School Confessions & Secrets

That Sexy Seventh Grader

I'm in Eighth Grade and I have a crush on a seventh grader she has such a big ass. Her name is Viviana and her ass is bigger than all girls in the school except for one eighth grade girl I always watch her ass when I walk behind her I want to talk to her but I'm nervous but she's so hot

Fucking the student teacher

I am in 8th grade and in Spanish I had a student teacher the first day she was here me and her had sex after school in the bathroom we continued to do that for days and are still doing it

I would fuck the shit out if my teacher

I want to fuck her so hard she washes her clothes at school and I broke in using my parents lock pick set just to steal her panties

I have Fs

I hate myself and my grades i'm a perfectionist and don't turn in my work because it is not good enough.

She is so hot

She has a huge ass and tits that fit her nice curves well. I would fuck her if I had the chance she's the sister of my friend and so beautiful in every way I grabbed her ass once and she just smiled and grabbed my dick for a few seconds we still talk but never about that one time

Foreign Professors

Every time I enroll in a course at university and I find out the professor is not white or does not speak English well, I drop the course and take a different one.

I regret my WHOLE highs chool experience

Im a highschool senior now and when i sit alone and remember my highschool experience i get scared thinking im gonna regret it when i graduate. People say that these four years are supposed to be the best four years of my life... but they werent, i didnt work to my potential, i slacked and didnt get good grades, i bombed the SATs, i got into a... [more]

I feel hated

Well a guy in my class is bullying me all the time and i cant stand that anymore. He has always something to say about what i say, like, he is always joking about me or laughing at me. Sometimes, he insults me for no reason, and it makes me really sad because i feel like im falling in love with him and i dont even know why... i just feel sad and... [more]


I was differed from the one college I applied to. I only applied to one because I knew it was the one I wanted to go to, and my parents didn't want to pay application fees if they didn't have to. They were 100% positive I would get in. My friends were accepted and keep asking me when I'm gonna get my response, and I made up that they wanted me to... [more]

I am a teacher...

I am a teacher and I have many confessions. Here are just a few:

1. I rarely read the essays I assign. I check to see if they are long enough and the handwriting is good, then put a grade on it.

2. I don't waste my time trying to help the students who are never going to understand certain concepts. Aka the "slow" students. I give them... [more]

dont know what

i just found out from my older brother that my home room teacher is a stripper at a all nude club in the next town from us. she only goes on weekends but shes there abuot every weekend. i have not told nobody at school and i dont know whether or not to.

I think my teacher is so hot

On the first day of 10th grade, I got to my Math thinking that my teacher was defiantly not ugly. However as the days progressed, I became more and more attracted to him. He's a great teacher, is funny, and has similar personal views as me (like about the environment, or hunting, which is really popular where in TX). Also, I suck at math. So I... [more]

Friends from outside of school

I tell all of my school friends that I have so many friends outside of school. I make up stories about the 'adventures' we go on. Of course I don't have a lot of friends outside of school, maybe one or two. I just feel like I never had the chance to be an open and social person. This has been going on for a few years now but only this year did I... [more]

I am a middle school teacher...

Not sure if this should go under "school" or "work", so I pick "school".
I teach middle school English at a private K-8 school near Chicago. This is my sixth year teaching, and I can say with all honesty that a lot of the demographic stereotypes, particularly with minority students, are completely true.
The white girls all drink... [more]

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