Sex Confessions & Secrets

Strap-on Wife

I really like it when my wife fucks me in the ass with her strap on. It feels really good and I always come so intensely. I am a straight male but the orgasms I have from it are so intense. Not only that but my wife loves being the penetrator and smacking my ass like I do to her when she fucks me from behind. She gets off on it as much as I... [more]

Scared for sex

So I am a virgin. I'm in a long distance relationship with a guy who is nearly 2 years older than me, but I think I'm falling in love with him. I know that he is not a virgin as he has told me but he has no idea that I am a virgin and I think that he thinks I'm not one. I am so scared for when we eventually get physical because I have no idea what... [more]

I'm scared about loosing my virginity

I am with a guy who I am no doubt falling in love with. However I think that he thinks I am not a virgin. He has told me that he isn't one. I'm just scared to have sex and I wouldn't have any clue what the hell to do and if i would be good or not. He is also nearly 2 years older than me which makes me feel even more nervous. I'm so scared by the... [more]

Half Asian Suicidal

I fucking hate myself. My parents destroyed me since I was young. I came out of the womb a failure.

My dad is a weak gangly white boy fuck, my mom a white-man chasing, self hating Asian woman, just like every other Asian girl. When I was younger I was considered beautiful and gorgeous but only by white girls, asian girls will find out that I am... [more]

Chinese cheating wives

My chinese married boss cheats all the time with me, her poor husband has no idea..and they pretend to be traditional..hahahahha

My daughter

About a month ago I went and spent a couple weeks with my daughter who is 31. While she was at work one day I got on her computer to check my email and found more than I was looking for. I found several videos of her having sex with different men. In a couple videos she was with more than one man. The most I counted was three. I didn't watch all... [more]

Married woman

Ann, i know you are a married woman but i really want to fuck you like a slut and i know you do want me too. The mutual and physical attraction between us is out of this world. I know you want to experience another dic probably once. Give it up that pussy to me and i will show you how its done and fuck you hard i mean really hard. You are pretty... [more]

My ex wife

At 14 and I was in early 20's She always wore a mini skirt or dress that was so short it was so easy for others to see the lower part of her panties.
At times I would walk behind her and lift her skirt up as we walked along the road.
She loved that a lot and took her time putting her skirt straight.
At 16 also she was sexy and dressed for... [more]

Interview turns into fondling session

I went for a babysitting interview and my bf decided to wait for me outside in the car so I went to the door the guy opened it for me and I walked in and went and sat with him at the table my bf could see us through the window so I talked with this guy a bit and all was good but his kids arent there yet he is looking for someone to babysit over... [more]

Last night of freedom

My girlfriends had a large black stripper come to our hotel room for my bachelorette party. We were all really drunk and he was super hot with a great body and large cock, not a good recipe to stay faithful. The five of us ended up taking turns licking whipped cream off of his chocolate cock and rubbing oil all over his naked body.

At the end... [more]

I am 18 years old and I am a feeder.

I am 18 years old and I am a hardcore feeder. A feeder is someone who gets off on their partner gaining large amounts of weight. My current girlfriend has already gained around 40 or so pounds, up to 280 from 240 at 5'3''. So far she has consented to gaining the weight, but at this point, she is so huge, if she gains much more weight, she won't... [more]

Banged at my friend's bachelorette party

I went down to the beach last summer to help my friend celebrate her bachelorette party. Long story short we all got really drunk and met a bachelor party there. Me and the other 7 girls went back to their place (there were 6 guys) and ended up taking part in several naughty games. I won the best ass contest where I pulled down my jeans and let... [more]

Fucking The Algebra Teacher

Recently my math teacher held me after class. But talking wasnt on her mind she is kinky af. She even rimmed me and i FUCKED HER IN ALMOST EVERY WAY!!! Downside is I came in her.

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