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Girls: I kicked my ex in the nuts

I dated my ex-boyfriend for about a year. I broke up with him because he cheated on me with 3 other girls and verbally abused me. Anyway, I saw him at a party a while back and he confronted me in a hallway. We were alone and he said we “had to get back together.” I said no so he grabbed my arm and twisted. I broke free and kicked him as hard as I... [more]

My expirence with giveaways

I entered a FIFA 16 giveaway on twitter. I didn't even look at what console it is. Turns out I'm getting FIFA 16 for Xbox one but I have a PS4 lol

I want to have s** with a hermaphrodite

I'm a straight gut but fantasize about having s** with a female looking hermaphrodite who has both a d*** and a v*****. I would lick and f*** and pleasure her... [more]

Funny Lesbians

I find it funny when lesbians say "we 'f*****' each other".. Hehehe

Stomach fetish

Hii am from India and my age 24yearold boy am from up when I was child i sat on many belly but 10year old I never do this if any women let me sit on her belly (pet) so please contact me it's only fun not other attention please any woman give me my childhood days am rub your belly an also massage your belly but am interested only female my contact... [more]

Stomach Sitting

I love to sit on stomach and also sometimes stand on it. I have done it in my school days a lot and still I do it on my gf.

Sharing my micropenis with the world

I have an infant sized micropenis even though I'm a grown man. I'm straight but love showing it off online mostly to gay and bi buys. I just love the attention. The more I do it the dirtier and cheaper I feel. These guys just get their jollies out of seeing what a freak I am having such a tiny package. I love when younger hung guys mock... [more]

Shhhitty site

Where the fuuck is my confession ???? I've posted it here many times but all i see is confessions of young, dirty biitches who needs to kill themselves.


I pretend to be on my period to have an excuse for being a nasty b****

My huge c***

My c*** is so huge that when girls suck it they choke on it and pass out from lack of air. The last w**** I f***** after she passed out I slapped her face with my [more]

I wish I had a slave

Is it wrong that I wish I had someone to be my slave to do things for me? I get so tired of doing the daily tasks that need to be done along with the chores in my life. I wish I had a slave to cook, clean, do my laundry, wash my car, etc for me.

Doctor Love

I work with a group of People that put in a lot of Hours week in and week out. We spend for time with each other than we do with our own families, not saying that's a good thing at all. So be it Husbands or Wives most of us have arguments with them because of the long hours we have to work. Most of us know who had a fight with their Spouse because... [more]

Am I the only one?

Whenever I have to urinate really badly, I get goosebumps on my b***.

Unhelpful In Search for Lost Bikini Top

My family and I (my mother, BFF, sister, brother, and my brother's girlfriend) were vacationing by a lake this summer. We were swimming in an empty part of the lake about 10 miles from the resort and our Mom decided to go get groceries from the nearby town while we were busy. She forgot that our towels and clothes were in the car when she left. We... [more]

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