Sex Confessions & Secrets

I caught my wife cheating bad did nothing

I finished work early one night and decided to surprise my wife with some wine and chocolate.

I wanted to set up the living room really romantic and make an occasion of it.

I snucked in the house being careful not to be heard. When I arrived I heard a noise coming from my bed room. I got closer and it was my wife screaming out "oh [more]

What I truly am, a Sissy

I have to let it out what I truly am. I have been married twice. The first time ended in a divorce because I was a cross dresser and was talking about my bi sexual interests. This only lasted six years until she had enough. Then I had several girl friends that where okay with my cross dressing and encouraged it by buying clothes for me and having... [more]

Massage Fantasy

I am a 32 year old male and I fantasize about getting a massage at a salon while I am wearing sexy panties. I start to get aroused when she is massaging my glutes and then again when I turn over and she is rubbing my upper thighs.

She notices, we look at each other, she smiles. I smile, and she reaches for and grabs hold of my [more]

Gf won't. ..

I want my girlfriend to let me c** inside of her and have her squat above my c*** and let it all come out and then I want her to lick and suck my c*** clean but she won't :/

Shoe j*** off

I work in an office environment and I am normally the first one in each morning. My co worker wears these sexy open toed shoes and leaves them under her desk at night and wears sneakers home.
One morning I could not help myself and took one of her shoes and sniffed it while I jerked off into the other one!
Then I smeared my [more]

Panty j*** off

I had a sweet young roommate move in to my apartment on a day I wasn't home. As soon as I got home, she had already finished moving in and had gone back out. The first thing I did was take a pair of her dirty panties and j*** off into them!

Bellybutton o******

Does any female out there feel like they are going to get an o***** if their bellybutton /navel is played with or fingered in the right way.I have found that if my bf puts hes finger inside my navel and puts a bit of pressure and moves his finger in a circular motion i feel really good 'down there' and if he continues... [more]

Saw a girl naked outside

Once, I was walking through the woods on a dreary kind of day in the late afternoon. It was overcast, not really cold but a bit chilly...mid autumn. I live not far from the forest and I love to walk.

Anyway, I was nearing the edge of the woods when I saw a completely nude girl, probably about early twenties, standing with two other girls and... [more]

Had sex with a woman in my friends cab

I drove his cab as a favor, I did not charge him but did keep tips.
He sent me to pick up at a beach bar at 1 am. Was a woman from our town who worried about driving back. A 30 min drive so we talked some. She told me the beach allows her to be picked up and get lucky some time, while not being found out by friends and family. Went on to tell me... [more]

I'm such a s***

I told my husband that I was going to hang with my friend but I really went to meet my neighbor that I've been f****** for 4 years. Well I got naked from the bottom down b4 he arrived in our spot in the woods. When he got there I jumped out the car ready to give him my ready p****. He... [more]

In my wifes nittie and panties

Hi im a married 39wm that loves to wear my wifes nitties and panties i was home alone in them one day and decided to post a add on cl for some guys to come over and treat me like a woman i had to guys come other and when they pulled up and knocked on the door i started having second thoughts but one seen me threw window and just walked in and... [more]

A dancer classmate cheats with me

One of my best friends has an amazingly good looking gf, with amazing skin, beautiful face and hair, and the best body. One time I was hanging out with her waiting for my friend at her place and then we would go out, but he called and said he couldn't make it. She suggested we stay there and by this point my d*** was... [more]

Wife's secret past

My wife was a total s*** in college. When I met her she played the innocent good girl and she never admitted her past, and I never told her I knew. She doesn't remember, but I met her a few years prior. She was at a party and was pretty drunk when me and a few friends took her upstairs and gang banged her. I know she... [more]

When I was 11 years old

I had a friend who had an electric train set in his attic. It was above the bathroom in the house. He had two sisters;one my age and the other was 15. There was a hole in the roof and whenever his sisters would shower or use the toilet we would be able to see them. There was a rug over the hole.

One day his sisters had a swimming party and... [more]

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