I met a boy fell in love found out he was cheating left found out i was pregnant gave it another shot since he wouldn’t leave me alone, we fell in love again excited about our family but ooops caught him cheating again being 6 months pregnant feeling fat gross useless i gave him another and another and another chance i honestly feel stuck and i... [more]

Hot daughter

I confess my 18 y old daughter has a nice body I can't help to look at times. I found her laundry basket one day full of her cloths so I looked thru it and was looking at her sexy panties and started jerking off with them, I took a wif of her dirty panties and it smelt so good and cumed right away. Now I like to [more]

I did this

I stole 9000 from my clg library

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Answer me daddy

It's me daddy ! Your little girl !

Not succeeding

I decided in the summer last year that I would try harder to improve my grades than I ever have done before. I mean my grades are okay but not enough for scholarship attention in a couple years. But so far, my grades are about the same. No matter what I do or how hard I work, my grades stay almost the same. They are a little better but not... [more]

Life’s not perfect

I have been married to my husband for 13 Years sheen together since high school we have 5 kids and one on the way. I used to think I had it all perfect husband perfect family and all I could ever ask for. I’ve been a housewife since our first child who’s now 8, I got pregnant really young. Me and my husband struggled for 3 Years to get stuff... [more]

Bad job

So I'm a girl still in school with a boyfriend and good family but I'm not happy. My boyfriend thinks I work all weekend but actually I go to parties for women where I get paid to model lingerie or occasionally have s** with a lesbian. They don't know how old I'm and I don't tell. Some older women pay me... [more]

So wrong

On new years eve my SIL was in town for the week staying with us and we had a house full of people and kids, She was sleeping in the spare room downstairs and a buddy of mine was over, They were very obviously flirting and disappeared at the same time a couple times. Him and his wife are separated due to the fact she is...well...Crazy as a [more]

I never thought it would be me

I have always considered myself straight but have always had a bit of a wild streak which has on occasion ended up with me kissing a girl etc. but have never, Not even in that moment considered taking it past just playful, drunk kisses or the like. My husband knows pretty much everything i have ever done and i have told him everything.
My best... [more]

Step daughter

I have this step daughter that absolutely hates me! Her father always takes her side and makes me feel like what i say and what rules that i make doesn't mean anything! that they are good kids and just teenagers. Okay well good kids dont sit their and treat their step mother like s***! i get that she... [more]

My girlfriend uses me what can i do

Me and girlfriend have always had a great relationship, but over the past couple of months (9 months) it has been steadily going down hill. we are in a long distance relationship. before me and my girlfriend used to contact each other frequently 2-4 times a day. but as time has progressed we don't contact each other as much. she does not let me... [more]

I will be a lesbian

I'm sure it's possible to will it.

Revenge years later

I was in class in high school when a guy for no reason slapped me in the back of the head. I balled my fit and hit him across the mouth. Two other friends of his attacked me and I got a beat down. I didn't even know the lunatics.
Ok, I graduate high school and go to college. Just before graduation, I was at a shopping center when I... [more]

All the victims of fire in California are white.

Many of the fires are set in places where legal pot is being grown. Could it be that the Mexican cartels are setting the fires to eliminate competition? Or could it be Chinese emigrants who want to buy land vacated by the burned out victims? Someones doing this and we need to find out who.

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