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Married man

Married white man and been craving a black woman, my wife can't have children but I'm been wanting to knock up a black woman as time gone on. Just getting harder to ignore these feelings and thoughts. Love to her anyone thoughts on this.

s** s** s**

One night i snuck out to see my ex boyfriend that is now my boyfriend again. I snuck out almost every day that week. Anyways, to the s**. His d*** is so perfect. It is 9 inches hard and really thick. i can barely fit my hand around it. It gets me wet and... [more]

Young, trans and looking for love

I watched this program the other day... I'm a young guy and found myself totally wanting claire. She's so beautiful and I don't care she's trans. Would love to be with her

Do guys fantasize about their female friends?

I confess to being super turned on just thinking about the fact that one of my guy friends jerks off to me. Do guys actually do this? I wish I could read their minds to know for sure..

Pregnant kink

My fantasy: for someone to c** inside of me and get me pregnant.
I want to watch as my belly grows and expands each day
I'd love to have a sexy round belly.. the bigger the better. I've always dreamt of being knocked up with triplets, and having people stare at my big belly.
I can't even [more]

Fixing my black mate bike well he f==k my w==e all night well

Well my wife ad gone to bed well drunk me and my afgan mate was fixing is bike he can not do it so i did it for HIM it tuck me all night but he just keep asking me if he can keep my wife happy well i fix is bike have you ask er if i can f=ck with er she will like my 16.ins c=ck my ball ar full ov [more]

My underwear!

I am a manger of 40 people in a large insurance company, and am know for getting results and people working harder than they thought they could. My family see me as the free women and in control of all. I am 30 married female 5'5' 32c size 14 and at work people do what I say, but my husband is in charge at home, what I wear to work he picks for... [more]

s** tips:

Sexual intercourse is beautiful when it is done with someone you love and in a secure relationship like marriage. There is peace of mind when spouses are faithful to and trust each other. Women should be respected as the "weaker" partners and their bodies treated with utmost care and nourishment; physically, emotionally and spiritually. The... [more]

Am I asexual ?

I'm 21 male dating another male who is three years older than me. I love him so much and I've been with him for like six months and we had s** only once after like two months of dating. And idk what to say but It was a horrible, painful experince to the point that I woke up the other day with bad cramp... [more]

Been having s** with a girl who told me she was an escort

I'm a 20 year old male and I have recently finished a dance and performing arts course at the Worcester college of Technology.
During this course in my second year I meet a mature study on the same course has me, She was 27 at the time and I was attracted to her, She has blonde hair, and green eyes slim and in good shape. I started talking to... [more]

Old Nympho

I am a 74 year old lady who has always loved s**. By the time I was 40 I had been divorced 3 times and each one was my fault because of my infidelities. When I was younger I used to cheat with men (lots of) around my own age, sometimes a little younger, but often quite a bit older than me. After my... [more]

White man wanting a black woman

I'm 28 married white man, been wanting to have s** with a black woman and get one pregnant too. Been feeling like I need to breed with a black woman. I'm not sure if its my size or not. 7 inches here just feel like black woman give me strongest baby.

Ugh, needy p****

I dream of having two d**** in my p**** at the same time. Want my p**** to be used, gaped, and have it f***** beyond repair

Shagged a Ladyboy

I went on holiday to Thailand a couple of years back and it gave me a new perspective on s**. Me and my buddies had gone to a bar and a flock of gorgeous women had flocked around us asking us if we wanted 'Ping Pong', which is a local euphemism for s**. We... [more]

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