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Secretly A l******

I'm just another teenager and yeah, I am a l******. I have a bunch of friends and there's this girl who I really like but she's into someone else so

A Love Song Too My Wife In Heaven

My wife died of cancer back in 2008 and the loss is still as painful for me today as it was the day she died. My wife and I were both big Yes fans but I never got a chance to play for her this rare version of "I'm Alive" from the 1989 ABWH sessions. Nevertheless, the message in much of Yes / Jon Anderson music is that the soul lives on... [more]

Just Listen for 30 sconds....

I just want to say to all you people, if you can ever find somebody to love you, don't do like I did and mess it up. Cherish it. Love her when you don't really feel like it. If she can smile at you when you are down...return the favor. You only get a few real chances in life at real love, don't be a fool and mess it up.


"The fear of the "thing" is usually greater than the "thing." - smart thinkers


I recently got a big crush on this boy, and I can't do anything about it because my good friend dated him 2 years ago, broke up, and still likes him, and my other good friend likes him and he might like her and they might date very soon. i told my another girl (best friend) about my dilemma and she says that she ships me and the guy a lot and that... [more]

Don't scroll pass this! Advice needed

Long story short , I like a man that is 10 years older than me. He has everything going for himself, compared to me I'm just a young pretty girl working on getting my degree a year from now. I like him and he likes me too. I just don't know what a girl like me could offer him? :/ It like I don't feel good enough for him


I'm a happily married man beautiful wife and 5 healthy kids. Me and my wife are very sexually active but I'm a doctor hospital is my home 24/7 on call surgeries etc. due to that I've become very germaphobic towards anything I touch I won't grab handles with bare hands always wash my hands consistently disinfect my phone,car handles, door... [more]

Cannot fake love(tired of lying to myself)

... That I cannot love my family anymore for the reasons that there has been hate throughout three generations.
I am only typing this out looking for advice, making myself feel better and overall bettering my health by suppressing anger.
My father remembered ever since he was a child that there was always fights, vendettas... [more]

Gave up principles and went back to ex who is married.

I was 16 when I met him and fell in love for the first time. What I didnt know was he was not who he told me he was. He was 17 years older to me and swept me off my feet. He didnt tell me he was living in with another woman. I had no idea and he was in love with me too. He was the first man to hold my hand and the first to kiss me. He was... [more]

Single Pringle

So I'm 19F and I've never had a boyfriend before, I've had my first kiss but it was a bit awkward for me because I was expecting like a fairy tale moment but it didn't happen, plus this happened at work in the break room and I was freaking out that someone was going to walk in one us. I kind of feel like I won't get a boyfriend though because I'm... [more]

(Love-) Life

Sometimes life is like a railway track. Goes on n on in a similar fashion each day, everyday. N then you see a few parallel tracks, n you realise everybody's is the same old story.
Sometimes the train from the parallel track is moving alongside. Although coming close, you know its never gonna cross its track n hit ours. It's moving so fast, so... [more]

Work crush

I've just started a new job and there is someone who works there, lets just call her Emily. She's not the prettiest girl I've met, but I am very smitten by her. She is attractive, no less but what I find most attractive about her is her temperament. She's very helpful and magnanimous which draws me in. I am so torn right now because I am in a... [more]


I constantly dream about my ex boyfriend and I look for him everywhere I go. I wish he wasn't such a fuckboy so I could leave my boyfriend and go back to him


I met someone online a long time ago, we snapchat a lot and I am pretty sure I have some deep feelings for him. However, I have this suspicion that he's a catfish.. all evidence tells me he is but..... I refuse to believe it

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