Sex Confessions & Secrets

100 Women Goal for 2015

For many years now,I have wrongly guessed that I have slept with hundreds of women. I sat down for a few hours this weekend,with pencil and pad,and tallied all the women I could possibly remember having sex with in my life.If I could not remember the name,I wrote down either the location where I met them,where we had sex or just what race they... [more]

Glory hole

There was a slutty woman in my rural neighborhood and she told a few friends including me she was going to set up a glory hole in her backyard and any man was welcome to use it.

She said she enjoyed doing f****** and for me to come over before anyone else got there,

I was a bit excited and I visited her and... [more]

Pam G

Pam was very unattractive and I should never have gotten involved with her. She was a loser in more than just looks. She lacked even basic job skills and took things way too seriously.

By taking things too seriously she fell in love with me and she shouldn't have. Heres what happened.

We both used to have a few drinks at a neighborhood... [more]

Grandmothers friend

I really need to share this, I know you will judge me and call me names and I believe I deserve to be shamed. I'm 19 and have a boyfriend, but I cheated on him a week ago but didn't regret a single moment at the time(now I do). It's not cheating on him that is causing me to feel so bad, it's who I cheated with.
I seduced and bedded my... [more]


I am dating a guy that live literally across the world from me. He asks me sexual stuff and I always lie or say stupid stuff but never express how much I want to f*** him. I have roughly the same fantasy on a normal basis and even thinking about it makes me soaked.. So its starts out with us just sitting on my bed... [more]

I j***...ALOT

That I j***, every day. I don't know what to do about it.

Doing Neighbor

I'm an older man in my late 50's and I've been doing my neighbor whom is in her mid-twenties. This has been going on for a little over a year now. We both are married and her with two young kids. The way we get to together is when her husband is at work, she calls my wife and tells her she has to go someplace and asks if she can to watch her kids... [more]

My wife and I are c*** whores

That my wife and I both love c*** and a lot of it. We stopped having sex with other males together several years back when we moved to a new state. We got caught up in getting settled and my wife gained some weight and was not comfortable with other men. I stopped giving the occasional guy a [more]

Chaging rolls

My girlfriend once asked me if she could f*** me in the a**. We've always liked doing kinky sex stuff, but felt a little embarrassed about her lubricating my b*** hole and sticking her vibrator up my a**. She turn it on high and... [more]

21 year old daughter

I've seen her naked many times. Somewhat of a free spirit. It never ceases to amaze me what a beautiful woman she is. I don't want to have sex with her but the sight of her fit nude body is breathtaking

Texting ex-boyfriend

Hi Last night I was drunk with my boyfriend of a few years. He fell asleep and I started texting my ex-boyfriend. it got a bit flirty and I thought about sending him some naked pictures. What does this mean? im confused!! what should i do.


A few months ago I went accidentally walked in on my sister masturbating in the living room. She was really calm and asked me to join her. Now we masturbate together and it's really fun, she's really hot and I love having her see me stroke my hard p****. We don't even need porn anymore we just watch each other. I... [more]

My partner

My fantasy is that I end up in a night club and spot my partner there dancing and getting drunk.

I would watch but keep my distance slowly getting excited hoping that she will misbehave.

She starts to make eye contact with some of the men dancing around her. She smiles at one as he eyes her back dancing.

I watch, heart pounding as she... [more]

I want a tranny to f*** me

I've wanted this for a while I'm not gay but rannys turn me on. i want to be f***** by one and be dominated. I want them to c** in my a**. how can i find one?

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