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I'll admit that I'm kind of talkative. But recently, I feel that I'm falling out of my social circle, if you're kind enough to help me access the situation.....please do.
So I have three regular friends at school. Not mentioning any names, I'll just name them as A, B and C.
I'll start out with A : He's a pretty carefree person. I talk to... [more]

Teacher crush

I've had a crush on a teacher for 20 years now. He came over from Oz to Uk on a teacher exchange and from that day I've fancied him,fantasise about him still. My friends knowing that I always had a thing for the older guy used to encourage me to flirt with him but of course nothing came of it. Anyway we have always kept in touch and still do,he... [more]

Spanked at School

When I was 14 I was a typical obnoxious teenager. Always back chatting and stuff like that. Whether it be at home or school.
One day I was at school and had sport for the last lesson. I was helping pack the sport equipment away with a mate of mine, when the girls sports teacher walked past and told us to hurry up. I swore and said no.
She... [more]

School Tuition makes me mad for real

One day i got hospitalized having a virus, and a week after hospitalization i paid for my tuition for midterm. its quite hard because the payment for hospitalization makes my parents bring out big money. Before finals i surely paid for my tuition for the finals, they recorded my payment and gave me receipt but then,when i looked at my portal it... [more]

Teacher got h****

Ok so Im 17 and I take French in high school, one day my really hot teacher
( guy ) called me up to the front of the class and said " So how would u feel about coming to my house for s** tonight you little sexy rascal " and I said " ummmm " " how bout no " .
And he got so mad that he fingered me... [more]

Friendship help

My friend started a youtube channel recently and everyone is taking the p*** out of her behind her back but supporting her otherwise. For example she has 70+ subscribers in her first week and everyone likes her vids. But people are only supporting her so they can laugh at her more. I think this is... [more]

Well then

I'm called gorgeous, beautiful and talented. But I don't feel that way. My friends don't really care for me, giving me s*** whenever they can. I am never asked to dances by boys or girls. I have had no boyfriend or girlfriend. I am disliked at school. All I want is somebody to love. Is it too much? I... [more]

Waste of Time

Do you ever just feel like you wasted your time on someone? There is this guy I found attractive, he was really nice looking, and I just thought maybe his face would match his personality. When I heard him talk for the first time, it wasn't his voice, it was what he was saying. He sounded like a complete pathetic douchebag. My time was wasted... [more]


I was 15 when some senior boys tricked me into going with them to the sport shed by de school's baseball field. Ended up an the floor stripped form the waist down, with girls taking pictures and making comments about my engorged d***. Couldn't believe the fun they had looking and watching it getting... [more]

I LOVE MY l****** DEAN

Im i a girl and im in eighth grade, i am graduating this year so i want to get some stuff offf my chest. I like my grade dean for 3 years now. She is a l****** in her 40s. I really like her. i got her roses for valentines day and she didnt know it was me. i wanna [more]

Stupidity struggle

I feel stupid.
For the longest time I was never good at math, but people called me smart. All I wanted was someone to give me a C in math because I have such a hard time at it all. My parents feel the same way and even if I get a 68% they're proud because they know I'm trying my bed right there and that if I worked any harder I would cry myself... [more]

I'm afraid

I told a teacher about another student wanting to strangled her to death, now I'm afraid to even be at school. The other student is very popular, but I'm much stronger and bigger than her. I don't want to be socially outcasted.

I wonder what he thinks of me

There's an awkward, shy, and handsome guy in one of my classes (I'm a HS senior). Every time we lock eyes, I can feel the sexual tension. I secretly wonder if he masturbates to me, and fantasize that he pleasures himself thinking of me. It sounds so dirty, but it makes me so wet.

I have too many desires

I have liked this guy since we were like 8. I am now 13 and he is 14. I have always been friends with him he is my best friends cousin and he goes to my school. He likes me on and off. He never wants to date me or ask me out though. I'm not sure if it's because of fear or just embarrassed of dating me. I think his buddies don't want him to date me... [more]

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