We know all about it

Your Dad and I let you go camping that weekend with your friends, because we thought you could handle yourself responsibly. Well, Pam's mother told us what went down. Her daughter spilled the beans. So you spent the weekend drinking and having s**? Did you really let two guys [more]

I hate my family, serious suicide thoughts.

Hey, Im 17 and I just need to say some stuff and hope I feel better. I hate my entire bloodline and have had thoughts of suicide cause I just hate my family so much and they put so much pressure on me and never EVER keep their promises. They never have time for me and my dad doesn't work cause of an accident and now all he does is sleep sleep... [more]

When I'm drunk

I still think of you. It's been awhile, wondering how you are. Miss the times we talked. The naughty things we said. Wished we could have met. You'll always be My questionmark.

Cw animal death

I accidentally killed a kitten when I was 10 and 13 years later I still have nightmares about it. I've never told anyone that it was actually my fault and at this point, I'm sure nobody except me even remembers.

My life got turned upside down

WTF!!! What just happened, I just got home from my moms house, What the h*** is going on. I called my mom on my way over to her house and told her I had to stop by and grab my daughters jacket she had left there after school yesterday, thinking back now she did sound panicked or rushed or something... [more]


Last night my sister, Her husband and I got pretty drunk, my brother in law and I have a really good relationship and get along really well, Its kind of a playful teasing relationship, I have big b**** and my sister doesn't, jokes are always made about my [more]

Finally the problem is leaving

The whole neighborhood is glad you are moving. Well, except for the 2 delusional idiots that believed your lies. I know about the stories you've told to deflect from yourself. I only feel relief that I will never have to see your smug face again. You are a terrible person. Any mother who leaves her kids alone to go out and drink and do drugs... [more]

My husbands friend walked in.

Me and my husband attended a friends wedding recently, Lots of our old friends were there, we had a blast at the reception and afterward went back to the friends place who we were staying with, my husband and I were staying downstairs on a fold out couch. Everyone was quite drunk and we were feeling a bit frisky so we started fooling around, Soon... [more]

In bed

I'm laying in bed right now with my boyfriend. He sleeps naked, I'm in just a tshirt. He has a h****** and its pressed up against my butt and its making me so f****** horney.

What am i doing?

Im fully aware im risking my relationship but I cant stop. Why? If my boyfriend finds out im still talking to the other guy he will be heartbroken but yet I still do. Nothing is going on between us. The other guy is seeing someone else now but yet I still talk to him. There's no reason for it. We are purely friends and talk about everything. I... [more]

Dog and wife in training

About eight weeks ago I walked in on my wife she was nude pulling our dog off, I got three photos before she realised she turned scarlet but I said have you had him in your p**** she said no I could not do that so I said well you are going to start or plenty of people will see my photos, we started... [more]

Uber strict parents

When I was a child I had a friend whos parents were really really strict. He had to call his father sir and mom 'mam'. Had to ask permission to do pretty much anything. Plus he used to get the paddle. Any little infraction and he had to bed over and get whacked and it was hard. My family was almost the opposite. No structure. no discipline... [more]

Congratulations on your new endeavors!

I am so happy for you. You are doing so much in such a short amount of time in the new space you are now in. Even if we never speak again, I hope you know that I want the best for you, and wish you love and happiness. Congratulations on everything! Keep those dreams alive and go for it! I love you dearly, J!

Why are people stupid enough to use dope?

I used to work for the state and we used detainee female labor. These lady prisoners would help in the warehouse and many of these women were in for drug use. You could always tell the meth heads from the other dopers by their teeth. One pretty young girl who used and sold that s*** had every... [more]

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