School Confessions & Secrets

Hot teacher

I have a really hot teacher and hes 25 (im 18) and i cant help but stare at him and he has a nice b*** like im talking baseball player b*** and from time to time he'll tease me in class he makes me laugh a lot and i just really wish i was in my 20's :(

Course Rosters

I check the course roster before the beginning of each semester to make sure that I have at least one friend in class, walking into a class without a friend is completely terrifying. I don't even care that I am a senior in college, I still shudder at the thought.

Mean to classmates

I am so sorry for some of the things i have done to a few kids in my class.

Boy Drama

I had this crush on a guy (Let's calls him Jim) so me and my bestie walked up Anton Jim and asked him who he would date out of me and her and I'm a little overweight but he picked her so they started dating and on the last day end of school she told him that she loved his best friend aka also my ex Boyfriend. So I was right next to her when this... [more]

Best Friends boyfriend

Well I had an amazing best friend and she has a boyfriend and he was same age as us but younger and shorter then her but very hot. They started dating so me and his best friend decided to date but I would always fantasize about Me and my best friends boyfriend making out and cheating on our couples. A couple days later me and him broke up and so... [more]


A few months ago, I finally got a girlfriend and my entire life seemed to get better: I got more friends, better grades, etc. But now I'm battling depression, fighting for my gf's attention, and letting my grades slip. I've already attempted suicide twice, but even though she's ignoring me, I can't do that to her, to any of them.

Dirty thoughts

I keep fantasizing about my teaching assistant. I want to wear a little skirt and flash him my p****. I hope he sticks his chubby fingers into my juicy hole and f**** me without asking. I wouldn't mind it too much if he raped me.


I remember the girls in school being jealous of me because I was prettier than them. They couldn't stand boys paying more attention to me than them. They kept bad mouthing me and harassing me all the time. One day they lured me to the back of the school building and told "you're never going to forget this" They ripped my blouse open, yanked up my... [more]

My crush

Currently I am in 8th grade. I always had an eye on one of my teachers in 6th grade. He was soooooo hot that everyone in my grade talked about it, acted slutty aroun him and stuff. I found it perfectly normal to talk about how attractive he was. Things got bad for him because he had to tak down all of his social media profiles because we were... [more]

The janitor

The janitor at my school came to me today and told me that he wants to f*** me. I've never thought about f****** him but I'm a s*** and love d*** so it doesn't matter who I get it from. He's not attractive but hey it's [more]

Miss Borders said shed remember me

Well I'll remember you too you mean old ugly b****. I mean what kind of worthless incompetent teacher doesn't allow the class to go on recess as soon as the bell rings? I mean what kind of an idiot would on the last day of school not dismiss the class until several minutes after the bell rang on the last day until... [more]

Teacher confessions

I'm a teacher. A slutty teacher. Here is what I've done:

1. I've sucked a parents d*** in my classroom.
2. Ive sucked a male TAs d*** in the lounge.
3. I've f***** that TA and posted pictures of us f****** on another... [more]

Is it normal? i'm 14

I think i’m having a crush for a boy in my class…
He’s smart and funny
we sometimes talk and laugh together
or we laugh with some other people from our class
he often changes places, at the lesson, with a friend of mine that sits in front of me
sometimes he sits there at the break as well
once he hugged me when i didn’t expect that
actually... [more]

I want to f*** my TA

I think my TA is really cute and I want to f*** him. I keep fantasizing about having sex with him in class and giving him head.

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