Men wearing womens panties...

Why do so many men like to wear womens panties!? I've never know anyone to do it but I read so many of those confessions... I guess I just wont get it. I read where they j******* into them.... I can almost get that. But not wear them. Im a pretty kinky girl but that would creep me out.

Thanks for reading.

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  • Dear anonymous I as a guy love wearing womens sexy panties . The nylon panties feel soo great on our bodies and fit like a glove and most important hold eveything in place.nylon bikini womens panties feel so nice when wearing answer is I love putting on a pair of my sexy preferably pink nylon womens panties I purchased first thing in the morning and feeling them on my body the whole day long. At the end of my day the feeling of having worn womens sexy panties all day warms me up inside and and like in cloud nine. The feeling of having a pair of womens sexy panties on all day under my clothing is such a turn on there is hardly any other feeeling like melting all day in a piece of sexy lingerie such as some hot pink panties. My ex loved seeing me in panties and enjoyed playing,touching and rubbing my chosen sexy panties and getting me all wet by the end of the night. Womens panties hot and sexy nylon or silk or polyester all feel great around my lower body and sorry but they feel greatand can't help not to go without wearing womens sexy panties because they feeling is soo great and irresistable not to stop wearing womens panties... hope you can understand some of us were born this way and introduced to sexy lingerie at a young age and the urge to have first time trying on womens panties I couldn't resist and don't know why !!!. maybe because of the soft materials and sexy colors ! Love wearing womens nylon bikini panties cause they make my b*** feel nice and cause my b*** is nice maybe this is why I fetish panties !

  • Why worry about men wear woman panties heck we do I've been wear vanity fair 15712 size 8 for 15, yes! Nylon satin silk panties for men & ever 5star. 100% guys get your own I Did.

  • I really can't see the problem. Women's knickers are very comfortable and very practical. I have been wearing panties for at least 15 years and no longer have any mens' underwear. I like skimpy knickers. I'm very slim, have next to no body hair, and they suit me. I also have four navel piercings, which IMHO look pretty OK.

  • I'm a little younger than most people here. I'm 15 and I've been wearing them since like 13 or 14. I've been wanting to since I was 12, but I never worn them until my sister got her own room, and accidentally left some clothes in my room and forgot. Now, I am still wearing them (and I am right now), and love them. They're comfortable.

  • Oh, I forgot to add that I've also started wearing other stuff since then.

  • When I was a young boy I found myself attracted to girls underwear. I had a sister and I would often go into her room and take a pair of panties out of the drawer and put them on, it felt so nice. As we grow older she began to wear nylon panties and for me this was heaven. As I grew older my attraction to girls underwear graduated to to women's clothes in general. I am writing this entry wearing the following women's clothing all from Marks and Spencer. I am wearing a pair of high rise black panties, a pair of Body sensor tights, a bra which I have padded out to create a large pair of t*** and a little black number tight fitting dress. I prefer my skirts and dresses to be tight fitting. I find it so second nature to dress in women's wear. My confession is that I now know that I am a cross dresser and I love it!

  • Started wearing panties at 12. Im 64 wear nylon or satin 24/7. They look better, feel better and fit better. More comfortable than mens. Wife is ok with my panties thinks they look sexy on me.

  • I wear panties when ever I can. My wife hates it.

  • I have worn knickers since i was six. I used to dress in my sisters navy blue PE knickers and vest and dance around like the girls at school. Now aged 27 i am transitioning at long last. Womens clothes from top to toe.

  • I think Ive become addicted to wearing my GFs panties and bra when she is at work. I go on webcam and show off my sexy a** for guys. Email me if anyone wants pics or wants to chat/maybe have some fun

  • Nice would love to see you in her panties and bra

  • Minä myös pukeudun naisten ihaniin alusasuihin. Olen käyttänyt niitä jo 35vuott?

  • The thoughts of wearing panties just don't happen. For some like myself I have always been attracted to female clothing. Some it's the curiosity of wanting to try them on. I am 50 old at the time of writing this and have been wearing panties for 43 years, yes since the age of 7. No I did not wear my mother's panties or my sister's. I don't have any sister's. I was 7 years old and I was being sexually molested by a neighbor girl. I was at baseball practice at the local Swimming pool and I found my first pair of panties. I picked the panties up and I took them home. In fact 43 years later I still have them. I have owned thousands of pairs of panties over 43 years. I have been married twice and both x-wives knew I wore panties. I am currently with a woman I have been with for a long time and yes she knows and doesn't care that I wear panties

  • These sexual thoughts of wearing soft nylon briefs didn't happen over night. I always been strongly attractive to white nylon briefs and I DONTCARE for any other pair, little undies!! is not sexy. and cotton panties SUCK Wearing panties with my wife during s** is wonderful Really turns her on to rub my c*** with her nylon panties. But be careful its addictive she loves to jack my c*** with a pair as she sucks away. I tell her I've been in your panty draw she loves the dirty talk. so yes I still grab me a pair and let a hot load go and always will.. IM JUST SO MAD PEOPLE ARE SCARED TO BE FORWARD WOMEN ARE TURNED ON BY NYLON TOO THEY RUB THERE t*** AND c*** AS YOU POUND AWAY LOVE TO GRAB THAT SILKY a** WHILE ITS ITS MOTION I BUY PANTIES ALL THE TIME I SEE EXITICMENT ON THE LADYS FACE WHEN I GO IN FOR 5 PAIRS OF NYLON BREIFS AND CHECK OUT. lADYS IF YOUR NOT GETTING SOME AT HOME PUT ON A SHINY WHITE NYLON PAIR OF NYLON BREIFS I PROMISE SOMEBODY WILL BE RIGHT OVER

  • Iagree you our correct. You as men your lady know all matter please yourself. Be happy only like once.who ever don't like it tell them get there own.pair of vfnylon panties for men &woman tooooo!

  • I am a happilied married straight man and I wear panties 24/7. I enjoy the look and feel of them, and prefer the Victoria's Secret cheeky style with the lace trim. All the sales girls at our local store know I wear them, and help me pick out new ones when I go there. They tell me that they have lots of male customers who shop there for themselves. I say wear what you want, it's your business.

  • I absolutely love wearing women's panties. I'm a straight male that has worn women's panties for decades. Love em. All colors and styles and love pink panties. Now I probably own 45 pairs but want to increase that number to millions. Much more comfortable than mens underwear. I'm an artist and musician and love the choice of fabrics, styles and colors. Mens underwear...boring. Women's panties...exciting.

  • I am a red blooded U.S. Male and had groin surgery six years ago and was advised from another patient to wear women's underwear during recovery, which was about four months. I found several brands, stlyes, and fabrics to be very comfortable. I like shopping for panties and it took awhile to find the best size, etc. I continue wearing them and much prefer them to men's underwear for fit, support, and comfort. They are great for travel as I can pack more, they are easy to launder, and dry fast, and my wife and I can do our laundry together. I prefer white briefs, no lace. They are men's underwear if they are on me, and I don't think about them once they are on. I have never had a problem from anyone in any store. All sales ladies have been very helpful and several of them remember me months later and show me different brands, etc.

  • I like wearing Disney character panties for girls. Right now I'm wearing the "frozen" character panties. So cute.

  • Im married and love to wear panties, pantyhose, stockings, bras all the above. I love to crossdress. She loves it when we make love when i wear her things. Now i have my own. I wear pantyhose under my jeans when we go places. Try it guys. I love the way stocking feels on my legs.

  • I am marrried to a wonderful lady and she tell me that I look sexy in her panties. I like to pick out her panties because I get to see the pretty ones and I also get to try them on. They r really comforable and now she lets me wear them all the time.

  • Wish my wife would agree to that, I love the silky ones

  • I love wearing knickers have over 50 pairs my wife is fine about it she likes to pull them up and down during s**, sometimes we buy some when we are out shopping together it's very exciting tot rush home and try them on nothing feels more natural to me I spend ages deciding which t wear sometimes two pairs is the only answer!

  • I love to wear womens panties all the time because I dont like to wear guy underwear. My wife said to me that those panties fit you better than thay do on me. I like to pick out nice and pretty ones. I wear pink panties all day long.

  • Get rash wearing cotton underwear. Doctor advised trying nylon underwear. Men's were $30/pair, way too expensive. Called doctor and she said just try nylon panties without the cotton liner and wear them for two weeks to see if the fabric worked better than cotton, since they were a lot cheaper. I agreed to try. I got an odd look from the salesgirl, but she took my waist and hip measurements and to the panties. She found a fairly plain looking brief in plain colors, was wider in the crotch area, and no cotton liner, but they did have a small elastic band around the leg openings that was designed to have a lacy look. they ended up being 5.99 for 3 pairs. They fit really well, but went up higher on my waist than I was used to. No rash from the nylon. Doctor was pleased said try another month, so I bought more from the store. My sister thought it was funny when she found out I had to wear panties and teased me about it. She put a makeup bag in my room, bras, pantyhose, knee socks and frilly socks in my drawers, hung a blouse and pleated skirt and a flowery dress in my closet, and put high heels in with my other shoes. She said it would all fit me. When I told her to take her stuff back to her room, and that I was not interested in dressing up, she said it was not all hers. She said she told her friends, and they helped her out. Since the nylon panties gave no rash, the doctor recommended them full time until the men's pricing comes down. Through the years, I felt the pain as panties that fit me were discontinued. Then I had to find another brand or style and explain my allergy to the salesperson over the phone or in person. Some were helpful and some were hateful. Did have to break down and wear the girly colors or styles when no other options were available. The men's nylon were about $20/pair when I last checked and panties way cheaper. Most girls had no problem with me in panties. A few asked gay? pervert? Panties are just underwear to me, nothing sexual.

  • I wear James microfiber panties for the same reason. Been wearing nothing but for almost three years and haven't had a rash or been galded since. Fiance is aware and has bought new ones for me in the past. They are more comfortable than men's and cooler in the summer. Drawback is that they're cooler in the winter also. Lol

  • Meant Hanes

  • I had the same experience. I felt embarrassed when my wife first saw them and when I went back to the doctor. However she approved and said they didn't always have to be white. To my surprise my wife was really turned on by them

  • I keep getting boils in my genital area and i mean real bad was in the hospital for also so the doctors told me to wear pantys and it worked if you were a guy you would understand having what we have between our legs is no picnic thtas why we were jock straps in sports almost like wearing a thong to speak of it keeps everything in one place

  • I wear panties often, many of them women's. I enjoy the feel, and the idea that it is forbidden. It does not hurt anyone yet it makes me feel special. I am male, straight, and 65 years old.

  • Thanks for your post, im a bi guy in my 60, s and have been wearing panties etc for many years, I work nights but in the daytime, I wear panties stockings suspenders and bra, I never go out in them but want to, I need to make friends with someone who understands my need to dress as a woman. 3

  • May I ask where you live.?

  • Hi I love to wear the same as you do to have for years I am in bra panties garter and nylons now I wear them out all day under my things no one nos but me

  • Me too

  • I love wearing frilly panties and wanking in them

  • I love wearing bra and panties. I love the feel of the silky material. They give me a real hard on and then i love wanking off in them.

  • Hello ware are u I also wear panties 247 and looking for a friend to b with. me e mail is Lee.

  • I where panties all the time

  • Is kinky, my lover loves to wear them occationally, he has several of my panties, he wants to know what color and style I'm wearing everyday. Since I'm a kinky girl I love that. They don't creep me out, i would be more creep out if he was into something worst than that.

  • I'm 43 male and straight and have been with my girlfriend for 3 years, i tried a pair of her knickers on in bedroom once for a laugh in front of her, she liked it but dare not tell me that incase i said f**k off !...i liked wearing them to and was ashamed to tell her i enjoyed putting them day she confronts me with it and asks me if i would wear knickers under my jeans when we go out etc, instead of mens boxers, so i did and it felt kinky and i enjoyed it as much as her, was our little secret...and now we go shopping for loads more pairs for me, feels cheeky and naughty but we both love it

  • What gives you the right to decide what clothes should only be for which gender? You have no right to try to stop someone from doing what they want, so just accept it.


  • Men&woman wear nylon panties great I beenwearn nylon panties 20yrs I'm not gay never will be each of there own. Nylon panties for men &woman too! Enjoy build own stock 365 Days yr.get your own.

  • Arsehole

  • You should know because you probably are Gay

  • when my sister was away for job i asked they key of her room. First she said no ,later on she gave me. I went to her room.wear her panties and i took her all panties , later on she said me if i saw her panties i said i have not but she knew that i took all her panties. I said her that i liked her panties she gave all her panties and i love to wear them.

  • I think it happens a whole lot more then you realize. I'm a guy and yes I wear them but I have discussed the issue with several women who all assure me that it's very common. I mean look around the internet even. Also in my defense, I don't think I do it in a creepy way, I'm honest and open about it. I don't j******* in them or sniff them but I love the feel of them and really think its all about the fact that I'm doing something I've always been taught to not do. Someting taboo in other words although I'm not sure why we are taught that really.

  • I have cum in every pair of nylon panties I ever put on.

  • I wear them. I deffinately dont sniff them they are just a more comfortable fitt(most pairs). Its something new. Our underwear just gets boring sometimes

  • I bet all those confessions are from the same guy! But I agree, wtf is up with jerkin off in panties??? I mean, wouldn't the girl notice if her panties are all crusty when she goes to put them on? f****** losers. . .it is the only way they will ever be able to come close to impregnating someone!

  • You are sp right these same guygs and excuses are on all the sites.

  • Once while playing softball I wore my wifes panties- by accident. She was supposed to bring my change of clothes after work and she made the mistake by grabing the wrong pair...maybe easy to do since I generally go commando. Anyway, I am in the truck in the parking lot changing and since I am not used to undewear at all, I put them on. They were really tight and I go to her after I had dressed and said...hey, these are really tight. She said...let me see them, so I pull the back of my trousers down a little in the back to let her see. she starts laughing and says they are hers. We still joke about it. The only time in maybe 20 years I wear underware at all have been her panties. I don;t get guys fascination either. It creeps me out to hear guys sniffing and j********** into them too and I think I'm pretty kinky at times too.

  • I too wear silky shiny knickers and just love the feel of them and find that the tighter they are the more sensuous they feel and will continue to wear them as long as its possible. In general female under clothes when displayed are much more erotic for they are like that to attract the male, those of us males who wear them i suppose could be said to be wanting to seek other males similarly dressed for an interesting sexual time. A lot of these thoughts have at some stage gone through my own mind but have as yet not availed myself in the situation probably this is because most men do not look like girls when dressed.

  • I wear women's panties. They're sexy and comfortable. This doesn't harm anyone else but it really turns me on. Why? I've no idea. I just go along with it.

  • I agree with you they are note comfortable and sexy

  • Being a “Type A” personality I could spool up very tight, after 26 years in the cockpit I had may heart attack, following quadruple by-pass on the day of my hospital release my cardiac surgeon closed the door for a private talk. He suggest that I would consider wearing woman panties telling me they would have a CALMING EFFECT and would help me from spooling up tight. Well sure enough I gave it a try, following by-pass a person is really cooperative with his medical team. A year later, my chest plate still was very uncomfortable playing golf, this time he suggest chest support, choice 1 was going to a medical supply to the tune of $60 or $70 each or choice 2 go to Wal-Mart and buy sports bras without cups in 3 for $10 packages. Yelp that was 16 years ago, walk 18 holes everyday (weather permitting) in my panties and sports bra …………wish I knew 40 years ago.

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