What tourettes syndrome really is...

Everybody thinks that Tourette's syndrome is just people getting angry for no reason and shouting out swear words.

But guess what? It's not. Not at all.

Tourette's syndrome is a mental disorder, usually diagnosed in an individual before their eighteenth birthday. It consists of uncontrollable motor movements and muscle spasms/jerks. The most common symptoms of Tourette's syndrome are eye blinking, clearing of the throat, sniffing, and small things like that. They can include spasms of the limbs as well.

Only 10% of all people affected by Tourette's have problems with shouting obscenities or making profane gestures. And even for those few rare cases, it's not out of "rage" at all. It's simply because they can't control it. It's like breathing. You can't control it, it's not your fault, and there is absolutely nothing you can do.

Everybody makes fun of Tourette's as f it's optional. Like its some kind of anger issue or something. Because thats the way Hollywood and film and TV have made it out to be, and people, though I'm sure they aren't trying to be hurtful, make jokes about the rare group of people afflicted who shout profanity against their own will.

Don't believe me? Im fourteen years old and I have Tourette's. I'm constantly picked on and made fun of and told I have anger issues even though never in my life have I shouted one profanity. I blink my eyes, clear my throat, lick my lips until they're raw and I have a rash all over my mouth, and scrunch up my nose as well as making over facial contortions.

I want everybody to be aware of what this really is. I want people to understand what this really is, and I want to end all the bullying and prejudice about Tourette's syndrome.

And that's exactly what I'm going to do.

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  • Trust me, although I have never suffered from it myself, my brother suffers from it, and he's been through everything you have. You're not alone! And although your tourettes may not be great, if you change your attitude towards it, it can be a source of good and not negativity. I was bullied to high h*** when I was 14, but trust me, you'll get over that as well. Everyone does it when you're 14, soon as you get older people accept you for who you are, stop being so mean and get on with life! So, wait it out, stay strong and go with your own crowd.

  • I think the root of Tourette's syndrome (so-called) is not mental, but spiritual; it definitely does affect the mind though. If you read the Bible with any frequency at all, you'll come across many cases of demonic possession (Tourette's is one of the 'milder' manifestations of this oppression/possession). We should not be mocking any person with any kind of affliction. In this case, believers have the authority to 'cast out demons'. Get in touch with someone who has this gift, and ask them if they can help you. Check out sidroth dot org.

  • Idiot

  • I don't have Tourettes because a demon has possessed me. What's wrong with you? It's a neurogical disorder. God gave me this disorder Himself. I don't know why because it was His choice. Maybe He wants me to experience a hardship that will bring me closer to Him. But I am a Christian, believe me, and I love our God. Don't you ever DARE suggest to me that I've been "possessed." Tourettes syndrome is not the tragedy. Your ignorance and the ignorance of others. THAT is the tragedy.

  • Http://news.awmi.net/home/2012/9/20/karly-gutierrez-healed-from-tourettes.html this girl was healed of her tourettes after a healing prayer group "commanded her tourettes to leave" and prayed over her relentlessly. they commanded that the demons, aka her tourettes, be cast out. it worked.

  • I don't think that the person above was trying to personally attack you, but rather offer advice. Have you ever personally encountered a demon or a demon possessed person? It is very much like tourettes in some cases. If you are a true believer, you will understand that God can affect our physical bodies just as the devil can. If God can heal cancerous tumors and cells, why couldn't the devil do the opposite and cause these afflictions? Neurological disorders are no different. I do not know everything there is to know, but I am positive that God can heal all wounds; even neurological. If for nothing more than a hopeless attempt to you, I still suggest you ask God to reveal to you if any demons are attached to you. Rebuke them in Jesus name, and ask that your bodied be cleansed and made sacred in the blood of the lamb. Worse case scenario it can do no harm, and best case, you rid yourself of the demons attached to you physically causing this disorder. I wish you all the best, and truly with all of my heart, I pray that you may be healed.

  • You go gurl :D

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