Aunties panties

Ever since i was 7 years old i lived with my auntie. when i was 15 my auntie who was 30 at the time was out shopping and left me alone in the house. it was the middle of summer and i had nothing to do, all of my friends were on holiday and i was so bored. my auntie phoned me and told my to go into her room and see if she left her watch in the room... [more]

Pantie boy

I am 15 and i love wearing panties, i sneak into my moms room and put on all her sexy panties. i started to wear panties the day after my 14 birthday when my mom mixed up the laundry and without knowing it she gave me a pink thong that said naughty girl on it. i put it on and loved it.
How do i tell her i love wearing panties and how do i tell... [more]

I like older white men

I'm 13 and I'm attracted to older 'white' men. Not super old. Just 30 or younger. I suppose I know where this attraction started from. I've always lived in diverse neighborhoods. Not many black people around. Hardly any at all. So I grew attracted to what I'm most around.
I want him to like me as well. I want to massage his back. Run my... [more]


I want to be with a man. People think I'm gay, but who cares what world thinks anyway. Lol
I haven't dated in five years and people think that's because I'm gay. But the only reason I don't want to be with someone anymore is because I've already given up on love. Any man who asks me out makes me angry because they're making me feel something I... [more]

I'm taking care of my nieces b****** child

My niece is an unattractive red head who had a baby with a married black man. She is a doper and the black man's family doesn't want the baby so in order to keep this child out of child care I took her in.
If you are curious as to what a mixed race child looks like I'll tell you. She much prettier than her mother with dark brown curly-ish... [more]

Sad to say it, but it's true:

President Trump is a pissy little b****. And that's embarrassing.

I'm a college graduate who made good grades and is very athletic

I earned a degree in Chemical Engineering and while I was working on my Master's degree I was propositioned by a lonely woman living in my neighborhood. I had often talked to her outside when I was doing yard work.
She wanted me to get her pregnant. She told me that she wouldn't tell anyone who the father was and that the child would have... [more]

Being too scared to tell

A lot of things go on in school especially high school and the weaker students are too scared to tell. Often when a larger boy hits or robs, shoves, spits on the victim knows that nothing will be done and telling only makes it worse.
One night some kids disguised themselves in masks and spray painted obscenities on the sidewalk and walls of... [more]


I've been married for almost 4 years in October, high school sweat hearts with my wife since freshman year. We each started from zero type of love you see in the movies! Her parents never liked me because I came from nothing. "I stole her". We dated behind parents backs wrote letters anything you name it. Sneaked her out. We both struggled... [more]

I attempted to sexually assault someone

I was young. 11-12 years old. I did something bad. I had a weird transition through childhood to hitting puberty and I believe i was straight into it when I hit it. For some reason I thought it was a good idea to sneak into someones room and attempt to assault them. This has always and WILL always be the biggest regret of my life. This is not me... [more]

Can't bare

I can't stand people who think they can get anyone and anything.

I did it too.

I'm a 60year old married man.When in Florida this spring I found an adult store with booths that had gloryholes.I was watching a movie when a guy came into the booth next to me, never put any money in.He stuck his very hard c*** through the hole.I couldn't resist and took him in my mouth he came... [more]

It's what I believe

S** is love. And hard s** is true love.

No perfect answers.

Everyone goes through changes looking to find the truth.But I please Don't look at me for answers,Don't ask me
Because I don't know
How am I supposed to know
Hidden meanings ,secret riddles.
Life's a stage and we're all in the cast.Neither you come out of your shell nor do i.
When you are not hundred percent sure about my feelings then how... [more]

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