Love Confessions & Secrets

Just Attraction

I'm not in love with you anymore C.I told myself that the last time you broke my heart would be the last time I let you.I didn't pay much attention to what K. told me about you,because I knew years ago how self-centered and arrogant you are,but I still loved you for your other traits.Maybe you only said you liked me because you knew how I felt... [more]

What a Sexy Man

I like to look at photos of Leo Jimenez(Spanish heavy metal singer).He is so sexy.

What I Realized After You Finally Contacted Me

Hans,you wanted to be sure that I'd still be available for you sexually.The answer is no because you have a girlfriend now.I can't be involved with someone who is taken.I'd be constantly reminded of the fact that you chose her over me.It says a lot about you that you would do this when you have a girlfriend.With a heavy heart,I'm telling you that... [more]

Is it a crush???

So I recently posted a confession about me being confused if I had a crush on one my co wokers... . See he's British, good looking, so nice and funny!. But, he's around 19, while I'm only 17, and I'm not sure if its a real crush. I do often think about him, and today I got jealous thinking of him being with a really pretty girl. I'm not not sure... [more]

Love at first sight?

I met this girl a little while back and instantly fell for her. What ever she wants I make sure she gets it's because I can't stand to see her upset. Here's where my issue comes iv been known to use women and play them in a way and I can't stop. I honestly think I love her but I just can't stop cheating and I'm really afraid to lose someone who... [more]

I might have fucked everything up.

My sparring partner at martial arts a bit older than me; but he's stunning. Fit, because he's a Sensei; short dark hair, dark eyes, beautiful smile. Gentle, kind, decent guy.

Some of us from the club went out drinking the other night, and somehow he wound up confessing that he knew we'd always had chemistry... "Whatever happens between us I... [more]

I'm in love with a man half my age

I'm forty one and to look at me you'd think i was a middle class soccer mom...and while i am a mother, i also have another side to me...for the past five months I've been sleeping with a guy who's twenty's always been purely sexual between us, we would never be able to maintain a relationship...he's a gang banger and a real dangerous... [more]

I'm scared when i see him if what we had will still be there..

About 10 years ago I was living with a friend of my family, and she had her nephew come out to visit from out of state, and I kind of ignored him at first, he was 17 I was 20 at the time. but he was out for a solid 3 weeks, and a couple days passed and he's who I'd come home too, who I would eat with and talk too since my roommie was out on a lot... [more]

I, love

My butt, its perfect. i cant count on my boobs, but my ass... it's nice, and round, soft and smooth, and bit big, but nothing violent. i love it, and guys too. they just love to squeeze it, touch it, kiss it, smack it. the one thing wich makes me comfortable with myself.

You were right

You were right. I fell in love with you, I just can't admit it to you. I'm afraid of the consequences. I didn't want to love you, but you made me feel safe and cared for. It felt like for once I didn't have to be the strong one, I could just be me; faults and all. In your presence I could breathe. I love/d you.



I miss my ex still...

I broke up with my ex 3 years ago because I thought i wasn't good enough to be with her. I have very bad self confidence issues. She is incredibly pretty. She can walk into a bar and I know every single guy there will look at her. She was way out of my league and I broke up with her before she could leave me for someone better. I miss her so much... [more]

different this time..........

been married 12 yrs in october. have cheated on her several times but never fell for any of was always just sex. some normal and some superfreaky. then last month i met this transsexual and started dating her. at first it was just cuz it was new and cuz the sex was incredible.......but now i cant do without her and i'm total addicted... [more]

My darling Stephan

I know that when I became your mistress I promised to not ever place any demands on you. You didn't ask for that, I freely offered it. And I'm not making this a demand, honestly: it's just an expression of what I want and need. I no longer wish to share you sexually with your wife. I'm not asking you to divorce her, or abandon your family and... [more]

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