My wife shares me with her sister

In less than a year after being married to my beautiful wife she is sharing me with her sister .

I work for a new company now down in Houston Tx. Nice to get away from the rude idiots in Frisco. Jobs are everywhere and people seem to be a lot more friendly. but the climate is hot and humid especially in the summer .

We both got job offers so we moved to Houston. My wife invited her sister to share an apartment and as expected she also found a good job . But my wife had something planed and never told me until it happened one night .

My sister in law had been flirtatious many many times when when we visited her . She never hid her nudity , and frequently exposed herself to me and simply laughed .

It was nothing for her to go around half naked or just a towel wrapped around her , often bending over showing herself to me knowing I can not resist looking .

ON a Friday night about 2 weeks ago , we were smoking weed and drinking mixed vodka , I had an old p*** video and put it in the player not knowing what to expect from my wife or her sister. My wife got h**** and started something with me in front of her sister , Amazingly my wife stripped in front of her sister and next thing I knew her sister was naked .

Looking at two naked women made my c*** almost explode, The next thing I Knew my wife stripped me down naked and told me to lay down on the couch . My wife straddled my face and her sister slid her p**** around my erection.

Gosh what a fantastic first night . Her sister is equally gorgeous and equally as hot as my wife . I worked hard all night long pleasing both women doing everything my brain could think of to make them o***** .

We ended up in our King bed and screwed all night long . That was the first night , since then it has happened 2 more times . And I love it so much .

This is my first time having two women at once and I make sure they are well pleased . They work hard to keep my c*** hard and I have ordered v***** even though there is nothing wrong with me , I am determined to make the most of this while I can . Having two hot women is beyond my wildest dreams .

My sister in law is oversexed and simply happy to have a guy to s**** her brains out , my wife likes the excitement of seeing me go crazy on both women . There is not any jealously . We almost collapse from exhaustion sometimes .

I love the music and the sounds of hot women enjoying s** .

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  • Dude you have an "old p*** video" and you "put it in the player"..... I seriously doubt that you would have moved a video player or any videos from San Francisco to Texas. Not sure if you are aware of this but video players are obsolete and probably so are you. Face it, you never lived in "Frisco" and were born in Texas. You wife is old and so are you. You have never f***** your wife's sister, let alone two women at the same time.

  • You lucky sonofabitch.

  • Whick of them are you planning to knock up?

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