I let my bestfriend f*** me, and I liked it. so what?

That I've f***** up lately. I smoke hella weed. I had a sleep over with my friend who's a guy and we f*****. thing is , he is so innocent and I know he liked me. he's been in love with me since like the 6th grade. nobody was in the house but us. we got blazed , he started looking at me some type of way. like picturing me naked and stuff. So I started teasing him. idgaf I love teasing people. I tease my teachers, my neighbors , mostly adults. you know why? because they can't do nothing about it , all they can do is watch. I got a girly squeaky voice. when I ask questions in class, I ask slow and make an adorable face. my english teacher's got it bad. how do I know? Im passing and I failed every test with no homework! I fail on purpose just to see. but back to my story. so anyways we started drinking, I knew he was planning to get me drunk and f*** me. so I did what he wanted- got drunk, except I wasn't drunk, I was acting *shrugs*. I played stupid. I started teasing him again, flashing a b*** and s***. he got nervous which is so cute. something about a nervous guy just turns me on. we layed down on his bed and just stared at the ceiling. we do that allot, we usually just talk about our day when we do that. I asked him to watch p*** and ofcourse he said yes. lmaoooo we watched p*** together so many times before. it's not weird, we're just that close. so anyways we was watching girl on girl and as usual he's hard as f***. I asked him "G s***, what would u do if I wasn't in the room right now, all jokes aside" he laughed and told me he'll beat his meat. lmfaoo that's exactly what I wanted to hear and I told him to do it. we're close but we're not THAT close . ofcourse he refused :(
but after pleading he started doing it. omg that was so hot. watching a guy beat his meat is the sexiest thing ever, I think I found a new fetish ;) . The noises he was making , omg! .after he was done, we layed down again, the laptop was closed this time. we stared at the ceiling again. we was having an heart to heart conversation. from what I could remember I told him I loved him, he laughed and said "that's cuss u f****** drunk and high out your a**. you passed cloud 9, but I love you too". Honestly I do love him , that's my bestfriend, my everything. It got silent and I asked him to be honest with me "do u wanna f*** me". ofcourse he denied it, so I asked him again. He told me "badly" , I asked him "how?" and he told me (:
I mean I knew he was a freak , because we've had conversations before but dawmm. the things he told me that night was beyond freaky and I liked it! lmaoo my bestfriend's a freak. he said he wanted to own me for one day , he wanted to have his way with me just for one day and f*** my brains out. I told him "what about tonight?" blah blah blah , to make this story short I gave him permission to. he ordered me to do things , he asked for a b******. I refused, eww its disgusting , I told myself I'd never do it. but after remembering he basically "owns" me , I did it. I was nervous at first, c'mon I never did it before. but I did it, at first it tasted salty ( eww) and I coudn't get the rhymth going , it is NOT like sucking your thumb, these people are lying -.- so anyways he was guiding me the whole time, he played with my hair and stuff. he demanded I looked at him, it was a bit embarassing but I felt a connection. He told me how beautiful I looked , how long he wanted to do this and he should just c** in my mouth right then and there. the idiot did that -.- c** does not taste good at all!it's disgusting , never again. blah blah blah , he took me doggy style.I f***** only 2 people my whole life , my bestfriend makes it three and omg, he is the besssstt. he was so rough and s*** . he's a dirty little boy. He kept telling me how he can't wait to c** in me and leave me on the floor, leg spread, asss up and watch his c** drip out of me. that s*** turned me on soooo much. Im on the pill so I didn't care. so to fast forward a bit . . he did it, and intentially he left me on the floor in the same position he described. he's a f****** perv lmao . he sat there and watched me. he took out his phone and started recording it . he made me say things. he asked questions like " do u like c** in you?" " tell me how much u want me inside of you again" and etc.. him saying these things turned me on even more and I wanted it again, if that makes me a w**** then so be it. I wanted him inside me sooo badly. he was right, I do like c** in me. he took a few pictures of my p**** , he started recording again this time he was recording my face, he made me finger myself. my fingers weren't enough, I wanted HIM, not my fingers. I asked him to f*** me , I even said please. all he did was kept recording , that turned me on even more. I think he was enjoying me begging , he kept saying "tell me how u want it?" after I'd answer that he'd ask a next question. he had me pleading with him. gosh he was good. we f***** again and again until we fell asleep. the next morning , we woke up. c** all over me, we watched the videos after we showered and f***** again. idc if you guys want to judge and say im a w****.im 17, this is only the third guy I had s** with. oh well... I liked it, so if u want to judge , judge. lmao he thought I was drunk.

I confess: I wasn't drunk, I knew what I was doing, I enjoyed every minute of it and I dont regret a thing. hopefully he deosn't see this lol.

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  • I f***** my neighbour. She will come everyday now.

  • Do you know how bad i want that to happen?

  • This dude is my n****
    May we all take a moment of silence who not only escaped the friend zone but smashed that box harder than he smashed you? *slow clap*

  • Hot

  • You are a disgusting, repulsive, sick creature.

  • Why

  • No she's a person who loves her sexuality. Show respect

  • w****, I hope you get cancer from smoking and drinking, seriously f****** kill yourself

  • Why don't you go kill yourself? Fucking hater

  • Oi man why be so rude she's a grown girl who can make her own choices

  • I got brain washed and seduced into having s** with my gay male friend, he made me have a h******

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  • Why dont I f*** you

  • Im 13 and have f***** five guys and f***** my best friend

  • Well thats awkward. But hey only cool girls fuck with 13 years. *WHORE*

  • Then you are a fucking stupid whore bitch. i hope you get an std.

  • Gotta say, that's .. wow just wow.

  • Love is what it is. If the two of you actually do love each other, what you did was a natural thing borne of that love and desire. No judgement from me! Best of luck!

  • Well I've seen it now :)

  • Get it

  • s*** h*** f****** yeah. c**!!!

  • Wow.

  • He did it for folks like you and me. He is looking for us:

    Luke15 Now the tax collectors and sinners were all gathering around to hear Jesus. 2 But the Pharisees and the teachers of the law muttered, “This man welcomes sinners and eats with them.”

    3 Then Jesus told them this parable: 4 “Suppose one of you has a hundred sheep and loses one of them. Doesn’t he leave the ninety-nine in the open country and go after the lost sheep until he finds it? 5 And when he finds it, he joyfully puts it on his shoulders 6 and goes home. Then he calls his friends and neighbors together and says, ‘Rejoice with me; I have found my lost sheep.’ 7 I tell you that in the same way there will be more rejoicing in heaven over one sinner who repents than over ninety-nine righteous persons who do not need to repent.

  • I got a bestfriend and thats basically what i wish to happen... but it wont :(

  • Same

  • You're a great person for not being so locked up about s** and having s**....

  • I f***** all my friends of the oppisite s**

  • Love to bang u with my 12 inch d

  • I love u you f****g honest

  • d***..ur a hero..lol

  • You're a f****** mess

  • Now girls are not proud of their virtue but throw it away willingly to useless dogs

  • I would love to have s** with u i would f*** you so hard that you would get best o***** in your life babes trust me add me on facebook my username kewin wayne cervenak add me babes

  • Does your name start with a J?

  • Sounds a little like my story... I had s** with my best friend. I basically was drunk and so was he. V were at a party and while dancing he accidentally grabbed my b***. V went inside the bathroom and he massagd my t** while I gave him a handjob. Then he sucked my t***. It was awsum. Our other friend also joined us and one f***** my t*** while the other my p****. V still meet to hav threesomes.

  • This is not good. I don't understand why young girls have s** this young and are proud that they have many partners.

  • Nothing was like this in ur tim3, back in 1905...

  • Dddddaaaaaaaammmmmmnnnnn baby I got so turned on when I read this I wanna f*** you right here right now.

  • The question marks was a thumbs up sorry

  • Great post ??

  • Slutty girl! slutty story

  • s*** when can we f*** haha

  • Quite the story hahahahaha

  • I also was fcked by a close friend who was quite a bit older than I was. I liked him a lot and was eager to please him. He took me everywhere and when he suggested that I let him f*** me I was a bit confused but agreed. It ended up being very special for me. He entered me for the first time in a hidden grassy area in the trees on my stomach, underpants pulled aside he gently penetrated my cute little firm fresh cheeks filling me. We rode double on his bike afterwards home with me on the handlebars. With my feet on the front fender, raised knees parted the wind rushed through my loose short pants. I could see my underpants, the wind filled shorts made them show. I wondered if someone else could see them, bright white form fitting cotton, so virgin. I still could feel him in me as if he was still fckng me, it must of been the two loads of thick boycum up in me. He told me I wasn't virgin anymore, he said he took it. I wondered if the people who could see my underpants as we passed could tell that I'd just been fuckd and wasn't a virgin anymore???

  • Can I fuck those cheeks too

  • Who cares how old they are? s** is something that should be enjoyed by two individuals who love each other, regardless of what age they are... Except babies, that s**** just weird -_-

  • EATING p**** IS WHAT I DO, AND f*** TO.

  • This is all b*******

  • I first had s** with my best friend when we were 13. I had gone over to his house when no one was home. We were in his room talking, when he suddenly kissed me. His tongue entered my mouth. They danced with each other. He pulled away. I fiercly grabbed his face, and made out with him. It got so hot that both our shirts were off, and he buried his face into my bra. We pulled away at the last second, but i didn't care. i pushed him down, undid his pants, and gave him a b******. He was moaning. He came. I then unhooked my bra. He placed his d*** between my 33d b****, and t**-f***** me. He came on my chest. Next, we did scissoring. It was hot. That was when i had first o*****. When we both came, we lied next to each other panting. He whispered "I love you." That was when we first became a couple.
    There was also the time when i had s** with the same guy a year later on a rooftop. We were at a party, and we were the only two on the roof of the building. Naturally, we kissed, but there was a sudden sense of urgency within him. He pushed me against the wall, and ripped my dress right off, revealing that i was not wearing a bra. He nuzzled my neck. I moaned. I unbuttoned his shirt. He kissed my bare chest, from top to bottom. We moaned. He pinned my hands back, and began licking my belly button. I would have came then and there. He then reached into his pocket, and pulled out 11 condoms. He put one on, and turned me around. He inserted his d*** into my a**, and pounded me for a good few minutes. Whenever, he jizzed, he discarded the used one and put on a new one. We tried many different positions on the roof. We did doggy-style, where he ended up jizzing on the floor, scissoring, when i ended up squirting all over him. We also tried standing up. That was my favorite. He pushed me against the wall, and put his d*** in my v*****. We went up and down, up and down. Finally, i put my mouth on his d***, and gave him a b******. He came on my face. When there was only 1


  • Thats you limdick motherfucker

  • Nice story :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) please help in my story also:-) :-) :-)

  • Its may good for you bt think about yiur age...its nt for u at the very young u r/

  • I didnt mean to come over this site, though I was a little aroused, I would say that.. but most importantly..

    The "f*** what people think" attitude.. good girl.

  • As teenager I had s** with my best friend's older brother and number of times. She had no problem with it.

  • He did it for folks like you and me. He is looking for us: Luke15 Now the tax collectors and sinners were all gathering around to hear Jesus. 2 But the Pharisees and the teachers of the law muttered, “This man welcomes sinners and eats with them.” 3 Then Jesus told them this parable: 4 “Suppose one of you has a hundred sheep and loses one of them. Doesn’t he leave the ninety-nine in the open country and go after the lost sheep until he finds it? 5 And when he finds it, he joyfully puts it on his shoulders 6 and goes home. Then he calls his friends and neighbors together and says, ‘Rejoice with me; I have found my lost sheep.’ 7 I tell you that in the same way there will be more rejoicing in heaven over one sinner who repents than over ninety-nine righteous persons who do not need to repent...

  • Nice post

  • f****** hot... love to find a dirty little girl like u. Ive f***** my best friend too...and d*** it is always hot. Usually starts by her grabbing me and pulling me forcefully into a room when someone else is around and could catch us...or she says shes so h**** and tries to fight it but eventually asks me to play with her p**** but i cant just play with it...i gotta eat her cus she tastes so good and her p**** is so tight and so perfect. When we f*** its always hard and ruff and her p**** just sucks my c*** its so tight...so hard not to just blow a hot load deep inside her right away. Shes the best ive ever had...even had threesomes w her and my wife...but the one on one w her is the best.

  • I want to f*** my best friend but im a little scared to ask her

  • Just bring it up, worked for me.

  • Same here, my best friend asked me to give him a hand job, I did(I'm also a boy). But he said he doesn't like me, it was just experimenting. I don't believe him I also love him, he knows that.

  • Then just get her drunk and do it.

  • Pretty sure that's rape?

  • I want to have s** with my best friend, I'm also 17 and a guy, but she says she's not into me even though we sleep together tometimes so what should I do take a step forward or not ?

  • Bruh that's harsh she rejected you!! If you wanna fuck her get her drunk and then try do it whilst your in bed

  • Again pretty sure that's rape and a felony

  • What he/she said. ^

  • Lady said no, so, nope.

  • If he liked you and you liked him then I'm surprised y'all didn't f*** earlier

  • Oi whyyou guys like to fight ? *completely not to the story* I am just 12 so pwease geez you all need to learn mannersfor preschool and mid school *rolled eyes*

  • Years ago I had s** with my best male friend.At first I thought it was a mistake and everything was ruined but a couple years after the s** we hooked up,had more s**,got together,got married and now got kids.
    So personally having s** with him was the best thing ever.

  • Well Done it turned out great for you

  • Same here i had sex with my best friend n now she is my wife.

  • Nice...

  • d*** I need a friend like you and no u are no a w**** disregard what all these other a******* say -T.A.M.Jr.

    PS if anyone is bored text me 814-474-8346

  • You sound exactly like me. I have this really hot science teacher that Insee everday an he always comes over to talk to me. I can't help it, but I talk kinda highish and slow and bite and play with my sleeve and I ask him questions about his job. I think he likes it, because he's always telling me to eat lunch in his room and putting books over his zipper to hide his bulge. I, one time, not purpousely, bent over in from of him with a skirt on and a thong on to pick up his pens he dropped which made my skirt go up and he saw and when I got up, I saw caught him looking at me, so I gave him his pens back but one fell on his zipper and I got it and felt how. Hard his c*** was. I think he enjoys our conversations. I think my british accent makes it even hotter for him.

  • British you say :)

  • That definitely sounds like a lot of fun! if i were you i would still be doing my best friend! enjoy!

  • I also do this to my best friend who is a girl

  • Lol thats what i do to my gf

  • Your not a w****, you just needed to find someone who could do it right and apparently he did so keep with him that sounds like allot of fun.

  • She is by far, a whore

  • dawmmm. I need u as a friend

  • haha good for you but your not a w**** if you only been with three guys now if your 17 and your partners pass your age then your a w**** a complete c** dumpster

  • You mean little fucker..I swear if you said that to my face I would slap your ass silly! Biatch!

  • Kik me lol Isaac.907

  • It's kick


  • Dufe you're the one who can't spell ... Here i'll give you a help .. You* spell*


  • ass hole ! shut the eff up ?

  • Wow, just reading this and you can tell this girl is a dumb shit. 17 years old and already a cum truck. Keep teasing child. When you get knocked up and go daddy hunting the rest of your life, just remember you are the dirty whore you openly make yourself to be.

  • I say fuck all you want but keep it tight... if you know what I mean

  • Your a freakin moron to so shut up

  • Your a moron you B*****

  • Do you even like him? You let his crum in you and your 17 years old

  • What is the matter with every one of u she knows what she did of shut up Please your not a who re or slut or a B**** either its just EVERY ONE OF THESE FREAKIN MORON CANT READ THAT ALL U PEOPLE NEED TO GO BACK TO PRESCHOOL

  • U are 17 u shouldn't do things like that but u are not anything bad ur just a teen they are just mad they cant have u so go fuck off u bad people leave her along this is coming from a mom

  • Mother, I would love to see your slowly die as I force you to swollow rat poison, mind giving me your address, not that I need it

  • Mother, I would love to see your slowly die as I force you to swollow rat pouson, mind giving me your address, not that I need it

  • Maybe you should go back to preschool PERSON!!!!!!! Who ever F**** wrote this you don't even know how to put words together in WHORE YOU IDIOT://////:/:/:/:/ God people these day don't know how to put words together.

  • So shut up

  • Your not a whore no matter what any other dick says but you do sound like a manger tease

  • She is definitely a whore xD she should honestly kill hersefl, I would love to watch it.

  • What the fuck!!!!!!!! The hell are you! Holy shit!!!!!!!!

  • You should just forget that even happen but your not a whore no matter what they say. Plus a whore is somebody who has sex with a lot of guys and get pay I think.

  • Umm... that is a prostitute Lol

  • Whore means the same the same thing as prostitute dumb fuck

  • Trollolololololololololololololol. Subscribe to zexyzek on youtube everyone

  • Lol i dod

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