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I want those 3 units ok get those highlighters working on notes

I need the money. my doctor said she knew a girl who made $10,000 from her magazine writing I could use that for a bank portfolio investment plan I really need as I don't have super being on a pension and a student, and not getting the work I need. I want to start up my own business from home and I need some money.


I literally cannot wait to take state testing all day at school tomorrow. I am so bored sitting at here at home alone with nothing to do. This happens literally every weekend.

f***** in front of the whole class

I'm 16. I went to school the other day even though I wasn't feeling all that good. My teacher called me to the white board to solve a problem. Is been having cramps and was gassy. Part way through the problem I felt it coming but couldn't stop it. I left out a loud wet f***. It was bad, and it stunk... [more]

The Text Message, The Mistake and The Burden

Okay, so I'm currently 14 y/o as I'm writing this. Soon to be 15. When I was in 8th grade, the girls in our class noticed our another female classmate, let's name her L.E. They (WE) noticed that her tum grew bigger. She's always absent, everyday and she seldom go to school. So we suspected she's PREGNANT. And I'm the kind of girl who's... [more]

I f***** my sexy blond teacher

I have writen a previous confession called sexy bold teacher if u want the back story.
Today she wore a sexy small dress that was tight. So we were reading a book in class aloud and we come to a sexy scene and the whole tine she is stareing at me. So in class she comes to help me and bends over my desk her [more]

Want my band teacher

I go to a middle school in leesburg va. I am 14 male and my band teachers name is ms mandley. she is in her twenties and so hot with her tight little a** and her sag-free b****. I love going to band every other day just to see her I want to stick my [more]

Sexy blond teacher

I am in high school male and my hormones rage in my english class. I have a sexy teacher( who is 27) that wears these little dresses because summer is coming and its warming up. Just last week she was in a super tight black short skirt and she went to go tell the kid in the row next to me to wake up. When she did this her a** in that sexy skirt... [more]

Read my poem

I'll never forget how once I got to meet you,
How once I got to believe
That you will be with me this year,
As you said you would be.
I'll never forget how you changed my mood
From discouraged to hopeful again,
How you talked to me softly,
How much I wanted to smile now and then.
I'll never forget your voice,
I'll never forget your... [more]

When I was in high school this a****** WALKED UP TO ME

My friend and I were waiting on the school bus going home when this low life red neck scum on the face of the earth asked my friend and I this stupid question.
He asked, "If I sucked yore d*** would you tel on me"? He did this in front of a girl who was also waiting on the bus.
I didn't say... [more]

Changing Myself

After this school year ends, Im going to all lengths to become a s***. Im done being called "prude" by so many guys.

Incident in the boys room

This isn't a s** story it is a bullying story.
This lummox of a punk kid thought it was fun to torment and abuse a much smaller boy. The smaller boy called him a son of a b**** after the bullying and he was overheard by one of the big [more]

Fakeness All Around

One of best friends knew who my crush was. I've known him since the 2nd grade, whereas she's only known him since last year in 7th grade. The beginning of this school year, she didn't come to school because she had moved to Ohio. I was happy because she called me a l****** lat school year. But... [more]


I am possibly the only person at my high school with a piece of information. And that is by no means a blessing in this situation. This information has been on my mind for a couple months and I want to get it off my chest. I know why my friend committed suicide on August 22, 2015. He committed Suicide because earlier that year was the first time... [more]

The day I got an A

I wanted to confess this for a long time.I was 17 years old. School was about to end when the told me to sit down.i sit down confused.Why?i tell her.She silenced me and sat on my crotch.She then said,You'll see.She takes my pants off and starts to suck my d***.It felt so good I cummed in her... [more]

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