School Confessions & Secrets

Teacher Fantasy

I need help. I'm 16 and female by the way and I have this civics teacher. He's in his late 30's about and he's the varsity football coach. Don't let stereo types fool you, he's no Prince Charming and he's not absolutely sexy and other junk. He's handsome, and that's that. I honestly don't know why I'm so sexually attracted to him, but I catch my... [more]

Teacher Desire

It began my sophomore year, he was my honors English 10 teacher, German and so so strict. I was very reticent to accept his style of teaching more so his instruction. Every time he'd pick on me to share my writing prompt or answer a discussion question pertaining to our reading. Then presentation projects came along and I nailed it with a 100 but... [more]

I told the school librarian to kiss my a**

She died several years ago and while I'm not happy that shes dead I was not ahpppy with the way she ran my high school library when she worked there.

She heard some punk yell something out and for some reason she thought it was me. She yelled at me GET OUT OF MY LIBRARY. I was dumbfounded as I personally had done nothing to deserve that. The... [more]

Accidental flirting?

The other day, I went to speak with a professor that used to teach my sister when she was in middle school. He is good friends with my English professor, who I've grown pretty fond of. My professor has been really helpful this semester, is funny, and I'll admit, even kind of handsome. I have a tiny bit of a crush on him, but it's definitely more... [more]

Stupid waiting on the schoolbus

I was in line waiting to go home on the bus when this Amazon of a girl tried to b*** her way in front of me. I pushed back. She had a smile on her face and she looked like a r*****.

She was rearing back for another b*** attempt when I raised my knee and... [more]

I contributed to the suicide of my crush....

I once had a crush on a girl in high school. I'm a girl. B**** was so mean to me. She'd pull my hair in class when she sat behind me. When I would sit in a corner seat, she would toss paper at me. She once put her bloody tampons in my locker. She beat me up once, and tried to several times after that. And she tried to get me into trouble. Weird... [more]

Girl in English

So there is this girl in my English class and today she was wearing a loose fitting shirt and yogas she isn't the hottest girl in the world but she's good enough well anyways she was in the front of the room talking with the teacher about her paper and she was bent over so I glanced a look at her boobs I started to get hard and I just kept... [more]

Riding the bus to school and back home

I don't know why so many lowlifes went to my school but when I was a teen I dreaded getting on the bus. Fights, shoving, pushing and such.

The bus driver always let the girls on the bus first and they got the decent seats. The rest of the available seats were often fought over. One a****** of a trouble maker... [more]

My Brother with benefits

So here it is. I am a girl aged 19. I am from India and I am currently studying in 11th grade. When I was in class 9, I had made a friend let's say Aryan whom I used to see as my brother but then he was more like a best friend. Gradually became very close and the thing we had in common was that we both were in a relationship with someone else and... [more]


I've had sex in all my schools since middle school. I'm not entirely sure how I've convinced girls to go for it, but to be honest, it's pretty hot. Today, a lovely lady and I went into the auditorium in my campus' arts department. It was practically pitch black so we got behind some seat and went at it when suddenly the stage lights turned on and... [more]

Caught nude

I used to take showers ahead of the crowd during PE period. Found two of friends that had sneaked into the dorm with three girls. Felt a little embarrassed about wearing a bathrobe with nothing under it and ran like hell when the threatened to take it off. Found myself being chased around double bed bunks and getting a an erection for the thought... [more]

Public news

Some evil girls stole my clothes and left me naked in a changing room behind the football bleachers. I basically was stuck naked in there not knowing what to do. A few minutes later boys came inside and took pictures of me with their phones. No days every one has them, so you can imagine how humiliated I feel with naked pictures of me floating... [more]

Sleeping around

Im a 33 year old very atractive girl who married a older CEO he's 59 for his money. Hell kill me if he find out I'm righting this. he loves me a lot. sex is great but we really don't have nothing in common. i dropped out of high school and he is a lot educated. Well, he always works late and often doesn't get his a**... [more]

Easiest Job In The World

I am a teacher at a private, upper-class middle school. The material I teach is incredibly easy for me. I don't have to do any planning at all. And the students are highly motivated and intelligent. All of the things teachers usually complain about - no time, bad students, standardized testing, etc... They don't apply to me.

And the parents... [more]

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