Stepdaughter's Panties

I know it is wrong, but I have become obsessed with my stepdaughter's panties. I am constantly sneaking into her room, going through her panty drawer. Going through the laundry, sniffing her worn panties. Having elaborate fantasies of dry humping her, even f****** her, while she still has her panties on.

She is young of course, and has a really big, sexy a**. I know she is sexually active, and thoughts about her letting older men in her panties p***** me off but also makes me so h****.

I am masturbating at least twice a day over her. Of course, my wife doesn't know, since my increased horniness means that I am f****** my wife almost every night (and I have always had a thing for my wife's panties as well).

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  • You should start selling them so we can all share them. Of course she will catch you when her panties are disappearing and you will have to confess everything and be at her mercy.

  • Mmmm nice how old is she have to post a pic of her..x

  • Some confess to it while others keep it a secret or deny they really f****** want to. A rare few actually haven't the desire. Sorry, true story.

  • I caught my stepdad rubbing himself while smelling my panties. He kept going as I watch him and touched myself. He watched me stroking my tummy and panties and came in the pair in his hands... later it led to him asking to lick me

  • I am so happy to read that there are a lot of guys just like me! I have the hottest 18yo stepdaughter, and lately, I have been enjoying her panties too! I love the exact things that everyone mentioned, and recently, I got to see her completely naked(accidentally of course), so the memory of that sight just adds to everything!

  • Ah my step-dad does this all the time bc he does my laundry for me, he tries to hide it but its pretty obvious, most of the time my panties come with with c** stains on them from him tbh its kinda hot

  • I like to grab them while they are still warm and moist. the ones she takes off in the morning. she tosses them on the floor, I smell and lick them, then c** in them and put them in a obvious spot for her to find.

  • After my stepdaughter leaves for school, I raid her empty room looking for some nice juicy soiled panties and lick the crotch out of them. Sometimes all I can find are a pair that has a dried crusty layer on the crotch so I will chew a few pieces off and roll them around in my mouth. Mmmmm tastes like a fine blue cheese. I'll hold them up to my nose inhaling her musk aroma while I rub my c*** with nice soft clean pair from her dresser drawer and after I c** in the toilet I'll wipe the last drop off my c*** onto the crotch of her clean panties and put them back in her drawer so she can wear them the next day. I get hard just thinking about her tight young p**** rubbing up against her silky c** lined panties

  • When my grown 27yo step daughter moved in with us,and I had the day off, I would sneak a pair of her panties out of her panty drawer. Sniffing them would get me so hard that I'd usually wind up sliding the crotch part over the head of my p**** and j******* until I busted a load in them. Then I throw them in with a load of laundry. With that said, I think it's perverted to do this with a teenagers undies.

  • Yea I have the same issue mine wears skin tight jeans andseexy bikini pantys then when she gets out of school and puts short a** shorts on and walks around house I stay hard a** s*** me and the wife buy the pantys so I always buy one sze smaller so they are tight up in her and they smell yummy

  • Yea its hard to stay calm when they walk around in tight a** jean in shorts and you see that panty line or thong peeking out)

  • I m********* to my step daughters clean and used panties and I wear them also. It's exciting wen I'm speaking with her and I'm wearing her thong if she only knew. I been feeling like this since she was 15 yrs old... Now she's 18yrs old and I wish I can have s** with her and I'm just hoping that day comes when I can give a a nice rim job and make love to her lil petite favorite time of the day is wen home alone and her dirty undies are calling my name...

  • I am obsessed with my friends wifes panties. Love going thru all her things when I am alone at their place which is rare. But have been able to spend ALL day alone there a few times. pantycleaner on yahoo msngr if anyone wants to chat about panties..have pics n stories

  • Would love to hear them. email @ks13131 @ gmail

  • Love the smell of her piss

  • Please contact me to know more about me

  • I enjoy the smell of teen pantys I had a very young1step daughter hew would walk around the house in tight bikini pantys and tank top s she wore them tight so they run up in her dam I miss that now I go to middle school gym rooms and get fresh teen pantys :)

  • Yum!

  • Are all men sick perverts ?? I know it's wrong but ... so don't do it ! I love how twisted your mind is that you think it's ok to do this your one step away of being a s** offender u do know this right . Just because you have a desire to sniff her unswear dose not mean you do it . A child should feel safe at home and not have a step dad having sick desires .

  • Shut up and go back to church.

  • Churh no more

  • Way r u reading this post?

  • I am also obsessed w panties. too bad I don't have a stepdaughter like u. but I do have a geourgeous wife and a sexy sister in law. I would sneak in there panty drawers and j*** off w them. my wife knows and loves it. but my sister in law doesn't. I would take them and wear her tight panties and j*** off w them fantasizing about her. its only a fetish.

  • My step daughter caught me in the act and just smiled as I walked out of her room after 'checking her radiator was not full of air'. Now she tries extra hard to make her panties really creamy in the gusset and has even stopped wiping her p**** after p******, I am in heaven :)

  • Wow lucky

  • Your one lucky man.

  • I only recently started sniffing and masturbating to my girlfriend's 15-year old daughter's clothing. Panties are best but also pants and shorts. She only showers once every other day so the aroma is tantalizing. I also like to cum on her clean panties so I'm with her all day. Once, I jacked off watching her sleep and came with my face so close to her pussy I could feel its warmth and smell the beautiful aroma. I rubbed some of the cum on her lips and stomach and she was never the wiser. Just knowing she licked her lips in the morning and tasted my salty cum turns me on so much! I also see her discarded maxi pads and sometimes pull the pubic hairs out of them and put them in my mouth.

  • OK dude that's just creepy.

  • Ive done the very same excp my stepdaughter is 24 and i`ve masterbat into her panties and put em back i also have about 3par of her sweet used panties in a ziplock bag so i can lick her sweet pussy juice

  • U need to be locked up !

  • YEAh, I agree Mate

  • So do you if you're reading all these stories.

  • Wow, there are some interesting guys out there. My daughter was 16 when I was doing that. The absolute best was after we were "playfighting" I think she got as turned on as I did, and always provided the sweetest smelling panties. I never took it any farther than that though.

  • You should cut off your balls. Sick fuck.

  • Your a sick fuck !

  • Thats for sure "sick bastard" eh....

  • U r a sick fuck too :o) reading this what the fuck r u doing here ha!ha!ha!

  • Yeah, you say that, but you know you're turned on by this.

  • Omg, the playfighting reminds me of my stepdaughter. I'm also pretty sure she would get turned on. She used to try and get me to rub her bum as part of the game. I never let myself do that, and she knew not to try and play that part when mom was around though.

  • I am also guilty of this! OMG- some of the best o****** I ever had are the ones i squirted in my 13 yr old step daughters panties. i love thinking of her going to school wearing ones i came in.

  • Very hot I do the same with my stepdaughter's panties her cunny is perfect!

  • Luck man

  • I feel exactly the same over my girl just the throught of those sexy panties under her uniform drives me wild just have to sniff and lick them let's talk

  • Lucky Man

  • I to am obsessed my her panties i even have the pair she wore under her wedding dress! God I cant stop smelling them and thinking about her!

  • I used to sniff my step daughter's panties and slurp up all the dried love juice off her dirty panties after she took shower every morning and left her panties in the hamper. I eat every thing she left behind while I stroke my c*** into spurts so strong that I have never known could exist. I am in love with her and her mother at the same time and I often fantasize about f****** both of them at the same time. It's a sick obsession and out of control. I can't stop it but I really want to. I want to only love my wife but my step daughter's aroma is over powering. I know from looking at her panties in the morning, she gets so wet and her juice tastes just like her mother's. For now, I have to keep living this disgusting life until I find God or something that would stop it.

  • Don't worry it's sexy and your stepdaughter loves the pussy attention!

  • I to would smell my stepdaughters dirty pants when she found me with a pair and gave me a bj an drank Lt down now we fuck all the time

  • My stepdaughter went to college im so sad I miss them cum filled panties. .. damn !!!

  • Yummm

  • Very hot. Very sexy.

  • Believe me, I am strictly fantasizing for now. I fully understand the need for extreme caution here. Even if nothing ever transpires, I do feel lucky just to have so much sexiness in my house.

  • its're very very lucky that both your wife and stepdaughter are so sexual. and especially that the stepdaughter dates older guys so she must be realy hot herself if she found out that guys her age couldn't give her what she needs. thats kind of amazing.

  • Are you able to tell from the scent when she's been active? Is it obvious?

  • Knowing that she's out there, getting it, letting older men hit that, exploring her sexuality, learning all the ways to please a man (or MEN), increasing the frequency of her escapades, and doing things likely even beyond your own wild fantasies, HAS to be difficult for you, maybe even impossible. I think you and the other commenter are almost certainly right: both women are probably already well aware of your desires, and they're probably already working to heighten them and use them to control you. Your wife, because it increases your sexual activity with her, and her daughter, because it makes her feel powerful and allows her to exercise that power over you.

  • I hadn't considered the "control" or "power" angles. All I know is that now I am fantasizing about my step daughter liking me playing with her panties, being turned on by it, and begging me to take it further. Damn, I hate myself for this, but her big, sexy ass in those cute panties she wears is just too hard for me to resist.

  • Before you act on any of this, you have to be ABSOLUTELY CERTAIN that you aren't misreading signals. The only way to be ABSOLUTELY CERTAIN is to make one of these women take a first clear step, something unambiguous, so that you don't wind up divorced. Or in jail. Or both. Do NOT allow your libido to convince your brain that "they want it": make them commit before you act, so that you don't rationalize your way into believing something that isn't true. It's an extremely dicey proposition, fraught with danger, but if you let them put things in play, you may well find yourself striking gold. And the beauty of putting the onus on them to act first is that it gives them the "control" and the "power" they obviously both want, which heightens their excitement levels, and gives you what you want: sex-crazed bitches in a sex-crazed environment. AT HOME. Lucky man, yes. You are a very lucky man.

  • A stepdaughter is a second wife i f*** my stepdaughter just as much as my wife. My wife knows and is okay with it as long as i f*** her than my stepdaughter.

  • Your a lucky man!!!! How old is the step daughter????

  • And your a sick fuckin Man too

  • I have news for you...your stepdaughter knows about the panty sniffing and your l*** for cannot hide that s***.

  • That's what I was afraid of. If she can sense it, I'm sure my wife can as well.

  • I have smelled my steps for erotic the way her pussy smells

  • Oh yes iv got a nice worn pair of my girlfriends , daughters knickers she's 22 years old and do they smell nice, and have a good jerk with them...


  • Same hear steps used knickers I like to suck the centre out and wash them in my mouth, does she tast nice MLB!!

  • OH MLB go get your fucked up head read, OK the sooner the better[strange cunts the pair of you oh go and suck your own "panties" or what ever U pricks wear


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