Sex Confessions & Secrets

Neighbor Boy

I am so hurt and angry. I arrived home early Saturday to find my husband in bed with our neighbor's 18 year old son. He was screwing him doggy style. Tommy was wearing my makeup and lingerie, he was also wearing a wig and high heels. I stormed into the room just as my husband came deep in Tommy's a**. He was not even... [more]

I raped someone.

So. I really f****** hate myself. I have been wanting to kill myself because of this. I feel like a terrible human being. I don't even know how I am getting the courage to write this down.
Anyway, I'll start.
I was 15 at the time (I'm 17 now) and I raped someone. :/ The reason I done this, because I was full of... [more]

I want to be strap on spit roasted

I'm a guy but pretty submissive. I fantasize about two dom women capturing me and putting on strap on d*****. One makes me suck while the other rams hers up my a**. I also want the one who I'm deep throating to use the strap on on herself first then make me lick and suck off her... [more]

Family friend

There was this female in our family whom I loved a lot but could never tell her finally we both got married to two different people and still missed each other a lot

Finally when I couldn't resist confessed my love to her 3 years ago and start meeting each other and feeling each other since we have still not got a place to make love to each... [more]

Young and can't resist women

I am a 15 year old boy and I have f***** more than 5 different girls.........i have a 10 inch d*** and I can't help it when I see a girl in a short skirt or exposed breasts........i just wanna hhhhmmmm

Young boys are hot

i really need responses from female (older women ).I am a woman of age 39(turning 40 next month) and i have a sexual issue that i want to get off
.i am very attracted to young boys(puberty age to mid teens(age range of around 11/12 to 14/15).they drive me crazy because they
turn me on so much...especially the good looking ones.although i... [more]

Not really "sexual" but still turns me on, involves young girls.

A constant masturbation fantasy of mine is to be mocked, laughed at, and disrespected by little girls. In these fantasies they are always wearing denim, jeans, shorts, a skirt, ect. Not making fun of anything in particular, there's nothing explicitly sexual about this, it's not my p****, I'm not naked, there is no... [more]

Colorado guy

Met a guy on craigslist recently and wants to get to know me but he lives in Colorado and I live in Nebraska. Is there a point? He said he comes to visit in Nebraska, but how should I approach this...since Im very attracted to him etc.

Mother-in-Law Yardwork

One time I was at my mother-in-laws house helping her with yardwork. After we were done my back was a little tight and sore. She offered to give me a back massage which I turned down at first but did eventually accept. She had me remove my shirt and then told me to take my pants off. She saw my hesitation and asked if I had underwear on. I told... [more]

Watching porn

I love to watch porn when my wife not at home sometime we watch porn together

My girl friend shaved and turned me off

I have had a thing for red haird women. When my ex wife and I split, I made my mind up to seek out the red haired woman of my dreams.
I found her at the Hospitol Er by chance. We hit it off so quickly. Dated and by the third date she told me she was ready. No need in playing games, she could not take it any more.
When she undresed and got on... [more]

I like wife's busy past.

My wife slept with many men before me. She had lost count by the time she graduated college. She had many boyfriends, friends with benefits and one night stands. At the time we started dating, she was having regular sex with three other guys. I lost my virginity to her and fell in love. Because of her past, I was the only guy that would marry her... [more]

My b**** can take some pain

Unlike most dudes, 99% of the time when I'm f****** or jerking off, I like my b**** to get roughed up pretty good - usually I don't ask the chick to do anything, a couple times I have, but always just assume they would think it was too f****** weird or think... [more]

Wifes Panties

I love nothing more than when my wife goes out to strip off all my clothes, search through the laundry basket and pull on a pair of her worn knickers. Instantly I am hard then I fantasise as I wank. My favourite fantasy is that I meet up with a similar guy and we swap swap panties and watch each other. I would love this to happen.

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