Sex Confessions & Secrets

Sex to early

I been having sex since i lost my virginity at 11 to a 28 year old woman who's name i never knew i guess it stayed with me becuase it just kept on happening i had sex with women at a young age 12, 13 , 14 and it was this wild crazy sex till i was like 19 i finally did it with someone my age yet it did not feel the same now that am an adult i feel... [more]

Locker room

I am 16 years old and my c*** is about 6.5 inches long. I don't know what it is but something about knowing other men have smaller penises than me makes me feel extremely h**** and extremely empowered. Especially when the other guy is older because then it is all the more empowering for... [more]


I can't stop seeking out teenage girls for sex. I'm 44 but have rarely had sex with a girl over the age of 20. My most recent GF is only 17. Over the last 25 years or so I've had girls as young as 13 but only occasionally over 19. I'm still young looking, slim and toned, but this obsession gets me down. The girls only stay for a while then move on... [more]

I'm going to take his virginity...

We've already been very close to it. We were making out, and I ended up naked and on top of him, but he was still mostly dressed and we had time to think and decided it wasn't the right place or time (staying at a friends house).

He has also has dropped the L word on me and I think he really means it...I really like this guy... I think I love... [more]


I would love to finally have sex with jenny, Ever since I recorded her get dressed I cant get her out of my head

I want a stranger...

...don't care what type of stranger... I've always had a fantasy of f*coming someone I just met! Mmm I'd let him do anything!!!

Crazy night

I've been with my boyfriend for 4 years and lately our sex life has been so lame he Dosent wanna try anything new or if he does its awkward. And also he's kinda small..So I went to a party and met this guy we started vibing and one thing led to another and it was the best sex I've had in 4 years! He knew exactly what he was doing and everything I... [more]

I messed around with a l******

So i met this l****** at a party one time. She was cool, we all smoked and drank beer the whole night. That night I got her twitter info because she didn't have a phone and took her home.

She was a cool friend, but even though she was l****** I wanted to [more]

Dirty cheating wife and bull

I am currently wanking about catching my wife cheating on me. As I tried to break it up, my wife stripsed me naked and shows the bull my little pimple of a d*** and they both laugh as he shows me his huge throbbing c0ck, and without warning he grabs my head and starts to f*** my mouth. I... [more]

c** eating - weird?

When I'm h**** I have the urge to c** on women, like my boss's legs, friend's tits, women's feet etc and then I want to lick it off. When I wank I taste my c** but after I've unloaded I can never bring myself to do try it. A stripper said she would make me do... [more]

Selena Gomez mild humiliation

Now when I say MILD humiliation, it's humiliation that doesn't quite fit in the domination "circle" of things, but isn't exactly sweet and gentle either, it's obvious mockery and teasing, but isn't really vicious or OVERLY cruel. So anyway, the fantasy is Selena Gomez (or a similar actress) treating me like that. Everything I do or say is met with... [more]


I like to expose ,show off my undie in malls, I like girls enjoying my undie.

Confused about who I am

I am a married man soon to enter my 30's. I am generally confortavke with myself but lately I have confusions over my life. I love small or is humiliation and sometimes get my wife to take part, I also love female domination and crave to have a mistres to abuse me. I am a straight man but would do anything a woman told me to do. Lately I have been... [more]

I love group sex

I am a school teacher a mother of four and currently married. The best thing that ever happened to me was when a tinder date took me to a porn theatre where dozens of man watch us have sex. I sucked his c*** and played with other man's c****. After about an hour another couple asked us to... [more]

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