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Fallen Mother

I'm a 40 year old mother with a 17 year old daughter in high school. I've been having s** with my daughter's boyfriend almost daily for the past three-months and have no intention of stopping. I know it's stupid and disrespectful of me, I know we will eventually get caught if only by my daughter, and I... [more]

Fat girls shouldn't wear skin tight pants

You look terrible. You are trying to be sexy but my d*** goes limp every time I see you. You walk from the parking lot to the school and you look like your going to bust out of your britches.
You smoking a cigarette doesn't make you look any better either.
You can find boys that would... [more]

Just before college graduation in 1969 a friend of mine killed hm

This confession or story of mine is a condemnation of over critical parents who drive their children either away from them or in the case of this tale of mine to suicide.
My friend and I were preparing to graduate in June and in March we got our grades. My friend had a C in Economics and when his father saw this C he cursed his son out and... [more]


I can't seem to make more friends when I see ppl with lots and f friends it depresses me

My best buddy

When I(m) was in high school my buddy(m) and I would alternate staying the night at one anothers house. Somewhere around 15 or 16 we began jacking each others c*** and this went on till we graduated. I even jacked his c*** in class once. The only... [more]

I'm worried about being checked out.

I'm 14 years old and I'm an early bloomer. I had my period before I went to secondary school - at around eleven years old. The rest of my body has changed as well. I feel more than a little uncomfortable in the changing room during PE - it feels like I'm growing too fast or as if I'm not normal. I'm busty. I don't want to give out my actual bra... [more]


I had to be my own counselor and submit my own transcripts. because that's what my counselor told me to do so. is this impersonation? is it wrong?

If you had issues in school be prepared for this

I graduated high school with difficulty way back in 1965. Thats right I'm nearly 69 years old.
Once a month there is a luncheon of former students where I went to school. People who graduated in 1957 thru 1970 attend. We have fun and the food is great.
I thought all of my problems were behind me. Over and done with... [more]

School in 1999

I'm a 32 year old male and I finished Bishop Perowne Church of England High in 1999... I really did hate going to school. I didn't mind playing Cricket or doing cross country in the summer but in my final year I had to choose a PE option that was not a contact risk sport because of a broken arm which shattered in 3 places and had almost taken 6... [more]

Holiday freedom

I went away with some friends for a week in Spain. Iv been married for 20yrs and never cheated. My 4 friends went off to a night club, I stayed at the hotel and had a fee drinks when this bloke half my age started chatting me up, I'm chubby and he complimented me on my lovely b******, I blushed... [more]

I get bullied every day at school because I am Muslim

I'm a 14 year old guy and I am a Muslim. I want peace in the world and believe in equality. I fear going to school every day because I am treated like an outcast. I have no friends, I sit by myself at lunch and have been beaten up simply because of my religion. I have missed so much work this year at school because I have been absent so much, the... [more]

I Feel Torn Apart

I had to make a decision between two things I loved in school, dance and basketball, and I found the decision extremely difficult. I was torn apart and stressed about the time I would have to make the decision, therefore worried about it for weeks, and when that week came, I broke down. I finally made a decision because of the time, and how... [more]

Morbidly obese fat guy in gym

When I was in gym class which I truly hated I saw a guy around age fourteen who must have weighed at least 300 lbs. He was fat in places other people didn't have places. A true lard b***.
When the coach would leave the class the guys would drag him off of the bleachers and pile on top of him. ... [more]

Wet dream, wife not happy!

When I was a Junior in High School I had the hot's for my Math Teacher. Can't remember her name after all these years but I can tell you exactly what she was wearing the last time I was in her classroom. White ruffled blouse with a black skirt and white knee boots. The number of times I thought about her during my high schools days was unreal... [more]

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