Love Confessions & Secrets

I really love her more than life itself

I love her and only her. She's engaged with two children (that I love) so she can never know. She's also one of my best friends in the world. I'd probably commit suicide if she wasn't in my life. She's literally the reason I wake up each day. The chance to see her, talk to her, text her, whatever. She's the most perfect woman in the world and she... [more]

He's kinda married....

So I have a friend named Chris and initially we wernt very close at all. We met through a mutual friend and He would always look at me with a lustful devilish smile. He always played the cool bad boy card.

Eventually he sent me a message online and we talked from time to time then more and more often. Now we have each others numbers and text... [more]

You know it, I know it, and she knows it.

I'm much younger than she is, I'm much better in bed, I'm much better for you, and eventually you're going to leave her (and those horrible horrible horrible children) for me. She knows you want to be with me, and she knows there's nothing she can do about it.

I like this guy

He's cute funny and kind, but I am new in the school and he doesn't really seam to notice me. I think about him every single day. But I am shy,quiet, antisocial and a compleate loner. Can someone please give me advice?

Happy with life but still wounder about what ifs?

That I adore my husband the family we have yea were nor super rich but he makes sure there s always food n roof above our conefession is that I wound er what would have happened if my high school super crush would have got the poem I wrote him if I was breavor sooner n give it to him insead of waiting too long n he got a gf n then just... [more]

Stomach game

Looking for a woman age 40 to 50 yrs. old to play my stomach game with me I live in olney maryland

Is This Love ?

Ok , so I think I have been in love but not sure so maybe someone can help me out . Going back in time - I was 19 years old I'm a girl and I went to fill out a job appellation and had a the interview after I filled it out as the boss had time to see me , I am waiting for the boss and walks in this woman I would say around 25 years old .
She... [more]


You love your wife. You said all those things about her, how unhappy you were...and you didn't mean a word you said. I am a cliche. And so are you. I thought I was a pretty smart person. Intuitive, even. But I'm really not. I fell for it. For you. I convinced myself that I loved you. And you loved me. But that's not what this was at all. I'm so... [more]


So I literally kind of fell in love with my best friend.. We talk about what it would be like to be with each other and I can always feel it but the next morning I start to feel sick. Like actually sick. I don't know what it is but I hate it and love it at the same time. It's so crazy and it happens so fast but I want it so bad. Even if he treats... [more]

Hes not even real

I have a HUGE crush on doofenshmirtz from phineas and ferb.

Just One Problem

I am more in love than I've ever been in my whole life. We've been together for three years, and he has made me the happiest woman in the whole world. He's kind, fun, sexy, and wise. He has told me that he wants us to get married, and I want nothing more than to be his wife forever.

But he has made some terrible financial decisions in past... [more]

I like two of my best friends

So I have a tricky situation. I am a girl and two of my best friends are girls two. Now, I have been straight my whole entire life and I have never experimented with other girls or even thought of them as attractive up until now. I am really close with these girls that both happen to be straight as far as I know. The thing is I don't just love... [more]


I am so attracted to beautiful females, it hurts. i just want to make love with every one of them until heaven explodes out of us and traps us in the most euphoric dream for eternity.

My state of nervousness

There's this really great guy that I, of course fell over heels with. He knows my existence but doesn't feel interested in talking with me. We have allot in common and I feel like we could have an amazing friendship {or relationship if he overtime feels the same way about me}.But I don't know why he doesn't even want to start up a friendship with... [more]

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