Why live

I'm a teen and my mom and dad just divorced after 15 years of marriage, my older sister is an insensitive person who tells mom to "f*** off" and to "die already." my dad moved away with his new girl friend and hasn't contacted me since the divorce, I was much closer to my dad rather than my mom, and... [more]


My mum caught me tied to my wearing red ladies tights red long sleeved shinny leotard and gagged tights over me head

My first always the best

I want to confess that the only reason I dated an ex-girlfriend of mine was because of her younger daughter Jessica 7 years old. She was a gorgeous little girl lovely blonde hair going halfway down her back she had the most tight firm beautiful little round ass I've ever seen she stood about four foot and she was all lovely shapely legs. She had a... [more]


My wife is really really strict with our daughter and I support her. I think my wife is strict because she is protecting our daughter and think she is doing the right thing. I do too because it is a power trip for me.
For example she is really controlling. Has to know where the daughter is all the time. She puts out the clothes the... [more]

Why I'm Gay And Hate (Most) Females

So, back to my lovely teen years, I was trying to get with girls. I realized i was gay after breaking up with my last girlfriend, about 8 years ago. I've had 5 girlfriends before her. They were different in personality, likes, dislikes, all that. Yet they shared qualities that made me gay, and basically hate women. Let's begin?
In my... [more]


There is anybody that are in polygamy relationships man or women ? tell me your story

Is this supernatural?

My cousin Joan died in 1996 of brain cancer. Her mother my Aunt died ten years later of the same disease on her daughters birthday. I find this unusual and perhaps there is a meaning to this.


You wasted your time reading this and I don't feel bad about it in the slightest.

I Enthusiastically Belong to Satan!

I dedicated myself to Satan in a ceremony when I was 17 years old and I am still as firmly in His control as I was then! I am not a part of any group or "coven." I do my worshiping individually. I would never do any sacrificing or hurting anyone or anything because that would dishonor Lord Satan. My relationship with Him is very personal and... [more]

I Found Jesus of Nazareth!

After years of sinning, I finally found Jesus, Son of God, who died for our sins!
He was behind my sofa in all the dust, dirt, and dog hair having illicit s** with an underage boy and girl! They seemed to be enjoying it.
I threw him and the kids out to the curb with all the rest of my rotting... [more]

Boasting and a touch of sadness

When I was first married I would force my wife to wear miniskirts all the time. I threw out all her pants so she could only wear skirts.
I used to enjoy her having the discomfort and having to be careful with how she stood and sat. Being a good wife she'd tell her friends that she wore short skirts for me which was true. We had kids and... [more]

Captain Jack Fink thank you

You were my atheist role model. You taught me to reject the supernatural and to use logic, reason, and science to explain things. No sky Daddy no angels up in the air. No devil below us.
Death to you was the end and when you were old and dying you never faltered not even on your death bed. You believed you were going nowhere just like... [more]

Coming out

I’m pansexual amd aromantic, and the reason I don’t want to come out isn’t because I’m afraid or lack the confidence, but because i don’t want people to think of me as that pansexual girl, and just that. I don’t want people to treat me like I’m made of glass because I’m LGBT+, and worship me because I “had the guts to come out”. This is what... [more]

Black white

Black women are sexy. White women are nasty. That's why black men marry black women and have affairs with white women. The white women are filthy and never say no to black men. I know because I'm a black man married to a black woman and I s*** it out with all the white women I can.

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