Funny Confessions

Ashley graham

Could do to lose 10 pounds

Usain bolt

To goddess Kasi Bennett I've won three gold medals in a row wtf have u done with ur life

If you work in a ad department

Drive ur car into a brick wall going 100

United states

You're an embarrassment to the world.....soo is the entire Middle East, China, n Korea , Africa, Russia f*** you all just suck so much a**

Rap battle

Congrats u can rhyme irrelevant insults real fast you all are a joke

Hip hop / rap

Hopefully the fad ends soon it takes a while but ppl will eventually realize what a s***** lazy genre it is don't get me wrong there is some good s*** but most is total garbage no talent check out list of broke rappers lol that's all they [more]


Women are just as responsible for it as men.

Caitlyn jenner

Is still a man no matter how much hormones b*** jobs make up whatever and he killed someone any regular person would be in jail for the same s***. If u don't know what xy is referring to mabye don't say [more]


I always slide my hand between my a** and smell it to check if it's fresh.


I am extremely high right now


I would just give ANYTHING to be able to have a female hoops player for a GF and be able to love and enjoy their wonderful beautiful pretty feet every night!!!!!


Guys I smoke tea but, I'm trying to come off it, I have my tea patches on my arm

Soccer s**

When I was at a soccer game with my husband during the game he pulled me in the bathroom and we had s** the condom broke so I got pregnant and we got kicked out of the stadium because the stall door opened

I am the absolute image of impatient

Alright, I'm 13 years old and really want that Animal Crossing DS game, like, so so bad, enough that I saved up 30 bucks for it. I asked my dad if he could do the Amazon transaction for me, and he did--BUT HE GOT THE USED ONE THAT WOULD TAKE NINE DAYS TO GET HERE! I hated that. I couldn't do that long without my money and without my game. So... [more]

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