Sex Confessions & Secrets

Weekly meet to give a spanking

At least once a week, I meet a gal to give her a spanking. Very few words are spoken as I insist, and limited eye contact. We meet at a pre-determined location. We show up, I sit, she strips and rests over my knee, I spank her bare a** with my hand or other object, she thanks me, and we part ways. The only... [more]

My step daughter nude

My 19 ur old step daughter is gorgeous,with huge boobs.Once as I was leaving for work at night,she stood directly in front of her bedroom window nude for me to see her.She has a magnificent rack! On my way to work,I jacked off to her as I was driving! I think I have jacked off to her a hundred times since..

Sister In Law Panties

I stole a pair of my sister-in-law's panties from the laundry basket. Then went to my room sniffed them, jacked off in them and them put them on - what a rush!

Put down turn on

When I was on holiday with my girlfriend we were by the pool relaxing. Out of the blue she leans over and says 'look around, who has the biggest d1ck?' So I look and there's some Italian looking guy wearing tight shorts with a big bulge so I say so. She agrees and the asks 'who has the smallest'. I look again and pick one guy but she says no... [more]

I want to f*** a woman in front of her husband

I want to f*** a woman in front of her husband while he suck my c*** and lick her P****.

I post my photos on a porn site

Due to an operation my wife had,she is unable to have sex,and is totally uninterested on any form of touching,or even kissing. Its been ten years since we had sex.I am a bodybuilder,and recently began posting my nudes on an amateur porn site. Everybody on the site loves my body,and gives me the attention I don't get at home.Masterbation is the... [more]

Im a young h**** boy...

Im a young guy and all I can think about is sex. I mean, I have respect for people and I hold it back and Im not constantly asking for it and being creepy, but I really want it! I just wish someone close would f*** me. :(

I can't help it

I have got the absolute hots for my wife's 19 year old sister. She's young, sexy, and has a great body! Problem is she's a Jesus freak. She has never given me any signs she's be into anything like this. I'm an attractive guy 33, good shape, tan skin, tattoos, etc. I've tried numerous times to lead the conversation towards freaky stuff but she... [more]

Just a question

I want to know if my boyfriend and I should go to a sex thingy.. I'm 15 and he's 17 and were doing touching, fingering me and sucking his manhood.. we want to take it to another level but we're afraid to do it because we are still virgin.. I'm sure we want to do it but we don't know how is the right thing to do.. the last time we tried it, my... [more]

Best friends dad

7 years as friend "s never touched her dad vice versa however for years all I fantasize about now that almost 25 opportunity may present its self need feedback from men and women ,

Wife's Girlfriend

My wife has always been bi-curious and recently managed to get herself a girl, and convinced her to have a threesome. She let me f*** her girlfriend whilst she was eating my wife out, since then, her girlfriend and I have f***** each other countless times without her knowing as we both... [more]

I wanna sext somebody,older or younger

I'm a 16 year old guy and I crave nothing more than sex all I want is somebody to have some fun with wearer try be older or younger,I wanna sext and trade nude pics and videos up for anything so yeah ????

Eatingg p****

I want to creampie her then go down on her

Help... My wife doesn't want to s****!

I am a 28 y/o man, been married for just over 4 years now & ever since having our first child nearly 3 years ago, my wife has gone off having sex with me.
I love her & I try to understand, but I just don't!
I'm athletic & keep myself in good shape, so why doesn't she want to s****??
I am ashamed to say that I... [more]

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