My Husband's a Wimp

I've been happily married for a couple years now and I love my husband but he's kind of a wimp. I've always known that he has confrontation issues but I never realized how much they bothered me until one of my neighbors stood up for me against someone that was giving me a hard time. It was SO HOT! My husband would never do that! So here's the pathetic part. Now I totally have a crush on said neighbor and I'm like creepishly stalking him from my living room window.
It feels so wrong, we're both married and have kids but I feel like I'm back in JR High. I actually feel drunk and giddy after I talk to him.

I'm so pathetic!


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  • Honestly,the only thing wrong with you is that you have not had a chance to f*** me and stand up for you when your hubby confronts you or us about it.

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