Love Confessions & Secrets

My heart is broken!

I love a man who claimed he loves me I know now that's a lie! We have been together for at least a year we were friends first we hooked up after his wife passed away and I found out I was pregnant and the father deny even being with me so single alone and pregnant not knowing what to do he was married and and were talking about everything and we... [more]

The Silent Confession

I have a crush at school but he never answered to the confession note I sent him last school year. It's already the third six weeks, but he doesn't seem to notice me. I think he's forgotten, and I assume that means he doesn't care enough at all for me to tell me. Even though I know this, I can't seem to move on. I get jealous because he has this... [more]

Became a stripper for my husband

My husband found out that I did wet T shirt contests and amateur stripping on spring brake when I was in collage. He was really turned on by it and asked if I enjoyed it and was always talking about it. I am 25 and in great shape and I really do like stripping, I love being naked in front of a room of h**** guys,so I... [more]

I still love you

I still love you. At first I thought it was loneliness, like I was filling a void, but after all this time and all these distractions, I know that the void in my heart can only be filled by you. I regret breaking up with you, but I know it was fate. I really wish that one day fate will bring us together again and I can feel whole. I just want to... [more]

Your white women are safe around me.

I've never had sex with a white female. I don't find them attractive. They get to know me a little and can't understand why I won't just relax and go out With them and take it from there. I own my own home, car, business but I only date Black women. I don't date latina's either. I'll share my success and love with a Black woman only.

No matter how much yu love someone a bad relationship isn't worth

Many times when either a boy falls in love with a girl or a girl falls in love with a boy it seems horrible that the love isn't returned.

If you love someone that doesn't love you back break up with them. Don't date or even call them. If you continue in a one sided relationship like that you'll end up looking like a fool.

Break away and... [more]

p***** the f*** off

Last year I fell into a huge feud with this guy that used to be my best friend and it ended up getting me expelled but I just found out he did it all to date the girl I liked and If I ever see him again I want to beat the s*** out of him

What's the point

Every guy I have ever come across only sees me as a sex object. I always refuse to give them what they want, and yet, they still just want to get in my pants. It's been making me feel so crappy about myself, like I'm not good enough even though they give Me all sorts of compliments. It makes me wonder if I should just give up on love and humanity... [more]

I want to love somebody

I want to have a soulmate. I want to have a person by my side. I want to be near him/her everytime. I want to hug him/her. I want cuddles with the person I love. I want someone who understands me. I want someone to be there when I need it. I want someone who would hold me when I cry. I want him/her to make me smile.

I don't know how to get rid of feelings for him

To make this clear, I know him since junior year (I had a class with him in Advanced Audio Video Production, he was a senior/I was a junior around that year, good times).. I'm 17, male, bisexual (not proud of my sexuality) and I'm not really dating him right now.

Him & I used to date last year (it lasted for 5 months = october 2013 through... [more]

My secret is out now

I'm 23 years old and never had a boyfriend. There is a man I like. We have gone out five times. Who knows what will happen. I am kind of old school. So I won't do anything till I know someone well.
If I still like him in 5 months we shall see. I have my whole life ahead of me. I don't want to miss out but I don't want to have regrets. I tell... [more]

Gay Black Drama

I've cheated on my boyfriend lots of times, the last couple of months I've put that beside me & trying VERY hard to control my urges & be faithful. I truly believe he's cheated on me at some point with-in our 2 year relationship, just really great at not getting caught. We both love each other extremely! He's a sensitive & delicate being, yet I'm... [more]

Awkward love square

I'm sorta in love with my ex boyfriend's best friend who is also the guy my best friend loves.

My relationship with A Fish

We met online - OkCupid, of all places. I started the conversation.
I cancelled on our first date because I had too much homework that weekend. But our first date was at a Thai restaurant - dinner lasted 2 hours with how well we hit it off. Followed by ice cream... and then Netflix at my place. We spent about 6 hours together that night. I had... [more]

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