My husband has turned me into a s** slave

I knew my husband was sexually domineering before we got married, and I kinda liked that. He won't let me wear bras and orders me to be naked when he comes home from work and has made me undress in front of hotel windows when we go on vacation. I must be a submissive because I love it when he makes me do sexual things.

On the nights his best friend comes over, my husband makes me wear a low cut dress with no bra so that when I serve food bending over, his friend can see all of my t***. I didn't like that in the beginning, but now it turns me on. I like seeing his friend looking down my dress and enjoying the view.

The last time his friend was at our house my husband began telling him how much I loved s** and how I was a pro at sucking him off. I told my husband to stop and got embarrassed, but I felt terribly h**** when he did that.

Now when my husband and I are having s** in bed he tells me his best friend has a big c*** that would feel good inside me, and though I tried to be a good girl at first and ignore what my husband was saying, after a few nights of his s** talk about his best friend's big c*** I began to get excited and imagined how good that big c*** would feel.

My husband said today that the next time his best friend comes over, he's going to order me to have s** with him, and he said I'll have to do it. I'm a faithful wife and wouldn't want anybody else, but if my husband orders me to have s** with his best friend I will, and I have to admit with all the s** talk he has me curious about how his best friend's big c*** would feel inside me.

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  • Double d******. Take your Pagan beliefs and stuff them.

  • A husband hired me to massage his wife and to give her a happy ending. normally this means getting her off manually, but there is also something called the creamfilled happy ending, which he requested. His wife was very submissive and she and I entered an S&M relationship. One Halloween, i took her to a party dressed as a slave girl. I told her husband where it was and he came in a costume with full mask. He watched me whip her, nude in front of everyone and then both men and women used her for their pleasure. His wife came over and over, especially while being triple penetrated. In the end I was put on a yearly retainer. He never let on to her that he not only knew but had begged me to turn her into a s** slave who was used by many. Her fantasy was to be sold to a group of wealthy men, which we did many times and another taken to a black working man's bar where she had over 40 men in a single night.

  • d***

  • If it pleases you, it's alright for everyone.

  • My wife and I led a lifestyle of swinging and wife swapping. My favorite was FFM 3somes. My wife would do anything I asked her to, even have s** with my best friend. Then we noticed that all of the couples in our clubs were getting divorce or had a lot of drama due to one or the other forming emotional bonds with a partner. Seems that not many people who do this understand that a powerful hormone called Oxytocin is released after o***** and it is designed to bond a couple together. It is sometimes called the cuddle hormone as it is the one that makes the couple want to cuddle and feel good with each other. My wife and I saw our best friends' marriage destroyed because he fell in love with a woman at their club and his wife fell in love with her boss at work. Seems that once you have no marital fidelity, both the husband and wife do not treat s** with others as a problem. The problem to them is the lessor one of not telling their spouse about it. In other words, s** outside of the marriage does not feel like cheating to them. Out of 8 couples in our small club, 6 got divorced within two years and the rest of us went our merry way. We just settled in for a 38 year threesome with my wife's best friend and kept all s** to ourselves. No more s** with outsiders. Most of the post are not real anyway so do not get upset when you read them. Most post by girls are actually written by guys with a lousy vanilla s** life and wish they could do what they write about. Some do it for real but they are as rare as hen's teeth. I lived with two women for 38 years and yet if I read someone else say something similar I do not believe them. How weird is that considering we knew a lot of kinky people. I was offered the wife of two friends, which I turned down as it was awkward for me. My wife had s** with my best friend and came home with bruises on her body and stating that she will no longer have s** with other guys because they are not as good as me. YEA! No more friend.

  • Do any of these disgusting men have children?, i would report some of these men to the police, they sound like they could be a danger to children who could witness all these S and M parties and s** acts going on!, these people need to be reported to the police if you suspect that they could be sexually abusing children..then report him please

  • Who mentioned children??!!?? You are a total fuckwit

  • Im Christine...a avowed lifelong c*** and p**** s*** from new England.My ex husbands wouldn't have anything to do with I always had a stable of f*** buddies. My LT BF now makes me show, strip, where nipple cut out bras to work, post my self on internet...I LUV IT!! YES..LOTS OF c*** AND p**** FOR MEE!

  • Lucky girl you are. Go ahead and take em both on and invite the other for a one on one from time to time and have him bring a friend if you're up to it.

  • Lucky girl you are. If it was me I'd be going all the way with both of them and then invite the other for a one on one from time to time and take him without hesitation

  • My name is Jodie. My husband is also sexually domineering. I knew what he was like when I married him and I was quite happy with him dominating me. I've always enjoyed a man to be in charge when it comes to s**. I'm to give him a b****** whenever he wants. We have s** anyway he wants. Whenever he wants. Ever since we married he ordered me to wear sexy underwear. Especially stockings. He likes to think of me wearing them even when I'm at work. He's never asked me to have s** with his friends. I don't think he ever will. Sometimes he's rough with me when we are having s**. Which is my favourite. I'm having a great time. I never fail to have an o*****.

  • Well im pretty lucky , my husband has a twelve inch c*** and he tells his friend I like goin down on him, and he want s me to have s** with his friends, so I no were your c** from.

  • Dammit girl. Your in a D/s relationship. Look up the terms SSC & saveword and make up a few boundaries before anyone gets hurt. After that have fun. As long as everyone gets what they need it's all good, right?

  • My husband told me before we married that he did not expect me to stop having s** with other men. He knew that I had had s** with quite a few men and that my parents allowed me to have my boyfriends over for s** from the time I was 13. I had told him that I enjoy s** tremendously and before we married he told my parents that he did not expect me to stop having s** with other men, but really expected me to continue having s** with other men and he would probably bring some men over for me to have s** with. We have done that for 23 years now and he even brings men over to my parent's house when we visit them for me to have s** with. Once he found out that they had watched me have s** on several occasions, I no longer had to stay in the bedroom. I now have s** openly anywhere in their house or ours and I have been watched by not only my parents but by my brother and sister-in-law. As for how a big c*** would feel inside you, I've always loved big c****. The bigger the better and I take on all races, including black. Really, you should do it. It's a fantastic feeling knowing that other men want to have s** with you and that there are people who want to watch. I'm 45 and still get a thrill at being watched while having s** - especially by my brother.

  • your stories i let my wife fuck other men and couples the most is ten guys, i like the idea to be open like you, to have s.. in the living room and watch by family and friends .but dont know how to start

  • By far the best thing I have ever read and would love to watch or join especially at your parents or brothers house

  • Ooh I should've married him..I had same story...but 2 guys I married thought they could"change me"....NOT! I have a luvofmylife BF who likes and lets me be...who I am. I luuv being watched too!

  • Eww yo that's gross but hey why dont u get ur bro if ya catch my drift

  • Wow! that's hot, have you tried having sex with your family members?

  • My wife brings other guys home to fuck me i also loveto be watched by her sisters they use both my wife and i for their kinky friends enjoyment

  • Just fucking HOT!

  • Umm.. Wtf Is wrong with you? Don't make him control you, but you are. HIT THE BRICKS b****

  • My friend who was married to her husband for 5 1/2 years did those things with her husband. she tells me they went to s&m parties, had couples s**, watched her f*** other men, made her walk in the nude with only high heels on during the day outside, made her crawl like a dog, have people watch them f*** ect ect she loved it. She said it was fun and turned her on big time. Then he ended up fucken a girl she doesnt mind this because she loved to watch her husband get bang also she loved watching the female o***** with him, but the agreement was if any of them had s** with another person they had to be in the some room well turned out he left her for the other female turned everything against her telling her he needed a classy women someone who is a challenge and won't give it up so easily that she was way to easy to controll and a major s*** so watch out!!!!!

  • Come on, if your husband respected you, then he would NEVER make you do those things. Your not his toy! and your married to your husband not to other men. He isn't taking you seriously, remember have some respect for yourself too! I say this as a male.

  • Come on, if your husband respected you, then he would NEVER make you do those things. Your not his toy! and your married to your husband not to other men. He isn't taking you seriously, remember have some respect for yourself too! I say this as a male.

  • That's great! And amazing. Ignore the closed minded prudes who say don't do it. As long as your love between you and your husband is strong And he trusts you to be a good and loving wife enough to share you with his best friend then that's fantastic! There is absolutely nothing wrong with being slutty now and then, I love it when my husband invites his childhood friend over, they are brothers not by blood but a great bond. My husband is not dominate but enjoys watching me do things such as dress sexy, m********* in front of our bedroom window, f*** in public, and he really enjoys watching me get banged by his brother and filled up with c**. I won't lie, I enjoy it so much the thought makes me wet. Unfortunately his brother lives about 350 miles north from us so we only get to have fun 2 times a year when he gets his week long vacations. He just left last night, and honey after a week of sucking, f******, banging in every hole I am wonderfully sore and leaking fluids that aren't even mine! Enjoy it, it's a great experience and not everyone is open enough to invite another in the bedroom let yourself go and be a good little s*** for your husband. Cheers!

  • get your husband to tie you to the bed and blindfold you and then bring his friend and do what ever he wants. i promise you will love it

  • You are a very lucky woman. Your husband sounds wonderful, don't ever forget that your body is his to do with as he sees fit. Pleasing your husband is your only purpose. Wishing my husband was just like yours

  • I support you and your husband 110%!! Your writing was very composed, clearly you're no dummy. I WISH I was in your position tee hee ;) My husband is domineering but not like a sub/master relationship (SO UNFORTUNATE)... and swinging = end of our marriage. That's what I get for marrying an old fashioned f*** lol j/k . . . Hey ~ If we lived in the same neighborhood I'd invite you over for homemade pie. You sound like the perfect gal pal to hang with.

  • no dont, he's just a perv and using you. seriously, no.

  • Nothing good can come of that sugar.... CC

  • I think its kind of kinky. & Heyy. If it keeps the s** life alive for you n your husband... why not? It is kind of strange though...

  • DON't sleep with his friend. Even though he wants you to do it, your husband will lost respect for you and want you to sleep with more guys. Been there. Made that awful mistake. Got away from my sick ex husband. It took 2 years to get back my self esteem. Don't do it!

  • Why do you love him,you should hate him,BUT YOU LOVE HIM?

  • That sounds like fun. My may is extremely dominant too. He orders me to do all kinds of naughty things, which I love. I can't see him trying to get me to f*** his friend though..

  • You should try to get him to be submissive, too...and yes your husband is turning you into a s***.

  • I want to be your husband's friend too.

  • Lmao this is crazy but intresting

  • You pervert husband is turning you into a s***. Seriously.

  • go for it but make sure you suck it

  • Right down take the warm liquid

  • Cant get the full length of a cock all the way down my throte eveen 5 to 6 inches am i doing something wrong

  • Put your head right back then take him. if your heads not right back its going to make you gag you daft bitch. good job your not mine

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