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I'm falling in love with my boss

So, I am incredibly attracted to one of my bosses. Both intimately and emotionally. I really want him to notice me more, but at the same time I'm worried that my feelings can get us both into trouble at the workplace. I don't want to say that I love him, but the foundation is there. I look forward to seeing him during the day and I... [more]

Such a stupid girl I am.

My Australian from omegle, I honestly never stopped thinking of you. I'm seeing someone now, but you're the one I want to hear when he opens his mouth, you're the one I want to see when I look at him. He's an amazing guy & I should be so in love with him. You, my Australian, cloud my mind everyday. Why?! Why did you have this effect on me? We... [more]

I want someone I can call mine

I am major and I look really younger than my age. Teenagers usually come to hit on me because of that... I am attracted to men that are 5-10 years older than me. I guess no one will come talk to me because I look like a kid and I am genetically cranky :(
I hope someone that can call me his and that I can call mine finds me. I am languishing... [more]

I left my ex girlfriend

Some years ago I left my girlfriend. She said I had began to bore her and she wasn't going out with me again until I suggested something she wanted to do.

I suggested a movie, a park, a drive, the zoo. She said nah to each suggestion and when I asked her to suggest something she said no. Well I had run out of suggestions so I didn't call. ... [more]

Scared of losing people

My greatest fear is losing the people I love. I've already lost my close friend and two dogs that I hold dear to my heart. I'm 15 and before I go to sleep I cry and think about how s*** my life would be without them. It's usually my dad, horses and sister. I hardly get to see my dad though because my parents are... [more]

Love twist

Ive had a crush on a guy for 2 years of highschool. I recently found out hes in my university. We've been hanging since... until i met another guy... whom ive clicked more with and idk.. he just gets me. I had a dream about the first crush... But the second guy seems like my option one unless YOU dont notice me first...

Female Tease

I am talking to at least 10 guys at the same time. I like to flirt and they make me feel good about myself. But the moment they start getting serious, I want nothing more than to run away... intmacy scares me but I don't know why.

Not fit for monogamy?

I am not sure what it is, perhaps it's because I am afraid of 100% intimacy, but I just cannot be in a relationship. I enjoy flirting with someone until they bring it up and want something more. I wish I was able to have more people at once, each supplying me with different types of love. One for sex, one for emotional support, one to have great... [more]

Can you rly say all this?

I dont know what it means to say my true feelings, since I dont quite know what they are. (I should cut this out because Im putting on my defensive barrier.)
From the beginning:
C, what I feel for you... is hard to describe. I would hate to define it. When I wake up I wake up to a thought I will see you in a little bit. Then I forget all... [more]

How to tell you..."I likes you"

Staring you from last 1 and half month..waits each n every day at metro station for you, takes the same metro, same coach, stands besides you.. Somehow manages to stare at you....One day, when i take metro before you... changed 3 metro to have a single look of you... was unable to find you that day but fortunately.. found you next to me in queue... [more]

At Crossroads Between Love & Hate

I do the paper route at night & have been doing that since I was around 10 yrs old, helping my mom when we needed easy money. I came back at the end of 2012 in August or September. After a few days or some little time being there, I spotted this brunette when she was handing out the bundles of heads. I had 2 thoughts that came to mind: she was... [more]

Embarassing Confession

You made me fall for you. And I'm not sure if it was accidental or on purpose. Did you know what you were doing? How? I don't fall for guys easily. Especially not players like you. But somehow you managed to melt the ice around my fragile glass heart. Perhaps it was the deep stare in your penetrating blue eyes. The sensual stare that sucked me in... [more]


To the guy that played with my emotions,
Congratulations. Not many can. All my life I've trained myself to control and suppress my feelings. I've always been very careful with them. So you can imagine what an idiot I feel like for lowering the walls down for a player like you. I'm not mad at you, just myself. I knew you were a player from the... [more]

Yo vivo

Yo vivo en el pais Que hay mas gordos en el mundo
Y yo soy un Gordo aunque no me la creas.
Pero no soy un gordo por la manera Que Como comida chatarra 
Me digo un Gordo xk estoy lleno
Estoy lleno de Amor
Me aparecistes en un sueño y desde ese dia me dije a mi mismo Que seras la dueña de mi Corazon.
2 y medio años despues 
y sigo... [more]

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