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I miss him

I miss T. He & I haven't had any communication in years. His fault. He hurt me with his accusations. Nevertheless, I still love him.

I was all right for awhile

I'm a mild mannered business man by day but each night after returning home from work to my empty house I strip down to my underwear and crank the stereo up up up with "Crying" by Roy Orbison on repeat as I drink my whiskey alone in the dark to forget my lack of love and escape the drudgery of my day job.

Missing you...

I miss you and I love you. But please don't hate me. I wish you'd tell me that I at least mean something to you, but I know it's impossible. You are so successful and purpose-driven, and I'm just nothing. But anyway. Just wanted to let you know that I love you...

Wanting more, but keep the bf.

Kay so I don't want to cheat on my boyfriend, that's just low and stupid, but if I could only go like on a break with my bf, and go have a thing with a guy friend that I'm crazy about and need this obsession to go away. I don't know if lots of people do this or they just cheat. When I try and tell my friends about what's happening with me, they... [more]

Wrapped in my head

Honestly I feel a bit crazy most of the time. Ever since the end of my last relationship and the last school year ending I've been trying to fill the hole in my heart by whatever means necessary, but I am too timid for it to work. This summer I felt as if I was in high school again and fell for this boy who all the girls were in love with. I... [more]

How to tell?

How do you know if a man is in love with you? How can you tell? F

If you don't know by now, you never will

If you don't understand now how we fit, if you don't understand that this is (or rather was) our destiny, you never will. Many years have past and I can say I have given up hope of you ever understanding. I'm not bitter nor angry, just devoid of hope... I have to smile at that now, maybe you would at least get that.

I caught a glimpse of you today *cough*

I felt I could almost touch you. I love your sense of humor, I love you so f****** much. You are my addiction, I burn for you. You keep me going despite the pain, keep me working hard for what I know is right... you are my inspiration. A dream of you is just a dream but I will keep dreaming... [more]


My crush just told me bestfriend he liked mee... i am dancing in the kitchen of happiness.

To the man I'll never tell...

I'll never tell you how much I love you
I'll never tell you how I love the way you laugh, or how you never fail to make me laugh.
I'll never tell you your passion for flying is incredibly sexy.
I'll never tell you how safe I feel in your arms and how soft and warm you are.
I'll never tell you how you've set me free, my heart was broken and I... [more]

Unknown unanswered

We are close,yet the distance remains.Our story has an unending flow without any destination scripted on it.
We do come near,our eyes do meet,heart breathes in sync yet emptiness lies in between.Like the sky comes to meet the earth yet lies the thin line of separation.
I run into your fragrance everyday it gives me a soothing feeling.It warms my... [more]

I am way too in love with fictional characters

I love fiction. A lot.
It's what gets me through the day when nothing else can. I can live through the eyes of another person, fighting monsters and falling in love, by merely flicking the pages of a book.
But I love fictional characters too much.
I develop connections and bonds with them, as I can see their innermost thoughts and feelings... [more]

I thought you should know

I don't know how it happened so instantaneously, but I seem to have fallen in love with you after only briefly making your acquaintance. I have only had the pleasure to officially meet you on two separate occasions yet you somehow materialized into my life in the exact form of everything that I feel I have been searching for over the course of my... [more]

One thing I am happy for

You can fake it, you can try so hard to copy it but you will never be it. Why? Only the deserving know the answer to that.

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