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God I need someone's fingers inside me right now....


I've always fantasized about being raped by a couple of cute fit guys but I'm a little chubby in the stomach and it always ruins it but I'm 14 year old virgin girl and I live in Sweden


Not really sure what to do...... I have a friend with whom I've had sex off and on with over the past 8-9 years. Although she's wanted something more serious I just couldn't do it. Well here recently her daughter has been hitting on me. She says.... "what mom doesn't know won't hurt her". She's a little bit slim for my taste but the idea of eating... [more]

Should she be angry

If the woman your f****** is married to another man and she finds out that you're also f****** her sister, does she really have any grounds to be mad at you?

Compañeras Sexis

Estoy en 3° año, y tengo demasiadas compañeras que están muy buenas, me hice cientos de pajas pensando en ellas. Una es negra, con un orto (culo, ojete o como prefieran) increíble, es imposible dejar de mirárselo. Otra es super tetona, unas tetas de maravilla, que encima siempre usa uunos escotes tremendos. Y la última tiene el mejor orto (culo... [more]

Show wife to others naked

I take pics of my wife naked with her knowledge and without and i like to show those pics to others i chat on yahoo mess. These are all people i know only from the internet.
My wife is 30 and looks v good. Slim, tall etc...
I get excited and arroused by the comments to her looks and i enjoy talking bout how we have sex and whats she like. Even... [more]

My husband prostituted me

My husband convinced me to have group sex with his friends, for his 50th birthday present.
Five of them turned up, I did a striptease for them they loved my huge tits. I f***** and sucked them all, for 2hrs. Which to my surprise I really enjoyed, I was covered in s**** from sucking and... [more]

I want my wife to peg me

I really want my wife to peg me but when i hint at it she she says thats weird. I just want to experience anal pleasure from my wife. I think that this would be extremely erotic, especially in the submisive role. Any advice

My friend spent five years in prison

I knew of this guy in high school and while he was no rocket scientists I never thought hed do something as stupid as he did.

Shortly after we graduated someone saw him break into a house. The police were called and the house was surrounded. He came out after being order out but for some stupid reason he held onto his handgun.

He was... [more]

Telford neighbour

I'm a happily married man from Telford UK but the other day I found myself wanking like mad over the neighbour opposite as she weeded her garden. She is 46 with the best fake tits ever and a friend of my wife who told me she went from a 36b to a d cup a few years ago. I was in my bedroom opposite her house when I looked out and saw her bent over... [more]


I want to be kidnapped by a complete stranger (or strangers, doesnt matter how many) and used as an sex slave. I want to be held against my will(tied up, caged, etc.) and tortured. I don’t want this to be a fantasy any longer. As a lonely housewife I spend everyday playing out this fantasy and won’t feel satisfied until it becomes a reality. I... [more]

The hot little blond boy

When I was 19, (I'm a girl) I went to watch a movie-The Invasion- a remake ot an old science fiction movie-The Body Snatchers. It starred Nicole Kidman and a gorgeous little blond boy who played her son. The first second that this boy appeared on the screen, I got the hardest crush on him. He is f***king gorgeous. He has a beautiful face and those... [more]

Stepsons shiny tights and leotard w**** part II

My stepson was pumping his huge c*** between my legs telling me how good my silky and shiny tights felt on his c***! He then said does my w**** stepmom like my d*** between her legs?? I told him I loved it! I said don't stop! We... [more]

I'm my stepsons shiny tights and leotard w**** part 1

My stepson has turned me into his shiny tights and leotard little w****. Here is a quick background of both of us. He's been my stepson for 5 yrs, he's lived with his father and I for 4 yrs! He is 18. I am 40. He has a great body, big arms, chest, back and legs and very cut up body! I myself am pretty good looking I... [more]

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