Funny Confessions & Secrets

Im scared f

I am obese and I cant find my toes

Brother is a h***

I caught my brother humping in a bedroom closet I was totally infatuated with a girl but j*** off instead I think I get sick when I wack off

Yummy super powers

I have a strange ability. If you were to have me eat a bread type product, I could tell you the recipe with 80% accuracy.

50 Shades of Grey

I fully enjoyed every aspect of the movie 50 Shades of Grey. I thought the romance was touching and the sex scenes were exactly what they should be for a movie. The ending of the movie brought me to tears. I'm an 18 year old boy.

b****** @ church

Gave a guy a handjob outside church doors on a Sunday afternoon & a b****** in the parking lot

I brought mono to my school.

I was at my friends house and her cousin was over. her cousin and i really liked eachother. we made out like every chance we could. and that was like two weeks ago ad i have mono and so does half of the school. i knew i had mono like the day after we made out so i had a plan to cough/sneeze on all of the people i didnt like. the school emailed... [more]

Bi-Curious no more

I have for many years fantasized about sucking a d***. I had never done it even as a kid, which I later learned many of my childhood friends were sucking each other's d****.

But I digress... I recently resolved to do it. A male massage therapist found on Craigslist was my first. I... [more]

I want to role play being a slave

Anyone want to role play by email owning me as their slave? I'm a guy looking to be a slave to women of any age or guys 18-25. Post email is interested.


2 years ago I was all alone and there is dis sexy maid working in my house she always bent too much to show her cleavage and I was too eager to suck them she came to my room and as always bentmuch more than needed and this gave a hard in my d*** I just grabbed hold of her from back and inserted my hands in her bra and... [more]

I want to be a slave

I don't know why but I constantly fantasize about being a slave. It can be both sexual and non sexual. I just want someone to claim me and their property. I want to be owned. I want them to exert their power and control over me in whichever ways they want. I want to have no rights, no thoughts of my own, no freedom. I want to be tied up and... [more]

I want to beat up Hans Strudel

The Toaster Strudel kid Hans Strudel needs to have his little blond face punched a few times. I want to see how he thinks of warm, flaky, gooey TOASTER STRUUUUDELS then!

I've been catfishing this guy for 6 months

Ok my confession is that I have this 30 year old guy thinking I'm some hot 25 year old beautiful flight stewardess. We started chatting innocently enough and after a few weeks this guy tells me he thinks he's falling in love with me. We met on a social networking site. I had a fake profile and fake photo of this hot woman I found online, I... [more]

I threw a rock at a kid I didn't like

He was at my grandfathers farm and he was one of the worst pests I have ever known. He would come over while I had friends over and do and say stupid things. He was five years younger than me so like a lot of kids with younger brat brothers you can understand. Wed tell his a** to go home but he would refuse.

On... [more]

He really tried lol

My ex-boyfriend , who now has a new lover , a guy in which I totally dislike . My ex called me tonight and was telling me about his day . He knows I love the youtuber Pewdiepie . So he proceeded to tell me how he spent literally ALL of today watching "Crazy Wheels" . I was like . " "What's that ? You mean Happy Wheels ?" He was like "Oh yeah yeah... [more]

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