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Julian Assange

I'm madly in love with Julian Assange.

Ariel Winter

Ariel Winter is the most beautiful woman that has ever existed. Not only is she doing a wonderful job putting a positive image on a persons body, she still finds time to be a hilarious actress. If any of you have issues with your bodies and face the torment of body shamers, please listen to this amazing person because her words can inspire you to... [more]

I love him

I was out with my boyfriend in the park, whilst being in the park i meet my old best friend who i havent seen in about 7 years, when he saw me he gave me the biggest hug and i cried because i missed him and he even started crying, so after this we went to my boyfriends house and he came aswell and my boyfriend had gone to the local asda to go get... [more]

After prom

I'm deeply in love with my friend but as he's straight and I'm gay we wouldn't ever work. Another friend is suggesting an after prom party at her house this week and I would really love to go but I'm terrified of having to share a room with him when I'm drunk. I get lonely and emotional late at night anyway so throw alcohol into the mix I'll be a... [more]

Maybe I'm scared too!!!!

He doesn't get me..he thinks I don't get him. So we sit and don't get each other. Wow...dumb and what a waste of lives. We could be enjoying each other but instead we do nothing. At least I'm reaching out!!! He avoids.

I'm a l******...

As you can tell by the title, I'm a l******. Like, really really gay. But I have NO idea what to do! I have body dismorphic disorder (basically when you loath your appearance and see yourself differently than others see you) so that makes me paranoid that girls will judge me and reinforce the... [more]


I have been in love with this girl Megan since the eighth grade. She is one of the most beautiful and intelligent girls around. She is the type of girl that will never back down from any challenge. Just a quick description of how she looks' she has long midnight black hair, brown puppy dog eyes, tons of freckles, large bust, skinny frame, and big... [more]

One Day

This isn't really a confession I guess but its a poem. One day I hope to find that perfect person for that perfect moment. As we slow dance under the moonlight on the beach, I lay my right ear on his chest. I hear his heart beating it says thump.. thump.. thump as if it was saying, "I Love You." I look up to gaze into his eyes. His warm light... [more]

Gary Loves Cindy Update

I'm Gary and I've been posting here about my love for Cindy wanting to kiss her and for her to text me. Well, here's an update. Cindy didn't text me so I texted her. We met for a late lunch yesterday. After that she invited me over to her house since her husband was out of town on business. Well to cut to the chase, she passionately kissed... [more]

I despise wimpy men

I hate men who lets their women cheat on them and says its ok men like that turn me off. i love men like the anime diabolik lovers mmm now those aggressive possessive men are exactly what i need in my life they say your all their's like treasure, they aren't willing to share with anyone thats a man i need in my life not a freaking wimp

Please tell me if you like me

So, there's you dipanjan, you're my senior and you live in a different time zone. We have been speaking to each other since 2 months and i just feel like i have started my journey towards your heart. I confess this over here , because i do not have the courage to look you in the face and say how ardently i want to remove these barriers of distance... [more]

Closeted and miserable

I married straight, but I am very much gay. I know this with every fiber of my being. However, I was always told to marry my best friend, and I did--who happens to be the opposite s**.
Plot twist--the other party in this scenario also is not straight. Are we both trapped? Or is there a way to find... [more]

Walking Away

When walking away is the ONLY option
it is NOT a sign of cowardice...
It is a sign
of having considered EVERY. SINGLE. POSSIBILITY...
and counted NONE as feasible.
It is a sign of RESPECT
ultimate LOVE.
Walking away
from the
MIGHT have been...
it is not for the weak.
I am standing
and... [more]

I like tall "giant" girls

Ima short small framed guy (im 5 foot 2) and i really like girls who are really tall, since im short those tall ones are giants, i like to fantasize that a tall thick (not fat) is giving me a warm big hug or im sitting on her lap while she feeding me some food. Its weird but i dont give a s***.

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