School Confessions & Secrets

Deep sleeper

I go my room mate geoff really drunk and stoned and put on porn and got him naked and started sucking his c***, he got hard and started to come around so i stripped off and slid his c*** in my a** and pretended to be asleep. he thought i was his girlfriend... [more]

Mr Norris

There was a rumour Mr Norris was gay. He was a strict Christian, unmarried and he would walk around naked when we were changing. He had a big circumcised c*** which he would sometimes brush against us boys as we all got changed together after swimming. He changed next to me one day and when i looked at his [more]

Ms. _______

I have the most biggest crush on my teacher. At times I wonder if it's so obvious, but I can't help it she's extremely smart and ;fdkjflajlskad she just turns me on so much specially when we make eye contact she has such pretty long eye lashes and eyes I feel like I can lose myself staring into them. Whenever she schools me on learning I can't... [more]

Never p*** off a midget.

When I was 14 years old there was this guy who bullied me, this guy is a 5'7 guy who used to hit me and I'm a really tiny girl (5'1), so there was one time that I got sick of him and I throw him a table to his head, since that day he never botter me again, the funny part is that I can't remember anything about it but the principal does.

Unwanted addition to school uniform

When I was a schoolboy in the seventies, I was a bit overweight and was bullied about it. In every school photo I have I always look unhappy, and no-one ever knew why. For years, those bullies thought it funny to, first of all, make me wear a girdle and later, when someone brought up the subject of my "boobs", a bra. When anyone else looks at... [more]

I Have A Crush

Nothing really special. I just have a crush on a sophomore girl named Naomi Dalley

What means FJ??

My friend suggested to make a FJ to my annozing brother! I don't know wht she means. Does anyone know it? Amy

Boys wearing gym shorts be careful

When I was in high school I always tried to be careful and not let this happen. If you aren't careful your genitals are visible and you won't even know it.

I was once in the cafeteria and the gym was upstairs. Walking down the stairs with several girls in front of me I noticed this boy with his genitals clearly visible. I'm sure that any... [more]

I can't stop getting h****

Im a 16 year old girl , my name is Corrine. I'm quite popular in school because I'm in the cheer squad and I am the Vice President of junior class. Everyone thinks I'm a nice girl and stuff, but I can't stop thinking about sex all day!!! I can't stop staring at a guys crotch, and I just get sooo h****. I go to the... [more]

Sicky-icky love

There is a couple in my grade and I really find them annoying!!! The girl (one of bff's)has totally changed and everyone agrees, she barely talks to anyone and always takes the boys side like when
A) the girls were gonna go to the mall without any boys and we asked every girl who knew if they would not tell any boys yet SHE TOLD HER BOYFRIEND!!!... [more]

Getting kicked in b****

I asked to a girl in my class (I'm in 11th grade) if she can show me her boobs (she is so hot) she said: "Of course not!". But I really really want to see them, so, when she turns back, I touch her a**. She turns again very angry and I decide that there was the moment and I grab her boobs, for a second I feel great... [more]

Left Out

At School, every time our class does a group activity or something, I am ALWAYS the one to not have a partner or it's someone who is literally disgusting.

Day dreaming

All thru high school in class I would get a massive bonner looking at all the hot babes in class and the only way I could get rid of it was to c**. One time I was thinking I wish my c*** could grow into a snake like creature go across the floor up the chair leg and [more]

I Dont Give A c*** I know its bad

So I'm Just on my phone and someone sends me a message it was the girl i like so she asked me out (not straight up we had i fight before she asked me out) so we date for a while we break up so now its summer i go to England When i come back to the country i live in her a** got bigger like BRUH!!. So school start back... [more]

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