I hate my stepson

I hate my stepson. From the moment well all moved in together, my life went to hell. He started breaking into our room, stealing, breaking my things, lying. Of course, what I didn't know before this was that long before I met him he was already, lying, skipping school, stealing, flunking classes, and who knows what else. He stole constantly from us, and his friends homes. You couldn't take him to the store without risking him shoplifting or destroying something. He also started charging up huge phone bills calling sex numbers. Then we realized he was spending lots of time looking at porn. He started using drugs, seemed to like playing with fire, and urinating in his room. We took him to therapists, and eventually sent him to rehab, twice. Well, fast forward a couple years and now he is a convicted felon, a registered sex offender (for looking at kid porn) and he is in rehab again to avoid prison time. Argh!!!!
A Friends & Family confession by: Anonymous
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    That is crazy! I don't want to sound rude or anything but man if my step son was a sex offender at least i can tell him off ...right now i am on the verge of telling my step kids off and i can't because its my side against theirs and most likely they will twist and manipulate others to believe they are little angels and they are not. My step son lets see did drugs, went to pscyhologist/therapist, drug center to stay clean, he stole from his great grandmother over 200 dollars, didn't ever pay her back, he lies constantly to everyone, he manipulates, he is selfish, disgusting, inconsiderate; he already flunked classes for 3 years till he moved in with us, his dad and me, he did good, but he hung around with the bad kids, he has skipped school plenty of times. we don't trust him at all. we have a lock now for our door. I don't blame you for hating him.

    by: dasani4ever

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