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Couldn't help myself

I have fallen totally and completely and madly in love with my daughter's new best friend. She and her parents just moved here, and into our condo development, right before school started this year. She and my daughter immediately became best friends (as did my wife and her mother) and they started spending all their time together, which meant... [more]

I could use some advice

Okay I'm a 20 year old boy and there is a girl I used to talk to when I was a sophomore and we fell off. Ever since then I tried to get her to be my friend or more than that and she wouldn't give me the time of day note we weren't on bad terms but last night I messaged her via Twitter I said "hey big head" she replied "LOOOL REALLY?" Then I said I... [more]

Its ended

He doesnt love me anymore. And Im just realizing it now. Is there a universe I can go to, away from this sadness? My God what have I done to myself??? -Lo

Sitting on the steps

I loved you...
Even to the point of idolizing you
You made my heart skip beats
You took the air our of my lungs
The words out of my mouth you were my everything the only one I loved so deeply I made you laugh and you made me laugh but ... but then time, sickness, and ideals drew us apart.
Winter came and it was cold our bond became... [more]

In love with my mother in law

I have liked my mother in law ever since the first time I met her. I would allways see her at my house to the point she moved in with us and I allways wanted to tell her how I felt about her but didn't have the courage. Till one day me and my wife had a fight and she left to her dad's house he is no longer with my mother in law and then my mother... [more]

I like a straight guy

So im a gay guy and im in love with a straight guy at my school, im 14 and hes 16. I try talking to him but I just embarrass myself. while at mcdonalds, they called my name then his so I just grabbed his and tried to hand it to him but he said "I didn't order anything" then a man walked up and grabbed it out of my hands. they laughed and I almost... [more]

He's so cute

There's a certain guy that I really like, and we're both semi-shy, like when you get to know the person you open up. we've been teasing each other and doing sort of blushy and staring kinds of things, and I can't stop thinking about him

Sister in law

I have been in love with my sister in law fir 10 years. We flirt alot and we have fooled around a bit. I want to be with her. She and I have a bond. I buy her things and give her money. We have been sneakin around just so we can hang out together. Today I went to her place and she had no bra on. She has amazing huge [more]

Ln love with a boy outside marriage

Hi, im a 37 years old married woman with two sons. married life is not great but im husband is very good person who remains always busy in his work and most of the days remains out of station. i am highly energetic active and ambitious. to engage myself i did my higher education and got my doctorate and am working as a professor in a... [more]

What went wrong?

You wanted to chat I wanted to converse You wanted friends with benefits I wanted to stay friends You wanted l*** I wanted love You wanted to walk out I wanted to walk in But why walking in different directions? Why not together?

Soaking wet

My first motel experience i was so into my guy.. as we entered the room h .was so h**** and so into me..hestarted kissing me so deeply and breathing deeply on my skin down to y breast as he nibbles my shirt and bra and took it off to see my nipples more and just suck them so hard.. and turned me... [more]

Friend zone

I am totally in love with my best friend Paul. We have an amazing time together, we have great s**, but every time he doesn't really kiss me back I break a little inside. I wish I could be fully happy just being friends.

Thank FULL

I cannot see straight anymore -
I am thank FULL for
meeting you
learning from you
seeing you
I am thank FULL for
your thick silver ring
For tacitly giving me a reality check
your mentioning of "WE"
every single time.
I see it.
I respect it - always had.
I have moved on.
But I am forever thank FULL
for letting me see
what I could... [more]

Fierce Momma

She knew it from day#1. Didn't she? Claws were out on that day. ...and still are. She knows - she thinks. but hey, she must me be right, after all.-

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