remember that old cliche"it's a fact that we have feelings,but our feelings aren't always facts" maybe nothing is happening at all. what ever way it goes keep your cool and be a man about it.good luck!

  • you should let him f*** you also, you know, keep it in the family.

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