What would you do?

I am only 24 years old and have been married nearly 3 years. My wife, Kristi, is now 23. A year after we were married she was raped by 2 men after a night class at the local college. The guys were caught and went to jail.
At first Kristi withdrew from everything. She quit school, quit her part time job and refused to leave the house. She avoided... [more]

Gay rape

I am a man and have a fantasy of being raped by a gay man or even a group of gay men.

Teen fantasy

I'm in my forties UK I fantasize about teens 16+ to be my naughty daughter so I can spa k her

I must be worthless

My love of my life is a young lady who is 1 year younger then me. Early on in our relationship she cheated on me with my brother and also my childhood friend.
I forgave her and we moved on. But later on I found out that she also had a threesome with a married couple not long after the first two affairs. Again it was in the past. We were both... [more]

I don't believe I'm a lesbian but I have never had s** with a man

I was raised in a classic family, father is the leader of the house, mother supports the father, children obey their parents. I never saw my mother assert herself, and frankly I believe that she likes it that way. But I'm nor wired like her, I don't like being told what to do and I don't believe that a man has the right to tell women what to do... [more]

After my lover died his wife has ensured I am taken care of

I was a student teacher at an American school in Central America. I didn't know what to expect but I was open to new experiences. It was the era of free love and all that, late sixties. I had a student in my high school physics class who looked at me like a wolf looking at a lamb for dinner.
I don't now why, I have racked my brain all these... [more]

This website got hacked

There is suspicious pop-ups of pornographic video and women plz fix this asap

I want my wife to be flirty with other men.

I want my wife to explore. It turns me on, I don’t know why. I’m not into p***, never have been, same for her. We have both been vanilla, missionary our entire marriage. I find myself fantasizing about her with other men. Touching, flirting, talking, whatever. I always let her know that I don’t... [more]


I fantasise about older strong men treating me like a little girl that take advantage of me in bed.

I Yelped my own job.

I don't have to worry about getting fired however. Quick explanation. I used an anagram generator, put in my full name and it gave out an anagram that definitely looked like a name belonging to someone from another country. Created a google account with the anagram, then created a yelp account with it. With that being said, let me explain why I... [more]

I don't feel like eating anymore.

For the past several weeks, I started to get tired of eating certain foods; i.e. mashed potatoes, spaghetti, rigatoni, etc. Now, I just don't feel like eating anything at all. I swear I'm not overweight and I have no eating disorder but this is seriously bothering me. Now, every time I look for something I actually like to eat, I'll either just... [more]

My obsession about being raped

According to my therapist, my thoughts and angsts are because my father left us. By the time I was fifteen I was having very erotic dreams, I was always the victim, chased, raped, sort of thing. I also had a mouth, curse words and potty talk. Instead of saying I need a restroom, I would say I need to take a [more]

Gaining weight for my wife

When I met my wife I was 185 with abs. Very quickly she told me she loves a belly on a man. I’m now 231 and my belly bounces. It shocked me how much I’ve enjoyed it. We definitely keep it to ourselves but people have started to notice.

No one ever- hot Disney character

I’m watching enchanto (for like the billionth time) and i love Luisa’s song. I’ve always liked the beginning when she flexes and turns to glance and mirabelle… and it just occurred to me how hot I think that is 😳 I guess I’ve been thinking about it more and more but im starting to like women- and I’m in a relationship with my boyfriend rn 🤦‍♀️... [more]

This world needs coal and brimstone.

That's it. I've said it. We need coal. There would be no light if there was only darkness. Nobody understands this for some reason. There will never be a brimstone that would kill the sharty as there will never be a gemerald that would save it. This is some ying yang s***, seriously. Coal becomes... [more]

Wrestling with two sisters

Growing up I had two sisters as neighbors and they were a year apart. I saw them wrestling each other. They were in tight jeans and bras. I watched them wrestle and was hoping to be able to wrestle them. After they got done I wrestle the younger sister first and then the older sister. It was some of the best wrestling I have done with any girl. We... [more]

I kinda like kicking guys in the b****

So I'm 15, and I have a older brother who is 17. We were playing outside the other day and I accidently hit his nuts. I felt really bad at first, this was the first time I ever did this. However I kind of felt good. He usually bullied me bc I never fought back, but I never thought to go for his [more]


So for some reason every time I eat Green Jell-O my s*** turns green and looks like pickles.
So after taking a green s*** after eating Green Jell-O I fished my green turds out of the toilet and opened a pickle jar and put the turds in the pickle... [more]

I’m so tired.

I’m so tired of giving everyone my all. I’ve never been loved back and it’s just so tiring. I’m so used to it. I’m so tired. Please just let me rest.

Satin Panties

I just want to say how much I love wearing satin panties they get me so excited . I wear mainly thongs but do wear some bikini ones as well and purchase all mine from Classic Satin, Anias Poison and some other places. My fetish started back when I was young by wearimg my friends moms, his sisters, aunts, cousins or what ever I could find to wear... [more]

What to do?

The other day we had a surprising thing happen, I was at the lake house with my kids and my nanny, My nanny is 25, Short, Blonde and very attractive, I hadn't seen her in her bathing suit before just due to timing it never worked out that we were at the lake at the same time, It was always either her or I who had taken the kids but never together... [more]

Fat Women Are The Best Barnon

I had a fat chick that I met on plenty of fish. I’m really fit and 6’ 1 and hadn’t have any in a while due to being in Iraq for 2 years. The girl asked me what I want and she went “to town” sucking. Seriously she should had a Master’s in sucking because she took a shower put on some nice music, pjs, shampoo in her hair and she went “Ham No... [more]

I find it fun to hurt boys b****

So let me start by saying I'm 15, and I have 2 brothers who are 13 and 18. I just recently got into ball busting as ig it's called. I accidently hit my younger brother when we where playing football. I felt really bad at first, but I felt a sense of impowerment. Later that day I decided to punch my older brother, and make it seem like an accident... [more]

I'm ok

I don't really feel emotional anymore

Mini skirt and no panties

I love watching women in tiny miniskirts, especially if they have tiny panties or none at all and end up flashing their ass and p**** in public. Id love to hear from women who enjoy doing this and anyone else who loves watching.

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