First bj

It is embarresing to tell you how disgusting it was!! Yuk poohey Strawberry my ass.
He rubbed my c*** like so good I wanted to do whatever he wanted.
I did a first b******* and swallow that made me gag. I trusted it would taste like strawberry... [more]

Fetishized fats

The thought of getting fat sends me into overdrive. The very thought of hitting 300,400, or even 500 pounds instantly makes me rock hard. I don’t want to live a normal life. I just want to eat and gain.~

Wishes granted

Wishes to be granted by 4 face Buddha Zixuan doesn't want to take the initiative to rekindle his friendship with me and he doesn't want to talk the initiative to chat with me on WeChat.

I love my friend's dad

I love my friend's dad and I can't help it. I know he loves me too and we need to be together. I mean it's weird because I look a lot like his daughter. And one time we did things in her room. I think it would ruin things between me and my friend but it's both exciting and terrible keeping this secret.

Shopping with my mom and sister

So my step mom and sister used to dress me up like a girl when I was younger when my dad was on the road. Im 16 now and was caught wearing both of their panties around the house a few times.
The last time I was caught, my step mom and step sister both caught me wearing a black G-string. That afternoon we went out shopping and by shopping I mean... [more]

Wrestling turn on

I recently wrestled my wife's friends husband at the request of my wife and her friend. I knew her friend liked men wrestling as they have watched ufc with us before and she would suggest we wrestle. I told her I would wrestle if the ladies did afterwords. Anyway me and the friends hubby are both fit and evenly matched. We wrestled in the backyard... [more]

Got sweet Revenge on my Abusive teacher by seducing her Niece

( real confession, no bs) I confess that I’m a Douche and I never had very many friends in school, I hated everybody, I especially hated my teacher who treated me like I was the worst kid in school, while there were many other kids who were less smart then I was, me coming from a Italian background. I confess that she treated me unfairly many... [more]

You never know who you might run into

Noelle Peterson, the one that got away. All through high-school and halfway through college, I'd had a crush on Noelle Peterson. She'd disappeared halfway through college, just did not show up for year three. Of course there were rumors; a girl that hot doesn't just go off the grid without causing a disturbance in the force. I'd heard several of... [more]


I have a huge crush on one of my managers. We are not allowed to date because managers and reps are not allowed to date. I am 22 years old and I never felt sexual attraction before and I have to have my first sexual attraction towards one of my managers. I get nervous and very emotional that I haven't eaten very much in the last week (my first... [more]

I want to tell You

Why i have no a chance to say good bye to you
Why i have no chance to say APOLOGIES to you ( This is very mean ) ( I learn this word can't say to often). Today i see how Value, important of word.
I want to say THANK YOU from my deep heart.
Today i want to say Apologies to you.
Two words that take nearly a year, to gather courage, think... [more]

I want to see the World before I die

I confess that I tried Suicide only once in my life, but who hasn’t, everybody has tried Suicide just once in their life’s. I failed to kill myself, I never wanted anybody to feel sorry for me. I just wanted to end my misery and loneliness and despair and Isolation. I hated everybody and everything, so I tried Suicide, but it failed. Now I want to... [more]

My mom buys me nylons


L*** for aunts huge ass and I think she knows

We have always toyed the line of playful affection and full on groping. She’s around 5’6” and she’s kinda stacked but her b****** aren’t large and her stomach is big. Her lower half however is very thick and plump, she has a big massive shelf butt, shaped like an overly round apple that sticks... [more]

My diapered wife

I have used diaper and baby discipline on my wife for the past 4 years.
It started innocent but now my days are spent changing her diapers, feeding her and playing with her. She is on a strict baby food diet, which is fed to her in her high chair. She sleeps in ama crib and gets her diapers changed on her change table.Daily walks in her... [more]

A walk in the park with mom

My parents stayed together until I graduated high school. I knew that they were not getting along well, but didn't realize that my father was just waiting for me to graduate. The day after my graduation he moved out. He was legally bound to pay for my college education and he settled with my mother with a continuation of health insurance and with... [more]

Virus spreading cockroaches called Chinese should be exterminated

The Chinese are nothing but a filthy pathogen. They are literally cancer on earth and shouldn't exist.

Wife wants to visit Glory Hole

We are too active in s** and have tried various positions and do role play. From
the Refrigerator Packing Cover we made a makeshift Glory hole and myself with wife takes turn to enjoy the effects of a glory hole f*** and suck. Now my
wife says she... [more]

Wife cheating with coworker who is a widower

Wife coworker recently lost his wife due to Covid 19. After two weeks my wife who is too close to him visited him at his home just to comfort him and which she says led to s** due to over emotion with him unintentionally. She came back that day and was feeling awkward and disturbed. After much cajoling... [more]

M new next door neighbor

My new next door neighbor is quite the looker, but I always have to be careful my wife doesn't notice when I look. I came to realize that she looks quite a bit like my mother. One Saturday she was laying out back tanning in a bikini and her body looked like my mom's when she had been tanning. As I watched her I noticed I was becoming very aroused... [more]

What my mom called things when I was little

The first thing I remember her saying was my PP is where my pee came out. That's what I thought it was my PP. Two unrelated letters to me. A morning came when my PP was pointing straight up. I asked my mom why it was that way and she said it was because I needed to go pee so bad. It was a lot harder to point it down to go and it got all over the... [more]

Tickling my maid while sitting on her belly

Well my story is all based on the tickling scene in the Jungle Book old Disney movie, where mowgli ticked Baloo the bear.
It started as a game with my maid back wjen i was a kid, she was a bit tall and busty, we implemented the exact scene, where she's the bear being ticked.
We start with her laying on her stomach, where i climb on her back and... [more]


I’m hurt as h*** right now. My husband just told me he only loves me 55% rn..... we’ve been married almost 6 years and have two kids together.

I hate my stepdad

I hate my stepdad so much, whenever my mum and my stepdad breaks up im happy and theres no drama, and then 5 days later she takes him back and then more suicidal thoughts, mental breakdowns, hating myself, stops eating and wanting to die all comes back
to make myself feel better i dream about him not ever being here and i start to have a smile... [more]

I confess I'm gay.

I excepted being gay when I was 15 I'm 30 now and I want to tell my friends and family but I can't confess being gay out of respect and not being disowned.


I have a secret online bf and whole ass friend group that my parents don't know about, I hate my parents and can't wait to move in with him <333

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