Mothers panties

Every time my mother goes out I go through her drawers and sniff her clean panties and have been doing that for a year now to cure boredom. Today she went out and I done the usual, enter her room but this time I saw her panties were on the bed and noticed there was a stain in her panties? Well I had a sniff and [more]

Sister in law

So my gf and I recently got a four person hot tub. My gfs sister is forty pounds lighter than her, nicer b******, tighter ass, and six years younger at 38 years old. So the other night, we all decided to use the hot tub, after helping my gfs sister cleanup a fallen tree in her back yard. So we... [more]

My son's secret...

Last week we took a multi family vacation. My family and my brothers. We rented a three bedroom beach house. The adults took up two of the bedrooms. The third bedroom was shared by my son, age 13, and his cousin, age 15.
Mid week it was late. Everyone in the house had crashed and I was up watching TV. The house had a wrap around porch/deck and... [more]

I got busted wearing my MILs clothes

After getting married to my first wife I thought it would make it easier to resist wearing female clothes. But it made it worst, because now I had her mother's clothes, my wife’s, and her sister’s clothes too. It didn't take very long before I was wearing full time again every chance I got. Her mother caught me once wearing her panties, pantyhose... [more]

Still love her.

This happened in college. I was an a****** to my first serious girlfriend. She lost her virginity to me and we had s** as often as possible.Sometimes she would start a fight because she LOVED make-up [more]

My rapist is marrying my ex-BF and she wants me to attend

I was raped in August of 2019 by my (at the time) best friend's boyfriend. He told her I came onto him and made him cheat on her, and when I told her the truth, she believed him. Every time I see them together it hurts because I know what he is, and I don't want her to support someone like that. We have tried to reconnect several times, but she... [more]

Some Childhood Confessions [Half Rant]

I thought I'd give the slutty confessions a break and let off some steam from when I was young and stupid.
1: I kissed my sister when I was 8 during a fake wedding that she and I produced.
2: I kicked a dollar store volleyball over my neighbor's fence and sent their dog to the ER, all completely by accident. (Yes, she was fine)
3: I had... [more]

College pranks

My stupid friends locked me out naked on the college dorm hallway. I remember I almost died when a bunch of screaming girls in the hallway began video taping me with their phones, trying to forced the door open with my d*** hanging out.

Cheating Wife

I have been cheated by my Indian wife and day by day it has turned me on and now i feel like to share her with someone and post her pics online.. What shall i do? any advice

New USA National Holiday .

New USA National Holiday Juneteenth ? ? ? What a ridiculous word . Only in America , as they say .

Termination stories

I went to work for a company named Vulcan Materials in Atlanta Ga in their mail room. After six weeks I was called into the office and basically was told I wasn't doing the job right and that I had made a lot of mistakes. I asked "You're going to fire me"? and the mean eyed HR woman just looked at me. My manager after telling me I was a nice... [more]

A happy beach day.

I once open the bathroom door so my girl friends could see my boy friend standing naked in the shower. !Wow! was he embarrassed and mad at me for exposing him like that in front of them. I did it as pay back for catching him showing his friends the underwear I used. A week later he had his two best friends over for a BBQ swung me over his... [more]

What should I try to do with my new "neighbour"

I'm posting here just to get an anonymous opinion. A girl I am close friends with and I are going to the same university next year, and both moving into accommodation although not the same rooms or anything.
I do want to be more than friends and was thinking the fact we are now going to be neighbours might help that case a bit, but now that I... [more]

I hate my stepson

I absolutely hate my stepson. He is 8 years old. I’ve been with my husband for 3 years when his son was only 5 at the time and it was fine then, but it has progressively gotten so much worse. He disrespects me and has made it clear that I was a homewrecker even though I moved in with them when his father was single for years. At 5 he said this to... [more]


I realized I had a foot fetish when I was kid, as I got older it only got stronger.It got so bad that when I finally got my first phone in middle school I started taking pictures of every girls feet I was able to, even my teachers. It continued all throughout highschool and at the time I was wasn’t really thinking about how wrong it was but... [more]

Sister in law.

Me and my sister in law used to have a great relationship, but it all fell apart when she told us she was pregnant a few months after our baby boy passed away.
I have to admit. There is a bit of jealousy. She has 4 kids, doesn't have to work, owns a home outside of the city. Has 3 vehicles, she's doing well. She's the baby of the family so of... [more]

There is nothing about confession other than the end of nostalgia

KNOW IT's Annoying.
Missing, missing someone who doesn't need us. I miss someone who walks away and doesn't look back, the blocked nostalgia is blocked off, is a nostalgia that is both sad and happy at the same time. Sometimes it hurts, hurts, wants to talk, but can't. But many times, missing someone can always make us happy. He is still the... [more]

Wannabe sissy for men.

I am a married man but my wife doesn't approve. I often fantasize about being dressed in my French maid outfit with everything I have to go with it and being summoned to a man's house and clean everything for him then get on my knees to work for and receive my payment of a mouthful of hot c** shot into... [more]

Friends gfs panties

So i suggested to a friends gf she sell her undies as she was in debt now she makes so much money lol. I help her setup her profile and was her first customer to take her through it so asked her to workout and c** in them so she did, i had checked out her undies in the past but these were so good. After... [more]

Roofied and sexually assaulted...

This happened to my wife 2 weeks ago. We live outside a small now empty college town. The college went belly up and sold off to "online" learning and a small trade school. Wife is an attractive 50 yr old blonde. She works in the business office of the trade school. She called me one afternoon and said she was going with a coworker to the small bar... [more]

Can't believe I did that...

I am a 16 yr old high school student. My boyfriend is 18 and attending his first year of college. He joined a fraternity and last weekend was "alumni day". My boyfriend invited me to ride up to the school with his dad. The fraternity threw a pregame party. The house was full of guys and several fathers who were there for alumni day. Well my idiot... [more]

Belly squeezing fetish

I confess
I enjoy giving and receiving belly squeezing, punching and poking. I will take a 2 inch wide cloth belt (because it is strong ger) and tighten around my waist until my lower belly bulges so much that my belly button is looking up at me. Then I attach a rope to the back of the belt and suspend myself from the ceiling to increase the... [more]

I love seeing women pee

I've had a lot of humiliating moments in my life. Pee is one of them after I developed bladder infections and had accidents. I also hate myself and a part of me feels like I deserve/ enjoy the humiliation. Now, I love the idea of being humiliated/controlled. I want to have my hair pulled, be told I'm a naughty girl and get my butt spanked, I want... [more]

Mom scored a good victory in our ongoing prank war!

I'm 17 and an only child. My parents divorced years ago. Dad's completely out of the picture. So, it's just me and mom and we have a really close relationship. I know a lot of girls my age don't really get along with their moms, but we do. I think part of it is that we have similar senses of humor. We both love a good practical joke! As a result... [more]

Facesitting in tights

For as long as i can remember I've loved the thought of a woman sitting on my face in a well worn pair of panties and tights. Ever since my ex boss used to do it to assert her dominance on me. It's an embarrassing thing to ask a woman to do, just wish I could find like minded women near me to do it, i'm in the north east of England. Not interested... [more]

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