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My hair (style) will speak louder than words. Step#1? Done.-


I will work my @$$ off to make this work. Not for you. Not for me. But for them.


My greatest fear is that the people closest to me don't love me. That there's something inherently wrong that makes me unlikable and unlovable. I want to tell myself that this is an irrational fear but I'm not sure that it is.

Just a little frustrated.....

Oh......FML.........So, lately ive done some things out of the straight and narrow lifestyle I live. Earlier this year, I started a relationship with a married woman. A mom from my LL team. And then another relationship. With another team mom. And then my ex wife started coming over........none of them know about the others. Gosh it was... [more]

I cry at weddings

I cry at weddings not because I'm so touched, but because I don't believe that true love exists.


I will always love you. I wish you had the courage to tell me you loved me too, if you ever did. Have a wonderful life where ever you are, but please know, that if ever you need someone in your corner when the world has turned against you, I will always be there for you. You are so very much loved and missed, Goodbye.

I still love the man that beat me

This guy almost killed me on numerous occasions, the beatings, the threats, all the pain and still it was also the greatest experience of love I have ever encountered. I tried so hard to be kind and be loving and it was never enough to stop the rage and sadness. Strangely, he was the one that left me and it seems he is happy and kind to another... [more]

Is it Love or Depression?

I've been in love with you since that first kiss. Was that your intention? I was half-serious, half-daring you to act when I said we could never be together because I loved your best friend too much. So was it shock value to get in my pants, or something more?
I over-analyze every moment we spent together, everything you said, everything you... [more]

I cry after s**

Every time afte my husband f**** me I cry, because it's supposed to be someone else.


3 1/2 years ago my ex girlfriend went out to a club for a reunion party. I didn't go. Months before that she was starting to act real strange towards me. I moved from one city to the city she lived in, but I didn't move there because of her, but she thought so. Again she started to be real distance from me & I just didn't understand, because we... [more]


I'm still deeply in love with you even though we broke up in December over my cruel betrayal, we're "best friends" now, but secretly all I want is to wake up to your texts and fall asleep to sound of your voice telling me to go to sleep because it's 5am. You fascinate me to no end and I'm so thankful that you never left my life much like everyone... [more]

I love my teacher

If somebody told me that this will happen to me, I'd never EVER believed them and most likely called them crazy!

Self-control? Maybe it'd be less confusing to be reckless...

I am a closeted bisexual woman. I'm aching to be with a woman that I work with. She's not conventionally "pretty", whatever that means, but when I watch her I find myself thinking about how g****** beautiful she is. The colour of her eyes, the way her hair falls over one eye, her lips, her... [more]


We choose...we either grief or rejoice in our choice. We live with the consequences. I choose someone's happiness over mine. To say that I love her is a gross understatement. But, I have my little guy...and he loves his daddy so. Period. She has hers, whom she loves...I technically have my own, whom I...oh, well.
So verification code... [more]

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