Funny Confessions & Secrets


I was wanting to take a shower and I was naked so I fartrd and I accidentally took a dump on my foot so then I had to walk to the bathroom dragging my leg ...I was 11 when this happened

How i get my ex back

I heard so many things about DR LIVINGFAITH. and every story has been so great. so here is my story, me and the father of my son has been off and on for 3 years its been a very stressful relationship. he cheated on me and I was very hurt, it was miserable for me so in returned I cheated because I wanted him to feel the pain but he never cares so... [more]

I love embarassing people and making them blush

I really love to embarrass people and make them blush. I can't help it, it's just so funny. Especially the really shy sensitive people. I enjoy doing it to both guys and girls but its even better when you make a guy blush and you watch their face get redder and redder in front of everyone. Those with blushing problems get even more embarrassed... [more]

R u really a man?


Girls RULE

Girls RULE! I love to kick boys in their balls. I'm great at it. I watch them fall down looking sick to their stomach holding their balls like the end of the world. Their voice gets high pitched when they are on the ground in pain. They are shout "why?" In a high pitched voice like a little girl. Sometimes they cry, black out or puke or all. I... [more]


I was at school and this boy kept calling me names like "diva" or "Hannah the weirdo" and I was getting ticked off at this guy talking me down being a jerk. He followed me wherever I went he would make fun of me and harass me and one day I was outside and he called me BS and I turned around and told him to stop being a TOTAL JERK and soccer kicked... [more]

Attractive & Topless?

I received a legitimate email from OkCupid that, based on profile clicks, I am now amongst the most attractive female users on the entire site. Also, when I hang out alone I'm more comfortable topless. I am the only one who can appreciate this information. :/

Animal Sex

I wanna have sex with dog or goat. whenever I see a dog or ship,it turns me on.Even I masturbated by seeing mating of dog in animal planet.Ohh god that was so great.Idk but i wanna try.In future whenever i will 1become rich,Ill wanna have a yard full of ships and dogs to get laid.Cuz life is just enjoyment do whatever u want.Keep chilling.

Drink puke

Hey guys.I am jack from china.I wanna drink my own puke.The chinese food is so delicious so whenever i eat good food.I like to taste them by drinkin my own puke will be better option.

I want to be peed on

I have this desire for someone to pee on me. Preferably a hot woman. I want to know what it feels like. I want to experience the thrill of the humiliation and degradation of being used as someone's toilet. I'd even be willing to pay for someone to do it to me. Anyone want to give me a golden shower?


I pissed on the dollar tree floor & mooned the co worker.

Funny thing to say to a hot stripper

When you go to a strip club,always say to the stripper,nice legs.when do they open.LOL,that is a great pick up line to say to a stripper.or it could be a good pick up line to be thrown out by a bouncer.

Dirty Word

When I was younger I used to think the word 'birth' was rude and I used to hate it when people would say it. So basically, I thought 'birth' was a swear word. I laugh at it now but I think I still have a problem with the word...In class once (when I was younger) the teacher gave us a little education on babies and said the word birth like 15 times... [more]

Dead mic

My friends are in a band and I always help out backstage at their gigs. Once, in the middle of a song, I started to read out a very graphic fanfiction which included a foursome between four men into the dead mic. I replaced the men's names from the fanfic with names of my friends in the band. They had to try to carry on playing while that was... [more]

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