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My huge c***

My c*** is so huge that when girls suck it they choke on it and pass out from lack of air. The last w**** I f***** after she passed out I slapped her face with my [more]

I wish I had a slave

Is it wrong that I wish I had someone to be my slave to do things for me? I get so tired of doing the daily tasks that need to be done along with the chores in my life. I wish I had a slave to cook, clean, do my laundry, wash my car, etc for me.

Doctor Love

I work with a group of People that put in a lot of Hours week in and week out. We spend for time with each other than we do with our own families, not saying that's a good thing at all. So be it Husbands or Wives most of us have arguments with them because of the long hours we have to work. Most of us know who had a fight with their Spouse because... [more]

Am I the only one?

Whenever I have to urinate really badly, I get goosebumps on my b***.

Unhelpful In Search for Lost Bikini Top

My family and I (my mother, BFF, sister, brother, and my brother's girlfriend) were vacationing by a lake this summer. We were swimming in an empty part of the lake about 10 miles from the resort and our Mom decided to go get groceries from the nearby town while we were busy. She forgot that our towels and clothes were in the car when she left. We... [more]

You all need serious mental help!!!!

Okay i don't even know how i ended up on this site but here i am and holey S*** you sick little weirdos are letting your dogs eat you out, having S** with your g****** siblings, cheating on your partners and god knows what else like this is actually F***** you guys need to get a boyfriend h***... [more]

Pretending to be a woman in chatrooms

I go into chat rooms (yes they are still out there) and pretend to be a hot woman although I'm really a guy. I make excuses that I don't have a cam. I talk dirty and make the guy j*** himself off and c**. All the time I'm laughing at how pathetic he is... [more]

I am addicted to chocolate

I have to eat chocolate every day. Even if it is just a little bit like a few chocolate chips. I think it is a real and true addiction because I cannot skip a day.


that one time when i was young (7-9) that my parents and i were at the mall and i was telling them that i had to go to the restroom they said hold it so i did for about 30 minuets. then well they said there buying me pants and what not so you no the ordeal walking around and all but i just had to go…………
so i ran in to a changing room and i just... [more]

Mother-in-law vs daughter in law

I watched my aunt fighting her daughter in law and it was really funny. My aunt is 53yo woman and very impulsive. The daughter in law is 28 and obviously stronger than my aunt. They were wrestling on the floor, until her daughter in law came on top and started slapping my aunt. Wow, I felt like I'm at school, watching some girls fighting. But I... [more]

2 instructors 1 girl

I think 2 of my instructors like me (well that is what several classmates have said). But I know they have a rivalry going between them, and I fantasize when they spar they are fighting over me! One is a complete self centered j*** that "hits on me" by talking about other girls, telling me I better... [more]

Not the submissive type

He whispered shh shh quietly in my ear with his hand around my mouth and pressed the gun to my back then head. And.. I liked it! What's wrong with me? I have been working out for about 7 months at a gym around where I live. They specialize in defensive tactical training. We were working on defense against an armed combatant with a gun. The... [more]

I was painting

I was painting my clock I had made with the garage closed. I huffed so many fumes I nearly passed out. Instead I started halucinating. I thought I was a bird and got naked, like a bird I guess, climbed on my roof, and jumped off.


I love cheese

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