Dreams never came true

I always wanted to see a child birth. It never happened until I was an adult. I was around 8 or 9.

I like you

I like you. i wish i could tell you. i'm HUNGRY for you and your cute little smile. your accent. your intelligence. you. you're amazing. thats why SHE likes you so much. your girlfriend. the reason why you will never like me that way. she doesn't even live on our side of the country. where is she now, scotland?!
i ruined our relationship with... [more]

I watched me teenager daughter have s**.

It was late Mandy had David a friend over for dinner then they did some homework and watched some T V .
This had happened a few times so far so when Bedtime came I told them curfew was 11:00 since it was a Friday night and my husband Rick and I went up to bed and fell asleep. I woke up and it was around 11:00.
And I could hear the T V even... [more]

Stepdaughters are f****** with me or am I out of my mind

I have four step daughters. Two of them are constantly flashing me and one of them teases me heavily. Both are always asking me to rub their feet, something I’ve done since they were toddlers, but lately they’ve started to put their feet in my lap and the heavy teaser actually pushes her heel into my crotch. I’ve been married to their mother for... [more]

I believe I'm trans [MTF]

So it started out as being bi, then it went to acting like a femboy, then full on cross dressing, now I'm here hating how I look as male and constantly questioning my gender. and thinking back as a child, I never enjoyed all the stereotypical guys things, I like playing dress up in Hana Montana clothes, I liked playing barbies, and mud and getting... [more]

Ugly girls are superior to beautiful girls.

I'm sure you all agree with me. Ugly girls let you do things to them that a 10/10 super model will never allow you to.
I've dated 3 beautiful girls and 8 ugly girls. And all 3 of beautiful ones used to just lay like a death body and that's it. They never did anything, they hardly went down down on me.
These good looking girls are way too... [more]

I was pretending to be a s*** to rush.

I rushed and pledged at my boyfriend Mark's request. He wanted me in this sorority so badly that he found someone to help me with the process. Mark also gave me a 'hall pass' - just in case (to be used only if needed). I didn't think I would do anything of that sort, but he made it clear that this was that important to him.
Unfortunately (for... [more]

Friends with benefits

Okay, so I’m in school and before covid the guy I sat next to in one of my classes would hit on me pretty much everyday and I would teasingly flirt back. Now, bc of quarantine I haven’t hung out with people in weeks and by god I just want to f****** get off. I really want to be fwb with him... [more]

I am too old to consider this

I confess that I fantasize about being exposed in public, nude or sexually. I am a married 65 year old woman who works for local government. This is crazy.

Just wondering

I am wondering if other guys are as strange as me. Even though I can see my lovely wife naked almost any time that I want, I find that peeping on her where she is unaware is still very exciting to me. I am in many respects a true voyeur but now limit that to watching my wife. And as time has gone by, I started taking pics and short videos of her... [more]

MY wife and her family

When I got engaged to my beautiful wife she told me that she had a "special" family and I would have to accept them as their lifestyle if she was going to marry me. I didn't know exactly what she was talking about but I saw the way her parents, sisters, their husbands and Relatives kept fawning around her and I could guess. On the day of our... [more]

Honestly why wouldn't I.

Initially when my sister proposed the idea to me I was shocked and a little angry but after listening to her reasoning it actually made sense.
My sister came to me and after a bottle or two of wine suggested we swap husbands, I truly thought she was kidding but as it turned out she was completely serious. The first time didn't go so well, She... [more]

Son caught in pantyhose and using psnties

I caught my son masturbating in my tan glossy work tights he was using the lace panties I wore to work also , when I walked in and seen him , I froze he seen me and and was shocked and the panties fell to the floor some of his juice went onto my nylon covered leg , I unfroze and just left , wat do I do know , talk to him or leave it ,

My college freshman roomate was in love with her hs teacher

When I was in college, my freshman roommate Melissa was in love with her teacher from high school. She was 18 and he was 43. I would always catch Melissa chatting and sending nude pics to him. A few weekends she would meet him in a hotel where they would have lots of s**. I just can't picture being... [more]

Game of Thrones Finale

I know there are more pressing issues going on in the world and I know it’s just a TV show, but I still get angry every time I think about that final season. F*** YOU HBO! F*** YOU D&D!

I cheated

I got married pretty young because I got pregnant. After having my daughter I was home alone with her a lot and got board and h****. One of my husbands friends stopped over and I was flirting with him as I knew he liked me. After a bit we started making out and that led to us going to the bedroom and... [more]

My embarrassing times with girl

My summer before entering 4rth grade,I had to have my appendix removed.Today,one MIGHT spend a night in the hospital. Back in the early 1960's,it was closer to a week.Anyway,the day after surgery, two young girls retrieved me, and led me to the shower room.They told me to undress for a bath. I was mortified as they seemed to continue giggling as... [more]

His Mum Caught us

I am now a 62 year old woman and having seen this site it reminded me of an incident that still makes my toes curl when I remember it.
At the time I was 15 or 16. I had a boyfriend of the same age. We both had the same free time at school, Wednesday afternoons.
We use to go to his house to "Study" but the time was usually spent messing about... [more]

Are you a Mans Woman or Woman's Woman???

Im a woman that loves a man not women. I support men, I value the opinion of men. I'm not a threat to no other person. I'm not into competition with no other person. You are beneath me. And you will never be equal to me. You will never stand beside me or in front of me. I will never be your friend. You will never be the boss of me. You have to be... [more]

Love Of My Life 😍

I have been very shy around girls since childhood. I had a huge crush on a girl in school🥰, it was so strong that I didn't even for a second thought about any other girl. And I didn't even imagine much of sexual tension between us, but just something so pure was there. I wish I could feel that way again for somebody 😔. I was like one of hundreds... [more]

Mom bought me panties

Ever since I could remember, I would dress up in my moms clothes. Particularly her panties, bras, slips, and bathing suits. She knew I liked to wear her stuff but didnt mind. Most colors she had In her underwear were black and ivory. When I was 10, we were at the mall and she was shopping for panties. As she went through the rack, there was a... [more]

That was close.

The other night my wife's siter was over, She was all upset about her boyfriend/Fiance getting caught going to rub & tugs, So she is all blubberring about this and my wife breaks out the wine, I went to bed and woke up at 2:30, I went to the bathroom and my wife was in bed snoring, I caught a glimpse of her sisters foot on the couch and after I... [more]

I know she cheats

I know my wife cheats on me. Ive never tried to stop her. H*** I guess it's my fault. When we first got married i talked her into a threesome with a friend of mine. I guess im strange because it doesn't bother me. She's never denied sleeping around. Ive watched her getting ready to go out. She makes... [more]

[Trigger Warning] I dont think I can bring myself to care anymore

I hate this world. I don't like my family. They're so toxic, dysfunctional. If this is what family is, then I don't want it.
I'm tired. I'm tired of being scared not knowing when my stepmom is gonna hurt me. I'm tired of being insulted every time I do something. I'm tired of my family blaming me when my "parents" are fighting. I'm just so... [more]

My life

When I was 15 years old, I found out I was bisexual. At first, I wasn’t sure but I had a crush on my classmate. I go to an all girls school, however before I’ve always liked this guy from my youth group.
He was tall, brown-haired and his face had dimples. However, despite his attractive appearance, he was not very social. He did not have much... [more]

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