Grandmother Sucked me Off

When I was a young boy of 12 I often stayed with my 60 year old grandmother. She washed me nightly and gradually started playing with me after she dried me off. She was fat and would go topless inspecting my penis after the bath when my grandfather was not around. It gradually lead to stroking me over a time then rubbing me, she said I need it. I was getting red and hard and feeling funny. After a few months one night she finally sucked me off and I ejaculated my first load at 12 in her mouth. I did not know what was happening as it was my first time. It felt so good to cum and it was erotic for her to lick my sperm down her throat. We did that act for many months almost daily while I fingered her fish smelling vagina. Today I am 70 and still remember my grandmother doing me and wish she was here to eat my cum again! No I never felt molested just loved! I now often masturbate and think I am cuming in her mouth when I ejaculate! I confess, I liked it at 12!
A Sex confession by: Anonymous
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    very hot!

    by: Anonymous

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