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1st Time Cheating

I'm 45 chubby 40dd my husband has not f***** me for 9mths due to medical reasons and I was very frustrated.
On a night out with a close friend and after a few wines, I told her and she disclosed that her and her husband had an open relationship and he would sort me out if I wanted. I blushed and... [more]

Girlfriend's mom is acting sexually

Not sure where to start. My girlfriend and I have been together for quite a few years now, and her mom started acting out of character about a year ago. Finding reasons to constantly be bending down in front of me while wearing tops that allow her dangling t*** to be almost fully seen when looking... [more]

True desires

I'm 51 and married but don't have s** with wife. I've been craving other guys c**** for so long. I go to rest stops on way home hoping to get what I really want. I started doing it when I was younger. Loved it back then. Don't care bout size..just love... [more]

Fantasy about my guy-friend

I'm a High-School senior, and my guy-friend is hot. I think he likes me, and whenever I make eye contact with him, I feel so sexually attracted. I secretly fantasize that he masturbates to me.. thinking about it makes me wet. I wish he pleasures himself to me, and hope we have s** before graduation.

Lost my virginity at age 12

I lost my virginity by the hottest guy in my grade and I'm 12 his d*** was hard af. ??????

How i wish i could watch her take a huge deeck

I met her when she was 18 and i was 23. I was her 2nd boyfriend then. She was almost a virgin, i think her ex made love to her once or twice. As i am kinda small down there, she was still very tyt and i liked it because it made me feel loke a man. We broke up after few months because of a distance and she felt i was waisting her time so she had to... [more]


It was a cool Friday evening and I was bored. Incidentally, I did not want to go for my usual weekend night out. Everything seemed insipid. I was just not happy the way my life was going; wondered why it even bothered me. Usually booze and rough s** and my brand fix would do and I had a... [more]

Wife and girlfriend

So i wanted share with everyone what i like to do. I have a wife and a girlfriend but they both dont k ow of each other. I like for them to get together some day but it will never happen. These are the closest ways ill ever get them together.
I will have vaginal and a*** [more]

29 Year old virgin

I'm 29 years old and I'm still a virgin. By no means am I embarrassed of this, because this is a conscious decision that i've made and i can change it at anytime. That being said, I'm starting to think that I will never experience intimacy. I am very traditional. I think intimacy is something you share with someone you care deeply for.
With... [more]

Can't stop cheating

I have been married to my husband for 6 years. I've been faithful to him for almost all of those 6 years. About 3 months ago, I went out for a couple drinks with a few coworkers and went home with a guy that has been flirting with me for years. I'm not blaming it on the liquor as I am always in control of my actions. I told him I was kinda leary... [more]

Close friend

About a year ago a family friend (I've known her since I was like 7) and I went to this music festival. On the plane back something kinda weird happened. I'd taken sort've a nap on the plain so I was just re-waking up. We were still in the air but I stretched and I guess that kindve led to an erection. My friend was sitting next to me (I'll call... [more]

Hostel flashing

When I was 20 I travelled alone through South America. I had made some friends with three guys and we were sharing a dorm room in a small town Ecuador. We'd been our drinking and they were asking me questions about s** and my experiences. I'd admitted that I hadn't done it in several months and Jason... [more]

I'm in deep

I have a best friend and he has three sisters two are 22 (they are twins) and one is 13. His sisters (not the little girl) are gorgeous, they're the spitting image of their mom which is also gorgeous. About a year ago I slept with his mom when we all got drunk at his birthday party and he's forgiven me. But I don't think he'll forgive me for what... [more]

Bisexual male

I had a*** s** for the first time on Saturday. I thought it felt absolutely amazing

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