Sex Confessions & Secrets

My Ex sister in law stopped by and gave me a happy ending

I told her her teeth looked amazing, she pulled them out; Dentures finally after all that money I spent. But they look better.
I joked: While you got them out, let me unzip this. She said come in your garage and I will do it. I said no you dont have to do that. SURE, I would love to. For you anything.
She led me in the garage and I sat in the... [more]

Had sex with a scripture teacher

When I was in school, we had a mandatory scripture day one day. The teacher was a stunning fair haired woman in her 20s, with a fantastic rack and nice a**. I stared at her all day long, and at one point jacked off in the bathroom. I went back to class and was hard almost instantly again. At the end, she marked us off... [more]

I love eating p****

I honestly love eating p****.. From the frot back how every like it.. Ride my face while you wastch t.v, text Idc.... I just love to do it... Call me over an be bent over soon as I step in so I can just get to work... Seriously ... I like in the 5 Boros and would love to meet someone who likes this.. Send me a message... [more]

My Gay Life?

I don't have a sexual attraction to men but I love d***.

I guess it started when I was younger fooling around with a guy. He use to f*** me in the a** we even got caught by my mom once we were both naked in my room and he had me bent over and was putting... [more]

Husband caught me F***ing plumber

My husband came home one day to find me been F***ed on our bed doggy by the plumber, to my surprise instead of kicking off he stood on the landing w***ing, i signald for him to come in with my finger and he got his c*** out and put it in my mouth. it made me feel so slutty to be f***ed like this and we are going to start experimenting more often... [more]

Spanked wife and her BFF

That my wife came home with her BFF and they were pretty drunk. She likes it when I play a little rough with her and started yelling at me that "I was afraid to take them on....."

After realizing what she meant, I pulled her over to the couch and started swatting her b*** through her pants. I then put her over my... [more]

Night Shift

I went to visit my girlfriend at work one night. She works as a nurse and was working the night shift so I was trying to be a good guy and stop by at around 2 am to bring her a cup of coffee and some snacks. The receptionist at the front desk tried to page my girlfriend but she did not answer so she let me back into the unit since I have been... [more]

Bodypainted for halloween

For the big party my husband convinced me to go dressed only in bodypaint. I was painted as a tigress and wore a prosthetic face mask so no one could tell who I was. My husband was totally excited for me to be going to the party nude. Most of the other nude women there were hookers or girlfriends. My husband didn't introduce me as his wife... [more]

Male Stripper

I have read many stories on here about cheating at bachelorette parties and never thought I would act as slutty as the rest of these girls and cheat on the man I plan on spending my life with.

That is until my bachelorette party this past summer. I was not aware my friends were going to have a male stripper and of course I was super drunk when... [more]

How To Seduce

Ok well...i like my landlord who lives upstairs. He lives right above me, in his late or mid thirties, no wife and no children. I just turned 18 and i live in our shared basement with only a thin sheet seperating my room from the laundry room. I masturbate all the time hoping that one day he catches me and joins in but he never has. So i decided... [more]

Tempted to bring in strangers

I'm house sitting for a friend who went across the country for a funeral. I just have to feed the cat and change the litter box. I'm kinda tempted to invite strange men over for sex while I have the house myself. I'd give them the garage door code so they can walk in. I've never done that before. It's totally risky and would betray my friend's... [more]

My managers son knocked up a r*****

My manager is a wealthy business owner and I work for him. His son also works there. He makes a lot of money and had a good education.

Also working there as a clean up woman was a skinny blond with marginal IQ. Looking at her face you could tell she wasn't smart at all.

I didn't think she was pretty. Her hair was blond but almost... [more]

Teacher at a gig.

When I college, I was doing a religious education course. My tutor was hot as hell, I mean seriously, norks like two melons & an arse that was huge! Anyway, one time, I was going seeing my favourite band and she was there, we got talking and had a few drinks. Not.long afterwards, we went outside, & she gave me the greatest [more]

f****** my best friend's wife

I have been f****** my best friend's wife for over a year now. She is also my fience best friend. We both are in love with each other. My friend and her are trying to get pregnant. She want's me to get her pregnant. Our sex is the best ever and we can not get enough. My girl or her husband doesn't know about us even... [more]

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