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Bellybutton o******

Does any female out there feel like they are going to get an o***** if their bellybutton /navel is played with or fingered in the right way.I have found that if my bf puts hes finger inside my navel and puts a bit of pressure and moves his finger in a circular motion i feel really good 'down there' and if he continues... [more]

Saw a girl naked outside

Once, I was walking through the woods on a dreary kind of day in the late afternoon. It was overcast, not really cold but a bit chilly...mid autumn. I live not far from the forest and I love to walk.

Anyway, I was nearing the edge of the woods when I saw a completely nude girl, probably about early twenties, standing with two other girls and... [more]

Had sex with a woman in my friends cab

I drove his cab as a favor, I did not charge him but did keep tips.
He sent me to pick up at a beach bar at 1 am. Was a woman from our town who worried about driving back. A 30 min drive so we talked some. She told me the beach allows her to be picked up and get lucky some time, while not being found out by friends and family. Went on to tell me... [more]

I'm such a s***

I told my husband that I was going to hang with my friend but I really went to meet my neighbor that I've been f****** for 4 years. Well I got naked from the bottom down b4 he arrived in our spot in the woods. When he got there I jumped out the car ready to give him my ready p****. He... [more]

In my wifes nittie and panties

Hi im a married 39wm that loves to wear my wifes nitties and panties i was home alone in them one day and decided to post a add on cl for some guys to come over and treat me like a woman i had to guys come other and when they pulled up and knocked on the door i started having second thoughts but one seen me threw window and just walked in and... [more]

A dancer classmate cheats with me

One of my best friends has an amazingly good looking gf, with amazing skin, beautiful face and hair, and the best body. One time I was hanging out with her waiting for my friend at her place and then we would go out, but he called and said he couldn't make it. She suggested we stay there and by this point my d*** was... [more]

Wife's secret past

My wife was a total s*** in college. When I met her she played the innocent good girl and she never admitted her past, and I never told her I knew. She doesn't remember, but I met her a few years prior. She was at a party and was pretty drunk when me and a few friends took her upstairs and gang banged her. I know she... [more]

When I was 11 years old

I had a friend who had an electric train set in his attic. It was above the bathroom in the house. He had two sisters;one my age and the other was 15. There was a hole in the roof and whenever his sisters would shower or use the toilet we would be able to see them. There was a rug over the hole.

One day his sisters had a swimming party and... [more]

We're both cheating

I'm 29 and am the cashier at an auto garage. The owner has another, larger garage in another town and works there, so his foreman runs things where I work. Besides him, there are 5 mechanics. I absolutely love to f***. Well, I have f***** every one of them. In fact, I [more]

Tommy's Way or No Way...

I work with a guy by the name of "Tommy" who is extremely violent and scary. One morning he came into the office early when only I am working and I thought he looked a little off-color so I asked him what was wrong.

He looked at me as if I was a ghost and he grabbed my wrist, twisted it behind my back, and began pulling my pants down. I... [more]

Let's see her naked

I once found myself stranded stark naked in a public shower. Discovered my towel and an clothes were gone when I walked out. There was nothing but lines of locked lockers and not a single piece of anything to cover up with. Saw girls outside giggling and realized I had been pranked. Heard them coming back with boys saying "let's see her naked" The... [more]

Black c***

Im so addicted to big black c***. just want to suck black d*** non stop. don't know why. i watch gay porn behind my gf back. accidentally leaving black c*** porn running on her computer. never trip it but now shes getting turned on by interracial porn. anyway... [more]

Is it normal ?

Hi im female. Me and my partner have been together for 3 years. Slowly with time he started getting more and more possessive, controlling, stubborn. He convinced me into trying anal, as neither of us had tried it. He liked it so now we regularly having anal. He makes me have sex with him whenever he feels like it , whether its in the morning or... [more]

Stepmom and my brother

I'm a 14 year old girl and I know for real my brother and our stepmom have had sex like three or four times and I don't know if I should tell my dad or keep quiet. The first time was when my dad had to work late I heard noises in our rec room downstairs and I went to see I found them on the floor kissing and stuff. My brother is 17 and they were... [more]

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