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I stopped meeting my mother

My father was a philanderer and my mother was hot as h*** in her mid 30's . I started to feel sexual attraction to her and adapted voyeurisms. After my parents split up I got depressed but eventually my libido started to act in weirder way. I left her to avoid myself in mirror after a quarrel with... [more]

Night time

At night time i dream about making out with a hot girl and i m********* i feel so warm and my underwear feels so wet with c**, i only m********* at bed times it feels really good.

Dry s**

Once I met this incredibly hot guy at a bar and we went back to my place, and we stripped to just under wear and a bra and had intense dry s** after we finished and he came, I took of his pants and humped him dry. I don't know I guess you can call it a fetish but it was amazing

Hot s** with my roommate

A few months back, I was sitting at my desk in my dorm, and my roommate Arden f19 came over to me and started rubbing my shoulders. I started to moan and she pulled my head up to hers and kissed me, I started getting extremely wet and she took off her top, I played with her b**** for a while until... [more]

Mu little secret

When no one is home I like to dress in girl clothes and put on makeup. After I get ready I put on TS p*** and Sissy Trainer p*** videos on the tv. Well I watch I use a vibrating d**** on myself well I... [more]

Heated conversation

So at the time I had recently broke up with my boyfriend of one and a half years, so you could imagine I was pretty upset. When I went over to one of my friends house (male) I was crying to him about it. Not until that moment did I realise how hot and sexy he was and how much I wanted to f*** him. I... [more]

Sister in law

I helped my sister in law out for years around the house. Her husband is a loser and refused to take care of their daughter and she needed repair work on her car and house.
I always thought of her as a sister until last weekend. I went over Sat evening to fix her sink and she leaned on the counter talking to me while I worked. As I slid out... [more]

Secretly m********* thinking of my girl best friend(I'm female)

Ever since one drunken night I've been thinking about my best friend while I've been touching myself.
When we was younger we used to kiss n stuff but last time we made out we went more than kissing there was b*** playing n sucking even went as far as she touched my [more]

Kinky Girl

So I'm 20yrs old (girl) and I masturabte almost every day. I really like Dom/sub p*** but lately I've been getting turned on my incest p*** I would never EVER want to have s** with my real dad but the... [more]

My 15 yo niece part 2

The rest of the week, Kylie was being flirty with me, but it didn't go beyond a quick grab of my c*** or me grabbing her breast or a**. My family had made plans to go to my brother in laws house to see their new house and spend the holiday with them. ... [more]

Looking for others

I'm about to get married and i want to hook up with my past best f**** and a few others ive wanted to f***...

Mother and daughter

Ive been in a relationship with a very sexy women for 5 years. She has an autistic daughter aged 17. My partner gave me a story her daughter had written about her desire to have s** and how she wanted it to be with me. My reaction was shock but my partner said its cute she fancies you. In the story she... [more]

I wanted my foreign exchange student

I am a 45 YO, married man with in a mostly healthy marriage with a beautiful woman. This winter we hosted a gorgeous latina from South America. She was very young, 18, but with a mind and whit about her that made her much older. We spent a lot of time together and I never made my feelings known. She told my wife she was a virgin. I didn't care... [more]

s** with my future father in law

Im supposed to be getting married to a nice guy but I've formed a connection with his father. We can talk for hours and spend time together without getting bored. Over the amount of time we've known each other we both believe we've fallen in love. Passing each other in the hallway he stopped, grabbed my waist, and kissed me which I gladly returned... [more]

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