Sex Confessions & Secrets

Gave head

When I was 22 I was out at a bar with a few of my friends. So we are at the bar watching the game. So after a few hours of drinking, we are all drunk off our a****. And so I turn to my buddy (I'm bi secretly) and say and tell him to go to the bath room with me. So we are in the bath room and I turn around to look in... [more]

Black episode

I am a white woman 42 who is married to a great guy and he has larger than average p**** and because of his large demeanor our conversations dirty talk has resulted in me loving a very big p**** so that lead Us to using large d***** with one of my favorites... [more]

Married woman who flirt

And toy with a man but never put out because it's just stroking your ego. I hope your vagina dries up and a family of rodents builds a nest inside of it. One day your looks will be gone and not even your husband will want you anymore. Stop wasting our time that is better spent on women who actually enjoy scandalous sex. Thanks.

Friends wife

My friend and I work together and our wives are friends. We've all know each other since childhood.
I've been attracted to his wife for a long time but didn't think anything would ever happen!
We had exchanged phone numbers and began texting each other for casual things. Over time the conversation slowly became more. We started talking to each... [more]

Me and the Preacher

I'm 27 and my husband is 30 (we've been married 4 weeks). We were off and on lovers throughout college and when we weren't a couple, we slept with other people. Finally, 3 years ago we got things worked out and moved across the country for work.

Last year I was at work when I received a call that my husband (lover at that time) had been in a... [more]

Hot tenants

I am 47 and my wife and I live in a townhouse. We live in the bottom half and rent out the top. The only reason I agree with this is because I get to choose the tenants. And what better tenants than 3 hot college girls. My wife isnt that sexually active anymore, so I have to get my kick off something else. I do have a panty fetish but my wife only... [more]

Masturbating Over My Friends Gfs Naked Pictures

I love masturbating over my friends Gfs Naked Pictures.

Ive known them both for a while. I managed to get naked pictures of my friends Gf. There are pics of her in different positions, showing off her tits, nice round a** and her juicy p****.

They make me so hot and [more]

Oh yea

Finger fu ked both my wife's holes today forcing her to tell me her fantasy of having 2 c**** at hott

One night

I'm a 26 year old guy, with a girlfriend so I'm straight. That being said, about 18 months ago I went to a party it went very late and I got very drunk. Most people left early on but some of us stayed until late. At some point I passed out on the floor. When I woke up I felt my shorts being slid down. I continued to pretend to be passed out. In a... [more]

Fingered and ashamed

I'm a 15yr old blonde beach b** and I need to confess this somewhere. I snuck out off my house and hopped into a car with boys that were smoking weed and half drunk, the driver was sober which was good. In the car they started feeling my boobs through my crop top and I laughed and pushed their hands away. They kept... [more]

My fun

My name is rich and sex for me is MASTURBATING...I look at different sites on the internet usually young girls and look at the pictures and pretend the girls can see me j**********..I really enjoy doing this and don't really like sex with a female..i'm not gay ...yet but have had thoughts of sucking a guys [more]

Had sex with prostitutes before marriage

That before marriage I had sevx with 14 prostitutes and one among them was Virgin I am happily married and sometime feel bad about this...


I had detention and rarely am I alone, but every once in while I am. I just leave as soon as the teacher leaves and return in the last 10 minutes. I usually go see what sports are happening, like basketball games. If there isnt I just walk around wasting time. This time I was watching a game when it was halftime. I picked up a extra ball and was... [more]

I was trapped by an older BBW for a whole weekend!!!

When I 23 I met Linda at "the littlest bar" in Boston. She was a 40 years old 5 foot 2 with big everything, dressed very professionally. I think she had just come from a work dinner. We talked a little then I went to pay tab. She ask me if I had to be somewhere, I told her I had just run out of money. She grabbed my tab and asked me to stay for a... [more]

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