School Confessions & Secrets

Getting kicked in b****

I asked to a girl in my class (I'm in 11th grade) if she can show me her boobs (she is so hot) she said: "Of course not!". But I really really want to see them, so, when she turns back, I touch her a**. She turns again very angry and I decide that there was the moment and I grab her boobs, for a second I feel great... [more]

Left Out

At School, every time our class does a group activity or something, I am ALWAYS the one to not have a partner or it's someone who is literally disgusting.

Day dreaming

All thru high school in class I would get a massive bonner looking at all the hot babes in class and the only way I could get rid of it was to c**. One time I was thinking I wish my c*** could grow into a snake like creature go across the floor up the chair leg and [more]

I Dont Give A c*** I know its bad

So I'm Just on my phone and someone sends me a message it was the girl i like so she asked me out (not straight up we had i fight before she asked me out) so we date for a while we break up so now its summer i go to England When i come back to the country i live in her a** got bigger like BRUH!!. So school start back... [more]

The day the football coach beat the s*** out of us

I was in eighth grade and I couldn't keep out of trouble. I ran my mouth and I had to go to the office three times. After the second time the coach told me that if I came in again I'd get whipped with a leather strop.

Well I tried to keep my mouth closed but some older boys started throwing paper wads around while the teacher was gone and I... [more]

I lied to my friends to fit in

I told my friends that I had had sex to fit it. They now think I'm some sort of s*** and it was all lies, I just wanted to be accepted in the group, I just had sex for the first time last week and it's not a big deal to anyone but me because everyone thinks I have already have.

My health teacher is hot

So I'm not sure if this is really a confession, but I have a really hot health teacher and I grabbed her a**. I have had a crush on her all year (im a freshman in high school) and ever since I've meet her I've wanted to "have" her.( not trying to be weird) So we had an assembly and at the end as I was walking down the... [more]

I cant stop doing it!

At my school they let girls wear yoga pants and leggings, and its so hot. I get so h*** during class that I have to go to the bathroom almost every period to masturbate. I dont know what to do because well, to be honest I have a pretty long c*ck and it makes it hard to hide it if I dont go to the bathroom. Any advice?

Hot teacher

I have a really hot teacher and hes 25 (im 18) and i cant help but stare at him and he has a nice b*** like im talking baseball player b*** and from time to time he'll tease me in class he makes me laugh a lot and i just really wish i was in my 20's :(

Course Rosters

I check the course roster before the beginning of each semester to make sure that I have at least one friend in class, walking into a class without a friend is completely terrifying. I don't even care that I am a senior in college, I still shudder at the thought.

Mean to classmates

I am so sorry for some of the things i have done to a few kids in my class.

Boy Drama

I had this crush on a guy (Let's calls him Jim) so me and my bestie walked up Anton Jim and asked him who he would date out of me and her and I'm a little overweight but he picked her so they started dating and on the last day end of school she told him that she loved his best friend aka also my ex Boyfriend. So I was right next to her when this... [more]

Best Friends boyfriend

Well I had an amazing best friend and she has a boyfriend and he was same age as us but younger and shorter then her but very hot. They started dating so me and his best friend decided to date but I would always fantasize about Me and my best friends boyfriend making out and cheating on our couples. A couple days later me and him broke up and so... [more]


A few months ago, I finally got a girlfriend and my entire life seemed to get better: I got more friends, better grades, etc. But now I'm battling depression, fighting for my gf's attention, and letting my grades slip. I've already attempted suicide twice, but even though she's ignoring me, I can't do that to her, to any of them.

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