Sex Confessions & Secrets

But it feels so good

I'm a 15 year old female, never had a boyfriend, never had sex, never even had my first kiss, but I love to masturbate. It just feels so good and I do it almost everyday. I've had my period for over 2 years so it's not like I'm just hitting puberty. Sometimes I don't think it's normal but it just feels so good.

Wifes best friend

I secretly want to f*** my wife's best friend, I know there is a mutual attraction from how our eyes linger when no one is watching. I would love to get her alone and get my hands all over her body. She has a sexy curvy a** and little t*ts. I notice she wears low cut tops and always lets me look down when she leans... [more]

Half my age, barely legal

Male in my mid-40s. Been chasing after, getting, and having sex with women/girls in their early 20s down to age 18. Seems to have become a regular thing, to the point women my own age don't do it for me at all.

Cut, hot-bodied server just returned to sports bar I go to; She's 19 and has the most perfect figure I've ever seen..Had her once... [more]

Caravan weekend

We were stopping in a caravan. Stuart my husband along with two of his friends aged about 18 years old and us in our late 20s. The guys were going to be surfing during the day but it was early spring and the site deserted except for us We Were playing cards the first night which led to strip poker with Stuart cheating as usual and only two of the... [more]

It just made the sex even hotter

I've known all along that the girl I've been screwing for the last six months is married. She told me tonight that her husband is a minister. We were having sex when she told me. She said she told me because she knew it would turn me on. She was right. As soon as she told me, I grabbed her hips and started f****** her... [more]

The Routine

I have posted on here before but decided to do it again in more detail. I am a 13 year old female and every night I start the night off by reading all the sex confessions on this site and rubbing my boobs. (My boobs are the biggest in my school and my school goes up to grade twelve) As soon as I get really h**** I... [more]


I love it when girls send me nudes but i am always to scared to ask when a girl and i get to that pot what should i do.

Wife's best friend

Just need to get it off my chest, I am dying to f*** my wifes best friend. She is blonde great curvy figure sweet little tits and nice round a**. I just wanna get a hold of her a** then slide my d*** in her wet [more]


I am really into the idea of cuckolding my hubby our sex life is down the drain he wants me to always be in control any tips for starting this?

Cuckold me please

I am a 18 year old white male who wants to be cuckolded so bad. I get hard every time I think about a hot white girl with a big strong dominant black man. Are there any white women here that would help me out?

Another guy's c** in my girlfriend, my c** on the ground.

I stripped nude and went outside on my balcony to masturbate and c** while my neighbor
and her girlfriends watched. They watched me masturbate and c** many times. My pretty
neighbor Paige, who lived directly across from my front door, honored me by allowing me
to strip nude... [more]

Soldier anal antics

I'm a young soldier and constantly away from home although the idea of being gay repulses me I can't get the idea of being taken up the arse and cumed inside out of my head I have a massive I mean HUGE thing for older women and even oaps which is weird considering I'm a 6foot plus well built masculine soldier

Wife had a hot time with his Director

My wife wanted to visit a far away city for a conference with her matured Director and I remember she always tells good of him. On that day I dropped her to the main road
and he came to a certain point and picked her up. Very faintly I saw she gave a kiss to him when occupying in the front seat. After the conference when they were on their way... [more]


I really want to have sex with a girl. I Just want someone to finger and eat the s*** out of me.

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