My wife is fattening me up

She is a trim, super pretty sexy woman, but has always had a thing for feeding me. I have gone from 160 lbs to a big fat 298 and she seems to want to get me even bigger.

I dont mind that my fat turns her on, but its getting hard to move and the fatter I get the more she feeds me. I am blowing up so big I need new clothes every week and I am starting to give in and just let her fatten me up into her personal man pig.

While I admit its sexy to see my trim hot sexy wife attacted to a now fat pig like me, I am scared if she leaves me.

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  • The day i met my girlfriend i was atleast 147 pounds. It's been 3 years and now im 498 pounds.Every day i gain 5 pounds and every week i gain a solid 30 pounds each week. I literally cant get up from bed. Im getting scared that soon i wont be able to walk. If i tell her no she'll brakeup with me and i dont want that to happen. Recently she handcuffed me to the bed, stuffed a tube in my mouth and at the end of tube she poured a gallon of heavy cream and whip cream. I noticed my HUGE belly rising and rising. After it ended i went 498 to 539 pounds of pure fat. She wants me not to shave for i could look a fat bear to her. And now not only i cant get up from my bed but i started to waddle.

  • I love to pack the fat on my husband. He has zero will power, and I like big big guys. He is my fatty flabby blubber boy and is helpless to say no to anything I cook. I tease the h*** out of him, but he knows deep down I love his fat and plan on getting him fatter and keeping him fat.

  • I am married to a woman like this, I knew she liked bigger guys when we got married 4 years ago as I was one, but once we lived together both of us packed on the lbs.

    Now she is plump and I am well into the 400 lbs range. Its ok, she likes it, s** is actually a lot of fun at this size and its even more fun.

    She recently told me that her new goal is to grow herself as fat as I am. I cant wait, I have always had a thing for obese women anyway. Nothing wrong with some fat sloppy s**!

  • Something I noticed as I get fatter for my wife, my p**** is getting HEAVY, no not bigger, harder or longer but man is it heavy, I cant see it anymore without lifting up my huge belly she packed on me, but when I reach over there and feel it, it feels like it weighs like 40 lbs, and my b**** are huge too. She has even noticed it, she likes it, and says she will keep fattening me till I cant reach it anymore so SHE is the only one who can play with it.

  • I noticed that on my husband, his penis gets heavier and heavier the fatter I grow him. Watching him try to reach that fat penis of his when I dance for him and get it hard, gets me so wet.

  • I don't believe any of what is being said in these comments. It's one thing to get to ~300-400 if your wife has the feeder type of sexuality, but unless you have it as well then I doubt that 800+ pounds is realistic. Wouldn't you think that a reasonable man would notice health deprecation and at least stop to talk to his girlfriend about the state of things?

    Speaking of which, if this post is real then TALK to her. Let her know that you are feeling apprehensive and let her know why. Relationships are all about communication and cooperation. I'm sure you will work something out. Besides, weight is not a permanent thing if you know how to work out.

  • My wife has packed the pounds on me as well. She is large too since we got married. she is now about 190 but me? d*** 450 easily. I get so fat so easy. She now has a gut, me? my fat gut drags on the floor when I get down on all fours. Worst part about it is, now that i am fat I want to get fatter and fatter, its like an obsession and she really likes it.

  • I love to cook for my husband. For me it shows love and nurturing, so it makes me happy. From what I've read after marriage weight gain is very common.

  • Hello I am his wife.
    He now weighs 1096lbs.
    My personal fat pig.

  • You're done! Stop what you're doing! Stop.... before you end up dying. Obesity is a serious problem. Join a gym and work it off before it gets worse.

  • Just a update, I am bedridden now, immobility came fast after my last post.

    I just look like a pile of jelly in me and my wifes reinforced bed, my fat spills around me, wobbling at the smallest movement , I'm constantly sweating and out of breath now, she climbs into bed to wash my fat, this will be my last message before she removes my Internet, I'm just a pile of fat now who lives to be fed in bed by my sexy wife

  • Oh the feeling of being an obese pig, belly wiggling with every move, a** so fat legs so wide you waddle while your wife walks behind you and calls you fat names, p**** so rock hard under all your blubber she has to j*** you because with your fat belly hang, thick roll of blubber under that, and swollen fattened pig arms there is no way you could reach. Sometimes she sits there and watches you jiggle yourself into o***** by shaking your bloated belly over your p**** because you are so frustrated that you cant reach it, that you have to blow off the erection some how. I can hardly walk 10 steps now without her having to help me. I am her swollen fattened pig, and I am down on all fours with my belly fat hanging down.

  • Wow that turns me on, I am a bbw that loves fat men, Want to hook up?

  • I wanna get fat let's hook up ????

  • I desire to be fed to massive obesity! That was hard to admit; but so true. I desire to know total gluttony and grow and struggle to get around..... Is that something that interes you?

  • I was thing when I married my obese wife. I do so love obese women, but she got jealous and made me gain weight. Now we are both massively obese and only getting fatter. Its a lot of fun being a fat pig with my fat wife. Everyone bashes fat people but if you LIKE being fat and have someone who keeps fattening you up, its fun!

    Not to be too gross, but the coolest part of being a fat man is my belly constantly hangs over my p****, which in turn means my fat keeps pushing down on it keeping it hard almost all the time

  • Yeah I have packed on the pounds since being married and my wife discovered that she liked it. She is also getting fatter and I already knew I liked big women so this is pretty cool for us. I know people cry and scream about Obesity, but I see it in our future. Just a big fat couple happily banging the heck out of each other

  • i wish my wife would do that.
    not a big of course (no offense).
    feed me and get total enjoyment about how big i get.

  • My wife got from 134 to 836 and all I get to do eat and play with my fat

  • That would be awesome.

  • Fatten HER up. She may start to find out how
    you feel and she may stop.

  • How long have you been married?

  • I had the same issue with my now ex wife, but with her it seemed to be part insecurity, part fetish.
    Anytime I lost weight, the meals got bigger. Anytime she was pregnant, the meals got a lot bigger... essentially, I got bigger!
    I went from 195 when we met to a peak of 335; my lightest while with her was 225.

  • I thought I was the only one who was doing this. My wife was cheerleader in high school and probably weighed about 125 lbs then, but I have been fattening her up since we've been together, overfeeding her and putting extra butter and olive oil in her food and making her smoothies with ice cream and weight gain powder. She now weighs well over 300 pounds. I can't wait to take her to her 10th reunion next year so her friends can see what a fat piggy she's become!

  • Adding butter and olive oil to her food really make her that Fat?

  • Well its too late now for me, Just an update. I am up to 340 and she likes to call me fat names, while I waddle my bloated bulk around. She makes me walk around naked when I am home and feels my fat jiggle around in her hands. My moobs are bigger than her b****, and she is even more turned on by my fatness. Dont get me wrong, I enjoy being her little (Well now quite fat) toy, and the s** is amazing.. but she wants to get me even fatter than I am now. He comes immobility for my sexy slim wife

  • You're finished. Even if you wanted to leave her you can't even walk now. Reminds me of that Stephen King book Misery. You can always call a tow truck.

  • Which is her plan because you're probably HER financial plan and wants to make sure you never leave. And for the record, she doesn't have a gun to your head- you DON'T have to eat everything she puts in front of you. Join a gym.

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