Uber strict parents

When I was a child I had a friend whos parents were really really strict. He had to call his father sir and mom 'mam'. Had to ask permission to do pretty much anything. Plus he used to get the paddle. Any little infraction and he had to bed over and get whacked and it was hard. My family was almost the opposite. No structure. no discipline... [more]

Congratulations on your new endeavors!

I am so happy for you. You are doing so much in such a short amount of time in the new space you are now in. Even if we never speak again, I hope you know that I want the best for you, and wish you love and happiness. Congratulations on everything! Keep those dreams alive and go for it! I love you dearly, J!

Why are people stupid enough to use dope?

I used to work for the state and we used detainee female labor. These lady prisoners would help in the warehouse and many of these women were in for drug use. You could always tell the meth heads from the other dopers by their teeth. One pretty young girl who used and sold that s*** had every... [more]

I hate him

All last year of school I was comfortable and I wasn't being bothered by my creepy ex. He stalked me the year before to the point I was scared to come out of my house and face him. He just now came back and is creepier than ever but I can't tell him to back off. I have seen him angry and I would rather not have it happen to me again but getting... [more]


Well I had been think about my husband's 40th birthday (3 years away) and wanted to do something a bit different so I thought about going to Amsterdam and having a threesome with another woman but I not sure I have always been attracted to some woman but never properly acted on it. I have kissed a few girls but not much else. Think I am going to... [more]

Sisters wedding

My sisters wedding. Two weekends ago on a Saturday afternoon it had been my sisters wedding day to her Fiance of 3 years, The wedding venue an amazing two nights from Friday to the Sunday morning in some log cabins in the middle of a forest in the New Forest. Well I'm 13 Female almost 14 in November and my cousin (Charlotte) on my mothers side... [more]

I believe in divorce

I realise that getting a divorce is harder on some people than it is for others but if I had not divorced my wife I would have been bankrupted by an openly disloyal woman who was in love with another man. She was vile-tempered and I believe a bit psychotic.


At Risk Male Youth

We're done--get out of my life

M, I know we have been arguing a lot and things haven't been good, but if you wanted to break up with me, you could have just said so. I wouldn't have been happy with it, but I could have respected that. We could have at least talked about it. You did not have to break up by sending me that video of T. sucking your [more]

Pam G i feel bad for you

Pam, you had nothing going for you. You were middle-aged twice divorced with no job skills. You could not collect alimony or child support because you had remarried and divorced. Your children chose to live with your ex. Your physical health was bad and your mother was dying of cancer. Your physical appearance was a disaster. You were skinny... [more]

I am in love with my wife's sister PT#2

I got up and went to the kitchen and stepped up behind her, I put my hands on her hips, I could feel my hands trembling and she put her hands on mine, She turned to face me and whispered "It's ok, just relax", She led me by my hand to the spare room, She stepped up to me and kissed me, We were standing kissing and she dropped to her knees in front... [more]

I am in love with my wife's sister PT#1

My wife is in an institution due to a mental break and being a danger to herself and refusing to take her meds, There is no evidence she will be coming home anytime soon but I have stayed close to her family so they can spend time with the kids. My wifes sister stays with us a couple times a month not only to visit the kids but also to help me out... [more]


Occasionally I get these impulses. They generally happen when I'm having a heated conversation or I'm surprised by something or I get really angry at someone. I'm generally a thoughtful guy, I try to talk things out with people as getting physical is just showing that you can't express yourself with words and you don't want to try, which I look... [more]

Happy Anniversary

I've been around for over a year hoping my love would mean more you you than the dipshits I gave it to before. Our anniversary came and went without your notice. You did manage to tell me you need to reconnect with your ex. Good luck I guess. It isn't the first time I wasn't enough. I hope you get what you need. I'm not sure if I'll be here when... [more]

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