My Husband Has Threatened To Make Me Sleep With His Friend

My husband has a friend who stays with us when he's in town on business. And my husband forbids me to wear bras or panties when his friend is at our house. I was uncomfortable with that at first. His friend's eyes were all over me and I knew he could tell I didn't have any underwear on.

I told my husband but he didn't care and insisted I remain braless and pantyless when his friend visited, and as a punishment for my complaining, he made me wear low cut blouses and short skirts.

After about a year of my husband's friend staying with us, my husband started telling him I was good in bed and loved doing oral s**. That embarrassed me and I said stop it, but it turned me on later when I thought about it.

Now when we're in bed my husband tells me he's going to make me sleep with his friend and I get aroused thinking about having s** with his friend. It doesn't help matters that my husband's friend is a good looking guy with a nice body, and I know he'd jump at the chance to go to bed with me.

But I don't want to risk ruining my marriage, and I'm afraid my husband will order me to sleep with his friend and turn me into a s***.

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  • Continued from below.
    She likes them being rough with Her when She can't move at all, so She has to let them do exactly what they want to do to Her which She loves. I just wish I could watch them doing it. Apparently they have never f***** Her or tried while being held. When I get back to Her I can see her Come on the floor between Her feet and a big damp patch on Her Dress.
    For the rest of night in the Club Room I keep groping and Fingering Pippa's p**** keeping Her Wet and Randy as She ever gets. The Bikers keep pulling holding Her Dress up to Her waist and watch as She comes again and again on the floor. It is a good job that the sound of the Band drown out the sound of Pippa's Organasms because Pippa comes hard and load when she is that turned on. So to the Girl that wants to f*** Her Hubby's Single Friend,let them both f*** you at the same time and Come Hard x.

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    We have been around Biker Pubs for Years but probably only go 4 times a Year because every time we walk in the Club room with Pippa dressed that way She has Fifty Pairs of eyes follow Her and every time we go to the Bar we have to squeeze through the crowd and She always gets touched up. Which neither She or I mind when I'm there but if I go to the Bar on my own to get us a drink, the same thing happens. As soon as I am out of sight She get held still by a few big Bikers while one lifts Her Dress up to her waist and one Gropes her a** while another Fingers Her p****. By the time I get back from the Bar She has usually been Fingered by Half Dozen Bikes. Pippa gets excited and Wet which then runs down Her Long Legs to Her Stilletto Shoes which is great for Me and the Bikers but their Girlfriends don't like it much of course. They don't hurt Her but they are a bit rough with Her and when they know how wet she, is it is 4 Fingers Deep thrusts.

  • Pippa and I have been Married for 20 years and have 22 Single Male Friends that a number of them have always come over to our House every Friday and Saturday night except if there is a party going on. We always get invites to Parties because Pippa is very Popular at Parties. I always buy clothes for Her that are supposed to be worn indoors for my eyes only your for in Bed but she likes to wear them for other Men to see. Examples are:- skin tight Stretchy Black Lacy Vest with Shoe Lacy Straps which comes Down to an Inch below Her p**** which is completely see through so the Boys can see Her Shaven p**** and Nipples through. That's for our House. For Parties or the Pub Skin Tight Black Mini Dress which again comes down to an Inch below Her p****. Pippa never wears underwear so my Friends can Finger Her easily without lifting the Hem at all. Pippa has even been Fingered Us while waiting to be served at the Bar in a very busy Pub. Even in Biker or Hells Angel Pub She won't wear Knickers because She likes to feel vulnerable because She knows there is nothing She or I can do if She gets held and groped by a group of Bikers which they always do if a Woman goes into a Biker Pub with a Dress that short and no Knickers. We do know many of them to talk to but not Friends as such.

  • Continued from below.
    After the Party ends Pippa always asks my Friends back to our House for more Drink which they always do because they know that Pippa wants more c****,Fingers,Tongues and s**** inside every hole on her Body and Have all of us to spread our s**** all over her Body as we all Message her Body and Face with s**** as it runs out of Her p**** again. Usually after a little rest with Her Legs and p**** wide open still will ask us if anyone has any s**** left because She with Suck our c**** and swallow the s**** after showing us the s**** in her Mouth first. The Boys always like this part because Pippa can give a proper Deep Throat so we can watch each c*** slip into Her Mouth until Her lips touch his b****. One of my Friends has a 9 inch c*** and She can even swallow that to his b****

  • Continued from below.
    When they hear that some of them get quite angry and say " that lot just f***** Her and came in Her, so why can't we s**** in Her as well". Of course I then have to explain to them that we are all Friends that we know very well. Which they don't like much. So Parties of about 20 People is best, 50% Friends and 50% Strangers is best because Pippa likes new Strangers to watch Her being f***** by My Friends. The mistake the Strangers always make is, if they were to ask if they could Lick Her p**** clean She would be the first to,Yes Please. She would then then lay there on the floor while the remaining Strangers lick Her p**** clean, in turn. She would also allow each of them to Finger Her as well. If the Strangers act nice to Her and wait to be asked to Dance with Her they could feel Her.

  • Continued from below.
    One advantage with Pippa, is that she gets so turned on and dripping with her own Love Juice and Come after being Groped by my Friends is that She can take c*** after c*** without becoming sore which always looks good to the Strangers watching. After about 2 Hours of o***** after o***** with my Friends, I have to get a Round of drinks and let her lay on Her back on the Floor letting all the s**** run out of Her p****. This is when she is in danger of the blokes watching shooting there s**** over Her because they always seem to want to aim for Her Wide Open p**** and add to the River already running down the Crack of your a**. They always get very close to Her p**** as well to make sure they hit the Target but we have to tell them, " not in Her p**** or Her Mouth please Lads".

  • Continued from below.
    The group of friends we go to Parties with is usually about 8-12 friends so she will only let my friends f*** her if the numbers of strangers watch is the same or less as the number of friends f****** her. This is for safety because if there is too many strangers watching her being licked and f***** by a group of Men they might not know that they are friends and not strangers and try to f*** her as well. It has happened before which gets a bit dodgy when she is surrounded by 30 blokes with hard-on's which is natural, watching a Woman with her Legs wide apart so that her p**** is Gaping open and very,very wet for all to see in the middle of the floor waiting for the first c*** to be pushed into her p****. She would love it if it was 30 strangers coming all over her but not have there s**** inside her.

  • Continued from below.
    So with her legs wide open and knees up each of them take turns licking and fingering her p**** and a** while I watch and encourage her and my friends to go further. As I said they know me very well and what ever they want to do is ok with us and they have all had s** with her before at Parties and at our house many times. At small Parties with less strangers around my friends usually go all the way while the Strangers watch and make comments but at big Parties she won't f*** them until they come home.

  • I love my wife being surrounded by my friends at parties because she loves to wear very revealing cloths without underwear so that they all get to see every inch of her body by the time the Party ends. Usually she would dance with all of them in turn if a slow record is played of course because they can hold her close and feel her body with their hands as they slowly Dance with everybody watching every move. Usually by this time she is so turned on by their hands touching her all over her body that when I shout out, undress her she never says no. My friends know me so well that they immediately strip her naked and carry on dancing in turn but now her p****, a**, t*** and Mouth are available to them and very soon after that she stands still and let's them do what they want to do to her. She likes to be led to a Sofa where she can lift her knees and open wide for them all :-)

  • U should f*** the two of them .give him what he asks for then ask for a few more guys to gang bang you

  • I wish my husband would do some thing like this.. he has a coworker I'd love to f*** while my husband watched

  • My friend wanted me to fuck his wife while he filmed it. He said she would be a starter. Wanted to watch me cum in her mouth and blah blah. He was obviously right as she used to give blowjob mimes after that. Never got arond to it unfortunately, they shifted cuonties.

  • Is he Hispanic like me? We have small c**** like tatter tot but like to eat taco.

  • My wife has a Hispanic boyfriend been f****** her for two years now every weekend, he is not like a tatter tot, he is 10 inches and big around as a beer bottle. So not all Hispanic's have small c***!

  • Do it I would luv it if you where my wife - she a prude 5' 6' 128 lbs 32 aaa breast nice big v***** lips - I just wanna share

  • Would love to taste your wife. Mail me at

  • Do it. If u were my wife I'd want you to do it to. As long as it's something done mutually it should b great. I'd wanna watch. And depends on how the words used if s*** is a bad thing. Look up s*** wife, a lot of ppl like that and it's not used in a bad way.

  • Just do it, an dlet your husband watch, but not touch. That will make him so jealous that he will never let it happen again. But it will satisfy his fantasy. If it doesn't then go ahead and do a 3-some with them.

  • Sugest a threesome, tell you are ready for both their d****.

  • Just be a good wife and when his friends visit, get your knickers off, your legs open , and give them your p**** to enjoy ;)

  • Go ahead and do it. It took me a long time to talk my wife into getting a fwb on the side, but I picked out a nice guy and they have been f****** for about a year and a half. Every time she f**** him she comes back home and rocks my world. Its been great. We have had one mfm and I have watched them a few times, but mainly she goes on a date and then comes back to me. I also have my own fwb that I see from time to time.

  • I wish my wife would do this! I would love it!

  • Wow I'd like to join you

  • I was lucky, i never had to make that decision. My husband and two of his friends watched a blue movie one night after they had been out drinking and then said they were going to give me a "treat". . . Well my treat was to be grabbed by them and despite my protests, roughly stripped of my clothes and carried off to the bedroom where they used fingers and mouths to get me aroused. It took them about 10/15 mins of nipple and c*** attention to get me to the point that despite myself i was panting.. . . Yes, they took turns having s** with me and masturbating me. They were really pleased with themselves each time they masturbated me to o***** and i felt so humiliated lying there convulsing and groaning. Then one of them would have s** with me and so it continued untill about 4 in the morning. That was over two years ago and i have been "treated" several times since. I would never tell them because i still resist and protest each time it happens, but i really like what the do, i know i should be disgusted but i am not any more. I like being overpowered, made to feel helpless and i love being the center of their attentions. they have never hurt me or tried to put it in my a**. Sarah UK

  • Sarah, I have helped a number of husbands like yours and mostly I do it to help the wife, ie You! I do my best to teach all the men involved how to pleasure you and warm you, then double and triple penetrate you, but that is not for the ignorant, it requires knowledge, skill and patience, but once you or they learn how to do it properly, you will have them over to the house far more often. The "overpowering" part lets you keep the "good girl" intact. Many Catholic girls seek out men like me. When I was in hs, I had my very strictly brought up Catholic gf gangbanged by a group of 8 builders and then, needing to clean her up took her to a friends house where my band of five friends and 3 other helpers gangbanged her again. She confessed to her priest who was about 30 and he ended up inviting me to "help" his youth group, by teaching singing to some of the girls. It became very clear he was pimping them out. I am sure he was beating off in the confessional. All of them required they be forced, over and over. My gf eventually married one of the builders and he had her gangbanged a few times a week. But it was always, "Please Brer Fox, Don't throw me in the briar patch.

  • I love to fuck you . I away s tell my wife to fuck with a srantges

  • Do you like hispanic to fuck your wife

  • Wow Sarah you are wonderfull, I'd love to join you. I'm in the Uk Mark

  • If that's me im going to fuck u every siingle day an night...

  • I am soo jealous!!!

  • My wife and I do this on a regular basis. We look at it as as form of exercise.

  • I am so jealous!!!! I wish my wife would do this!!!

  • I can help with you wife just send an email

  • I like to s** with my wife with my friend.My friend tells me she is beautiful and he wants to f*** her.I told my wife but she denied.Then i convinced her and she agreed.Then i used to watch my friend comes to my home and f**** her brutally.After a few days my wife became his fan and she loves my friend very muck. I am very happy watching this incident.My god bless my wife and my friend.

  • I too want to share my sexy wife with some one

  • Ummm

  • Lemme know

  • I can help with your wife

  • As usual, I'm sure this post is pure fantasy, made up by some man to get his rocks off. He probably wishes his wife would do this but she told him to go take a flying jump...if he even has a wife.

  • i also like it

  • I have nothing againts married women f****** their husband's best friends - it's none of my business. It's the woman's freedom to choose what she wants to do.

    However, if the husband thinks he has a right to tell you what to do, how to dress and who to f***, you should divorce/report his a** as soon as possible.

    I hate thinking there are women like you out there, who think it's totally normal to be bossed around like that.

  • I was in the same situation. I did what I was told and never looked back. Now when my husband's friend visits, I double my pleasure and my fun. It's heavenly, like having a little male harem.

    It's also liberating being a woman who can do whatever she d*** well pleases and not care what any ugly, p*** ant prudes would think. It's even improved my marriage. From getting so much s**, I'm always a happy lady and much easier to get along with, and my husband has gotten more h**** because I've become "his little s***" behind closed doors.

    But, and make no mistake about this, I'm still a lady in public who regularly attends church and is a member of many prestigious organizations as well as a local country club that has many doctors and lawyers among its distinguished members.

  • My kind of girl!

  • I asked my wife to fuck my best friend. He had never been married and never had sex. He likes her and she likes him. I have seen her talking to him and her nipples get hard and poke through her sweater while they talk. She asked me if I had ever seen his dick. When she asked that question I knew she was interested. We talked about it for awhile and we both got very horny. She got so wet it was amazing and her nipples became extremely erect. We fucked like a couple of wild people as she fantasized about being with him. But, after we both had unbelievable orgasms, she told me that she would not let me share her with anyone else, even though she was attracted to him.

  • My wife had a crush on a coworker. When she was riding me one night, I told her to think about him. She called out his name as she had one of the biggest orgasms of her life. It was awesome.

  • I am with you on all you say. But if you get the chance, three is doubly better than two, especially in the foreplay. I find Two will cooperate with each other and Three will compete. With three we are never done in less than three hours, they call it a "casserole" - done slowly for three hours! Sarah.... see my story above

  • Sarah can I be friends with you? I want to fuck your pussy so hard you cum for hours

  • Yeah. Like I believe THIS post.

  • you only become a slut if you want to. fucking his friend is just an sexual act, go ahead fuck him, but on your terms, you when, where and how. if you gotta eat a frog, do it first thing in the morning.

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