Wife was raped

This weekend after my wife and I returned from an evening at the bar she was in the mood to keep enjoying the night and I was tired from working all day. We had a small argument about it and I told her I was going to bed.

She stayed up and heard the neighbors next door having a party and I heard her leave.

Next thing, she comes in several hours later saying that "he raped me". She had passed out on the neighbor's couch (her girlfriend and her guy roomates live in the house). While she was asleep one of the guys came in and picked her up taking her to her room. She was so drunk and out of it that she thought it was me having s** with her. When she started to make out his face and saw that it was someone else she freaked out and started kicking and hitting him to get off. He held her down and told her he was going to finish. She kept fighting and he pulled a knife on her. Told her that if she told anyone he would kill her.

When she told me I went nuts and went to the guy's house. I banged on the door screaming at him. He didn't come out.

My wife will not press charges, she feels like it would be too hard to prove and that she doesn't want to be known throughout the neighborhood as a drunken w****. She even spoke to a detective about it and he told her it would be a long difficult road to get him convicted. I am a very well known business person in the community so me going over there and fighting him or doing anything illegal would end in my life being ruined.

Our marriage is falling apart. We haven't had s** since, who knows if he gave her something. Who knows if she would have flashbacks while we are having s**.

She has fallen into a deep depression and our world is falling apart. The a****** lives right next door and there is nothing we can do about it. We are in our dream home but due to some financial stuff last year I would not be able to get a loan to move somewhere else.

The rage I have for the guy grows daily but I know that anything done to him will be traced right back to me. She is losing her job because she is too depressed to go into work, which leaves her at the house to go through a living h*** of her own as the guy drives by.

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  • Feel sorry for her

  • Rape him back

  • She gave willingly, the problem was she felt guilty and had the feeling that she needed to tell you but she also needed to made an excuse for her self, so she made up the rape story. To think that she did not want to press charges, if she felt violated she would still do it regardless how strong the case will be.

  • She did talk to the detective.If it wasn't true she wouldn't have done that

  • Kill the guy that did it to her. What the h*** are you waiting for? Your career be damned; act like a f****** man.

  • You both need therapy. She is your wife and you love her dearly. Do the right thing and get counseling for both of you.

  • Your wife is a lying w****. I been through the same s*** before with my roommate's girlfriend. She sucked my d*** and f***** me for half the night then felt guilty the next day and told him I raped her. She f*** one of his other friends a couple weeks later and said the same s*** about him raping her. Get ride of the w****...

  • see a shrink.or Docter,or sign her to a mental heath Facilty for a year or two.

  • Do you think it would benefit her if she joined a non-profit anti-rape organization? Helping others who have been raped might help give her a sense of purpose and passion. Also, these people have experienced something similar, and may be able to support her (as a fellow victim) in a way you can't.

  • She didn't get raped, the guy is not the problem, she is. She wanted it to happen

  • She went there because she was not getting it at home.

  • She IS a drunken w****. I mean really.

    And she f***** him willingly then halfway through decided not too- she's LYING to you dude about thinking it was you! And you're just naive and gullible and egotistical enough to believe her.

    Sad for you.

    Get used to her being "raped" a lot more often in the future.

  • Alcoholism is the real problem here.

  • Who the fuck do you think you are? You are a complete fucking asshole. Maybe you should have gotten raped instead of his wife.

  • you are such an asshole. How would you feel if it was your own daughter or wife who got raped?

  • I strongly disagree- of course don't "dump your wife". If anything, you really need to be there for her in this difficult time. She's depressed and she needs you to get through this. She needs you to be stronger and to offer her some strength.
    I think justice is more important than reputation. People will talk because they always love to talk, but at the end of the day talk is entertainment for them and it won't affect their lives personally. This is your life and your wife's. She has been raped, and rape is a crime. It is also traumatizing and she probably needs to go into counseling. Do something. Take action.

  • your wife if f***** up! and so are you! don't ever let your wife get drunk without you around. you have to take responsibility on this s*** too man. it's not his fault that he was given the temptation to do it as he might also be f****** drunk and there was a wide open a** waiting to be tap on the couch. she shouldn't have gone out without you, and she shouldn't known not to get drunk and not being able to handle it.

    now you're in a lot of deep s***. take it all in, if you want to save your marriage or if you want out, now is a good time. you can chase the guy, torture him and get him to confess, or just hire someone to break both his legs as you have the money to pay for it anyway. whatever you look at it, it all comes down to bad f****** decision. I will never ever, let my wife get drunk without me around. nobody is in their own mind when they are drunk, decision are made based on the impulse, without even thinking of the consequences of the action. you're a "well known" businessman, you should know that for all people.

  • Actually it WAS his fault, since he was sober enough to take the incentive to stick his dick in an incoherent woman. Besides, she's human. We can't protect ourselves 24/7 from every potential threat. Maybe you should never travel via car, because - if you crash - you "should've known better and shouldn't have been in control of a moving vehicle if you couldn't handle it"?

  • Hire a hitman

  • gee,will you really do it.Better runaway to japan after word.get a job in Anime.i would.i love Pokemon.Not ever sex with a Woman.

  • Sounds more like a regret confession than rape...I'm with the others, dump your wife...chances are she banged him and halfway through started regretting it...you don't need the baggage + if it was my wife I'd tell her we press charges and bury this douche or I spread the stories myself.

  • You'll never know the truth unless you're her so stop making useless assumptions that aren't even helping him at all !

  • Your wife is a stupid b****...you have ONLY two options...and one thing that you MUST DO.
    1) Dump your stupid wife who put herself in this position.
    2) Keep your wife and move to another state, far away. (expect to be harassed by this guy for a long time, he will f*** with you).

    What you must do: Get Even...Revenge is a dish best served cold...wait a few years, maybe like 10 yrs...then, find the guy, and finish him...you will be ready by them...but, don't let it eat you up..you wife f***** up...

    BTW: I would chose option 1 above...you got a stupid wife...you will NEVER get over this.

  • Stupid wife ? You're the stupid bastard ! Have you Never gotten drunk before ?

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