Cheating wife

I have barely been married a year and have already cheated on my husband. He is my best friend and I do love him, he just can't satisfy me sexually. The person I cheated with is an ex and well hung as well as very talented in the bedroom. My confession is that I do not feel guilty. Is it wrong to feel that my husband should take more interest in my pleasure?

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  • You should take a decision to either leave ur husband or stay with him. If he is not able to satisfy you and you are happy with your ex then go with ur ex. It won't work in the long run that one for friendship and other for s**. If you continue this for long you are going to do more harm to your child than you think.

  • I love my husband but I enjoy s** with strangers on ocasions. It is not because I am unsatisfied its because I love it.

  • What's your address?

  • I cheated on my husband the first WEEK. And I still am, after 16 years.

  • The same thing is happening to me. Or rather, I am doing the same thing. It's a painful dilemma. In my case, my husband and I live far apart (in different countries actually) due to work. I have kind of fallen in love with this other person. I don't know what to do.

  • You need to get it out of your head that you can't -- or shouldn't -- have both of them. You're entitled to have both, and you're obviously capable of having both, so stop worrying and just enjoy all the attention you're getting. There's no such thing as too much sex. Keep both of them: just be discreet.

  • Agreed!

  • W - H - O - R - E

  • it isnt wrong to want him to be more willing to please you but its wrong for you to be a w****

  • The answer "lies" in communication, ironically! Maybe your husband is equally aware of his short comings and would be willing to a mutually honest sharing relationship. Maybe not, but, the truth will set you free. Ground rules can open doors that seemed locked forever. Trust, respect and sexual happiness can be restored once this path is tried!

  • For some people s** is a very big part of a relationship. It's not so uncommon that couples find out, after the fact, that there is some incompatibility. If s** rates that high on your chart then what you should do is leave the marriage before there is harm and hurt done. File for divorce with the catch all, "irreconcilable differences" but DO NOT divulge the truth, it's would be very malicious and hurtful to do so

  • total trailer trash

  • Yoi can't love someone if your cheating on them!

  • I'm not the original poster, but I have to say I disagree with this remark. You certainly can love a person and yet be in another relationship, especially if that other relationship is purely sexual in nature. Affairs are about heat and passion and fulfillment and pleasure, and though many of them do lead to love, they are not "love", per se, and they don't necessarily prove a lack of love for someone else.

  • shit.....who ever came up with the idea that there is a limit on the amount of love one can have in his or her life? or that theres a 'bag limit' on the number of people you can love at one time? the whole notion of fidelity is based on a patently faulty -- and (to my way of thinking) fraudulent -- premise.

  • You shouldn't feel guilty. You should feel sexy, because you are.

  • TY. You made me blush. How very kind and sweet of you.

  • So you cheat on your husband because of your own selfishness? I hope he doesn't find out the same way I hope you don't find out he's banging your neighbor

  • We don't have neighbors. I already know he's banging a guy named will I just didn't think he'd stop wanting me. It was never that way before we got married.

  • married a faggot and you're surprised that he's not "more interested" in your pleasure?

  • You might be right but, I'd rather be married to a person I like who has an open mind; than to a narrow minded jerk off with preconceived notions of what other people should be who spews hate filled ugly words like 'faggot'.

  • "I already know he's banging a guy named will." What the fuck did you expect he'd be called?

  • Bisexual because that's what he is.

  • "Bisexual" is a pleasant, inoffensive way to describe somebody who only cares about pleasing himself and doesn't give a shit about pleasing his partner(s). THAT is the reason your husband doesn't "take more interest" in your pleasure: he only takes interest in HIS pleasure. Dump that horrible little faggot -- I call him that because that's truly what he is -- and find a man who cares about YOU.

  • Stupid ho.

  • Title should be cheating w****

  • Nahh man title should be "heartless bitch proving the stereotype"

  • Hey America! Generic male here to announce: This is the reason men that are married, engaged, or in a serious relationship don't think twice about cheating because apparently the generic female has no problems. Thanks for having me America you deceiving little hellspawn from a worthless shitpool living a lie. 3

  • I love my ex's c*** and I get that f****** thing inside me as often as I can. I love my husband but HE CAN'T f****** COMPARE!!!

  • So, is your ex married, too? I mean, is it as complicated for him to get away as it is for you? Because that could be important in how you handle things and how far you let them progress.

  • No, he's single.

  • That other girl is exactly right about ex-s**: it's so yummy that it just can't be stopped and shouldn't be avoided! I also found that my ex was a lot more easy to control once he married another woman. He wants this so much now that he nearly begs every time. I think YOUR ex will probably be that way, too, so I think you should definitely keep the hookup and not let him get away (especially with that big f****** c*** of his!!).

  • until you ladies started writing about this topic I didnt realize how much this happens. i see my ex about 2x a mo. and our sex life is ten times better than when we lived together. maybe a 100 times!! and hubby has no idea that my ex started hitting it again.

  • there really is nothing better than s**-with-the-ex. i love it and i try to slip away from home often to get it. my husband has no idea. hot hot hot!!!

  • Another generic s***.

  • I can live with that especially knowing its coming from a person who either doesn't value their own sexual fulfillment or their partners, probably both.

  • theres nothing wrong with being a slut. i am one and i am proud of it. every man i meet wants to get with me. even the married ones.

  • I'm not judging you, but, if your husband is your best friend you'd tell him (once you figure out what you really want). If you want to be with your husband tell him to listen up, either start paying attention to me sexually or I'll find it elsewhere. If you want your ex be with him. Carrying on with an affair could be detrimental, but, do what you feel. Good luck

  • First of all I did tell him and he thinks its hot that another man wants me. But alao says he doesnt care about pleasing me because hes busy trying to beat this game. Second of all I'm not carrying on an affair it happened one time. Third all of you telling me how to live my life should stuff it. I'm sure you're lives including your marriages are fucking perfect, right? Lol.

  • Ah, so he's a gamer? That will definitely kill a relationship.

  • I know what it's like to ache for an ex with a big d*** like yours has. My ex was 12 yrs older then me and he broke up with me to marry a girl who was 10yrs younger then me (she was 17 then) and I hated him so much that I went and got engaged to another guy I met in a club one night just to prove I could. On our wedding day my ex showed up at the wedding and then we sneaked out of the reception and I let him do me in a closet because I already missed the d*** so much and I told him so. I've been married for about 2.5 yrs now and I still go get with the ex when I can and hes still married too. I know I know: its soooooo wrong but theres just no f****** way in the world I can stay off that gigantic d*** my ex carries around in his f****** pants. I love them both but I love my ex more for the obvious reason.

  • I can't believe how many people here are saying you are doing no wrong and they will be the first to crucify athletes,actors..etc when they cheat. To me, cheating is always wrong no matter what the circumstances are. If you don't have any children, I suggest you just leave him and find another guy and please stop with the"He treats me very good so I don't want to leave him" and then you go cheat on him. Good luck..!! KB

  • We do have a child. In the beginning of the year and for ten months I did all I could think of to seduce him from wearing make up and sexy things to bed, to offering him road head o. Our way to meet friend for dinner. All my efforts were rebuffed. I tried to focus on our child but it just made me feel so lonely.

  • Don't let them make you feel bad for making love with a man you used to be with; it's your husband who should feel bad - HORRIBLE! - for not taking care of his wife. The whole thing is HIS fault. I'm just happy for you that you have a man in your life who is both so hung and so skilled. LUCKY!!

  • Maybe your just obese and your husband doesn't want to to satisfy you. Or he's already satisfying someone else.

  • Obese, hahahaha. Fuck off. That's him not me. But if he were that shallow I'd never have married him. You love a person for who they are; not what they look like.

  • your my hero. i have fantasized soooooooo much about sneaking out and going back to see one of my exes who i kno would take better care of me than my pitiful mini-d*** husband.and i also kno the ex would jump at the chance of doing me again especially without any obligation or commitment. it would be the best of both worlds for me and for him. i just somehow cant bring myself to do it because im just too afraid i guess that we would be caught by either his wife or my husband. i wish i was as strong as you are thats why i say your a please dont ever stop what your doing because your doing it not just for you but for lots of women out here who wish they could do it too. thank you!!!!!!

  • Last year I was contacted by an old BF from before I was married 34 years ago. I tried to keep my husband from finding, and told him that it was a college roommate I was going to spend the day with. He knew I went to an all female school. I left before he woke up, he popped out the door just as we were going up the street, He tried calling on the cell several times that day, we had gone to a casino 60 miles away. On our way back to my house I was just going to let him drop me off at the corner, but he asked me up to his room, One thing lead to another and I did not get home until about nine the next morning. I was thankful the car was not in the drive, I counted my chickens to fast, my husband blocked us in. He is crippled due to contracting MRSA in his spine and needs a cane for support I begged him to take it inside, and we went in. My boy Friend thought he would play a joke on my husband and kicked the cane off the floor my husband went down hard. My BF laughed and said pathetic. MY husband before he work in civilian sector, Was a two service vet, qualified, submarines, airborn and air mobile. and before he turned 21 he attained a 3rd dan black belt in sho re. My boy friend even against a cripple did not stand a chance and was taken by emergency services, My husband place in stress center for anger control. That was the beginning of the most horrible year I can remember, my husband will no longer compromise about anything, we had major problems 27 years ago when he returned from the Navy after being gone 3 and !/2 years. His father tried to control him to as he said it be responsible to society. I was the carrot on the stick and by that time had been diagnosed as bi polar. He was denied a divorce in 1987 because he did not have the resources to pay the state for my care if he divorced me. I have continuously hurt my husband for 32 years. Now he is taking the hurt we caused over that time and returning it in spades. I always thought that the past let it be.

  • In continuing My husband says we owe 32 years of life I think he need an insane asylum. He decided that since we had not been together in a very long time that was the down payment, I was supposed to do a favor for his father and go with a friend of his to a social political function when my husband arrived home from the stress center a day early, I begged to meet him any where after the dinner. but he was having none of it. The pass's cost his fathers friend 1500 apiece, Representative Ryan was going to be there, none of this was cared about by my husband and neither of us made it. His father was furious, his mother was helping me, and the year even up to this last memorial day has degenerated into everyone being scared out of their wits by my husband. His sense of fair play is gone, If I want to go out he is right there, He tried for another divorce but the state wants even more now. Socially he is using this infernal machine like an ax to tear the conservative society around us to shreds, He even has his councilors asking him to check back into the center they are afraid he will insult someone into attacking him and he might kill the next one that lay his hands on him

  • I'm no hero. Just sad that I can't be what's husband wants and lonely.

  • no no no no really ARE a hero. youd be suprised how many girls want what you have and want to do what you do and just cant make themselves do it. dont be sad!!!

  • This girl is right: you really are a hero. DEAL WITH IT! :)

  • Just be aware that if (or rather, WHEN) your husband finds out about this, your marriage is OVER. Actually, it seems that in your mind it already is.

  • Thanks. Like I didn't know that already. It ended the moment he stopped loving me.

  • Then get divorced and marry your ex that's hung. I'm serious.

  • I'm seriously thinking that too but we have a child and I don't wanna hurt her.

  • Cheating wives are always the best wives.

  • ur being a w**** and u need to stop it

  • A whore sleeps with people for money. That's not me. A whore also sleeps with many men. I sleep with two. Fuck yourself, trust me, no one else is gonna do it.

  • If your husband doesn't hit your spots and your ex does, then you need to keep the ex and do him whenever you can. You're clearly one of those women who have to have more than one man to be satisfied, and both your husband and your ex are very very very lucky to have you in their lives.

  • AMEN!!!!!!

  • Try 2 seduce ur husband,be sexy n hot at nit 2 turn him on at d bed..

  • I did all that. Told him I am his and I want to make all his fantasies come true. None of it made a difference.

  • Try 2 seduce ur husband,be sexy n hot at nit 2 turn him on at d bed..

  • Try 2 seduce ur sexy at nit n do somthg 2 turn him on.

  • Why'd you marry your current husband?

  • Like I said he's my best friend and I love him. He was more concerned with pleasing me before we were married. I have tried to wear sexy stuff, put make up on at bedtime, and to seduce him. I didn't make the choice in haste or take it lightly.

  • You shouldnt feel bad. you are entitled to two men because you can handle two men so you should have two men. or three. or seven. s** is about fun and love and pleasure.

  • take from another married gal, honey....dont wait around for things to improve on your own or for your man to get the message about taking care of you or for him to decide hes gonna start f****** you better or start f****** you more. get on that ex with the big c*** and ride him until you cant. i waited and my ex moved away where i can get on him anymore. dont wait. keep f******.

  • If your man isn't taking care of your needs, you should get one who does. Your ex sounds just yummy, but more important, he sounds like he's up to the job. Don't feel bad about not feeling guilty. You shouldn't feel guilty: you should just f*** your ex, and stay on him.

  • You aren't wrong. Your husband is wrong. Keep doing what you're doing.

  • your husband should be taking more of an interest in your pleasure. if he loves you then your pleasure should be what he is about every day. if hes not then you need to start getting with guys who are about that. every day. every day. every f****** day.

  • No, it's not wrong at all. Your pleasure should be his primary focus and concern, and if he's not providing that pleasure -- or if he's not doing it well enough or deep enough or hard enough or often enough -- then you should (actually, you HAVE to) go find that pleasure in the bed of another man, or in the beds of other men. As long as you (and your partners) are clean and discreet, you'll be doing what your body needs. And I'll add a final encouragement, based on my own experiences in my marriage to my husband: when you have an active and satisfying s** life outside your marriage, it actually improves the s** inside your marriage. So, your husband will ultimately benefit from your affairs. Stop worrying about the rules of society and go out get what you need as a woman. And enjoy it!!

  • Nephilim trash.

  • Jihadist freak.

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