My. Niece

I have a niece about 25 years old and I live in a different city and don't see her much but I see her on Facebook. She has always been kind of trashy and I feel probably a bit slutty. She'll talk about sex and sucking d***. Once when she was much younger she sent me an I'm claiming to be an 18 year old girl. I figured it out though. I wonder where that chat would've gone if I fell for it. Anyway, looking at her pics and reading her posts, I would really like to f*** her brains out. I know, its family. She has an older half sister that isn't blood related to me at all and I f***** her when she was in her late 20s/early 30s. It was kind of taboo but totally hot knowing I was f****** a chick that always called me uncle. She had a crush on me since she was little. She told me if I had been around when she was a teenager I couldve f***** her then, and I would have. But anyway, I would just love to f*** this other niece.
A Friends & Family confession by: Anonymous
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    If she's open to it, go for it

    by: Anonymous

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