Pinned and punished and humiliated by my big butt mom

My 44 year-old mom works as a waitress and as always real busy I'm 16 there be a senior in high school and I recently started smoking pot and have been hanging out with some people that I probably shouldn't my mom's divorced and we've been our house together two years by ourselves she's about 5/8 and 150 lb with a skinny waist and a great big butt... [more]


Men want to date me but I am utterly uninterested. Not because they're not enough, but because I'm not ready. My heart feels empty. I'm not allowing myself to fall for anyone. My past relationship which was my only relationship was disappointing. It took me years to stand on my feet. I have no intentions to fall back on my face again. In fact, I... [more]

The consequences and aftermath of saying something stupid

The founder of Papa Johns Pizza said something racist and is now paying for it with his career. I bet he is kicking himself every waking moment because I did something similar although not racist. I once told a fellow worker about a new pretty girl who had started working and he said she was probably a [more]

My ex is dumb

My ex wife left me almost 2 years ago for her boss, Well...a year later she finds out he is pretty much banging everyone from his ex wife to his secretary to his 55 year old house keeper.
Not only is it great for me to know that she knows she messed up a really good thing leaving me and taking my kids away and ended up being the one getting [more]

I am in love with you colleen

I cant resist you, I try, I think "she is just a friend" but every day I think more and more about you. You are a few years older, have amazingly large b**** just like a like and you are one H*** of a sexy fat chick I wish I could tell you how much I... [more]


You know my #, I wish you’d use it.


How does everyone here fulfill their panty fetish? Comment how, I’m trying it get new ideas,


I do not like myself. I can not see anything good about myself. I feel as though I am a waste and a burden to everyone. I am afraid to die but I no longer want to exist. Why should I? I am ugly, fat, stupid, afraid, mousy, poor, worthless, and alone. I tried to take care of those that I think loved me, parents and fiancee, but I failed and they... [more]

F*** me man

I don’t know who I am and i honestly have no clue who I want to be. I feel like I’m a victim a lot, like I’ve been cursed somehow and the universe keeps me from being happy. I’m a good conversationalist but even though I never admit it I’m happier being alone than with people. A lot of my friendships fall apart when I’m not forced to see people... [more]

Im 12 and have depression but no one knows

Im 12 and have depression because of my brother that has ADHD he hasnt acctually been diagnosed with it but my whole family just thinks he has got it. He always had all the attention i cant even get any alone time with my mom or dad he hasnt really abused me or anything because hes scared of me but once he tried to strangle me by pushing me... [more]

GF treats me badly but I enjoy it

I love my girlfriend very much, I'd do anything for her and she knows it, but sometimes she takes advantage of that. When it is just the two of us together she can be very loving but in front of her friends she is completely different, she seems to want to say things to embarrass me and even belittle me and I don't know why. There are many... [more]

I hate my step-daughter

I met my step-daughter (R) when she was about 2 years old. My boyfriend (now husband) Derek, spoiled her. They did have a rough time of it before I met them. And R was used to her daddy always being within arms reach. She was a terror for quite awhile, but I was understanding and helped Derek out with R whenever I could. Eventually we all moved in... [more]

Cousins feet and panties

I desire having s** with my cousins, mostly one more than the other. I take pictures of their feet and when i get home i f*** the living h*** out of my right hand and pretend its their feet. One of them is... [more]

I can't

I just married the most amazing man , but I wish he would not have taken on a challenge of helping his mother raise his cousin. This little boy was taken in when his mother's sister past away during birth. He was born a drug baby , so you know what comes after. His mother thought she was doing a good thing taken in this kid, but I think it was the... [more]

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