I want a divorce. My marriage offers me nothing. My wife had an affair and got pregnant while going through the immigration process. I hate being a step parent to my wife's mistake. I hate it.
The wife has made no attempt to better herself in 7 years being here, constant nags me about seeing other people, world sucky hours for [more]

Getting caught wearing women's dirty panties

The first time i was caught was by my ex, was trying clothes on in change room when she just popped her head in to say something and ..........welll.....yeah busted!

I Still Love The Person Who Catfished Me

We met on an internet site, It was not a dating site. But she messaged me and at first I just ignored it, her picture was a young beautiful woman say early 30's as I am a little older early 40's, I thought it was a mistake. But she was persistent so I finall answered, the first day we talked for over 12 hours straight and a relationship bloosomed... [more]


CT and MRI scanners terrify me. The idea of being inside that little tube is unbearable.

Sorry? No.

My boyfriend broke up with me. I needed s**. So I went got with his best friend. Humiliated the s*** out of the ex. Problem solved.

Mother in law

When I got out of the Military moved in with mother in law, she's 50 everything on her is average but for some reason I'm extremely h**** for and desire her. It all started one day after getting out of the shower I go to get my towel off the rack and o smell this scent that just makes my d*** spring to attention so I I look and her pajama pants... [more]


I am a gay boy

Let me go

Please let me go. I know you don't want me, so please let me go so I can heal. Please don't try to stay friends after you broke my heart. I can't be friends with someone who rips my heart out every time I see them or their name comes up on my phone. Please. If you care about me at all. Let me go.


I think the female race are more appealing and intriguing, compared to the male race. Respect and love to the honourable women out there :-)

F***** my stepmom

Once I was staying at my Dad’s house while shifting apartments. He happened to be away during that time. It was summer and the house had a pool so one Sunday I was sitting by the pool drinking a beer. My stepmom happened to walk in. “Pretty hot day...wait for me..lemme get changed!” A while later she walked in wearing a bikini. I noticed she had a... [more]

Woman Sitting On Stomach

It was hot summer, and I were 12 years old & enjoying my summer holiday. An angry old Woman used to work in our house, she was just our neighbour. Her age at that time were 45 to 50 years and she was quite big. I'm naughty from... [more]

Never forget

Never forget that you're something special, and don't let the one you choose to be with forget it either. It's been a year since we last saw each other but sometimes I still think of you and hope that you're doing well. I wonder if you ever think of me. I'm still sad that you moved so far away, but I understand that career came first. I hope you... [more]

Facesitting in tights

For as long as i can remember I've loved the thought of a woman sitting on my face in a well worn pair of panties and tights. Ever since my ex boss used to do it to assert her dominance on me. It's an embarrassing thing to ask a woman to do, just wish I could find like minded women near me to do it, i'm in the north east of England. Not interested... [more]

Belly fetish

I'm a male and am looking for any girl who enjoys being punched in her belly in New Delhi. Lower belly, navel, solar plexus, I enjoy it all.

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