I was molested :\

I was only 6 years old at the time and I had a friend who had a brother who was 11 at the time. My friend and her brother would come over to my house to be babysat by my mom. One time during christmas week he said we should play some imagination game and pretend he was santa. So me, my little brother, and his sister all sat on his lap and we told him our wishes, but for some reason I remember that while I sat on his lap something was poking me I didn't know what it was. Some time later we played hide and seek and I was crawling on all fours trying to get to another room and he was behind me and he pulled my pj's down and put his face in between my b*** cheeks quickly and waddled away. Another time we were horsing around and he gave me a piggy back ride and he slipped his hand through my pants touching my b***. There was also a time we played doctor and he touched my breasts and my abdomen gently. He tried to touch my private area, but i didn't let him at first. Then he told me "i'm the doctor silly". I allowed him to touch me down there, but he didn't actually finger me he just touched my pelvic area near my abdomen, but he went closer and closer to my private area, but i told him "no" and he said "its alright", but I never let him touch me there. He once stood up with me and he took my hand and put it down his pants and well I felt his p****, but i never actually saw it and I smirked at him. I never cried or screamed when we were together. I'm not traumatized by the memory or what he did. He didn't hurt me in anyway that caused me to cry or scream, but i guess he was just confused and, well he was still a kid too, but he was 5 years older than me. I just had to tell someone I'm pretty sure he has guilt trips if he even does remember what happened.
A Strange confession by: Anonymous
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    Sounds like curiosity of kids, I wouldn't worry about it.

    by: Anonymous

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