Love Confessions & Secrets

Double Love

I love two different men. I know it's awful to play with someone's feelings but I just can't let either one of them go. I can't stand being away from them. Both have their strengths and weaknesses. The first is 23 and a college student. He's a great guy but always parties and gets drunk all the time and always wants the dirtiest sex but at the... [more]

Sad Abortion

That I found out that I was pregnant after my ex and I broke up. I had to go through the abortion process. Do you think I should have told him about my pregnancy?

I love you

I love you Bethany I will probably never see you again and you will probably never see this but even though we didn't talk much you are the most beautiful person I have ever met.sorry I was too f****** retarded to tell you that...

Time to say goodbye!

I love you so much it hurts you said if it don't hurt it wouldn't be love! What are you trying to say that you love me too! I asked you do you love me you say I wouldn't be here if I didn't! Still you don't answer my question! So how's this GOODBYE! Every time I try to leave you would just say I would miss this and kiss me hold me then walk away!... [more]

Cold Night

I miss you every day. It's been 6 weeks since you broke up with me and I still love you. Call me Dark Prince Zeus.

It never ends does it?

You came over for the first time in over a year yesterday. I felt the twinge in my stomach again and the aching to just touch. I tried to be casual and relaxed, but the grin on your face told me you knew I was screaming on the inside.
we did good I think. behaved ourselves for over a year. didn't text anything but polite conversation until... [more]

What do I do now?

I just want this question answered. What do you do when you love a person of a race you hate? I have seen members of a race mistreat my mother so badly and she just kept gong back to the same type of guy of the same race. I have tried to have no relationship with them but what if you were thrown into a situation for several months with someone of... [more]

I hate myself for loving a white boy!!! I will lose my friends.

I confess I'm borrowing my goodie girl room mate's computer to confess this after I pretended to be asleep and watched her in her crusade to help people on this site. She can't help me! She's such a Cosby Kid! I am a black female and a student at a university. I HATE WHITE PEOPLE but none of my friends do. I have faked being okay with them just to... [more]

Love I can't have

I am in Middle School and I am in love with a 25 year old man. I've known him for 3 years and I love him. Everything he does I love. He is the smartest, kindest, cutest person I know. I know this is bad but I can't help it. My parents say "oh don't worry you just have a tiny crush on him" but after this long I KNOW that I love him. We've held hand... [more]

Forever Alone

So I'm a freshman in collage and I've barley had even a kiss from a guy. I don't know why but no guy has really ever showed interest in me. I've tried several times to get a guys attention but they never seem to notice. All I want is a guy to want to run up and hug me and push me against a wall and kiss me. Im the comic book, gaming nerdy type but... [more]

Smell Matters

The biggest turnoff for me is when a guy smells. The smell from his sweat is unbearing even though deprdant was used. Would that be a legit reason for not being with someone?

Thanks Dr Amba

My true life story! i am into business,but it was not bringing out profit as it was supposed to, life was not what living cos things was bad for me financially, i have a beautiful wife with two kids to take care off. i sold my car and most of my property just to keep earns mate and still things was not going easily for me. so i complained to a... [more]


I'm very confused right now. Recently found out an ex & my cousin are having a "thing". She's married - don't know if it's an open relationship. This ex used to manipulate me into doing things sexually, now he's doing the same to her. My cousin is about 1/2 my age & I HATE this guy for taking advantage of her. I don't understand why she would go... [more]

I want my wife back

My wife left me after having several affairs. I'm hearbroken over her, I still love her, I miss her more than anything. I've asaked her to come home a few times but she prefers her life of having sex with lot's of guys. She does not want a relationship with anyone, she wants her sexual freedom. I had a girlfriend who wound up in love with me, I... [more]

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