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How co-workers

My co-worker and I knew there was some sexual tensions between us from the day that we were introduced. It took us a whole year before finally giving in.
Our desks were in front of each other's. One day we were exchanging emails about work, when he suddenly asked me harmless, personal questions. I didn't have much on my plate that day so I... [more]

I AM that type of girl

Hey all, what happened this bank holiday wkend topped everything iv done before! ie, PUB TOILETS and MY EXs FRIENDS, so me and my best friend got dressed up real slutty! me in my leathers again, went over a few citys for this weekend big music event etc after moves onto late night deinking and ended up at this massive rave/houseparty, so drunk... [more]

My son demanded for my Breast milk - mother son

Its all about my son and me.
When I was sleeping he started to tease my nipples.I woke up and asked him what he was doing.
He pushed me and told me to give him milk from my breast.
I told him that it was impossible and for that I have to be mom again.My hubby was out of state for 2 weeks.
I am 38 now.
my son asked me to get pregnant again and... [more]

One big complaint in my life

I have a big complain to make as a grown up man... why the h*** none of the women or girls around me did not abuse me s ex ually? I would have loved it!

Want to be g*********

So I watch a lot of p*** and normally I mastrubate to anything that involves rough s**. Like bondage s** and hair pulling a** slapping [more]

I want to be screwed

I'm 18m and I have always wanted someone to f*** my a******. I really don't want a relationship, I just want someone to c** inside me. I live in Northern virginia

I Love my cousin

I'm a 18 year old male and I love my Cousin, she is 28. She is kind, beautiful and smart. She is so sexy she's just my type short, small b**** (c cup)and a cute a**). I wanna f*** her so Bad! I've wanted to... [more]

Dirty secrets

I'm a girl and a couple days ago I went through my dads stuff and found his lube. I'd never lube used before and I wanted to try to it. I stole a couple squirts and now when I'm h**** I rub my dad's lube on my p****. I don't know why but I just love it... [more]

Youthful Virgin Needs a f***

I really really badly wanna f***, like oh my lord. I'm only 16 but like the idea of getting eaten and having a guy pump me really turns me on, guys my age don't want that though they just want head. But like I finger myself all the time and I need a [more]

Why i sleep with black guys

Im 40 years old divorced woman and i started to f*** black guys because of interracial p*** maybe they are little bigger and better than white guys but the real reason i sleep with them is because they are stupid im a professor and i love to have [more]

Boyfriends fantasy ended with his boss

My bf always had a fantasy of f****** me in his work, and we did it a while ago, twice before it had to end after the third time, he liked to have me dress up and a h***** and pretend to pick me up in his van, take me to his works workshop and [more]

Lifeguard and changing room

The other week, i did something im not proud off but really enjoyed, so i go to gym and swimming since xmas at first with two my friends and now just one and now its fading into just me and now just swimming at our local pool, iv changed to last swim of the day! so pools open late, always seen this lifeguard there and he is so hot but im 29 and he... [more]

Old Farm Hand

When I was a teen living at home on the family farm, we had an older black man as a farm hand who was there every day doing farm work. I would help him take care of the animals.
One day we put the boar in with the sow to breed and we watched the act. I got very h**** and the old guy laughed and... [more]

Sniffing coworkers panties

I have an exotic, gorgeous coworker. She acts like she's down to earth and is cool with everyone. But she's fake. Nothing but fake greetings and fake small talk. Whenever she's having a bad day, she gets very snotty. Then she'll start talking to you whenever she feels like. More like she'll acknowledge you whenever she feels like. She's also... [more]

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