I love the way black girls smell

I absolutely LOVE the way black girls smell (white 19 year old boy) I love the their smell of coco butter and vanilla lotion. The funny thing is that I'm a white supremacist/separatist 😂😂😂😂😂


Hi I am an older guy and wear panties and bras and started doing so in 1986
and love to wear different colors and styles and have always wanted to be with another guy who wears panties and bras also and even have s** with him. The first time I wore a pair of panties it was heaven and loved the soft... [more]

I need advise with this complicated situation.

The summer before senior year (five years ago) a group of us decided to go camping on property along the river Jason had access to. It required 4-wheel drive and no one would bother us. We’d fish during the day then drink and smoke weed at night. Tony is related to Jason and when he found out, he invited himself AND his girlfriend Sandy insisted... [more]

Fighting Fire

Does anyone know how to subtly manipulate situations to ruin someone else's reputation, relationships, and most importantly, marriage? I need to evict someone from my life, and I'd like to keep my close friends whom I, unfortunately, share with this person.

Realtor Guy hitting on Wife and She's flirting with the guy!

Definitely a weird episode a while back. My wife and I were looking for a House in Virginia. She was in Dental School, and I worked for the Highway Dept. in planning. So we met this Agent, he was around early 40's, a big VCU College football fan and a graduate. He was pretty successful divorced had one kid. Anyway my wife is my hot lil babe. ... [more]

I'm the confused one

I don't see why it's such a big problem to talk about LGBT stuff on here while a lot of others talk about different s** stuff and how attracted they are to their family members. I am not judging them or posting any hate on their posts either because that is disrespectful and it doesn't matter to me what... [more]

Cheating at the beach

Three years ago we rented a beach house with our married friends, Gena & Doug. One evening, Gena went to a contemporary music concert would be getting home late. Doug doesn’t like contemporary and didn’t go. My husband had drank an entire bottle of whiskey and fell asleep on the couch. Doug and I were sitting out back talking and smoking pot. He... [more]

I lick buttholes

I lick my own b******* it is delicious everyday I eat it in the car to and in my backyard I'm very flexible and bend my back I also eat my aunt's dogs b******* when she's not looking it tastes better that anything in the world try it someday

Who need a beating

Wolf Blitzer need a beating.

I hate n******.

There. I said it. Every black friend I ever had has stole,lied,abused,used,and mooched off me. I can see why people hate n******.


I just want to say I got on here to read some funny confessions and I see all these disgusting MENTAL ILL ASS perverts bragging bout their daughters underwear’s y’all are disgusting AS F***...

Pandemic Help

Yesterday I (31 female) took my friend (36 Male) to the ER. He had shortness of breath, full-body muscle cramps, a fever and he hadn't peed in a few days. They did a COVID test and so far he is negative. Today I picked him up again after he texted me, angry that the medicine the doctor prescribed him was $90. He has recently lost his job due to... [more]

Friend watched us f*** in a cubicle

I'm 21 and always been very close to my 25yo brother,90% of the time we're together with mates having a good time and my best mate been saying for years we act like a couple and should just f*** and get it over with,when im alone with him i get the feeling something could happen it was just waiting... [more]

I’m super excited! My dad’s marrying my BFF.

We’ve been friends since middle school and she’s the only person that knows how many guys & girls I’ve been with.
The summer before our freshman year, my parents went out of town and we went to a pool party her cheating ex-bf would be at. For fun, we went as a couple, held hands and kissed the entire time. It was hot having people watch. We were... [more]

Bad hair

I'm a divorced female and in my 40s and I can't believe the amount of dudes with bad hair. If you are going bald, deal with it. I'm not saying buy s*** that will help you grow it, but don't fake it. If you only grow it on the sides, keep it really trim and shaved down. Better yet, shave your head and... [more]


Why are so many people on this site so LGBT phobic? I know some of it isn't intentional, but honestly the amount of transphobia and homophobia on here is troubling. Just why? Is there something wrong with the community? Have we done something to you? All that we really want for is you to tolerate or accept us. You don't have to agree with anything... [more]

Knickers and tights theif

I have not been able to stop myself from stealing women's knickers and tights. I have kind of been caught doing this by my ex step daughter but still do it. I really thought being caught would scare me and I would stop doing it or try my hardest not to, but no I'm worse than ever. I have stolen over 70 pairs of my aunties knickers as well as her... [more]

Any helpful advice

I need some advice i walked in on my son jerking off and the worst part is he was just finishing off e**********,it was embarrassing for us both no mother wants to see her boy doing that,he's 14 and im not sure what the best way is to deal with it without embarrassing him.

Submissive by nature

I grew up with mostly girls, which I guess adds to the fact that I’m totally submissive, like I just enjoy being controlled, I feel so wrong about it

Can't take uncle ass f****** me anymore

I'm 22 M, and it killing me inside knowing I have no choice but to let my uncle (mom's brother) ass f*** me bareback 3 times a week.
My mother sacrificed everything for me as a grew up. She worked 2 jobs and I was able to go to college with no student loans. She opened a business when I was 18 and... [more]


During the self-isolation, I've been drinking and smoking a lot. My urine smells like burnt cardboard. Should I get checked out? I've been on benders before, but this is new. I'm thinking my kidneys and liver are wearing out.

Son Flunked out of Boot Camp

My son joined the Army and went to boot camp. He couldn't handle it, broke down mentally, had a break, tried to keep on, but now he's back living in our basement. It's a disgrace. He is no longer in the Army.
I feel lesser as a parent that I raised a POS who can't handle it. I don't even want to tell the rest of the family and friends. I'm... [more]

Mowed over her flowers

I was drunk and accidentally mowed over my neighbor's flower beds. They were planted next to my property. I'm sorry, but mostly for being drunk. My neighbor is an a******.

Can't get it up

I'm 31 and have erectile dysfunction and premature e********** when I can get it up. I can no longer please my wife. I have heart issues and can't take V*****. I'm depressed.

Marrued but Gay

I George Evans Mishawaka IN am a marrued but closeted f**.. i ache to meet a man who will completely take and own me.. am soo ready to be outed/exposed!!

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