I can't forgive my stepdaughter

Basicly my step daughter who is 27 is an absolute b****. She has threatened to slit my son's throat he was 2 at the time she was 24 and then was gonna hang him from a tree and that my children her brothers and sister are f***** up little [more]

The Mooch

Anthony Scaramucci is retarded.


Most people are worthless, self centered and stupid. Eliminating them would considerably ease the over population problem. It had become so bag i have lost all empathy.

You people are so disgusting

Product of a sick culture where anything goes

I got caught with a pineapple up my bum by my grandmother.

I went to my grandparents farm for holiday and was feeling h**** and decided to finger my ass. Decided to stick a pineapple in there. Had it about have way in when she walked in.


So one of my best friends asked me out so we are going out and I want to say "I love you" but I dont know if its to early. Its been 4 months of dating but we have been friends for like, 5 years. What do I do? I want to take it to the next level...

Smelling Sweet Butt Scent

I love smelling Pretty women seats

Convenient Woman

You're a joke! Do you really believe you are that coveted. People only stare because you act soooo inappropriate for your age. Being a c** bucket keeps the attention going too. You're evil and your kids must be so embarrassed by you

I want to be spanked often

I think about being spanked often, a routine like going to a disciplinarian to be put on somebody's knee and spanked until my bottom is on fire while I'm being lectured on the things I did that earned me the punishment. I want to be forgiven and still feel the heat in my bottom for a long time, to know I'm cared for. It's not sexual, I think it's... [more]

Still closeted

It doesn't hit me all that often, but sometimes I get h**** for something I know my wife can't provide: d***. So I go out to a divey little gay bar in the next town over from us and allow myself to get picked up by a young gay man. If he has a place... [more]

Someone's relationship

I know someone who's been struggling with their marriage life right now. They have two kids, but the wife is manipulating. I can't believe she's been taking him for granted. He has majority of patience for her, but some people don't learn lessons easily. One day, he'll be gone and she's going to regret for the rest of her life. She doesn't know... [more]

Every moment spent with you

Every moment was worth it even though I will pay the highest price for it. I sacrificed everything for you. You might not understand yet, I just wanted to be with you for a while. One day you will know or if you already do then I forgive you for the ultimate betrayal. I love you more than I can say.


IM 22 yrs old. Both of my parents passed away I'm a tragic car accident when I was 15. They both had degrees and left me good wills me being only child I got left alone with my nanny and house servants. I finished school and got a chance to go to college not anuniversity as they wished. I got my associates and landed a job. Now that I've worked... [more]

I feel stupid.

I have typed this out and deleted it at least 6 times but here we go.
There are lots of our friends who attend a large music festival and we even have friends who come from as far away as 6 hours but they all stay in the campgrounds so it was a bit of a downer that we would be staying in town since our camper was broken but there was no way i was... [more]

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