Grown son sleeps NUDE

My 20 year old athletic son came back home to live with me in our two bedroom townhome after I divorced. He always sleeps in the nude. The problem, he leaves his bedroom door open and I have to go past it to the bathroom. Sometimes I see him "sleeping" on his back with a magnificient erection. I am a young 39 and have had no s** for over a year. I am in desperate need of a man and s** and this is getting to me, mother or not. Sometimes I just want to go in and lay beside him and let nature take its course. I even think he is trying to tempt me. He is a hugger who clings tightly and I am confident I have felt his erection against me. He is ALWAYS telling me he has the cuttest and hottest mom anywhere. What the h*** am I going to do. I know what I WANT to do. I just got off writting this.

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  • Do it!!!!!

    I am confessed to my aunt that I cut her grass naked each time she is away on vacation. I wasn't sure if she would react poorly but I didn't care. When I told her she was ok about it and said if I prefer to be naked then feel free to cut grass naked even that day.

    I was quite happy and proceeded to strip naked right in front of her. I drank a bottle of water, then began to cut the grass. When I was finished I sat back and relaxed. She was outside and we began chatting. I started to notice that I was becoming hard. I made reference to my c*** and my aunt said it was completely ok that it was natural. So as we chatted my c*** grew and grew until it flipped up onto to my stomach. As it was flipping up onto my stomach I stopped talking and looked down at my c*** and so did my aunt. She said now I bet that feels better. I was so hard that Precum instantly was dripping.

    Since then it's been years and I have always cut her grass naked. I recently have wanted to take in one step further and either let her catch me stroking my c*** or actually have her stroke it.

  • Go f*** him he may like it

  • I so wanna have s** with my mom, she is such a sexy fox, and i know she would show an amount of love for my sexual desires like no woman before. The s** would be incredible as i would take immense pleasure in pleasuring her soooo much im gonna go rub one out now

  • I'm a mom of an 18 year old son and actually, I can understand. I have seen my sons erection by walking by his room and I'm convinced it is planned. He is really big and I would be less than honest if I didn't admit that I have thought sucking him and more.

  • Mmm do it i know i would relish to make love to my mother

  • Your son or not, it's hard not to notice a nice erection and think about it. My son does the same, sleeps nude and frequently leaves doors open or walks to, from the bathroom. In our case I don't think he has any sexual thoughts about me, he has a serious girl friend, I think it more that he's just very comfortable with nudity. Myself, I'd never consider doing anything sexual with him, but I confess that I do enjoy seeing him nude and I'm pleased that he's confident enough to have a conversation with me while he's in the nude.

  • Quite disgusting, I would never marry or share any part of my life with
    a woman who has committed, or is planning mutual incest with her own
    son. Just the thought of them sleeping together in the same bed, or seeing
    each other in the nude is totally offputting, and a terrible betrayal to one's
    sense of human decency. A Son who goes to his Mother's bed even just to sleep only is very offputting to any decent man seriously interested in the
    woman. Been there, got the mental scars about it, and was disgusted with
    the pair of them when I found out about it. I cannot accuse actual incest,
    but it still haunts me terribly, my respect for women seriously diminished.

  • As a son i say do it

  • He is definitely trying to lure you in. No bulls***. I can literally guarantee you that reaching this point is a HUGE sign that he has fantasized about you ALOT. Do it. it would make his dreams come true.

  • It is absolutely ok to fall in love with ur own son. Always remember that both of u r of opposite s** so it is natural to get attracted, whether u accept or not this this is a natural phenomena of almost all living beings on earth

  • Check first if he really would like to be with you. start flirting with him little bit, dress provocative around the house. also if he is nude..then well...why don't you also be nude. most of the sons wants to sleep with there mothers, i know i do. if two adults are willing to commit to incest relationship then definitely go for it.

  • You must be nut to encourage incest. In some countries this act is punishable with death!!!

  • Some countries are stupid

  • I am 16 & very hot over my mom. I got into leaving my door open too. Mom has seen me naked with an erwction like almost every morning for a week. I hear her walk down the hall & close my eyes with a slit open enough to see her. She takes a good long look & smiles so she likes it. I wish I can try seeing her nude. I saw her ass one night when she was on the sofa in a shorty shirt. Her legs were curled up & her ass was showing. That's what got me started.

  • Grow up dont copy paste stories

  • Go for it and keep us posted!

  • Truly a situation of neither of you wanting to make the first move however if you have made up you mind that you want to have your son, make the move. Say something like, "I really have a handsome sexy son. If I were your age I would be making a move on you"!
    Its tough on a formerly married woman to have a man in the house and its not proper to touch,,,tee heee and giggle like a teenage again.
    Let us know how it works.

  • He is clearly doing it on purpose, I know for me it wouldn't be accidental. Go in and stroke him a bit, get comfortable with it. Soon enough you'll regret waiting for so long in making the first move.
    In all likelihood he is more worried about your rejection than you imagine. I had fantasies about my mother for the longest time but nothing happened as I wasn't sure of her desires.

    Your son is extremely lucky to have a great mom like you, making your loving relationship sexual will be the best thing that ever happens to him. Very jealous of your son as there is no relationship more passionate and intense as one between a mother and her son.

  • What you do in the bedroom is nobodys business but your own nobody has the right to tell youwhom you could sleep with as long as no minors are involve sleeep with whom you wish to sleep. Don't let others tell u what's right or what's wrong for you. Like they say to each their own

  • Email me

  • I think its would be great
    Teach him safe s**
    and how to please a real women

  • That's better

  • f*** what the guy said in the last post. Two grown adults can have s**, even if they are mother/son. Make love together. I promise it will be the best thing that ever happened to you. It was for me and my mom.

  • Wow I can not believe how many f***** up people are on here ..
    Find a f****** man you dumb b**** it's your son !
    Since when did incest become normal ?

  • Since now & who decides which is normal & which isn't you !!!!!!!

  • I strongly agree with you. These s** maniacs are behaving worst than animals. Even animals will not f*** their siblings or parents. These disgusting sh*** have no regard for what that are considered as legal in se***l relationships.

  • Since around 4000bc actually...has only been looked down on for the last 60 years really

  • Agree completely ..... cheers!!

  • Does not matter how you look at it having sex with anyone can be considered incest

  • I would say to have s** with him. I had s** with my mother when I was 18 and it was so great. We've never been closer than that time. That was 20 years ago and mom is still the best I've ever had.

  • Yes I tell you do it. I fought this for months and one morning made a move that made the two of us much better off. You are both consenting adults. It will work!

  • Do it. There is more than enough c*** regarding so called incest. You are consenting, you are adult, you want him. If you want to feel better about it then take him in your mouth first but I guarantee shortly afterwards you will need him inside you. Forget convention. You wont regret it. Trust me. I know.

  • This is your SON(you gave birth to him, seriously)! How can you being horney provide adequate justification for wanting to bang your son? It is so inappropriate and I seriously think there is some psychological problems here (not just you wanting to get some). I think you have to be a mother to him and if you think he is trying to entice you into the sack maybe seek therapy for him and yourself because what you are thinking will destroy your relationship and surely cause mental anguish. Yuck.

  • Oh don't worry about that I sure she can give birth to one more

  • Yep, give that a ride. As suggested above, you need to give him some "accidental" glimpses of the treasure chest and let him make the first move. More than likely he'll be slamming you good real soon.

  • I often fantasize about my wife being naked with my son. He likes to be naked and she does too. They are very affectionate and often caress each other's skin. He is 9 and gets easily titilated. She seems to calm his excitement by rubbing his arm or stroking his hair. I would welcome the sight of them being fully naked, hugging and touching in bed for example....

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