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Seeing fights at school

I used to go to high school in a rural county long ago. There were a lot of poorer whites going to this school and I saw a lot of fights.
One fight stands out in particular. A guy I knew was having some argument with another guy I didn't especially like. I didn't dislike but I didn't go out of my way to speak to him.
The guy I knew... [more]

College (Advice, please?)

My mother is trying to force me to go for yet another year of college. I have a two year degree and a good job. She wants me to get an office job, at a boring desk... I don't want to do that. She says she'll disown me if i don't do something with my life, but she can't see that I'm happy.
What should i do? I don't want to upset her (let alone get... [more]

Make schools great again!

When i went into 9th grade, i realized that school was b*******. I was an A+ student four years in a row, and only when i started 9th grade that my grades started to slip. I didn't change my schedule or anything. The work became impossible; the quantity, the answers, the directions- all of it... [more]


One time I bullied without knowing it. I was so upset I made someone sad without knowing it. I kept on bullying anyone that stood up to me. I had a small group of friends that helped me stand up to them.. I thought I was protecting myself and my friends.. One day this guy was pushing my small four foot friend against the gate. I pushed him out of... [more]


Hey! Any idea on where I can find a good ghostwriter for an English essay? Am trying to avoid online companies. Thx!

I f**cking hate school

We were having art class and the whole class didn't complete our drawings and all that. The f****** teacher scolded us and said that we were all rotten students and we would fail our end of year art exam... sighs she's just like every other teacher who teaches us. Just because we're in the... [more]

I hate Malaysia

My name is Buhari, who came from Lagos, Nigeria. Today I will talk about Malaysia, where I'm currently studying.
Malaysia is the most f****** country that really dislike foreigners. They're f****** unwelcoming and [more]

Blacks beat the s*** out of a Ginger

I try not to be racially prejudiced but sometimes my patience is tried. I was drinking a beer with a black co-worker when he told me a story that made me sick.
A red haired boy had just enrolled in a majority black high school when they got on his white red haired a** big time.
He was at the top... [more]

Guilty Pleasure

I think about my incredibly attractive teacher on a regular basis and I can't stop imagining him bending me over his desk and spanking me. I'm a disgrace, I know.

I touch the girl next to me in class

This started not to long ago but i met this nee girl charlie and shes smoking . She was sitting next to me and grabbed my hand and put it on her thigh..i grabbed it and slowly stroked up her thigh up her skirt. She positioned a little and i wet to touch her panties but there wasnt any on and so i just began fingering her [more]

My last fight in high school

There were two punks at my high school one was nearly 6ft 6in and the other was about 6ft even. Apparently the two of them had been driving around and for no good reason assaulting other smaller or weaker or some poor student who was alone or whatever. Some of the kids they hit were smaller than that. Barely in their teens.
The big punk... [more]

Don't even want to go

I have to worry about heart pain and vein collapsing and my eye ball blood shot and heart racing worrying to find the bus and get there, while normal people have cars and I wish they had more of these workshops for education and church etc locally or at reasonable hours between 10am and 2pm because people have things to do and worry about when to... [more]

I Lied To All The Kids In My Elemantary School

When I was ten I was really into Creepypasta because their stories were amazing and I felt like I could relate cause I'm misunderstood and stuff. My parents never knew and neither did anybody else. And me, as a stupid ten year old, decided that I should make up stories and tell them to my friends. The stories were about some of the Creepypasta... [more]


My school has quite a few hot teachers and i've always been into older guys. this year, my school got a new priest and hes the hottest f****** guy i've seen in my life. he can joke and stuff but overall has a dominant personality. he uses flirty tones and flirty language like "oh really?" "make... [more]

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