School Confessions & Secrets


When I was in junior high, I started getting notes in my locker from someone named "Chubbo" I had no idea who it was, but the letters said I was pretty and that he had liked me for a long time, and we had classes together. I got a letter every day for a week.
I asked my group of girl friends if they knew who he was, and they all said no.

one... [more]

The Worst Years Of My Life

I'm 17 and I will be 18 in just a week and thus finally an adult. However I will not be Completing my education I just can't take it anymore Middle and High school have literally been the worst years of my life so far. I remember in middle school it started out nice and I had such an appetite for knowledge little did I know what kind of hell would... [more]

Public shame

I used to spent summers in school summer camps. I was sitting by the pool with my girlfriends watching this boy's surfer suit ride half way down his butt. We were laughing and joking about it with boys, when one of them came up with the idea of pulling them down. They asked us to call him over to do it in front of us and embarrass him. We all... [more]

$125,000 Debt,Graduate Degrees,No Job

I have 3 graduate degrees in good majors,owe $125k and have no job in my areas of study.Nobody wants to hire me and am not sure how I will ever repay my loans.I am not young and I am really worried.

I Can't Stop Thinking About You

I can't stop thinking about a girl I've only ever said a few words to I would always look at her when I could but school's over now but I can't stop thinking about her.

Girls lucky day

I once sat in the school gym with other girls watching boys doing chin ups. They were trying to show off in front of us to see who could do more. They called a skinny boy named Jeff to have a good laugh at him. Don't know why he got sucked into doing some, but he tried anyway. He managed to do two and on the third one he got his shorts yanked... [more]

Catfishing my student

I am a high school teacher. Every summer, I make a fake dating profile that says I am a 21-year-old local college guy. I do it mostly out of boredom, and because otherwise I'd have no way to talk to college-aged women. I only talk to them, and maybe ask them for sexy photos. Never try to meet or anything, for obvious reasons.

Anyway, our... [more]

Help me

Am 14 year old and ever sinced the school year started i fell Madly in love with my classmate he's my heigh ,Beautiful brown eyes with this amazing smile He's funny but the thing is he's one of those guys that takes everything as a joke , i don't think he even ever had a girlfriend before,and he's also flirts with all the cute girls he sees ,he... [more]

High School Lust

OK...I'm the teacher.
All day, I stare at the hot girls in my classes, wondering if they shave their pussies. I wonder if their know how to give good head, and I imagine myself teaching them and watching their eyes widen when the first spurt of cum hits their tongues. I try to figure out which ones are sexually active, and who would be the best... [more]

Starting young

I don't get why kids in Middle School are so eager to start dating. I know puberty has a part in it, but does it ever occur to them that they're under 15? A friend of mine ending his freshman year (he's a year ahead of me) has had four girlfriends since 8th grade. I'm a little...bothered by that. Not that HE bothers me or anything, we've been... [more]

Boys showers

I never felt save taking showers with other boys in school. I used to get towel whipped and clothes hide all the time by older boys. One day I got dragged out of the showers naked by my legs. Almost died of shame when I found myself naked in a hall field with girls screaming at them to turn me over. I still remember getting turn over, sprawled out... [more]

Girl fight

I confess getting a hard on watching these two girls fighting with their skirts flipping up and looking at their panties. The winner not only beat the crap out her, but also had her girlfriends rip her panties off and held her legs open to expose her pussy to every one. Spread so wide we could even see her clit. My only regret was not seeing her... [more]

Stripping boys

I love watching boys getting bully stripped, because they always get a hard on. Best part of it was that boys did it and the only thing my girlfriends and I had to do was watch. I got a sexual charge seeing them red faced, naked and forced into displaying their erection. Boys usually did it to sissy boys just for the fun shaming them in front of... [more]

Fuck teachers... (Literally)

Im an eleventh grade girl and my dream is to be in a relationship with a teacher. I'd love it if he takes my virginity and fucks me as he gives me good grades...
Teachers are so sexy. I mean, im kind of a sapiosexual and knowing that they know more than me turns me on BADLY
I simply love teachers. They're amazing.

I just hope that they... [more]

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