Married women

I love f****** married women. I must have f***** more then a hundred women in my life and at least half of them were married. There is nothing like penetrating someone else' wife and, funny thing, they almost always let me f*** them without a condom. Some "faithful" wives refused to get their pants off, but..... sucked me off - women can have strange ideas abouth faithfulness. I love e********** into a married woman and leaving her with my sperm inside her hot v*****. I got caught a couple of times and occasionally I f***** women in front of their husbands. Right now I have two married girls who let me f*** them when their men are away.

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  • Yes you need to be worshiped as a love God. Make me your deciple.

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  • That's so true in my job repairing televisions I have met many women who have wanted to f*** with me and let me ride them bareback Matt (in fact older women are the most keen my best f*** was with a sixty year old)

  • Who is Matt?

  • And I always ride them bareback really love older women with droopy large breasts and a hairy pussy. Matt

  • So glad I found this post. I screwed a married chick once. Years back a friend of mine married a total but job- but she was built! Big t*ts, big a**. She was only with him for his money. I used to f**** her regularly. And he knew she was cheating on him but couldn't bring himself to dump her. He used to cry about it and everything and the whole time he never knew I was f*****ing her. I didn't feel guilty- the whole thing turned me on and I'd do it again. She would make jokes about how small his d**** was right in front of him and he'd just take it. And I f****d her so much, and we'd role play. They're divorced now and he never found out. But I thoroughly enjoyed busting my load over her big fat t**s every time. Its what a man should do

  • The best thing I like is that you were never caught.

  • We are older couple in our fifties my wife looks like and could pass for 30 many thanks she is 30 I love to watch her being f***** and she loves to f*** young hung studs that can go half the night and make her c** several times also like her to suck my c*** as she is getting f***** doggystyle she doesn't mind as long as she's getting a big c*** banging her p****

  • Wow would love to meet her I have a 9 inch cock Matt (just ask for my number)

  • Wow!!! tell me about your adventures with married woman in detail

  • There was a lady who had HIV and Hepatitis B (most doctors will tell you how deadly this one is) from "opening legs" around. She confessed to having been sleeping with up to 10 men in the past 2 years. The moment she saw the diagnosis, she discharged herself (a minister met her in a hospital evangelism but kept contact). Had forgotten about our encounter but not her soul in prayers. 3 months after, she traced the minister back and was weeping profusely . . . in her own words "I went for the "sharing party" . . . I had unprotected s** with all the ten men and even serviced their friends who had been pestering me at the back of their so called friends (she has a body that you hear about only in fairy tales). I thought my broken heart will be healed but I feel so empty and afraid of death . . ."

    Well the lady in question is late but she made peace with Christ before she slept . . . are you going to make peace with him too?

  • Avoid Immoral Women
    1My son, pay attention to my wisdom;
    listen carefully to my wise counsel.
    2Then you will show discernment,
    and your lips will express what you’ve learned.
    3For the lips of an immoral woman are as sweet as honey,
    and her mouth is smoother than oil.
    4But in the end she is as bitter as poison,
    as dangerous as a double-edged sword.
    5Her feet go down to death;
    her steps lead straight to the grave.
    6For she cares nothing about the path to life.
    She staggers down a crooked trail and doesn’t realize it.
    7So now, my sons, listen to me.
    Never stray from what I am about to say:
    8Stay away from her!
    Don’t go near the door of her house!
    9If you do, you will lose your honor
    and will lose to merciless people all you have achieved.
    10Strangers will consume your wealth,
    and someone else will enjoy the fruit of your labor.
    11In the end you will groan in anguish
    when disease consumes your body.
    12You will say, “How I hated discipline!
    If only I had not ignored all the warnings!
    13Oh, why didn’t I listen to my teachers?
    Why didn’t I pay attention to my instructors?
    14I have come to the brink of utter ruin,
    and now I must face public disgrace.”
    15Drink water from your own well—
    share your love only with your wife.
    16Why spill the water of your springs in the streets,
    having s** with just anyone?
    17You should reserve it for yourselves.
    Never share it with strangers.
    18Let your wife be a fountain of blessing for you.
    Rejoice in the wife of your youth.
    19She is a loving deer, a graceful doe.
    Let her b****** satisfy you always.
    May you always be captivated by her love.
    20Why be captivated, my son, by an immoral woman,
    or fondle the b****** of a promiscuous woman?
    21For the lord sees clearly what a man does,
    examining every path he takes.
    22An evil man is held captive by his own sins;
    they are ropes that catch and hold him.
    23He will die for lack of self-control;
    he will be lost because of his great foolishness.

  • I am married and cheat often. My first x loved me cuckokding him. The more I cheat the more I get pleasured. When I got pregnant made me h**** not knowing who the dad was.

  • You bad girl. You deserve a spanking! That post really turned me on

  • Your married First night full storeies talk your my name is Rajiv

  • I want to eat ur c***....please

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  • I have f***** over 100 married women. They are the best because they will do whatever you want and then you can send them back to their husband. I always get a b******, many let me do a*** on them. If I give them a rim job they will usually give me one too. I would say over half let me f*** them without protection. The energy they usually show for strange c*** is incredible.

  • It goes against intuition, but this guy above^ is totally right. Most married women want you to fuck them without protection. At first, I thought it was just because they were so accustomed to getting unprotected sex at home and they wanted the jizz, but after a while I realized they are ALL about the risk! It's totally wild, and that's why I love doing the married bitches, just like this commenter and like the OP. A married woman will spread it open and let you plow it without a wrap-up! In fact, the bitches WANT it that way! They are the best!!!!!

  • Yes you are right, both of my girlfriends are married and I always fuck them bareback. They insist me to fuck them and shoot my jizz deep in their pussies. They tell me that it feels great when my hot cum spurts in their pussy and they can count each shot firing. Even after I am done they prefer to keep my dick inside their pussy so that jizz stays in for long periods.

  • That's true, but I also just get excited having more than one man on the same day. Having my husband's dick sliding on another man's cum is so exciting. Tomorrow night I'm going to have both my boyfriend and my husband. My husband never touches my ass and he won't notice my boyfriend's load dripping out of it, but I'll know it and it will make me so horny. What am I talking about? It's making me horny right now.

  • I love you. Be My mom.

  • Give my wife a go! She has never f***** another c*** before but just thinking about it makes her soaked ;)

    I'd just sit back and watch - feel free to pump your load in her tight p**** afterwards too :3

  • I would love to penetrate your wife's hot pussy and deposit my hot sperm in her. I want her to moan with pleasure in front of you!

  • I'd love to see that! ;) Her on all fours screaming her head off as you pound her hard and deep from behind :D Treat her slutty enough and she might just cum for you too ;P

  • Married women are a good idea since you have no worry about them becoming pregnant.

  • That is the reason I never fucked a unmarried woman. Fucking a married woman is hasslefree. Just dump your load and see if the your seed germinated. Once when I was fucking my cousin she got knocked up and she was very happy about it. I also loved the fact that I impregnated my cousin but she miscarried. Even today she regrets the loss of our baby.

  • I dated a married gal for over two years back when I was in college (she was 39 and I was 19 at the beginning), and she DID get pregnant and have our child. She's raising it with her husband as though it were his, but she and I know that the child is mine, and that is the best feeling I have ever had in my life. She and I still date a little (maybe twice a month), but not like when I impregnated her (sometimes twice a day), though we love knowing that her youngest is illegitimate. She calls her "my sweet little bastard", though not to her face. She says we'll tell her about her real paternity when she's 21 or if her husband leaves or dies.

  • Hi i like to f? but my i not marrid wuld u like to S?x with me then maill me now u contact no ok id-

  • I've been married for 6 years and I cheat with my husband's permission frequently. He doesn't know about all of them or the fact that I haven't used a condom in a couple years with the men that I have been with. He likes when I let my bf fill me but I have let dozens of men fill me with their sperm. I haven't used a condom in almost 3 years. Most of my escapades are with married men but some have been quickies at a club, office or other public event. I let all my lovers know that I'm married and that I'm cheating without my husbands knowledge. They all get extra hard knowing they are f****** someone's attractive wife especially without any protection. I rarely tell them that they can c** inside me but they always do.

  • Be my sister, I want to be a sister fucker.

  • Would love to hear more about you

  • Wow! You sound really hot and I would really cum inside your hot little pussy. No condom, no problem!

  • I've let my wife fuck at least a dozen different guys in the last few years, I've even been in the room and watched her get fucked once. I think it's hot that my wife is "hot for cock". Besides I always get mine!

  • I am so jealous. My husband has no idea that I sleep around.

  • I'll Cummings in you as soon as he leaves I'm hung and horny now

  • Can I fill you full off my cum so you can go to him dripping tell him your really hurny make him lick it out

  • If you are married there is no need for a condom since you have a husband to support the product of your fun.

  • What kind of bullshit is that if u where my wife I would turn u in my sex slave for even think that way cuz clearly u don't deserve free will

  • I have been guilty of getting laid by guys looking to score on a married woman. I usually have been drinking when this happens, and feel ashamed when I sober up.

  • There is no need to be ashamed. If you enjoyed it there is no problem and you have a husband to support the product of the fun you had.

  • I've been drawn to the taboo and intensely passionate nature of discreetly f****** married women since I was a younger man. It started in high school when I spent my senior year f****** a friend's mom. Then, in college, I had a two year relationship with one of my married professors. Over the years I gravitated toward married woman my own age. Now in my forties I find that more than anything else married women secretly long to act on deep seeded sexual wants and needs that are going unsatisfied at home. Submissive tendencies, light bondage, a*** s**, spankings, public s**, etc.. On average, I find women to be every bit as sexual as men. Many are simply held hostage to the societal double standard when it comes to being unfaithful to satisfy themselves sexually. It's why I'm so drawn to woman whose urges run so deep that, despite the incredible risk involved, they need to act on them. There has been a lot written here about cuming inside of married women.. While it is incredibly personal and intimate to do so, in my experience, most married women are more interested in experiencing the kind of raw and erotic s** that they are not enjoying at home.. I like to c** on them.. Or deep in their a****.. And believe me when I tell you, they like it too..

  • I also like to fuck a married women hard I know a few but I don't know how to approach her

  • You shouldnt let getting a married girl boost your ego..unfortunatle my wife met a guy like you. I got no s** for months because
    he had the same ego as men like you. He didnt pull out on purpose and of coarse got her pregnant.which i guess was the big payoff. It was bound to happenIt took a while for wife and i to overcome that ordeal..wife never loved him.just caught up in mistake ..were are raising her together. What you do affects people.

  • Wow dude. Grow a pair.

  • You getting cut off from sex just makes it hotter. I love taking over a married woman's pussy, knowing that I own her and I'm experiencing the intense pleasure of penetrating her hot tight married pussy while her tiny-dicked husband is sexually frustrated and humiliated.

  • I dont have a tiny dick. There are plenty of non married women you can have your fun with. And if you do see a married woman you should definetly use condoms. If you get her pregnant you will have to worry about being contacted by her for whatever reason..example my wife has to keep contact info with her ex-affair partner in case we need medical history if something were to happen with our daughter.

  • Duuuuuuude. Seriously, WTF??? This is on you, not her.

  • My wife told me two years ago that I knew why she could not allow me sex until everyone got together and they figured out what I was going to be allowed, in my life that was two weeks after I turned the second man I knew she had been in into a pile of broken face for trying to humiliate me by sweeping my cane. The first still waits for a new heart after I drove his ribs into it in 2001when he showed up with his friend to force me into taking my name off a job bid. I knew who he was that morning and paid special attention to him when my foot drove his ribs through his lungs into his heart. My wife did not have another affair until I had MRSA in my spine. I wanted him to take the guardianship the state stuck me with. But instead he swept my cane, And when I hit the floor he started laughing and called me a pathetic loser. He left my house with a fractured scull. both jaws broken, half his teeth on the floor and his shoulder broken. My wife was sittiing crying because I swatted her into the corner when she tried stopping me from reminding the bozo just who's home he was in as I buried my fist in his face and asked him who is pathetic now. That was after my cane dropped him. I did not get off free I had to go to a stress center for anger management abnd rage control. Two weeks latter I gave my wife instruction in just who she owed in 31 years of her life. She said I promised your father decades ago I would not let you touch me until you could prove you would do what was best for everyone, she was crying at the time that she had promised to accompany my fathers best friend to a political fund raiser with my mother and father. She was begging and pleading by this time for me to pick anywhere I wanted to meet after the event and we could get an agreement as to what I was allowed now I had no feeling in my legs. I felt her my father or any one else had nothing to say about what I am allowed, And I informed her I had supplied everything in her life from 1985.

  • I am continuing the above comment; I asked her what had she given in return but the theft of my life. She said at least you got a couple of sandwiches and a ten on the holiday where you worked like I was supposed to think that was something. She said I did promise this to your father and your fathers friend. I said you go out the door you atre not coming back in without frostbite because she was not wearing the jewelry and the new out fit out the door since I paid for it She took for the door and I ripped her dress off telling her I paid for it its staying. She was blubbering pretty hard by this point as I told her that she had spent giving other men what she should have given me, and she should have been on my team and not my fathers or his friends team, She was crying can't we figure out a way to talk this through there were reasons, I told her she had 31 years of promises to keep since she had done nothing but take my support for 31 years. She said please not like this. not when you have not been with anyone for 31 years you could hurt me. I really did not care when I took her on the living room floor. taking what was due me. I know many here would say I was a barbarian, I still am when my father tried his last interference in a vacation this last March. I had decided he was not giving me any more orders about holiday and vacations with my wife. I intruded on his holiday traditions last year, Backhanding him across my kitchen and taking my wife to a club myself for after memorial day dinner drinks my first holiday off and out of medical facilities since 1981 . The same for this vacation I guess barbarian is as good a word as Frankenstin, beast, rapist or any other derogatory terms used to describe me. I still wonder why my wife never did call the police that night. even after my fathers best friend slammed face first into the drive in front of my arriving mother and father. OR as her husband was I within my rights as the agrieved party.

  • Sounds like you wife is really hot, lucky you.

  • You got no sex for months because your wife is a cheating slut, not because men exist. She was the one spreading her legs and letting this guy blow in her without protection. She didn't give a crap if she brought home an STD or a baby for you to deal with. It's not the guy's fault, it's your slut wife. News flash: guys like pussy. If it hadn't been him, it would have been 20 other guys. In fact, it probably was 20 other guys, but she only told you about the one that got her pregnant.

  • It turns me on greatly to f*** a married woman.The other day I met this white girl at her job(she works alone).I enjoyed talking to her.She is sort of chubby,beautiful face,big t***,two kids and seems sort of bored. I want to f*** her. I will stop at her job again next week and ask her out to lunch or something.I don't know why but I wanna seduce her and f*** her. She said she wants to lose weight inorder to have one more kid with hubby,I hope I don't knock her up first.

  • You can do my wife, may I watch?

  • Send me your number so can see pics of your wife has to be very good lucking

  • Im single and hung, clean, senior, like to participate in threesome and fuck ur wife or gf can provide presents. live alone so if u know girls that want to participate i will provide booze, snacks and whatever else wew need, sandy "horny"

  • I have fucked 4 different women at different times while each husband watched and licked that pussy after I had unloaded on the woman.So yes,you may watch.

  • Ok im a little jealous but im doing it for her

  • And im 21 shes 22

  • How can I see pics send me

  • Yes I wanna fuck her for sure.where she at?

  • I'm a woman married for almost 15 years, and I've had over a dozen lovers (none of whom my husband knows about). I've let all of these men f*** me and c** inside me without a condom more than 75% of the time. Several times I've even let the guy c** inside me and then later I went home and let my husband f*** me while the other guys c** was still inside me.

    I'm not proud of what I've done but I get so hot when I do these things.

  • Go for it

  • Im a single, horny, slim, male with a big cock who doesnt do the bar scene and dont have a special lady. so im ready to fuck ur girl friend and my apartment is in a very secluded place in mission hills in san diego california., anyone interested. my personal e-mai is

  • My wife is just the same she as a man frend and he fuck er all night long then she cume home to me and i fuck er well she tell me all that wet on that night beging me to fuck er harder she as shag bit all over er tit i take sum photo ov er as she get well randy with me and put er sexy undis on 4 me to take sum photo she strips of so my mate can se er and as me fuck er so he can se me and er fucking he look thru the window he can se us he take photo to that get er well randy one day she is gunner get fuck with him to three in a bed now that sud be good 4 er well i video it for erjaygailnyfio37d

  • Has husband ever done oral on you after a lover?

  • Where are you from maybe I could fill you full off my cum

  • Awesome

  • I was seeing a girl for a year she started being like really wet I had also licked her out I didn't no for a fact why she was so wet maybe filled of cum it made me get turned on

  • My wife and I both agreed that she should f*** another man. We agreed that should should play safe and tell me all about after she had done the nasty with him. She and I were unsure if we wanted another baby so we used condoms since she had gone off the pill at age 36. Shortly after our sexual discussions, she told me that a guy she knew through work had fucked her. We made wild love and our sex life greatly improved. She told me that she had done it 6 or 7 times more and that the sex was great but it was only sex and she loved only me. I encouraged this and we had some wild sex, once in the parking lot of her company and once outside where we ended up getting caught by the police. It's hard explaining that the woman is your wife. Anyway, sex was great and she was enjoying him. Of course he was bigger than me and could go 2 or 3 times a night. One night she came home late from work looking pretty hot and sexy. We started kissing and making out, I pushed her back on the couch and pulled her panties off with the intention of going down on her. She protested that she needed to take a shower, but being a born pussy eater, I said nonsense and went to work on her. To my surprise, she was full of cum, and even further to my surprise, I enjoyed the taste. In any event, I kept pleasuring her until she couldn't stand it anymore and demanded that I f*** her. While doing the nasty, she asks me if I'm mad because his cum was inside her. What do you say? It's so erotic, BUT, she is having unprotected sex with another man. We had been using protection prior to this night but now my wife is letting this guy cum inside her. I asked her how many times has she done this. Her response was don't ask. Of course I am going to pursue this since my wife is offering her pussy to this guy completely unprotected (by the way he is not baby safe), while she is making me use a condom. Her response was he hated condoms and used them only the first time.

  • Cont. I asked her how many times them had sex. After protesting, she admitted they had been seeing each other over a year, having sex close to once a week. I was upset and asked her what if she got pregnant by him. Her response was, "We both agreed to do this with you (me) really promoting the idea of her having sex with another man. If I get pregnant, we will have to deal with this." I was stunned. Another man is doing my wife as much as I was and she is nonchalant about it. I asked her if she was ok with that and she said she was. I was even more stunned when I asked her if she wanted him to impregnate her. She told me that she loved me, but she would not mind having his baby. She said she loved sex with him and his penis was the best she ever had. Then she asks if I'm ok with that. Still shocked and also horny, I told her yes and wanted her to try. We had the best sex we ever had. I could tell she was excited to do this (even I got turned on). The next morning I was thinking a bit more clearly and decided this was not a good idea. She told me to sit down and then said it is too late. She says she was late last month, went to the doctor and found out she was pregnant. Now I'm thinking what do we do. I'm sure it is his baby. At this point I feel like a total cuckold, not that that is bad, but another man has impregnated my wife with his sperm. It's obvious she has feelings for him and certainly enjoys sex with him, but to have his baby could be a problem. How do other people feel about this? I guess we all knew this could happen but it seems like he wanted it and my wife let him. In any event, shortly after announcing the pregnancy, my wife had a miscarriage and lost the baby. We talked about it and agreed she should stop seeing him. Now ten years later and after a hysterectomy, we are thinking of having her date again. We still get excited talking about her affair and how good he was in bed. I just get confused about my own sexuality.

  • This is a pretty dangerous game. I know this because in my younger years I used to chase married women and slept with many, some with hubby's consent some without. For those that had the permission of their hubby, it didn't work out well for some of them. One of the women fell in love with me and left her husband. At the time, I felt like a king but now I really hate what I did. Folks all it takes is a guy that can hit those spots that you aren't hitting and she will be hooked. However this lifestyle could possibly work for some. Just keep this in mind, inviting someone into your intimate life can light a candle......but it can also burn the house down.

  • It is alright; you must enjoy life. It seems you have a lovely pussy. I love to eat it. I always love to eat naughty married pussies.

  • I have these fantasies n want to stop but how can i?

  • Can i get a chance to do

  • That's hot, all wives should be more like you

  • My wife picked me up at the airport and gave me a big sloppy kiss, then one of my friends told me she sucked his d*** before she went to the airport to pick me up. Ithought he was joking but he showed me a picture, my wife snowballed me, what am i supposed to do now

  • Ask your buddy for pictures

  • I f*** 2 married women. One husband knows and one doesn't. f*** them both bareback. The one whose husband knows a few rules. One of those rules is condoms always used. That lasted 2 times before she climbed on top grabbed my c*** and slid it in bare. I know I'll be c****** in her soon

  • What did the husband say when he found out?

  • I'm a 25 yr old married woman. i'd like to hear from some of you guys IF you have a picture or two of some of these cheating wives. Not even in the act, just normal pics. I like seeing other wives that cheat. My yahoo messenger is jennytime212

  • Would you cheat?

  • Hi Jenny. I would like to meet you soon as you sound like you would be a lot of fun! Call me sometime. Answer this message and I will give you my number.

  • Hi wanna chat with me?

  • Hi Jenny I'm Vahdat. I'm ready to establish a friendly relationship with you. My yahoo messenger is movahed53 All the best

  • I went clubbing with a couple of friends and ended up dancing most of the night with a married woman. She recommended another club that had a live band at one of the local hotels. Maybe I was a little nieve and she really knew what she was doing.

    My buddies had no interest in changing clubs but she and I contined with the plan. In the end, we got a room and had s** for a couple of hours.

    She was a freaking nympho. I performed oral on her and she pulled me up wanting me inside of her. I reached for my pants to get a condom and she wrapped her legs around me and said no. When I was ready to c** she seemed to take real pride in knowing that she had sucessfully milked my nuts for the entire load.

  • She is probably pregnant now

  • People wont believe it but since 1981,I have slept with around 355 women.Most of those women have been married.I find it much easier to sleep with a married woman than a single one and I enjoy married women more.

  • You probably f***** my wife, or at least got blown by her...

  • First thing i dont belive you. and most of the guys in hear. Its not that easy. most of you guys hear are lossers who cant find a women who would marry you. its one thing like in my case to fall in love with a married women or like you say just f*** married women. i fell for my neighbors wife. i dreamed about f****** her.yes its exciting to f*** a other mans wife. it nerver happen with me but one day she asked to help her with something in her home and i came up and she was looking hot. her husband was gone for a time that summer i was a friend so i did'it put the hit on her, but she knows i want her. its far better to have a women love you. dude you are just j********** and dreaming i dont think you posted this becuse its true. you cant get get a women. so you dream about f****** some other guys wife becuse you have nouthing to offer any women.

  • I hear that!
    I'm a single guy and have found your statements to be true... I'm not sure if these married women just like it better without the condom or if it's just more mentally erotic for them.. I just know they really get off to it.

    One married women I was seeing complained that her husband could only get her to o***** orally. As soon as I took they condom off she had no problem getting her nut. I think she enjoyed taking the used p**** home to her husband.

  • I just f***** a married white female 2 weeks ago and made her sore for days. Now she texts me saying that she mustabates daily thinking about our f***

  • If I ever caught one of you wastes of life even trying to get my wife to cheat, I promise, I would extinguish your entire blood line from the face of the earth.

  • I'll fill her with my fat horsecock and stretch her out till it blows a huge load inside her cause you're so weak

  • You idiot, you better watch your wife. What's the point of hating another man if your wife can't keep her legs together ? It's not his problem, it' yours

  • I agree. My wife had three kids and only one is mine.

  • Having s** with married women is absolutely amazing.

    Not only do they let you f them without a condom, they demand that that you don't use one. I have put them on only for them to remove it.

    They insist that I c** inside of them each and every time.

    I don't know what the psych problems are behind that but I will have to agree that married p**** is the best.

    I have a super thick c***. So, I have yet to feel a loose woman.

    Very woman I have been with insist I do them condomless when they see the size on my package.

  • My wife cuckolded me several years ago and regularly f**** men with my knowledge and permission. She doesn't tell them I know about them. She says it makes the s** better if they think they are getting one over on hubby. She's f***** 18 different men and she doesn't let them use condoms. It's not complete unless they e******** inside of her. What's really powerful is her desire to rush back to me for sloppy seconds. That's what she lives for. So all you studs out there, don't take it for granted that what you think is the reality. It's a win-win for everyone, no matter what.

  • Man ive been f****** this married b**** for about three Weeks now,, s**** hilarious. Like last weekend we got a hotel, and I was f****** her brains out while her husband was calling her cell. Man im so wrong

  • That is so wrong

  • I love to have s** with married girls. One that I do as often as I can, I am trying to impregnate. She is my former girlfriend and is a Filipina living in the Philippines. She got pushed into marrying her Filipino supervisor at her job and never loved the guy. I am a White American so if she gets pregnant and delivers, it will be obvious that her husband is not the father. That is precisely what the girl wants, to get back at her husband for marrying her when she never wanted to marry him in the first place. The first time we had s**, she had not even told ,e that she had gotten married, so I had no idea. She was and always is very insistent that I never use a condom and she never takes any birth control pills, except when she is stuck with her husband, who she always makes wear a condom. Even if she gives me a BJ, which she claims she never does for her husband she always quickly puts my c*** inside her v**** before I c**. I only get to travel to see her twice a year, but hopefully she will conceive from my seed soon. She is age 21 now and it is the 5th year or so now since we began.

  • How can one man sleep with so many women ?

  • Easy..I just cant believe how easy it is for a guy to fuck a woman-married or not.I have fucked many and made very few pregnant.

  • It's not a hard feat to accomplish

  • I have been married since 6 years, and I only cheated once on my husband. I was a bit drunk and my husband was not there. I felt guilty afterwards, but I do not regret - the s** was good

  • I also f***** several married or engaged chicks. I confirm, they never asked for a rubber :)

  • If they are married or engaged, they don't need a rubber, they have a husband to support the product of their fun.

  • You f*****! I envy you, since I only f***** my gf and my wife. Sometimes I think about watching her with another man, someone with a big d***

  • Hope u get aids u c***

  • Fr all the women and all the man is out there, one day life will end for ya'll, judgment day what would you say to God them, when you're married you made a oath with God to be together in sickness or in health, I'll give you a little hint you're not going to haven, cheaters go to h***,

  • The oath doesn't say anything about having sex with another person. In fact sex isn't even addressed in the marriage vows.

  • I'm a married woman and yes I F""" someone else  besides my husband. I mean why not, men get to cheat and why not us to. I was one of the loyal wives and one day was approach by someone wanting to f me and I did.  I do the same nasty things i do with my husband. But the thought of another man f'ng me is so hot. I have been doing this for a year and don't plan to change.  

  • Wow! I would love to fuck you. It would be so much fun to feel my sperm enter your lovely pussy.

  • Glad you are married and f**king other men wish I could get to you lots better

  • I would love to f---k u

  • God for you! I'm happy to hear it and glad that you chose to share it with us. I'm a wife and mother, and I have had several opportunities to cheat during the course of my nine-year marriage (so far), and I always tell myself -- and all my girlfriends -- that I don't cheat because I have moral and religious standards, and wedding vows, that I don't want to breach, but that's a lie. An awful, awful, awful lie. I haven't cheated (so far) because I'm scared. Scared of getting caught, scared of loving it too much, scared of losing my childrend, scared of discovering that I might be a whore under my skin, scared of finding someone who is a better lover, a better partner, a better father and a better man than my husband and then having to make a decision. I guess they call that chickenshit, and I guess that's what it really is, but there's a part of me that is so, so envious of you and of your life, and a part that wants to go out and do dirty, depraved things with men I've never met before, or even (please forgive me, God) getting myself raped. I don't know if it will ever change or if I'll ever be able to get beyond my limitations, but you are an inspiration and I appreciate your sharing. Thank you!

  • If your husband truly loves you and is not cheating on you, than I strongly recommend that you do NOT start cheating. I believe it would be far better and wiser to talk with your husband about how you feel and try to work things out with each other. If your husband loves you, I'm quite certain he will do whatever is possible to make you happy and feel much better. Unless you were pushed and/or forced to marry your current husband, like my young girlfriend in the Philippines was, than you must have loved each other before. Why not try to work on your marriage and perhaps the two of you can "re-ignite" the love and passion? I wish the best for you.

  • Just find yourself a shameless fucker who only wants one thing - fuck you, ejaculate and leave. avoid romantic and/or unpopular men - they are trouble for married girls because can be very sticky.

  • I am probably one of the most avid advocates for cheating, but if you are having those kind of fears, I implore you to not cheat. You are not in the right mind to maintain an extramarital sex life. The truely successful cheaters know and accept that their spouse is the one they love. They are not looking to fill a need for love. That isn't what's missing. A truely successfull cheater cheats soley for the recreational aspects of cheating. No emotional connection is desired because the emotional need are being met by my spouse. Sex for the sex is ok, and nothing to be ashamed of. And "I might be a whore under my skin" is funny, because naturally we are all sluts. I'm not a whore, I never charge for sex.

  • And there's part of me that would like to help you get past your inhibitions. I've had quite a few married women like you, and they have been the ones who come hardest and regret it least. For the guy, there is an extra thrill in drilling a neglected wife....

  • Absolutely agree! I go straight for married women, single sluts are too common and less adventurous! There's something hot about filling another mans wife. Most recent one ended up prego and gave birth to my kid.. Husband found out obviously and there goes the great sex. Hoping to rekindle after she gets back in shape.

  • A man specificly hit on my wife cause she is married.she ended up seeing him very often..when i caught the fling she confessed everything. He got her pregnant..bragged about cumming in her every chance he got..she admitted liking it..she liked the naughtyness..she was bluntly honest with me.we are still together and she will not cheat again she claims..lots of growing up when you have a baby.

  • I am a guy who fucks married woman and I agree with you

  • I totally agree

  • d***, dude! You really ARE the man!!!

  • You, my good man, are a swordsman extraordinaire. And you are my hero. I've shagged a couple of married gals and loved everything about the experience, but I wish I could say I've had as many as you have. Wow! VERY nicely done.

  • walk into any bar any thursday night and look at the feet of the women there. the ones that appear to be standing in a puddle of p**** juice are the married ones and there all good to go. you guys need to go get you some of that s***.

  • Hw do you find the slutty married woman in a normal everyday situation?

  • Don't be scared of asking a married woman out or for sex-she is likely to say yes faster than a single woman.Even lesbian women can say yes to a dick on occasion. The thing is try every married woman you come across,please give her respect though by being careful how you handle her, and you will enjoy many.Assure her you will be discreet and respectful,make sure its all about her enjoyment and satisfaction and not yours,take her mind away from her work,home,tight schedules,kids,hubby,issues,anything.Don't be fake or faint of heart.When you get a NO,take it for what it is and move on to the next one.All the places the other person stated are for sure prime for meeting married women.They are even on line,the city park,happy hour bars,everywhere. I make it a point of saying hi to any woman I come across first.I always ask them how their day is or something.Even if she is with a guy,say hi-the guy could be interested in letting you fuck his wife,or hes just a friend or brother or someone she want to dump soon.I am sincere in wanting to know about them.Some will slow down and chit chat.I have met many women that way and most of them married.Most of the married women I have fucked in my lifetime are the ones I have met at work,online and at bars. I'd rather spend time chasing and pleasing a married woman than a single one any day.I am a black guy with an accent and overall,most of the married women I have fucked are white and almost 45% of them have come after me.Good luck.

  • Teres so many ways but you start by just looking around you. work, school, stores, church, volunteering, wherever you spend a lots of time and know a lots of people. im not saying there all good to go, they arent, but there are more out there than youd ever guess. the nastiest maried woman i ever fucked was a woman i met in a departmant store in the mall. she helped me find a necklace for my wife for chrismas and then started flirting when i was checking out and paying and so i started flirting back to her and sinse it wasalmost closing time,i had her go ahead and close her door and we fucked in the dresing rooms and then when the mall closed we came out in the store and i fucked her while she leand up against the displays. she kept telling me how much she loves to cheat. a really nasty piece of ass that one was.

  • Yep, married a** is the best a** there is.

  • I know what you mean. I love dumping my load inside a married woman. I've found that they will often do things with me that they would never do with their husbands. Its like they want to be slutty and since they are already cheating, why not be a dirty w****? married women are the best.

  • I'm a married woman and love cheating on my husband. I love fucking his friends but the best fuck I ever had was when I let his rival fuck me on my husbands bed. He got such a thrill from fucking me behind my husband back. I begged him to cum inside me and he bust his entire load deep inside my unprotected pussy.

  • Indeed......and that's what they become: dirty whores. Ya gotta love 'em. I certainly do. I won't even date a single girl anymore: the married chicks are too dirty to pass up. Damn I love that trashy married ass!!!

  • absolutely totally completely 100% true amen

  • I second that

  • You hear it said all the time that women are more faithful than men, that they are less inclined to stray, that they're more romantic, more loving, and that they don't go out looking for opportunities to cheat. THAT IS ALL TOTAL b*******! Married women are the hottest, filthiest bunch of perverts on the face of the earth, and they are natural-born cheaters. Why? One reason: because they're all natural-born liars. A woman can carry on multiple relationships at any given time, and keep them all straight and separate, because they know how to lie and how to keep the lies consistent and independent. Oh, wait, there's one more reason: they're all whores. Every single married woman out there in the world is capable of the most unimaginable, unspeakable acts of sexual perversion: all you have to do is open the door, just slightly, and those nasty b****** will explode s** all over you. This original poster has discovered that, and he's shared it with all of you. Now go find yourself a married woman........and f*** until you can't f*** anymore. Then go find yourself another.

  • Im a terrible liar, ive never had multiple relationships. I wont lie though i have flirted with other men, but i have never and will never have sex with another man.

  • I was at a bar with a co-worker.She spent lots of times that night telling me how she is faithful and does not cheat on her hubby.I ended up bringing her home that night and fucking her.We fucked for weeks more and she started freaking out that she's gonna fall in love and get addicted to me and that I was opening her pussy up too wide and her hubby will be suspicious. We called it off and we cool.The point is,the women who claim to be most faithful or whom hubbies think are most faithful are the greatest cheaters and the easiest ones to fuck over and over again.Married women have confided in me and told me how they get away with cheating.It plows my mind away to hear how well they can lie and hubbies take whatever the wives say as biblical truth.

  • For years I put women on a pedestal. And then I found out that what this guy says is true. Most, but not all, women are born liars and manipulators - it's their way of coping as the 'weaker' sex. This is especially true of married women. I've been married twice and both women have had one or another relationship outside of our committed relationship. When I started to have a relationship with my second wife she was: 1- Already married for 10 years 2- Secretly having regular non-penetrative sex with her husband's best friend (who was also her best friend's partner) 3- Started having a sexual relationship with me (while hiding the fact that she was messing around with this other guy). The most amazing thing is that even now, after having been together for 15 years, she can still look me straight in the eye and with complete conviction tell me that she never did anything with this other guy (even though I know and have evidence that her relationship with him continued for a year after we were together). Why is this amazing - because in every other respect she has been a perfect wife and mother, and we have had outrageously great sex. Not to mention faithful since then. How do I know all this? Because she kept a sort of diary online that I had access to last year. It simply confirmed everything I already knew. Having said that I've also messed around with married women so I've seen it from both sides. They are really no different from men - only better liars.

  • The weaker sex what a joke. You are a fool.

  • your a lucky man. ive dated a few married women but not nearly as many as you. but i liked the same things you liked about c****** inside a nasty a** b**** who was cheating on her man. i am pretty d*** sure that i knocked one of them up but she never said nothing about it to me and so neither did i. the kid is in middle school now and i never saw her upclose so i dont know whose she is or who she looks like but the idea of having one out there that another man thinks he fathered is prety hot i have to admit. anyway i sort of have an idea of how good you have it and how good you must be to be able to hook it with so many married women and thats why i admire you and think you are so f****** lucky. you are the man!

  • Remember sir you have to answer to god,,

  • Let me guess, he's a white dude with a flowing white beard and a toga, amiright?

  • I give my wife sexual freedom, to seek sexual fulfillment outside our marriage. I can only satisfy her orally because my penis is small 5.5". She's picky about choosing men. She goes for very masculine, buff, endowed men. They are able to bring out the slut in her like so many studs above have said. They give her squirting orgasms which I have never been able to do. Her primal sexual self is so sexy and I love her even more. She comes home and shares her adventures with me. I love hearing about it. She loves me even more for giving her this freedom. Its a win win for every one, the men enjoy having hot sex with her and she with them and I feel happy she is open to be the woman she is, and she showers me with love in return.

  • I too gave my wife sexual freedom after 33 years of marriage my wife april never had a orgasms on my 5 inch cock so one night I invited my black friend ron to watch porn with us. my wife never said anything but her eyes were glue on the black cock on film.after the movie I told my wife wow she had 10 orgasms & its must the size of his cock. and april said I don't know I never had a orgasms before in my life. than ron said that not fair you never felt a orgasms . so ron asked me if he can fuck april and I said yes I want my wife to have a orgasms in her life. april looked at me because she never fuck a bbc before. than ron starting kiss her deep & feeling her up and april was moaning loudly & put april down on bed & place his 12 inch in her mouth she never suck a big cock & she love it than ron got on top of april place his cock in her very wet pussy she close her eyes and holding his ass as he fuck her slow & deep than I left them fucking all night and I heard my wife screaming omg its so great ron give april lots of squirting deep orgasms and the best fuck of her life. they fuck from 10 00 pm to 8 00am than ron said iam sore got to go . than april hug me and said wow orgasms feel so wonder than her asked me can I fuck guys with bigger cocks and I said yes.

  • Hello. I am a 31 year old single Irishman. How can I get, for example, a 45 year old married Irishwoman to suck my cock?

  • It's me again. I never had a relationship in my life. I like eyeing up both single and married women in my native County Donegal.

  • I have banged 30 women, most married not one wanted to use a condom.

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