Love Confessions & Secrets

I love a fgt too much

That fgt is too perf. Me love too much lel

Hopeless crush...

So its 2015, and its been 4 years now that I've had a crush on a guy at my school. Not only is he the sexiest guy on school, but he simply makes my knees jelly. He's a down to earth guy but I can't seem to even say Hi to him. I really want to get to know him. But I doubt he even notices me. Any advice?

What should I do?

I broke up with my boyfriend 5 weeks ago. We had been together for 1 year and 3 months and the reason why I did it was because it wasn't the same anymore. Things had changed and I didn't feel the same way about him. Breaking up with him was really hard for me. He was more than just my boyfriend; he was my best friend. We experienced so much... [more]

She wants me

Her name is sophie and she is fast approaching sixteen. And i know its wrong but i picture her even when im teaching in a lesson and im ment to be one hundred percent proffesional.If you havent of already guessed im a teacher a p.e teacher as a matter of fact and most awkardly a bisexual teacher who pines after her student.

i remebered how it... [more]

My Shepard.....If you read this....

I should have never left you. You were new and bright to love. And what did I do? I broke your heart. I never ment to. Still to this day.
I love you. I dream about you. Whisper your name to the dark. I remember our kiss. The kiss that broke me. Your eyes dark and warm, and full of laughter. I love you and long to be with you. I hate the man I am... [more]

.....What have I become.....

Lets just do it this way. I am in a relationship with man C.
He is in the Navy and we have a long distance relationship.
After four months of dating, he asked to marry me. I said.
and ever since then we have been fighting and we have been together for a year and a month now...... I met C in highschool while I was dating S. S and C were good... [more]

Im in love with my bestfriend

I am completely in love with my bestfriend. She was the one that made me realise that I was bisexual. The one that has always been there for me and made me feel wanted. I know she doesn't and will never like me in the way I like her and I can't tell any of my friends because they hate her. She has put me through a lot of [more]

Your name starts with D

I need to write out how I feel about you, each and every day, because it's just too hard to pretend that everything is fine with all the "real" people in my life. Everyday I try to find meaning to my life without you, if I have anything left to live for, and I sink deeper and deeper one day after the next.

Everyday, I wake up alone and tired... [more]

My ex-Other Woman is dating and I want to die

Two years ago I ended a long-term affair and the woman and I have kept a very casual friendship afterwards. My wife never knew and never will know about the affair, although she did meet the woman once by accident. During the affair this woman (I'll call her L) and I split and reconciled several times and I loved her passionately, as she said... [more]

I have a huge l****** crush on my friend

I'm a 16 year old girl. And I have a huge crush on my friend who is also a girl, but she straight, has a boyfriend, and doesn't know I'm l******. She is absolutely beautiful inside and out. I love the way she makes me feel, I feel so special when I'm with her even when were not talking. She knows how to make me laugh... [more]

Im in love with my best friend

I'm in love with my best friend, and we r both 15. He's younger, but honestly, idc. I've known him since we were 6, but until two months ago, we had no contact. But somehow, we started talking again. We're into the same exact stuff, except he's a cancer and I'm an Aquarius and he's not my type. Wtf. But I still love him. And I'm so, freaking... [more]

He's the only one

I am 100% sure that i am in love with my ex.. he's on my mind 24/7. Hes a blessing and idk where i would be without him. He feels the same way but he has a girlfriend which really sucks because i would get back with him in a second. Call me crazy but i think hes the one.. we always end up getting back together like we love each other and idk i... [more]

My Ex..

(Let me just start off by saying that my ex & i still have feelings for each other.. but he has a girlfriend and he thinks that he made a wrong choice by choosing her over me)
I was on the bus going home and me my ex were talking. I told him that i had to talk to him about something and he asked what. I didnt feel comfortable about talking about... [more]


So my Adult stepdaughters husband was driving her car and wound up rear ending someone.Car got totalled and there wasn't any insurance. I expect a s*** storm of epic proportions to be brewing.

My wife knows there's gonna be some financial consequences and repercussions and wants to desperately help her daughter... [more]

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