Sex Confessions & Secrets

My fantasy

I have a fantasy of watching my wife being f***** by another man while I watch.

I find a vid of my man f****** a man and I masterbate to it

My husband of 10 years left his phone at home one day and when it rang I answered it. After the called I noticed a messag. After minutes of consideration I read the message. It was a link to a video. Normally I don't click on links but I did this time. The video was titled "White guy f**** two giant black [more]

My sisters best friend

My sister was older then me by a year snd her bedt friend was so hot my c*** was hard near her she was 17 jet black hair big boobs perfect a** while playing tiggey i was getting as many quick grabs on her as i could after dinner i got game put my hand up her skirt touching her bare [more]

I want

I really just want van wylde to go down on me

Sex with the doctor....conflicted

I went to the doctor for a breast check. he told me that he needed to do a full breast exam. One of the things he said he needed was to ensure
there was no secretions and so he would need to taste me. He told me it was a normal check and even though I felt uncomfortable I allowed him
to. He spent the next 30 mins tweaking and sucking my... [more]

Being a s***

I was 16 verry flexible c cup and organised staying at my bestys house while my family holidayed for 2 weeks camping was not my thing and i lied to stay home i had the tv blaring and was praticing folding my legs behind my head using my arms to hold them inplace when i noticed my p**** was spreading aparts showing my... [more]

Sister outside bedroom door listening to me masturbate!

I'm 25yrs old and my 22yrs old sister caught me masturbating.

It was around 4am and I was feeling h****. I thought everyone was sleeping, so I started masturbating.

5 minutes later, I heard my sisters bedroom door open quietly and heard her footsteps walking towards my door and stop.

The door is only a meter... [more]


I got home about three am day, and found my roommate passed out on our living room floor in just her thong and tshirt, looked like she rolled off our couch. She was on her tummy with her wide beautiful a** showing, we moved in together because weve always been just friends but after I saw her [more]

Should I let my wife sleep with strangers?

I have been with my wife for 11 years and married for 2. I have been fantasing about letting my wife f**** strangers. I have told her and offered it to her many times but she never took my offer. I told her I just wanted to watch her and she can have as many men as she wants. They can f**** her without any condoms and c*** in her too. I think its... [more]

Flashed my mother in law with my c***

I have always fantasied about having sex a a mother and daughter. I'm married now and my mother is an asian woman with a 34 size t***. She is in the late 40's and still looks great.

On one occasion I had an opportunity to grabbed her t*** because she was too drozy from taking too many sleeping pills when I carried her up to her bed room... [more]

Julie Loses Her b*** Cherry

Julie was a professional woman in her late 20's. At work each day she looked very prim and proper in her business suit - often a sheer white blouse, dark skirt, 'hose, and pumps. I worked with Julie and we started dating. She turned out to be far from prim and proper! Julie is quite tall, blonde, slender, and has petite A-cup breasts. One of... [more]

Ghosts rape

When I was 14 staying at a old stage coach stop at Cain Springs, Nevada the first night I was raped by the ghosts there. The second night again I was raped, the third night I was raped again this time four ghosts took their turns with me and when I awoke at 4 in the morning afraid to go back to sleep I had thei5r c**... [more]

My neighbor

Been having wonderful sex with my 52 year old neighbor for several days now and I can't get enuf of him or his c***. He took my cherry the first time and now I am his sex slave. He has taught me just about everything that has to do with sex and fulfilling his desires and in turn I get his [more]

A dominant

Am a dominant, not a usual one, even normal BDSM is not enough anymore, in normal life an a caring l9ving person, do a lot of good and help anyone who ask, when it come to sex, devil will set down and watch me, i did a lot, but the last thing was over limits, i had a slave girl who is 18 years,blond and curvy,the more i torture her, the more we... [more]

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