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Recent graduate musings

I fantasize about fucking my boyfriend as much as possible on school grounds. Partly because i hated it, the other part I don't know. Is that weird?


For the longest time i felt married women who cheat were wrong. but i understand now they want to be pleasured and have needs and they are not getting that at home. i love watching pornos where the wife cheats or gets seduced!!!!! So what i am saying if there any hot women who want to cheat on their hubby let me know. and hopefully i can help u... [more]

I fantasize about my bf bringing home a fuck surprise for me

I do not want to cheat on my boyfriend of 4 years, even though that's what it will sound like :s
I have had an unrelenting fantasy that one night my boyfriend would have a special plan in mind for me resulting in him bringing over one of his friends or taking me to his friends place with one main objective in mind.... To watch and order me to... [more]

Need your help .. help me out plz

I am 18 year old guy who gets fucking horny at times but all I can do is masturbate. I am just fed up with all this . Its been months since I had my last sex. I have tried everything possible but just can't get through this horny feeling . Please suggest me something how can I overcome this . Girls I really need your help. I am a average built... [more]

First Threesome

I am 23 and just had my first MFF threesome a couple weeks ago. Me and my friend Crystal went to the beach for a little fun. Well, some guys invited us over to drink with them at their bon fire and we decided what the hell and did it.

There was this really cute guy, Collin, who kept hitting on me, and her. But he was rather smooth about it. Hi... [more]


I'm in love with mfriends wife,Gerda Workman,i masturbate all the time thinking about f**king her!I even get fake sexual pics made of her and pretend she posed for me,

Secret crush on my Mother in Law

I have fancied my mother in law since I first met me gf/wife 6 years ago and have always fantasised about sleeping with her. My MIL is 54 and looks just like my wife will in 25 years, and she is very attractive for her age.

I would never cheat on my wife but do get incredibly turned on by her mother. I love to give her compliments on how... [more]

Sex In Men's Room at Gym...

This happened about ten years ago, when I was 19 I worked the front desk at a local gym. I was with my boyfriend (now husband) at the time and I still feel guilty about it since it was the only time I cheated on him.

An older gym member (prob in his forties) would always hit on me. He was fairly innocent at first, but got more sexual as time... [more]

Amazing orgy

My husband and I just shared 2 women. One of them used a strap on on me. I can't wait to do it again! !! I loved watching my man inside 2 other women.

Wifes younger cousin

That I wanted to take my wife's cousin so hard this weekend. Turned 18 a couple months ago and wore a short summer dress that wasn't quite long enough for her to a party we were at this weekend. I'm 28 and couldn't take my eyes off those thighs, and that adorable little ass. She didn't seem to mind and even eyed me a few times. Went upstairs to... [more]

Attracted to married women

Some reason I chase married women and help them live out their slutty fantasies that they can't or wont at home. Recently I had two of them, both thought they were just with me.. the one ended up prego and had to explain to the husband. Was an absolute turn on and miss that little ass! Hoping to get back with it before long. I know its wrong, but... [more]

Lets Have fun now

Just in pussy licking mood!

Daughter's panties

Whenever my daughter is at work, school or out with friend's I go into her room and take her dirty panties out of the hamper and use them to masturbate. I like to lick her juices off the crotch and I love how it feels rubbing them against my wet pussy! Sometimes I take her clean ones and masturbate with them, get my cum and juices all over the... [more]

This one guy..

I don't do a lot of sexual stuff with guys, but there is this one guy... i know what he likes, and there is this one move that just drives him crazy everytime and makes him throw himself at me. whenever i get out of the shower and he's chilling at the coutch, i go up to him in the towel, i rip it off and go sit on his lap. so with his cock... [more]

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