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Can you keep a Secret?

So I kinda made a secret account on Insatgram to sext with guys (I'm 19f). I'm h**** almost all the time so I ask guys to help me c** via text or video chat. It's kinda fun.

She made a d**** of my c***

I was dating a divorced mother of two teenage girls a few years back and she was very wild and experimental in bed. She bought a kit to make a mold of my erect c*** to make a personal d**** of me to use when I wasn't there. We had enough of the material... [more]

s** along the path

Three weeks ago I was basically raped by three guys on the path thru the woods from the bus stop to my home and I did as mom always told me not to fight and you most likely wouldn't get hurt. Well that part was true for it was over in 10 minutes till the guys filled my puss with their c** and I went home... [more]

I have secrat relation with my younger sister and cheated her

Hi iam rehab khan Age 23
I have secrat s** relations with my 19 year old sister (maham) from 3 years iam using her like my s** slave last weekend I have cheated her for some money
Last weekend me and my 6 friends has decided to celebrate our friends birthday... [more]

Oops Help please, part 2

As I took his load, swollowing with joy, I felt my knickers start to moisten, and my nipples harden, he looked like he was ready to pass out, as I drank and slurped on his still rock hard member, he pulled me up by my wrists, and kissed me wildly, in a frenzy of passion, I was shaking as he pulled at my knickers, and bra, simultaneously, he undone... [more]

Oh dear, please help!

This is hard to write, and is even harder to think about but here goes!
When I was 9, my mum moved a guy in, me & my brother, met him just twice before, then suddenly he lived with us, never mind, he was a nice guy, who made mum happy.
One night after about a year or so of him living with us, he babysat me, on my own. This was when I realised... [more]

Christmas Fun

December 2011 at my Army Units Dining Out Christmas Party in Park City Utah, our Family Readiness Leader Janet Mcbride who's son was in the Unit, let 13 of us take turns on her in my hotel room... Everyone took 10 minutes with her and that's how we knew when to go to the room..

I f***** my neighbor's son

I am a middle aged married male. My neighbor is a black man. He was a three sport star in high school, and a football player in college. He coached his son as his boy grewup, but his son did not take to sports the eay he did.
At 15 his son came out of the closet, and shortly after that he began to cross dress. My neighbor was distraught, but... [more]

Oops, help please part 3

The imminent expose of mine, and my step dads, session, is hard to swollow, simply because, my then, best friend was beginning to crush on me...
I realised the power of s**, thanks to my step dad, (Tom). His s** drive, and appeal matched his toned perfect... [more]

Please don't laugh..

When I was 14, I was sexually assaulted by an older boy in the park, he physically penetrated me in the a***. Now I'm 16, & over it...sort of. I get aroused every time I relieve the horror, and now I think I'm gay!!!

Wife Cheating

Last week I had a trip out of town for 6 days, I finished in three and rushed home. When I entered the house, I heard some noise in the bedroom and I saw the door was partly open. I peeked and saw my wife in bed with the black neighbor college boy. He was humping her good and she was saying things like, Yes baby, Momma is gonna drain your [more]

She insisted cheating is cheating, but...

My wife found my links and cheating wife photos and cheating wife stories on my computer. She was upset with me and insisted cheating was cheating and has no place in a proper relationship. However, I know she enjoys flirting with a friend of mine and occasionally with other men she has known. She likes the attention.
For weeks she has... [more]

The wife

Wife texted me this morning. It simply said, "I needed that." I asked what she was talking about. She said she just had 3 big o******. I said, "Oh with your toy? Nice!" She said, "Nope." I said, "Confused then." She said, "Troy came over and we had breakfast." (Troy is one of her best friends... [more]

l*** for my Mother in Law

I want to have s** with my mother in law ...I fantasize about her every day. She is 72 and has a rockin body and I am 59. I always get an erection when I go over to her house and get near her and she always stares at it and smiles. Just the thought of her sucking me and jerking me off on her milky white... [more]

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