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I LOVE MY l****** DEAN

Im i a girl and im in eighth grade, i am graduating this year so i want to get some stuff offf my chest. I like my grade dean for 3 years now. She is a l****** in her 40s. I really like her. i got her roses for valentines day and she didnt know it was me. i wanna [more]

Stupidity struggle

I feel stupid.
For the longest time I was never good at math, but people called me smart. All I wanted was someone to give me a C in math because I have such a hard time at it all. My parents feel the same way and even if I get a 68% they're proud because they know I'm trying my bed right there and that if I worked any harder I would cry myself... [more]

I'm afraid

I told a teacher about another student wanting to strangled her to death, now I'm afraid to even be at school. The other student is very popular, but I'm much stronger and bigger than her. I don't want to be socially outcasted.

I wonder what he thinks of me

There's an awkward, shy, and handsome guy in one of my classes (I'm a HS senior). Every time we lock eyes, I can feel the sexual tension. I secretly wonder if he masturbates to me, and fantasize that he pleasures himself thinking of me. It sounds so dirty, but it makes me so wet.

I have too many desires

I have liked this guy since we were like 8. I am now 13 and he is 14. I have always been friends with him he is my best friends cousin and he goes to my school. He likes me on and off. He never wants to date me or ask me out though. I'm not sure if it's because of fear or just embarrassed of dating me. I think his buddies don't want him to date me... [more]

Incident at Walker high school

I was attending summer school and one day after class I saw a guy touch a girls chest in front of her boyfriend. The toucher was a tall rangy boy I had never liked the looks of.
The girls boyfriend pulled a long skiiny knife called a butterfly knife and it seemed to disappear into the taller boys torso. The boyfriend pulled the knife back out... [more]

Help me

I need your help Im a middle schooler boy and I go to school by feet. Last week there was a guy in his car and he was chasing me the whole way to my house and telling me if I want him to pick me up but I ignored him. And Im scared of tmw that he might come again :(

Class s**

So freshman yeah, I was sitting in my English class. I was really bored, and I had a b****. It kinda wasn't great, because my d*** was small (hadn't hit puberty). But I was in the back corner of class, so no one could tell. I got really really [more]


Even though school has only just started and I don't even take ap or honors classes, I'm stressed as f*** that I can't do my homework without forgetting how to do something. This SAT s*** is stressing me out to the brink as well. I don't get why Texas... [more]

Fights over the water fountain

There used to be fights over the water fountain when I was in high school. The situation was the schools fault because the water fountains were unsupervised.
I got around the problem by drinking two glasses of water before I went to school.
As often as not there was p*** colored rust in the... [more]

Trouble on the school bus

This hot headed husky guy told the other riders that if they sat in a seat hed beat the s*** out of them. Only he could sit in that seat.
A boy larger than him heard this and sat in the seat and when the punk attacked him he muscled him down. The punks face was beet red and I think he had... [more]

I really need a good opinion

It may sound like im a whiny person but I'm not
I am struggling a lot with my studies. I study in med school in 4th year. I am having some some difficulties with some exams an it is possible to lose a year of school. The problem it is not this. It's how are my parents going to react when i will tell them. They are supportive but don't ... [more]

A boy got caught stealing money in school

When I was ten years old a boy was asked to take some money to the principals office. Apparently he didn't give the principal all of the money so when the boy was searched the missing money was found on him.
They took the boy to the office and they called his parents at work. The boys father left work to come to the school.
The boy was... [more]

I was walking around one nigh during summer vacation and I saw a

It was night time when i was walking around with a friend when we saw a tent in the wooded area near our homes.
We were curious as to who was camping so we approached the tent. I could hear strange sounds comming out of this pup tent and we approached quietly.
My friend and I could plainly see the local basketball jock and some guy... [more]

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