Love Confessions & Secrets

I still love you..San Jose

I still love you after 14 years. I wish I could tell you but you are married now and I would never do anything to destroy a marriage. I just wish I would've told you how I really felt before I left San Jose back in '01. After all these years I still feel the same and maybe one day I will get to tell you. F.S.

How do I tell my family?

I am 18 and I met someone online. Yes he is older than me, and there are a lot of other things that complicate it including the fact that I have not told my family because I believe that they would freak out and not let me talk to him anymore... I just don't know how to tell them, I really want to though because I think I may love him.

You and I both know it . . . . .

. . . . . there's no way your wife can compete with me. I'll have her out of your life, and out of my way, inside of six months.

My lost love

I have never stopped loving you Shannon...not for the last 35 years and I will continue to love you forever...Ron

Well, s***, that's an age difference.

I'm very quickly falling in love with another woman 29 years older than me. She's become my world. When she first kissed me, I felt electricity through my body. I don't know what to say or do,but I'm riding this wave. She is so incredible and beautiful.

What to do ?!

I was playing a game similar to sims I am a woman who met a woman on there she told me she had a gf but we could be together on the game .I didn't care so we did then we started talking real life when I seen her d*** she was so fine to me she been with her gf for three years .I've knew her for 3 days then and we... [more]

I dont know

Okay, so I met this guy via the internet and like ive talked to him and skyped him before . He seems to have a liking in me but I dont think i like him back. He flirts with me alot and i find it super cute and sweet but idk i guess i dont like him because he lives so far away from me.


I'm in a relationship with a great person and I feel really strongly but I'm afraid to say so.... I want to say "love" but if he didn't say it back I'd be crushed

Do am i doing right?

T doubt that they have sex. But my boyfriend insist that he never having sex with that gurl for whole 2014.. i saw that pictures Of gurl last december 2014 my boyfriend said that she only gets chubby.. When i saw the picture again last february 2015 my boyfriend said he dont know because he dont care..and lately he said some of his friends told... [more]

Not being able to call him mine

As I think of you, I often wonder what it would be like to fall in love with someone like you
I lay here, constantly seeing you appear on my screen
but to whom would it matter?
having as many fans as you do, I couldn't stand out
I'm just a fan, your support, your money source
that's all
you're thousands of miles away, unaware of my... [more]

I feel like an idiot when the romantic spark dies out

I've been madly in love three times with women and I swear to god each one of these women screwed me over. They let me spend money on them and they dated me but after awhile each of them screwed me over in their unique different ways. This has soured me for other relationships. I can't believe I was forced to dump three women.

I have a crush on my coworker

Over the past couple months I've (I'm female) been crushing h****** my coworker(male). I am too afraid to do anything about it because I don't want to make things with him during work and also I could get fired because I'm on of his bosses. I like him so much and I have no idea if he likes me back but I am completely... [more]

A Past Dream

Alright to start off when i was in my early teens i had 2 friends with a really hot sister they were good friends of the family and i had a huge crush on their sister but she was far outta my league i never took a shot because i didn't wanna f*ck things up, skip ahead to last night i dreamed that i talked to her and let her know how i really felt... [more]

Perfect, but not a chance

I have known this guy from my university for the past 2 years. Never struck me as an attractive one , but his personality got me liking him. Just recently :). He and i have many things in common, pretty eyes(my friends told haha) , doodling, reading, strict morals, photography of sceneries. And also my bucket list kind of guy, who has dimples, who... [more]

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