I want to see my wife truly satisfied

I want to see my wife truly satisfied

I am a middle aged married man with a very average c***, about six inches or so. My thoughts on this fantasy stem from a real time experience. My wife and I have always enjoyed s** and even been somewhat adventurous. One night I introduced her to a nine inch red d****, complete with suction cup and b****. Just for grins I was giving her a back rub and she got up on her knees. She does this when she is ready for me to rub her c***. I began slowly rubbing her c*** and running my fingers through her slit. She parted her legs a tad more and began to rock back and forth, allowing my hand to move faster on her. Leaning my head down I took her p**** lips in my mouth and sucked them, then I licked up her a****** and leaned back again. I could tell she was turned on and so began my experiment. Typically when she does this I enter her. Because I do not last very long, and my c*** is only six inches, she will not climax. I usually c** inside her and then she rubs her p**** to get off. This night however was different. Rubbing her a** cheeks I kept rocking her back and forth. She arched her back and opened herself up just a tad bit more. Seeing this I reached under the covers and brought out the thick nine inch d**** I had been hiding. Facing the head board she could not see me, nor what I was holding. Pushing the head to her p**** I slowly sank it deep into her. Unaware what was happening, she assumed I was f****** her with my average d***, but when the big shaft filled her completely up she groaned and moaned like I have never heard before. Within seconds she was c******, loudly.

I took out the toy and she rolled over on her back. Gazing up at me she exclaimed "what was that". Rubbing her pulsating p**** slowly she examined the big red toy.

"You like the bog one don't you" I began.

"Yours is good, that one was ok" she replied, not wanting to hurt my feelings.

"That big c*** made you c**" I said "you wish mine was bigger".

Still rubbing her p**** she eyed me coolly and confessed "I wish your c*** was bigger". With that, she orgasmed again.

Since that night she can only c** while I am going down on her or f****** the bigger toy. Lately I have been going inside her only to c** within minutes. Like a dutiful husband I then get between her legs and lick her p****, sucking my own c** from her. This will get her off. She has taken to this and wants me to do it quite often, I am happy to oblige.

Now my fantasy. I wish to sit on a hotel room chair and watch my beautiful wife seduce a younger latin or black man, one with a c*** like big red. I want to see her suck his c***, lay back and open her legs and get f***** for an hour or so. I want to hear her moaning and c****** over and over again. I want her to look at me and tell me everything she is feeling.

I have more to share but am pretty hard writing this.


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  • "Yours is good, that one was ok" she replied, not wanting to hurt my feelings. ---------- She replied?! Come on, man. Don't make me laugh. If you really want to write perverted s*** like that, start your own blog or something, don't harrass people with your s** life, or should I say THE LACK OF IT?

  • She cheats on you with black thugs anyway. c*** all over their big black d**** while laughing about your pathetic little p*****. Hope this helps. -Squadfather

  • You are one h**** b******. I like that. Yours, Linda

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