Addicted to panties

I have been enjoying women's panties for years now. I have probably pilfered over 100 pairs (why do they call it a "pair").
I have gotten them from my HOT niece, dates, at strangers homes,
personal aquaintences, etc. I love the smell of a woman's p**** and I love to sniff a fragrant pair while I,m spanking my monkey. The odor makes me ejactulate my baby batter even harder.

I only like to enjoy panties from girls that I know or have seen. That is really important. An anonymous pair does not turn me on at all.
I also love it when they have some skidmarks. NOT a big streak of s***, but a nice subtle skid streak. I don't like the smell of s***, but that b*** smell that is present after wearing them for a couple days is really exiciting to me.

I also enjoy wearing them occasionally after the odor bouquet has dissapated. It makes me feel naughty and sexy to be wearing a thong while I'm shopping or drinking beers wuth the guys. I am not a pantywaist. I was a varsity wrestler in school and on occasion have kicked the s*** out of some a****** that desperatley deserved it

I know there are others out there who enjoy panties as much as I do. Let's here from you and the details of your scores.

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  • Im there with you. It sucks because it just something we can't control, no matte4 how hard we try. I buy mine now. Just started after thowing all them away. Hard habit to kick.

  • I also love panties, like once I went to a friends house and took some of his sisters panties out of the dryer.

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