My mom and her new boyfriend

My mom and her new boyfriend are to lovey around me. My dad, whom I am not allowed o see anymore, was better than him. I feel as if I don't matter anymore.

Break up with Girlfriend

Last week I posted the break up texts with my girlfriend where I sent her a picture of my new Swiss passport and said that I'm moving to Switzerland without her and that we're through.
She would always cause drama. She would wine at me and hit me when things didn't go her way. She has a drinking problem and got drunk at my cousins first... [more]


I'm stuck in a rut. I'm aware I have to make an effort to rejoin society again. But, this rut of mine is hard to relinquish.
I'm not sponging off the government to fund this selfish rut of mine. I worked hard for 20 years, have my own home without a mortgage, have my own finances to support me, I'm debt free, fortunately.
Maybe I require... [more]

Mom daughter fight

My wife and her daughter ,age 16 always fought over just about anything. she's my stepdaughter so I stayed out of it for the most part. My wife's b****** are big and so is her daughters and both like to wear revealing clothing.
I had a friend over and there was a heated argument going on in the... [more]

Sent my ex-nude selfies

I'm engaged and getting married in a few months. To spice things up, I took some naked mirror selfies. I thought I was sending them to my fiancé. I actually sent them to my ex-bf. I told him it was a mistake but he's sending me messages all the time.

Jekyll and Hyde gf

I can’t figure my girlfriend out. When she’s sober she’s the greatest woman in the world and totally devoted to me. When she has a few drinks she turns into a total s*** with other men.

Life is hilarious

My boyfriends been cheating I Just found out. But the gag is so have I 😭🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😕🤣🤣🤣🤣.

Survivor of strange things

In me teens I was sent to a series of cult boarding schools. One of them named Cedu which operated in a system of schools. They used severe verbal abuse, brainwashing tactics, isolation and other methods on children. I ran away from the school that was in running springs California which was close to Big Bear in the San Bernadino Mountains. I... [more]


Just yesterday, my GF and I broke up we both confessed that we still love each other, she says she loves me and I believe her which and i believe her, after getting out the army I noticed to many things going right in my life. and today i cant get over her I lost my memorial bracelet, that i had made after my friend from the service died... [more]

Finding my Father

I'm 14, and right before the pandemic my parents had a messy divorce. My mother was 100% in the wrong. She would come home drunk, screaming at us, hitting Dad in front of us. I will never forget when I walked by my parents room, seeing my dad sobbing, looking at an old photo album from when we were little.
Eventually, Dad left. He packed two... [more]

Everybody in my family is white trash except me

Both of my older brothers are in prison. One won't be out for another fifteen years and the other won't be released for another seven years. My father drank himself to death and my mother is a two bit waitress in a cheap diner.
I graduated high school. Barely but I graduated. I joined the army and three years later was discharged... [more]

Navy Blue Leotards

Now that I have escaped stealing a pair of a policewoman's navy blue leotards (tights) right out of her backyard. I am going into department stores and pretending to try on some blue jeans in the change rooms and slip on a pair of brand new navy blue leotards (tights) under my ripped blue jeans and then nonchalantly walk out return the jeans with... [more]

Family affair

I grew up in a free love household. Any dirty older men wanna swap stories? Im a 23yr old female. Kik me kbustedw

Dominant women?

I want a girlfriend that will just take charge and lead the way. someone who will really just tell me what to do. is that too much too ask?

Free love

I grew up in a free love family, any dirty old men wanna swap tab stories?

Cousin love

a female and from the age of 10 my 16yr old cousin, also female, would come over to babysit me, when my parents left she'd straight away get to playing 'teachers' which was basically her showing me how to french kiss, she'd get me to rub her t*** (so i knew how they were supposed to feel) she showed... [more]

My Greediness

I'm a post graduate student ive not studied entire year cuz online studies wasnt sufficient not just me 90% of Student are aspecting to cancel the exam but Our government dont agree on this. Tho we have thousand of cases in city but they said will cancel exam only when corona is on highest peak. So this lead me think like devil now i started... [more]

14 M Bi

I am 14 and wanna link with people or swap pics leave insta or snap

Did I deserve this scolding and threatened to be spanked.

Well I had been threatened with a spanking by a little girl. She broke away from her mother. We had just gotten paid for our weed pipes, stones, and roach clips. We also made a smoking mixture from herbs. I am an experienced herbalist and it would be unethical for a medical herbalist to make it. I'll admit we were rather loud and rowdy and using... [more]

Susie Ties & Tortures

When my mother started working when I was 10, my sister and I would stay at my Aunt Jenny’s house. We had three cousins. The two oldest were girls. The younger girl was the same age as my sister and would go and play together. The older sister, Susie, was 13. She had a crush on me apparently and would try to get me to play with her. I didn’t want... [more]

Micropenis cuckold sissy

I have a micropenis, I started wearing panties when I was 10 or 11 I think. A pair of soft nylon bikini briefs belonging to my older sister caught my eye, I just had to try them on. I've been wearing panties off an on until 2018. My now ex gf decided my sissy c*** is too small for men's underwear and... [more]

Did I deserve this scolding and threatened to be spanked.

When I went to a vocational school in Charleston WV. We had made roach clips, stone, and pipes. I still see some of them in drug shops. There was four of us and the "head shop" was beside the public library. Well, like a bunch of guys usually do..talking loud over our good fortune of finding someone to buy our stuff.
Little did we know, a group... [more]

Drunk enough to not care.

It was summer time, I was taking summer classes to get out of school early. My mom and dad had a shop in town and would leave early to open up. During the summer My cousin would stay with us to help my parents and and enjoy the beach. this was his third year with us he was now 16 and I was 20.
We lived in an old house, One day I had gotten up to... [more]

I have purpose

I literally have no f****** life goals or motivation, I have no plan for the future, no drive to do anything and the only thing I enjoy cant be pursued as a career realistically because its a 1% chance of success. I have bursts of inspiration and motivation and then they fade into the same... [more]

A Total 180

I'm a 57 year old man. 3 kids, divorced a remarried. When I was 25 I got married and 29 had my first child. At 31, I caught my wife cheating on me and after a lot of back and forth I couldn't find it in my heart to stay with her, so we set in the divorce.
Got remarried when I was 44 to my current wife, Gina. We had 2 more kids and our family... [more]

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