This guy in here called Wetkn

Is one sick dude.


Im Ava.. im 14 and really...really into ddlg. if you look up ddlg and go to images you'll find all these cute little dialogues. I really want a daddy that's not just interested in s**..(some is totally cool w me). pls have some experience. yeah? email me :

Who does that

4 years ago my wife and i moved to be closer to her family due to some health issues, Since i work from home it was no big deal to move but we did leave the city we had both been in for years (20 for me and 15 for her) so we moved away from all of our friends.
We went back and stayed at my friends place and Saturday night we all got pretty... [more]

Am i the only one who thinks this?

Lesbians are weird

Goldfish of life

I ate my goldfish live, ive been buying lots of goldfish and im convinced everyone i eatadds a year to my life. i havent told anyone because they'll think im crazy but i cant keep going to the same pet store, they recognise me and will want to know why i need so many goldfish

I am a Christian

I am a Christian and I know this is not a full confession like it is supposed to be but I want to let you guys know. Read the bible. Pray. Go to church. Listen. Take notes on church. Don't hang with people who are bad influences without a strong christlike foundation. dont swear. Dont cuss. dress appropriatly. Don't cheat on your wife or... [more]

Great vacation

Three years ago my wife's younger sister moved to the UK, It has taken us that long to finally go over there and visit her just due to the fact that for the first year and a half or so she came home one every couple of months or so and since then we have been super busy but she finally guilted my wife into agreeing to make the trip.
We ditched... [more]

Air pump

Put a ballon in my mouth and have a girl step off and on my stomach until I blow a decent size ballon hahah

It wasn't meant to

I was sure it wasn't meant to happen, but he's making sure that it is. We've both changed each other and I am still not sure where and how it all began.

I'm still here...

Still hearing your whispers. Still wishing you were near.

Diapered Husband

Earlier this year my husband, in his mid 30’s, started having bed-wetting accidents. I noticed the accidents mainly seem to happen after having a few drinks on our nights out together. I have also noticed he will randomly have accidents after working extended hours as he doesn’t work the typical eight to five type of job and is an extremely heavy... [more]

Can't believe it.

I went down on my G/F last night and I can't help but shoot loads and loads of c** everywhere before I even enter her the taste and smell of her p**** is amazing I would lick it 24/7 I'm 22 she's 19 shaven tight and fit as [more]

Just bought a pair of running tights A400 from skins.

I fell in love with them after trying them out. Tomorrow I will go running in them. This will be our first time <3.

Put this up quick!

Ok so there's a girl from the other side of the country who I'm friends with and she called me, she tried to jump off a roof, she is right now out and alone, and I was wording and speaking very carefully. She won't go home, because she's scared of everyone judging her and she won't go to her friend for the same reason. She is high and can barely... [more]

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