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o***** Without e**********

I've had a goal to build my kegel muscles enough so that I could have an o***** without actually e**********. Thought process being that if I can control my e********** then I can have... [more]

I AM doing it again

Hey my previous confession is
shall i do it again?
just looking for ideas and advice
Ok so guys? i have a chance to do it again, bank holiday monday my bf is working away, and i have the house all to myself, i have been speaking to the origanal guy and he wants to come visit me again, he said its my choice, hes offered just himself, or... [more]

My cousin and I

I'm 15 and my cousin in 17 and everytime he comes and visits us we f***. since I was 13 and he was 15 so for 2 years. I lost my virginity to him. It all started with us being forced to hangout because our parents get along well and were always have family get togethers. The first time it happened was... [more]

Giving Rim Jobs

I love giving rim jobs but only to Asian girls. Pretty, petite, slim, thin Asian girls with slim thighs and flat, wide crotch gaps. I love r****** their hot tight, squeaky clean little button hole back doors. I like getting them on all fours and back arched inward and [more]

Women's Feet

I love sucking my girlfriend's toes. Idk what it is but I've always loved it. I started when she was asleep one night after a long night partying with friends. I sucked here toes and ran my d*** between her soles. I did this for a long time then she woke up and caught me. She lets me do it sometimes... [more]

Drunk Wife

Several years ago my buddy came into town and we had him over for drinks. As the night went on, we all got trashed and I started o notice him checking my wife's t*** out. Now my wife is usually very conservative. I started to kiss on her and touch her and at one point lifted up her shirt and started... [more]

I want to be my little sisters slave

I want her to make me give her massages, cook her food, clean her room, do her laundry and also to use me as a foot rest or a chair. I also want to worship her feet. I can get into more details in the comments.

I Admire Males

I'm a dude in my mid 20's.. I have a high urge for s**.
But I overtime observed that my urge is turned more to Guys, I fancy seing dudes getting screwed or getting giving b*******..
Am single dunno if it's my status that is acting up or am inclined... [more]

Water bottle

So I like to feel myself but I'm a virgin and fingers aren't the most comfortable... So I use a water bottle filled with warm or hot water and spread my legs and rub it so fast it gets me soo wet .. Girls should try this

Some days, I just need some help.........

About twice a week now I take one of my d***** to school in my backpack and go off and use it in a stall in the 2nd floor girls restroom when nobody's in there. I started it last year but only did it maybe once a month. Nobody knows about it not even my best friend.

s** with coworker

I had been working with this girl for a while. We both worked in a nursing home. She would purposely bend over in front of me so her t*** were showing and comment about my h******. We were both married, so it was just flirting for a year. Then one... [more]

Take me for the night and have your way..

I confess that I am extremely h**** right now with no good way to relieve the feeling. I would like to put on a short skirt with some cute panties, my bra and a tank. Then, find a guy that would be up for a good one night stand.
I'd suck his d*** and... [more]

I fingered my Sister while she was sleeping

I am 16 year old male and my Sister is 13 so anyway one night I had earphones in so I couldn't hear anything so I walked into the bathroom and caught my Sister masturbating she yelled at me and I got out same night when she was asleep I got really h**** so I went into her room while she was sleeping... [more]

Want My First Time - Going down experience again

Ever since I had my first sexual experience with my cousin who was 8 years older to me ( I was 17 then) I have always fantasized about it.
It was a casual little chat we had when Beverly asked me if I had a stead girl friend...When I said no she asked if I had ever had s**. I had to confess that I was... [more]

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