Incest is f****** nasty why are these all s** confessions are about incest. i had s** with my step sister when i was 15. dont f*** family related by blood or you will get genetic mutation and have a son with no eyelids. its not funny its not hot its just wrong stop all these gross made up post about f****** your mom.

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  • I f***** my sister's c***.

  • The closer the kin the quicker it's in, so get with the program dude. I did both of my sisters when we were teenagers, and it was the best s** I ever had!

  • I moved to the city when I was about 22.One weekend my sister was was about 40 came to visit me,
    So we went out partying and had quite a few drinks and went home.My sister went to her room and I
    Undressed in my room and put on my boxers only and went into the lounge to listen to some music.My sister came in and she was wearing a long red gown and said she felt like having a slow dance with me,so we danced.While we were dancing I could feel her crotch rubbing against my thigh,then she was actually rubbing her p**** on my thigh.I held her a*** and started rubbing my thigh on her p****,and I could hear her moaning.I took off her gown and she was wearing sheer black panties and bra.I grabbed her a*** cheeks and massaged her p**** on my thigh,her p**** was dripping.I put my hand in her panties and was fingering her wet p**** while she was stroking my c***.She held my c*** tight and was rubbing her p**** h****** my fingers and then she moaned with pleasure,as she came on my fingers.We stood there for a while then she took my c*** and put it on the crotch of her panties and started wanking my c*** ,I could feel her wet p**** through her panties,I could not hold on so I moved her panties to one side and she took my c*** and put it in her p****.She was rubbing her p**** real h****** my c*** and I shot a load in her p**** and she came again.I climbed into bed and she got in next to me,I was out like a log.
    THe next morning I woke up and she was stroking my c***,then she took my c*** in her mouth and sucked it,then she sat on my c*** and f***** me again.We stayed in the whole Sunday and f***** like jack rabbits.

  • Incest started with Adam and Eve,the Forbidden Fruit is more TASTIER

  • IT sounds like you are already in to incest, reading your confession you appear angry and are shouting very loud about incest, the person that shouts the loudest is usually the biggest sinner, you have f***** your sister so you are on your way, stop being angry and join in the family fun you don't know what you are missing, you say incest is nasty, only if its not consenting. it best to be taught by your family, it bonds the family together more, think about what I have said and give me a comment, HJ

  • I don't know what the big deal is? I think that s** in the family is normal. Ive had my p**** sucked and touched since extremely young and my brothers and sisters were all older than me. my step dad would bathe us and we`d all take turns playing with and sucking his p**** we did this for years until I was 8, then he went away. We all kept playing with each other like he showed us to it was everyday normal til they grew out of the house and moved out. the fun part was when one of them visited and we played like good old days... and holidays. no intercourse but a lot of other things. I guess if the person was gross and dirty, I guess we were lucky our step dad had a nice one!!!

  • my little daughter just got finished sucking my (she calls it my "thingie") p****. i came in her mouth and as you might think she almost wreched. i put on a s** video to teach her about birds and bees, but as soon as it started playing, her bottoms and panties came off and she was in fingertown. am i wrong for doing this?

  • Good man

  • My 8 year old sucks my cock and I fuck her afterwards.

  • My mother fucks with me whenever my father is away.

  • Nasty shit

  • Strange..but i bathe my daughters when they were little girls and was NEVER sexually excited though i understand this sexual behavior with children....

  • I've never f***** my mom, but I have had s** with my sister - it just happened and there is nothiong i can do to change it - but having s** with a family member is something only you can understand if it happened to you. We are now in our late 50's and act as if it never happened, but at the time it was taboo, but it was great

  • your parents are siblings, aren't they ? admit it, you mutant

  • My mother first fucked me when I was 14. I'm 19 now, and we fuck all the time.

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