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Pictures of my crush

Every time i finish mastrubating, i look at pictures of my crush. Because that is the face i want to see after sex... I also have imaginary post-sex conversations with her.

A loser's letter to his lost love

Dear ******,
I saw you for the first time, a little over two years ago. When I first saw you, I felt attracted to you, but at that time I didn’t realize it. Over the next few weeks, that attraction slowly grew into love. I realized that I was madly in love with you. Even then, I had a feeling that I would not succeed, and I spent a few weeks... [more]

Other woman

I think I may have fallen for my wife's friend (who is also married). Without getting too much into detail, we have been flirting and have gotten close (non-sexual) over the past 1.5 years. The other day, I emailed her a 'hypothetical' situation where a friend I know has feelings for a married woman, etc. etc. It wasn't blatantly obvious that I... [more]

He is upset for some reason

We just met a month ago. for three weeks we developed this amazing chemistry. everything was great, and then i did something wrong. i dont know exactly what but i notice hes been avoiding me and acting a bit cold towards me.
i dont want to make a big deal out of everything. i dont want to ask him if he is angry for some reason. i feel like if he... [more]

Sister-In-Law Lust

I had a short affair with my sister-in-law. It ruined both our marriages. She got divorced, and my wife and I are still trying to work through it. I hate myself for it! It's been over 10 years and I still think about it at least every other day. I so wish I could forget about it and move on. Hopefully when I die, it will bring an end to the... [more]

My lost love

I loved a guy. Now he is gone.All my dreams can't be fulfilled now.I feel like I still love him.I was in love with him for 10 years.I was 13 then, now I am 23. I can't marry him. I can't see his face for life.I wanted to live with him, make family.I daily cry remembering him. His memory is ruining me. What can I do now? To let go of all his... [more]

At least I have her though..

I am early 30-something male in the U.S. and on the fringes of ending a 4 year relationship with the girl I live with. I don't want it to end.
But here's the thing.. I didn't want it to BEGIN.

She aggressively pursued me when we first met 4 years ago, and I was into another girl but she wasn't into me, so I said "what the hell, I'll hang out... [more]

I'm 15 with a crush on a 36 year old man

Just a short while back I was invited to my boyfriend'a uncle's birthday party. I know I'm only 15 and there would be only adults there so I didn't expect much and thought it might've been a bit of a bore. I went nevertheless for my boyfriends sake.

The man hosting the party was my boyfriend's 36 year old cousin. He was absolutely charming and... [more]

She's a Secret l******

I fell in love with a girl I never knew anything about name,age, etc. I met her during summer I was 14 at the time going on 15. My mom would always go to the gym early mornings. One day I decided to o with her and thee she was long black perfect hair with almond like black eyes and a smile to die for with deep CHEECK dimples smooth baby skinned... [more]

He's kinda married....

So I have a friend named Chris and initially we wernt very close at all. We met through a mutual friend and He would always look at me with a lustful devilish smile. He always played the cool bad boy card.

Eventually he sent me a message online and we talked from time to time then more and more often. Now we have each others numbers and text... [more]

I really love her more than life itself

I love her and only her. She's engaged with two children (that I love) so she can never know. She's also one of my best friends in the world. I'd probably commit suicide if she wasn't in my life. She's literally the reason I wake up each day. The chance to see her, talk to her, text her, whatever. She's the most perfect woman in the world and she... [more]

I failed.

When I was 16, I fell in love with a girl. For almost 2 years, I kept on telling myself that she also loved me, inspite of a lot of evidence to the contrary. Then I told her how much I loved her, wanted her and needed her. She broke my heart, saying she was in love with someone else. Now, I feel like a failure. I am not able to concentrate on... [more]

Feelings for a Married Man

Reconnected with old friend (20+ years) and he kissed me at the end of the night. Friendly kiss.... but sparks flew and we both knew it. Nothing more happened, we were smart enough to say good night and part ways. Now he's getting a divorce - partly because of what happened with us.

I feel terrible guilt over this. In reality, his marriage... [more]

Knocked Out My Lady Again

I just keep f****** up. My temper has been an on going issue to clarify this following confession. So a few hours ago, me and my lady were arguing again, for the sake of the story her name is "Daisy." Daisy keeps b******* about us not spending time together, given my busy work schedule. I... [more]

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