Sex Confessions & Secrets

Married man

I am a married man and I suck c***. Wife has literally sucked me (always just for a few minutes) only a couple times ever. I hit up a friend for some mutual sucking

In Love With My Step Brother

Let's call him jack, who is my step-brother, for years now. We found out we liked each other like 3 years ago and actually started this secret relationship. I felt amazing when I was with him, it was so much fun and it was actually passionate. For some strange reason he knew where I liked to be kissed and touched, he made me want him whenever he... [more]

I Took Advantage of My Best Guy Friend When He Was Drunk

I really only had one true friend growing up, we were like brothers. We would do everything together and he meant so much to me. In college, we went to different schools and didn't see eachother very often. Apparently, he became depressed at some point, although I didn't fully understand how bad it really was. When we would meet up for drinks, he... [more]

Love of a** play

I love a** play in all forms. I have fingered my a**, inserted toys of all types, and had girlfriends eat it while they j*** me off. I love licking a woman's tight hole while she massages herself. I don't know what it is about a woman's gorgeous [more]

Bitched out by my cousin. 11/20/14

I'm a 24yr old black male in Florida. I consider myself very handsome and well rounded but I lack in certain areas compared to my cousin. He's a 35yr old dentist and has a 10inch d*** (I'm only 7.5) I enjoy watching him pound my girls p**** and have recently started eating his [more]

I Made A Mistake

I have made the biggest mistake of my life..i had sex with this guy at school lets call K and he is beautiful i felt really special when he told me he liked me and so we started talking. Then a couple of months later we did it that whole weekend he was mine but then when we were at school we acted like nothing happened which i was okay (dont like... [more]

Scared of rejection

How do I tell my ex boyfriend I want to give him head??


I really want to give my ex boyfriend head right now.


I'd love to wake up in my girlfriend's body for a day then go out and f*** as many men as possible.


Guy in my 40s, obsessed with chasing and having sex with women half my age, if that. Legal, but way younger. Can't get enough lately, and met an absolutely gorgeous, ex-model, hot, and little wild girl of 22. Had sex with her twice already, and only met her last week.

Thing is, I've become obsessed with not only that age group in general, but... [more]

Hot college girl

I am a college professor, one time i caught my hottest student on their phone during a test, i kept it for the day. During lunch, i was bored and opened her phone(unlocked) i saw some pretty sexy photos in there so i sent the entire collection to my computer. There was nudes, change room selfies, pretty photos of her face. I [more]

Inadequate husband

I have a small d***. It's 5 inches hard. 3 weeks ago my wife said she wanted to tell me something but was unsure how I would take it. I told her to just say it. I wouldn't be mad. She said that she wanted to have sex with someone with a bigger d***. I told her not to worry because I wasnt... [more]

I want sex all the time!

I'm a 20 year old female and I'm h**** all the time. I have a boyfriend and his sex drive can't keep up with mine. I don't want to cheat on him because I truly love him. but he is not satisfying me in the bedroom! what should I do?

My bestfriend.

I had sex with my bi bestfriend friend when she had a boyfriend who is also one of my friends... We didn't mean it to happen but she came over just for a sleep over and it took off from there! It was so amazing I didn't relize how much I would enjoy it im 15 And she's 17. But holy d*** her [more]

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