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h**** Virgin

So I'm a seventeen year old girl and I would like to keep my virginity until I'm married... But I'm extremely h**** and I look touch myself looking at hentai daily... I think I really need a d****-

My loving wife

My wife lets me watch p*** while giving me oral, having s** or a hand job. She saw me watching a black guys pound small asians and asked if thats what i want. I said some what. She has had a blk bf in college and told me that he was slightly bigger than i... [more]

My wife's friend

My wife's friend erin is so dam hot but i cant seem to get the erge to try her. She asks me to fix lots of stuff at her house and wears loose clothing. I see the top of her nipples all the time and semi open legs to see up her skirt. I always joke around with her that I would marry her if i got divorced. She married too... What shld i do?


My best friend came out as gay and ever since I've wanted him to f*** my a** and put his clock in my mouth. He's so sexy.

Woodland s**

On Friday we were walking home from the pub and I was feeling h****, I suggested we go home through the woods, we knew an open area with a picnic table. My husband stripped me naked, except for my boots and tights, he ripped the crouch out of them, he was still fully dressed which turned me on. He... [more]

Wife cheating

I am married also and I have s** with my gay next door neighbor. I don't feel the slightest bit guilty about it. I do it after work real late after my wife is asleep.
A few months ago my wife said, "Would you let me sleep with another man?" I said, "Yeah I know the answer to this. I'm not stupid."... [more]

Is it g##?

I am a heterosexual man, a and have had a f2f for about 4 years now, but the other day while we were having s## she pushed me on my stomach and I felt something nudging my back door if you know what I mean. So I turned around and she had this big black strap on, and next thing I know she's pounding my a## like a nail and I enjoyed it immensely... [more]


I'm a young man just graduated high school. And I want a girl who likes it rough. I know its not much of a confession but I want a girl with long legs who likes it hard. I've also had fantasies of the same type of lady but with a strap on. I want to hear her moan my name. I also have a thing for tatoos for some reason. I'm not bad looking and my... [more]

Miss my domme

I really want to see my domme again. It's been awhile. I'm a married man. I'm trying to get over her but I'm so addicted to her. I wanna feel her hands on me. I wanna be forced to wear her panties again. I don't love her but i want her so bad. She instantly makes me hard. She controls my [more]

F*cked an older guy at a rave

I'm 16. Over the summer, I went to a rave with my friend. I was drunk, and lost her in the audience. A 23 year old guy came up behind me and put his hands around my waist. It felt good, so I let him continue. He grabbed my a**, and put his hands under my shirt. He continued feeling me up, touching all... [more]

I want to do my boss

I've worked at my job almost ten years now, and a few years ago we got a new boss, she's a year younger than me. She is very beautiful, and she always wears tight sexy yoga pants, sometimes she has a ceamel toe. I always catch myself looking at her tight little b***. Seeing the outline of her panties... [more]

I think about sexing my best friend.

We been best friends for some years. We both are bisexuals, but she's more gay & I'm more straight, I have not been active with females in 6 years. Anyway, we hang out all the time, we always at a nearby bar like every other Friday night & when I get to her house to pick her up, she's never dressed and be in her underwear. She has this slamming... [more]

Weird u think???

I'm a bisexual female but I want to f*** a guy in the a**. I want him to enjoy it a lot. Maybe its weird

Good girl

Ok so I've always been a good girl. I never touched myself and I kept my dirty thoughts in my head, but I've changed every since I started dating this guy. When ever he's around I can't help but let my hand slide down to wear his d*** is and stroke it throw his clothing until he gets me alone. I know... [more]

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