Thinking About Kicking My Boyfriend In The b****

I am not a violent person. I have never even been in a fight in my twenty years of living, but I'm so mad at my j*** boyfriend I'm thinking of kicking him in the b**** to teach him a lesson. I'm tired of trying to reason with him or of trying to talk things out. He's suck a j*** he never listens anyway.

Whenever I'm out with my boyfriend he always checks out other women in front of me. How rude! He also flirts with my best friend, Megan. I've tried everything to cure him of this behavior except for a shock tactic.

So the next time he checks out a woman in front of me or flirts with Megan, I'm going to give that j*** the kick in the b**** he needs. I've been practicing kicking, and I have strong legs and know I could kick him in the b**** so hard he would fall to the ground and probably cry like a little b****, which would be nice to see and well deserved. I can't wait to do this! Hee, hee.

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  • Don't kick him in anger, too dangerous.

    Instead, next time he wants s**, get on top of him and get a good grip on his b****. First give him a hard squeeze to show him who's boss. Then tell him that you're angry he's been looking at other girls. Tell him you're going to crush his b**** tonight as punishment. He has a choice, he can either consent to the punishment, or no s** for 2 weeks.

    If he consents, you get to squeeze his nuts until he's begging for mercy. If not, you get to blue ball him for the next 2 weeks. Either way he's learned a lesson.

  • One day I was at the in laws, my wife's sister was wearing these ridiculous tight yoga pants. I thought no one was looking, so I snuck a peek. That one glimpse was so intense. Later that night when were home my wife asked me to get something for her under the sink, then bam, she hit me there. She told me she saw what I did. I laid there for 2 hours crying. The worst part is that now that my wife knows I am so easy to control she does whatever she wants and I lost all the power I once had.

  • Two hours crying? no way. this is fake.

  • It would be better to talk about it rather than resort to violence. Definitely more civilised.
    There are many scenarios if you resort to violence. You could get arrested, he could get hurt. It could develop into a physical fight and you could get hurt and so on.
    Violence is pathetic and primitive. I hope you rise above it.

  • Yes girls should hit and kick our nuts whenever they want to. That's what they are for.

  • Bro u r weird

  • I let my girl kick me in the b**** I love it the harder the better

  • Please do it to me too

  • Do it I'm a dude but he deserves it

  • That would serve him right

  • I want my girlfriend to kick me in the balls I don't care if she does

  • Better to discuss issues with your partner than kick them. You sound very silly.


  • I love memes

  • This reminds me of when I was first dating Jack, who is now my husband of 12 years!
    He was always staring at other women's legs. It made me absolutely furious, and insecure about my own legs even though other men seemed to find attractive.
    I decided to give him back some of the pain he was causing me, but loved him so much that I wanted his children and didn't want to risk damaging his testicles.
    One night, after a particularly bad day watching him stare at several other girls while we were out shopping, we went to bed with me having had enough. We cuddled up as usual, and started kissing. I caressed him, teasing his p**** erect, and the gently took his testicles in both hands. Looking deep into his eyes I carefully explained how hurtful it was to see him looking at other girls and he had to stop if our relationship was to continue. At first he denied even doing it, but I went on to explain that I wanted to give him back some of the pain he had caused me. I went on to tell him how insecure it made me feel and how disrespectful it was of him. I talked to him about this for about 15 minutes, and very gradually increased the pressure on his testicles as we talked. Actually it was mainly me talking as, after a couple of minutes he seemed unable to talk: his breath was becoming laboured and he was whimpering and begging me to stop squeezing. I was determined to teach him a lesson and kept squeezing until my fingers hurt. Strangely, he seemed unable to stop me. He actually seemed to be paralysed by the pain in his b**** and could hardly breath! Eventually I let him go and he curled up in a ball, sobbing with the pain and, presumably the humiliation. I felt so guilty, but didn't let him see my regret. And amazingly, a couple of hours later when his pain had lessened, he actually apologised to me and promised to mend his ways.I only had to do this once more, a couple of months later, after which he completely stopped the leering.
    Our relationship now is fantastic!

  • Wow! After I read that story I got a big **** I wish my wife would do that to me when I look at other girls! Thanks for sharing that sexy story

  • Fantasist.

  • He diserved it he is a pig rotten asshole

  • Bitch.

  • I envy you. You are the true wonder woman.

  • Go for it! Try to do it when his legs are apart so you can slam straight into his sac. Make sure you visualize where his b**** are hanging and aim good. Then snap kick right up into his b**** real hard. Try to kick the c*** out of his b****. You're not likely to do any damage, but he'll feel excruciating pain in his b**** and stomach for awhile.

  • You sound like a complete idiot.

  • Lol this sounds like fun! I'm a guy and have never been kicked but I'm laughing so hard right now.

  • Have you kicked him yet? Be sure when you do to snap-kick his vulnerable little nads. It works best in one swift motion to thrust your knee up above the height of his groin and snap your foot hard straight into his dangling boy parts.

  • You're sick.

  • Its important when you do Put him Down that its a SWIFT well Placed Suprise Kick , Dont do it in Anger ..Plan it out so you get him Best when he least expects it . Kick Hard , Swift , Suprise attack and Make sure you Connect Right between the Ball Sack , so you get Both the Nads , you need to feel them Squeazing against the FLAT of the Foot .

    Any Perving , Learing Guys deserve a Good Kick . Present yourself well before you Kick also ..It will add to the Suprise .

    Remember ..Go Hard Girl , and Enjoy with Pride the result of your Actions , make sure he is not wearing a Cup , or gets W*** of your plans ..ENJOY!, he deserves it .

  • I saw my this old boy friend of mine try to pick up a girl behind my back and then he walked up to me like I did not know about it. I smiled at him and when he got in range I gave him a quick toe kick in the sac. He fell to the ground and could hardly breathe. I walked off and left him laying in front of a bunch of people that went like "wow"...
    Later he came back to me and apologized and that's what I like about guys they don't run to the cops like little b******. I told him that the next time I would grab, twist and squeeze until he passed out. He has not done it again. I played with his tender b**** till he felt better, just a little swelling. But it worked good as usual.

  • Oh but if he so much as hits you for doing something wrong, I sure hope you won't run to the cops like a little b****

  • You need help. You won't get another boyfriend if guys find out about this. Seems violent acts against men are acceptable.

  • Please do to me too

  • He should've gotten you arrested.

  • Wow you psychotic b****! hah! You need mental help and maby you should wonder WHY he checks out other women. No wonder he is with you around. Suprised he hasnt dumped you yet.. Sorry for the harsh truth but still, lighten up.

  • A good summary. Some women seem to think violent acts imposed upon men are reasonable and acceptable. Quite simply, they're not.

  • Fuck you

  • Clearly you must be the same type of guy. Loser

  • Guy here. Maybe next time my girlfriend does something i don't like I'll pinch and twist her labia as hard as i can! Fair, right? I have strong hands

  • It won't work as well

  • Be very careful. There are many instances of men going into shock and dying from even small, young women hitting them in the testicles. There are even more cases of men having to get one or both testicles removed from even light blows to that area, and/or being rendered sterile. Surely you wouldn't want to lose the ability to have children. Think of them like eyeballs. Don't do anything to your boyfriend's testes you wouldn't do to his eyeballs. Keep us posted how things go.

  • That's total BS. Guy's balls are not that fragile. They are sensitive but not fragile. Guy's have been getting kicked, hit, punched, squeezed, and stomped in their balls forever. Some guy's pay women to kick and stomp their balls. It takes 200 lbs of pressure to rupture a testicle. thousands of guys even play games like last man standing and they punch each other in the balls until they can't take the pain anymore. Getting hit in the balls can be very painful but damage very rare and unlikely. Go on youtube and see thousands of videos of guys getting kicked, punched and stomped in their balls, and they don't get ruptured or damaged. they only get severe pain. These stories about rupture from a kick or punch are mostly BS.

  • What you say is only partly true, i'm afraid. I discovered how sensitive a boy's testicles are when I was 13 and doubled up my brother with an accidental kick. My mum explained the anatomy to me and from that moment on I realised I had a way to get him back for all the bullying he had subjected me to over the years. Not long after that we had a fight and I managed to get hold of his testicles and give them a good squeeze. The feeling of empowerment this gave me was awesome! His begging and whimpering was such a reversal of roles between us that I was reluctant to let the moment pass and I kept right on squeezing, relishing my new-foind power. I actually dragged him around the room by his testicles before reluctantly releasing him, and left him doubled up on the floor bawling his eyes out. He spent the rest of the day in his room, and I presumed he was just sulking. But the next day he went to our mum and told her what had happened and that he was still in agony. She took him straight to the hospital and it turned out that I had damaged the blood vessels supplying one of his testicles and that it had died and had to be removed. To this day I feel guilty about what I did to him that day, even though he did go on to father two kids. Yes, you're absolutely right that it is unlikely that a female could rupture a testicle with her bare hands - it is apparently covered with a tough elastic membrane which resists this. But the epidiymus on the back of each gland which contains the nerves, blood vessels, and various tubes is pretty fragile and I can attest that this structure can easily be damaged by the female hand.

  • It's not BS. Your comment is BS.

  • Go for it! I did it to my boyfriend and it straightened his bad self out. Now, finally, he behaves and knows if he doesn't he'll get another kick in the nuts.

  • Young girls (7yrs & up) should be taught how to control boys by their balls. Girls need to be shown exactly where & how a boys balls hang between his legs. Most girls usually just kick or knee in the general area and they often hit the penis but miss the balls. There's very little pain generated from the penis so kicks and knees are mostly ineffective if they don't strike the balls directly. Boys have always naturally bothered, teased, and aggravated girls for fun. Now girls are naturally retaliating by attacking boys balls for fun. They don't just knee or kick and run away when they get mad anymore. One boy said he kept teasing & bothering one girl until she got mad, so she got up, tripped him up and got him on his back, lifted his legs up and stomped hard right on his balls several times. He said he just laid there holding his balls and wondering when the pain would stop. Nowadays girls want more control so they'll go for a boys balls by reaching into his pants, grabbing his sac and squeezing the balls hanging in the sac. In self defense classes girls are taught how to pull down and twist the sac to trap the balls at the bottom of the sac and get a good grip on one. They teach the importance of knowing it's better to grab one ball at a time than both at once. When a girl is squeezing a boys testicle in her hand he will totally surrender and she will be in full control so she can get him to do whatever she wants while he's being weakened from the pain as she squeezes harder or totally paralyzed if she squeezes long and hard enough. It's so cool that girls are learning how to take control in different ways now and not afraid to punish those balls hanging between a boys legs. It's really cool to see a little girl kick a boy right in his balls and little girls need to be taught how to squeeze a boys balls. It's good because it teaches boys at an early age to respect and see girls more as equals.

  • Lesson to all boys/men... If you need a defense for this just put your thumbs on the girls eyes. Threaton her with blindness if she doesn't releace you in the first milisec. Or forget it, she will win, unless you have good control, Or push into the girls eyes and push if you need to blind or kill in self defense. If she does this in anger the relationship is in the trash anyway.

  • Cont: Boys know that they are naturally stronger than girls so boys need to learn early that a girl can take away his strength if she goes for and gets his balls. Actually, lot's of boys like girls who take physical control and the best way to physically control any male is by those wonderful sensitive testicles inside that sac hanging between his legs. Many mature females control their boyfriends and husbands by punishing their testicles. If their bf or husband cheats or misbehaves they'll just punch, knee, or kick him in his balls. If he's really bad they'll wait until he's naked in bed or after a shower then grab his sac & squeeze his testicles until he begs them to stop squeezing and pleads for mercy. Of course mature females have to also make their bf's and husbands Balls feel good regularly also.. A mans or boys testicles are amazing organs that can give males excruciating pain or the greatest feeling imaginable. So yeah, females can completely control males by putting either pain or pleasure in males sacs. A male needs to learn at an early age how much pleasure or pain their amazing nads can generate and how a female can control them by making their sacs and Balls feel either fantastic & great or terribly painful.

  • Ball busting is generally an immature behavior engaged in by girls, not women. Mature adult women want love making, not ball busting. A mature adult woman might do this one time if she was extremely angry, but then the relationship is in serious trouble if she is behaving like this. The only adult women who do this routinely are those who do it as a professional entertainment service to men who like to be dominated. They just do it for the easy money.

  • I don't believe you.

  • You bitches ! If you don't like what he is doing, you can talk to him openly and try to sort out the problem. Otherwise you can always leave and part ways with him. You have NO right to physically abuse your man. He didn't abused you physically !!! Imagine if he keeps that in mind, waits for a good chance and RECIPROCATES you, probably with 3 times more force !!! You bitches. Always taking advantage of Societal and Legal "double standards".

  • I agree. Go for it whenever you want. My gf kicks my balls all the time for fun and a turnon. It doesn't injure anything.

  • ... or you can just dump him since you're clearly unhappy. Be the bigger person, geez.

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