Sex Confessions & Secrets

Moms friend

I finally bought my own Car about a month ago and I want to drive it whenever I can; I got a call last week from my Mom asking me to pick her friend up from a bar at around 1 in the morning.

I jumped on the chance to drive and picked this 44 year old Woman up who was plastered.

She isn't bad looking by any means aged naturally and works out... [more]

Let me friend do me up the butt and its sore

We have been having sex since he moved in the complex. He and I hit it off and I just wanted some. So we had an arrangement. We had been drinking and he ask if I had tried it, I said no and I was not wanting to. I heard from other women how it hurt them.
Later he was hard and I had been, well taken care of. He kept rubbing the hole with a lot of... [more]

The boss made me do it

I'm single and totally straight and I work for a guy who is older and married with a ton of kids. Anyway the guy has always been super friendly with me and treats me different from most of the employees. He asked me to help him move some furniture once on the weekend and it was a pain in the ass a whole bunch of heavy stuff into his house and up... [more]

Masturbate at night

Every night I masturbate whilst my husband is asleep next to me. I like cumming and scooping it out of me and flicking it at him.

This is because he cums on my face so I cum on his.

It's great kissing him in the morning an smelling my cum on him. He of corse is used to the smell by now and doesn't know.

I also use my secret 6" thick... [more]

Can't help it

I want a guy to piss inside my pussy and my ass and my mouth then fuck me good in every hole

So hot

Today my wife drank my piss from a bottle it was so fucking hot and the fact that she wants to be gangbanged gets me so hard ;)

The Bookkeeper

I work in a nice restaurant as the GM and was recently promoted to director of operations for our small company. Our bookkeeper is an older married woman and she is very attractive. She has an amazing ass and last week at my going away party she asked me to meet her in the office. I was shocked when wordlessly she dropped to her knees and boldly... [more]

I caught a kid being a peeping Tom

I was house sitting at my sisters a few years ago, she has a big farmhouse across from a seedy trailer park (which I kinda like, saw lots of weird shit happen there, ha) - she had a front porch that was screened in & I used to go out there when she wasn't home & watch porn & jerk off. One night really late I was out there, like 2 a.m., I noticed... [more]

I love playing with myself 24/7

No matter where I am or what I'm doing I like to rub my dick; if it's in public I put a hand in my pocket and rub it that way, if it's just me at home or alone wherever, I sit around in my underwear and rub one out, blow my load right in them or if I need to use lube 'cause of how many times I jerked off that day I'll take them off & just use them... [more]

Naked in Florida

What I'm about to recount is true and occurred just two day ago while I was with my wife on her business trip.

While in Florida for a meeting, my wife and I went out with some her colleagues after work, which included a muscular black man who works in her field. After dinner, some of us broke off and went out to more bars and we drank plenty... [more]


I can't stop thinking about all the guys I've had sex with... I'm 18 and I've already slept with 11 guys, I can't even remember a lot of their names... I'm having a panic attack now because I feel like I'm a slut... Fuck I hate this feeling...

Endless days and nights of masturbating

I "work" from home alot, but it's more like jerking off with a little work thrown in the last few months, for real addicted but not like I care or want to stop, just admitting I am, ha. I wake up hard, have coffee, sit around playing with myself, put porn in, maybe do a couple bongs, play with myself some more, walk out onto my deck with a chub... [more]

Being the girl

I am a divorced father of one snd been mostly straight my whole life. After my divorced I experimented with my gay urges. One time i started experimenting with crossdressing and sissy bondage. I met a black guy who came over while i was dressed and handcuffed for his pleasure. He bent me over the bed and slowly slid inside of me bareback. He used... [more]

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