Imperfect and Perfect at the same time

The human body is both of these. If I think about the whole life process, or all living things for that matter, it is truly amazing. From a sweaty, few minutes of l***, a human can be made in less than a year later. Perfect.
The imperfection comes from everything after that. Now my stomach hurts due... [more]

Naked Dares

As a boy I was quite pretty and the others used to get me to do naked dares, being a show off and exhibitionist I did a number. One time when the equipment was set up for sports day I was persuaded to high jump naked, as it happened I was a good jumper. She authority was known to be at dinner, I stripped off and went over the bar a few times... [more]

Still spanked at 24

Hi, I m a 24 year old male still living at home. When I misbehave I still get grounded, have a curfew and if really bad I still get spanked by my mom !!

Embarrassing but arousing

I live alone in a small house in the pine barrens of NJ for the past 5 years. I'm on 3 1/2 acres and love the privacy of it. I'm 29 and about the only company I have here is my girlfriend, who I usually only see a couple days a week since she works in Atlantic City. Once in awhile I have friends over but its seldom I do. About the privacy, because... [more]

Femboy lover

I really want to meet a cute slim femboy to pamper and spend time with. I think about it a lot..cute little bubble butt that likes to cuddle.

Face sat at 8

I went to a special school due to my behaviour being not the norm.
It was normal for older kids to be put in with younger kids. Diane was 7 years older than me, but mentally the same age. I was 8 years old and a short and timid child.
Anyway I was running slow in the playground as I loved the six million dollar man, it was the seventies... [more]

School Fun

I went to a special school due to my behaviour being not the norm.
It was normal for older kids to be put in with younger kids. Diane was 7 years older than me, but mentally the same age. I was 8 years old and a short and timid child.
Anyway I was running slow in the playground as I loved the six million dollar man, it was the seventies... [more]

I’m madly in love with Harry Dunne and I don’t know why

Since December 13th I’ve fallen head over heels for Harry Dunne (yes, the guy from dumb and dumber ) it happened right out of nowhere and to this very day im still into him. Out of impulse i got a ton of pics of him in my phone. I’m not as embarrassed as before tho.
At first I actually made myself suppress it out of shame. I have no clue when... [more]


I wish i was anorexic, and my family wants me to be anorexic. Because i look ugly enough to embarass them in public, i'm saying this because they said that to me.

Naked Dares

I posted before about getting naked dares to do.obe dare was to climb a tree naked though I did keep gym shoes on. I don't recommend climbing trees naked, very scratchy. Then a teacher approached and my audience wandered off and I was left up this tree stark naked, fortunately he did not see me. When he walked away the other boys brought my... [more]

Am I gay?

Once in a blue moon I want to be a daddy's little girl for a real masculine man. I wish I could dress up the way he likes and suck his c***. I wish he would give me chores so I can do them with no complaint. I will workout my ass everyday so when he comes home from a hard day at work, I cant resist... [more]

Cross dressed

I had a friend at school, he was a weekly boarder, home at weekends, I head a full time boarder. This boy dominated me, he had a painful way of getting me to do what he wanted. When I was 12 he decided he wanted to see me dressed as a girl. I was invited home for the weekend and on Sunday after lunch when his parents were out, he and his 2 sisters... [more]

Fun weekend

My wife's younger sister had an interesting weekend, We had all gone to the lake together and her BF had ended up getting heat stroke and dehydration, He spent two days in the hospital hooked up to IV for hydration and in that time my wife's sister showed pretty much every private part of her body.
Day one we rented a pontoon boat from the marina... [more]

My favorite BIL

My husband watched his older brother and I have s**, His brother has been divorced for a couple years and actually had a three or four week hook up with a friend of mine, She had told me he was hung and it was no surprise since my husband is also but I brought it up one night and ever since then my... [more]

I love abs and ballbusting

Hey ever since i was a kid ive always been fascinated with seeing guys ppl get kicked in the nuts, i found i wanted be ballbusted too, im now 28 i watch p*** about it really turns me on and makes me get off, im yet to experience it myself tho. Ever since i was a teen ive had a liking for abs women... [more]

Tastes so sweet

There's this friend of someone in my household that comes over from time to time and she caught my eye right away. I start checking her out and secretly admiring her as walks around the house and I watch her as she sleeps on the couch in the living room. One day while everyone was gone, I noticed her black duffle bag on the couch. I dove right in... [more]

Le Sigh

Man Im dumb. Just checked my credit score. Its like, 30 away from being “Fair”. A few years ago I was looking for a place with my ex and we couldnt find anywhere good because we assumed mine was awful cuz of my debts and hers was terrible. I wish i had checked. Id like to tell her now (me and her have a decent relationship still) but she would... [more]

22 with aspergers, finally going to try work.

I'm 22 years old, I had a s*** start in my high school career, relentlessly bullied and not getting help when I needed it. Because I got bullied in class too at the start, I found myself no longer able to learn in a class setting because of my attention being hyper focused on everything else around... [more]

I am a broken man.

My cat died a month ago and I haven't been able to sleep through the night since. Every day is a fresh h*** of remembering that he's gone on waking, and being afraid to go to bed at night, because odds are I will cry myself awake at one or more points. He was my best friend and loved me more than... [more]

Church O*****

The whole school walked to church all of us wearing the kilt. I usually wore my kilt commando the school's at in three less. During the sermon the lights in the church were lowered so that the congregation could concentrate on the sermon. My friend sitting next to me knew I was commando and slid his hand up my kilt and felt me up. Obviously... [more]

I want to b**** out loud

I want to just say stuff. Like freedom of speech is a farce. I don't mean I want to chew out a individual. Just sweeping generalisations. Sexist, Anti-Semitic, racist, anti-environment, anti-vegan, political. I just want to say it.
Recently a guy in Australia called Israel Folau tweeted that all sorts of people including homosexuals... [more]

Scared I Gay

I'm an 18 year old guy. My mother is a hardcore heroin addict. And she has let my uncle (her brother) take me anally almost every night since I was 12 in exchange for drug money.
I'm not big, 5 feet and 105 pound and I have been mistaken for a girl many times.
I hate them both, but have no place to go. He not rough during [more]


I want to tell my wife of 30 years, that I am a bottom and love s** with men both oral and a***. I also want to tell her I am a crossdresser, I under dress every day for work, I dress fully when alone or meeting a male lover. As well as I would like her... [more]

My husband is getting fat

My husband is getting fat. He used to be slim and in shape, and now, he looks like a butterball. When we were dating, he was 170 pounds. He stepped on the scale the other day and he has gained 50 pounds!
The problem is I feel guilty watching him fatten up and liking it. I feed him well, he likes to snack and his fat belly and mushy chest are a... [more]

Girls Rule

Girls can be really awesome and really smart but face it us boys are weak at times. I really like it when girls kick me in the b**** especially to put me but in place. I wish i could get a girl to kick me in the nuts. Any girls that love kicking boys in the [more]

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