Love Confessions & Secrets

I don't know how to get rid of feelings for him

To make this clear, I know him since junior year (I had a class with him in Advanced Audio Video Production, he was a senior/I was a junior around that year, good times).. I'm 17, male, bisexual (not proud of my sexuality) and I'm not really dating him right now.

Him & I used to date last year (it lasted for 5 months = october 2013 through... [more]

My secret is out now

I'm 23 years old and never had a boyfriend. There is a man I like. We have gone out five times. Who knows what will happen. I am kind of old school. So I won't do anything till I know someone well.
If I still like him in 5 months we shall see. I have my whole life ahead of me. I don't want to miss out but I don't want to have regrets. I tell... [more]

Gay Black Drama

I've cheated on my boyfriend lots of times, the last couple of months I've put that beside me & trying VERY hard to control my urges & be faithful. I truly believe he's cheated on me at some point with-in our 2 year relationship, just really great at not getting caught. We both love each other extremely! He's a sensitive & delicate being, yet I'm... [more]

Awkward love square

I'm sorta in love with my ex boyfriend's best friend who is also the guy my best friend loves.

My relationship with A Fish

We met online - OkCupid, of all places. I started the conversation.
I cancelled on our first date because I had too much homework that weekend. But our first date was at a Thai restaurant - dinner lasted 2 hours with how well we hit it off. Followed by ice cream... and then Netflix at my place. We spent about 6 hours together that night. I had... [more]

The four year speedbump of my thoughts.

I devoted myself to believe that my heart had never had a purpose to beat until the moment I met him.
Four years ago, I stumbled upon a boy who I instantly (and clichely) fell head over heels for in a tween cloud of love. It wasn’t his looks, his monetary value, his friends, no. It was nothing but a masterpiece of a personality that just happened... [more]


I met this guy we talked for 6 years, thought we were soul mates. Last time he saw me he said I love you the next day never talked to me again.I havent been able to get over him its been almost 2 years... He wont say goodbye, why cant I give up on him. Im sick of it...

Cheating, with an older guy...need advice

Relationship Status:We are both in committed relationships that neither of us is happy in, and in both cases, leaving is simply impossible at the moment.

How we met: Josh is in construction that constantly brings him into the city 3 hrs from home, and he practically lives up here during the summer. We were both on a social... [more]

My dad doesn't love me as much as...

You would think it would be another sibling right? Or a girlfriend? Or hell, even his car. None of the above.

Nope my dad loves his stupid sheepdog. I'm not 100% sure, but 99.8%, that he would save the dog before me if there was a fire. That other .2%? I think he would save me and then insist we go save the dog.

It used to hurt. I used to... [more]

I fell in love with a gay woman and I'm a man

We dated off and on for a few years when she declared her love for women instead of men. That was several years ago but there are times when I still remember her with love.

My sad world. Atleast I got my dog. (27male/gay))

Trying to break up with my boyfriend. I'm a liar, bi-polar, memory issues, chemically dependent, smoke 2 packs a day, lazy, a drunk, arthritis, a bad knee, have seizures, depressed, irresponsible, socially retarded, and I'm supposed to have back surgery- but am too sick and don't have insurance. I probably could fix many of these problems if I was... [more]

Hurting and Confused

I married a great guy my first boyfriend who i liked since i was 16 we were friends dated at 18 and ended up getting married at 21. I thought i was in love and we developed something very deep. i am now 23 and i love my husband to death.

Then i started to talk to this other guy, i treat all my guy friends like friends nothing more. I dont... [more]

First Love and My One Great Love

I'm a 16 years old girl. There is a boy who I fell in love for a year now. He's courting me for a year and two months now. He always take care of me, Always there whenever I need, He always talk to me, he always get jealous whenever some guy around me. There was a time I humiliated him, and the thing is I took him for granted before. I almost try... [more]

Boy on Bus.

I really like this freshman boy (I'm a freshman too) and we met on the bus, but I didn't see him this week and I was hoping that I would...
We share the same name, and we're both nerds.
I had a fun time talking to him last week, but I don't know how often he takes the bus-it was only my second time riding it-so I'm not sure when the next... [more]

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