Chronic Cheater

I don't know why but I love the thrill of cheating on my husband, the funny part is the s** I have with my husband is better when I cheat on him, especially if we have s** on the same day. I know it's wrong, but it's so much fun and the excitement really gets me off. The saddest part is I have been cheating on him before we got married and have never stopped in 17 years of marriage and this week I just hit the 50th guy I have cheated on him with. God I am awful.

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  • I just don't understand this. You clearly know it is wrong, but you still do it. If you wanted to be with many people, why would you get married? Cheating is a negative term, and you refer to your actions as cheating, so you know you're doing something that is not right. You may get a thrill of it, but you're hurting everyone involved, including yourself. You're degrading every man that you sleep with, and you're disrespecting your husband and your marriage. You are endangering every man you are with at the risk of disease or destruction of a home life. Your husband will eventually find out you are doing this to him, and he will be so hurt by your actions. Why would you be okay with that? I have no anger, but I cannot respect a person that would not respect something so intimate as marriage. I have no hatred towards women, because I am a woman, one who respects the relationship she has as well as the ones of those around her. If you truly loved this man, you would stop deceiving him and tell him what you have done, and hope to God that he sees how sorry you are and forgives you.

  • I agree with your last statement, you are awful and you know it. Then you have the nerve to say in the comments that you don't want to be disrespectful to your husband? If you truly love and respected this man you would have told him years ago about your tendency to seek multiple sexual encounters and your inability to stop. You would have given him the chance to decide for himself if he could live with it or not. You are living a lie and a relationship built on lies is not a relationship at all. You have destroyed another human being whether you realize it or not. The internet is not who you should be confessing to. You owe him more than that, but it's a start.

  • I know a white woman in her 40s,married to a faithful white guy for over 20 years.They have grown kids.She has f***** over 100 men during her marriage.Hubby found out about the first two and forgave her.She is the only woman he has ever had s** with.After he caught her cheating,she got better at being discreet.To this day,he believes she is faithful.I know she is cheating because I have f***** her once and she normally sends me pics and videos of different men she sleeps with.She prefers black men.She is not a stunning beauty,just an average thick middle aged thick white woman.She says she cheats because hubby cant even last 5 minutes in bed.He took her virginity and she married him.I personally prefer f****** married women.I am sure they go home and make hubby suck my c** off their stretched c** soaking p******.

  • Fifty times and the s** with your husband is better aftwerwards? Seems possible that he knows you are doing it and is turned on by it.

  • FIFTY! yeah that is sad. Sounds like you just like to use people, including your husband...not hating, just saying, it's your life after all...

  • OP Here - I'm confused, every person I have slept with has been a consenting adult that knew I was in a relationship. We both got what we desired, how did I use them?????

  • You love the feeling of cheating on your husband because you're nothing more than a low life fraud. And a w****.

  • OP Here - Why do you have so much pent up anger in you that you have to call people names?????? Who is more of a low life???????

  • Please do not try to compare someone calling you names with what you have done to your husband. You will lose that comparison every time.

  • Well...your a huge s*** or you have a troubled marriage. Yea im a guy so I have no idea what your feeling, I just dont have the feeling of wanting. Just do me one favor if you ever read this comment put yourself in his shoes how would YOU feel if he couldn't take having s** with you. That he f***** 50 women then said YOU felt better after them.

  • OP Here - I would understand it if he was doing the same thing and I hope he is. I don't think monogamy was meant for me but I like marriage so maybe I just want an open one.

  • I think you should ask him for an open marriage. at least that way you won't have the guilt and feel that you are 'awful'. At least bring it up and see how he reacts. you never know, he may want it too.

  • An open relationship is possible when two people are open and honest with each other upfront and make decisions together. Unfortunately you decided that on your own without him many years ago. Maybe he would have,maybe he would not have. You will never know now. When he finds out, and they always do, he will never trust you or believe you again. Even open relationships crumble when one goes behind the back of the other.

  • You people who s*** on fidelity make me want to PUKE

  • OP Here - I don't have the hate and anger in my heart like you do. If fidelity is your cup of tea go for it, I don't particularly like it and guess what we are all different, too bad you such an authoritarian mindset.

  • You lied and cheated on your husband for 17 years, so yes, you do have hate and anger in your heart otherwise you would not have done it. If you do not like fidelity then why have a relationship? Why get married? You know that is part of the deal. There is no authoritarian mindset about marriage. Whats required of you is even in the vows. We all know this beforehand. Nobody forced you, right? Nobody held a gun to your head, right? If you could not handle it, then you should not have done it. That is on you and no one else.

  • You need to wake up: fidelity has been in decline since Moses came down the mountain with those stone tablets, and now it is an absolute joke. Are we shitting on fidelity? Yes, we are, because fidelity has that coming to it. It should be shit on. For centuries, it was primarily men who cheated, but now both sexes are equally promiscuous,faggots are allowed to marry (diminishing the importance of marriage), so we just need to formally abandon the overwrought pretense that there is value in fidelity and simply find pleasure where it can be found. Infidelity isn't sickening: refraining from the pleasures of sex -- in its near-infinite forms -- is sickening.

  • you are my hero! i wish i had the nerve not only to cheat on my husband but to do it with that many men! could you give us all lessons? :)

  • If only you had the nerve to tell your husband that you are not capable of sustaining a monogamous marriage.

  • OP Here - Thanks, don't think I am hero material though but the thrill is fun and guess what it makes the sex I have with my husband even better. I am pretty sure we would have divorced if I didn't cheat.

  • I agree with that. Someone who lies and cheats on their spouse for 17 years should definitely not be considered a hero. In regards to you being divorced if you did not cheat I can only say, if he could only have been that lucky.

  • God, it is so sexy that you started before the wedding and never stopped. WOW!!!

  • it is totally true that having s** outside your marriage actually improves the s** within your marriage. its a fact.

  • I'm a wife in your same position, and I admire you and your sexuality and your resolve to cheat, particularly to such an amazing extent. There really is no feeling and no thrill in the world like adultery: the knowledge that we are shattering marital vows and doing so with married men (at least occasionally, one hopes) who are doing the same. And the delicious knowledge that our affair partners are turning their backs - albeit perhaps only temporarily - on wives and children in order to come and be with us and please us is just too sweet to pass up. Seriously, what could be more flattering than having a man abandon his family to come and lay between your legs? I could write on this topic for days, literally, but I'll only add one final thought. It is indisputable that there are women in the world who cannot possibly be satisfied by just one man, and you could certainly be one of those women (I know for sure that I am), so please, PLEASE do not EVER consider yourself or your infidelities to be "awful": they aren't. You are so totally NOT awful. You've had fifty other men outside your marriage and that is wonderful. Really, utterly, completely and indisputably WONDERFUL. And it is worthy of celebration and joy. Congratulations! And enjoy all your men!

  • Complete and utter nonsense. It most certainly is awful. If you love being promiscuous then do so, but do not pretend to be something you are not. We all know what marriage is and if you do not like it or you disagree with it then do not do it.

  • The saddest part of all is you're a pathetic s***

  • OP Here - Thanks if I was a man I would be a stud.

  • If you were a man you would still be a lying cheating spouse.

  • I hope you c**** all get herpes.

  • OP Here - Try some yoga or meditation to get rid of your anger and hatred of women.

  • You should try some intense therapy to get rid of your anger and hatred for your husband.

  • Me too

  • Bite me dumbass haters!

  • I love married women who cheat. Mostly because I have f***** a lot of married women. Some of them are filled with guilt after, but most will come back for more and their guilt is replaced with fear of getting caught. Even that goes away eventually, though. What I don't like is when the attitude changes and she wants to leave her husband for me. I just want to f***. To f*** like crazy.

  • Unlike you, women's emotions are involved with their sexual feelings. Why don't you just jerk yourself off and leave married women alone ? Then you don't have the unpleasant side effects of having them begin to care about you and want you for more than just using you and being used by you.

  • I think you misunderstand. The emotional side of things is one of the biggest draws of having an affair with a married woman. It almost always involves an unhappiness with their husband. A feeling of being taken for granted, ignored or mistreated in other ways. I empathize with those emotions and show her the respect, attention and emotional support she's missing. It also makes the sex more incredible. And the sex is usually very, very good. So yes, I'm in it for the fucking but you don't get a woman to cheat just by waving your cock at her.

  • Man..I like the way you reason and state this point.Not only is it well reasoned,its the truth and fact. Its not necessarily the dick that makes a woman to cheat.Most of the women I have been with have the characteristics you have stated and some. Last night,a married woman I slept with emailed me from over a thousand miles away and said "I wish you were here in bed with me instead of my husband".I am sure hubby has a dick.What she wanted more than anything is the emotional connection we have.

  • Totally agree with you...i wanna fuck a married woman right now.Most married women are so easy.Even when they try to be faithful,I always find a way to make them take their underwear off for me.Its a powerful feeling and it is so erotic.

  • Is that the only way you can feel powerful ? Probably.

  • Powerful this, suckwad!

  • I wanna be your 51st guy PLEASE.I also wanna meet the woman who posted the first reply.I adore married women who spread their legs for other men like me.I don't really like to me with single women,I will choose a married woman over a single one any day. Do any of you have email?I wanna contact any of you:) Happy f****** this christmas and in the new year

  • Will you fill my stocking, Santa? Wink.

  • I know what you mean. I am completely turned on when I have s** with my unsuspecting husband after a good *#*#* I ask him to serve me orally and he has no idea that he tastes my lover in me.

  • OP Here - I thought of doing this but I find it disrespectful to my husband so I make sure I am pretty clean but there have been times . . . . . .

  • This you find disrespectful to your husband? Not the 17 years of lies and cheating?

  • jesus this is so sexy! having your husband eat another mans cum out of you! shit i love it and i am going to have to try it for myself! i mean i cheated many times before but i always cleaned myself before my husband even had a chance to do anything the same day but the way you do it is so exciting i cant even stand it!!! thank you soooooo much!!!!!!!

  • You poor bastard. Let me guess daddy issues?

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