I Love Looking At Photos Of Men In Tight Underwear

I'm 45, work as a teacher in a private school for girls, and I've been married for 10 years. I look and act like a goody goody and I pretty much am one, except for my fetish that began about a year ago when I accidentally saw a photo of a young man in tight underwear on the Internet. I swear you could see the full outline of his penis and balls. After that I began searching for photos of men in tight underwear and I would get unbelievable horny and play with myself. My husband has noticed a change in the bedroom and says I've become like a wildcat in bed. Little does he know I'm thinking about those men wearing tight underwear when we are making love. I don't dare to think of what could happen if I saw one of those men in tight underwear in real life that wanted to seduce me. I feel I should be more mature than this, and I used to be, but a few years after I passed 40 I became a little less in control of my lust and a lot hornier.
A Sex confession by: Anonymous
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    Hey I'd be happy to send ya some pics of me in my tight undies ;)

    by: Anonymous

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