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Summer Art Camp Teacher

I might have fallen for a woman with the last name of Vancherie. I guess it was a major crush. One time, when she was walking up the stairs, she was twisting her b*** pretty hard and I was right behind her. She was a physical kind of teacher to me. When I'd be working, she'd come and lean over me or... [more]

I think my P.E. teacher likes me!

Do you think my P.E. teacher likes me? He is in his early thirties. If anyone could reply it would be more then helpful. My P.E. teacher is super sweet twards me. He often lets me skip out on P.E. to sit and talk with him. He has also called me beautiful on several occations. He always tries to make up reasons to talk to me. I am the captin of... [more]

Big roles

I wish my drama teacher would stop giving me small roles. I know if I got a big part I could blow them all away – I would finish my scene, bow extravagantly, strut back to my seat and stare into the eyes of the cocky s**** who do musicals ourside of school (something I can’t do because of exams and... [more]

Why bother

I took this drama GCSE to build confidence; how am I meant to build confidence if you keep telling me that I would be better at a smaller role? I could have do so much better than he did in that role – then you gave him the award anyways didn’t you? Why do I bother?

Me and my PE teacher

My name is Stephanie and if you've read my previous confession, you'll understand some of the stuff.

The other day my PE class did gymnastics and man, watching my PE teacher demonstrate was so hot. Then in the change room it was only a few of us left and she came in. The others had finished and I was alone. She asked if I was uncomfortable... [more]

I confess I hate this guy

It was between classes when I walked into the boys room right behind the vice principal of the high school.

A loser named Sammy was in there and he had just that second flushed a large firecracker down the toilet.

The firecracker went off at the area where the toilet joined the wall and it blew the toilets pipe to pieces.

He had been... [more]

Shoe Laces

About 2 years ago, I was sat in my regular lesson of Religious Studies. Now everyone had heard of the different gullible pranks. The writing on the ceiling, the thing on the Tshirt, shoelaces etc.

I had just been pranked by a person about shoelaces but I knew I didn't have shoelaces so I didn't react. I played it on my best friend. It turned... [more]

VVMS science teachers smoke weed

I had two teachers in middle school who would smoke weed.. Their classrooms would always reek of that LOUD! Irony? They were both physic teachers for eighth grade and loved rock n' roll.. Overall, my favorite teachers in middle school, hands down..

Mr. Physics

I have a thing for my male science teachers.. I don't know why. But when I remember when I was in eighth grade, I had the biggest crush on my 50 year old Physics teacher. I remember when I would look into his eyes, I would get butterflies. Until this day, I cannot get him out of my head.. Remember I was only 14 when I first felt this way towards... [more]

Stripped bullied

I was 15 when some 17 year old boys dragged me out of the showers rapped in a towel, to embarrass me in front of group of girls. Die a thousand death when they ripped my towel off, so girls could look at my d***. Teachers never found out because they were all at the other side of the baseball field... [more]

Bestfriends boyfriend

When I was younger I used to sit next to this kid in religious studies. One day he put his hand under the table and started gentle tapping my leg before he started tickling and massaging my leg right up to just before my shorts. He would then rub my c*** through my pants but I never let him go right... [more]

Deep sleeper

I go my room mate geoff really drunk and stoned and put on p*** and got him naked and started sucking his c***, he got hard and started to come around so i stripped off and slid his c*** in my [more]

Mr Norris

There was a rumour Mr Norris was gay. He was a strict Christian, unmarried and he would walk around naked when we were changing. He had a big circumcised c*** which he would sometimes brush against us boys as we all got changed together after swimming. He changed next to me one day and when i looked... [more]

Ms. _______

I have the most biggest crush on my teacher. At times I wonder if it's so obvious, but I can't help it she's extremely smart and ;fdkjflajlskad she just turns me on so much specially when we make eye contact she has such pretty long eye lashes and eyes I feel like I can lose myself staring into them. Whenever she schools me on learning I can't... [more]

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