Stomach gurgling fetish

I’ve had this for a long time and I don’t know really how I feel about this I just kinda want somebody to talk to about it I’m a straight 18 yr male so if u wanna talk drop a snap username and I’ll be happy to talk to whoever


I pick up a h***** she was 30 she was one of the best fuckes I ever had she was so tight I gave her a big load of c** . After she told me how she had been doing it sense she was 13 . I wonder what she was like back thin . I hope to pick her up again some... [more]


I wet the bed

The Origin of My Fetish for Big Butts

I remember watching a lot of Disney movies as well as cartoon shows such as Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network when I was a kid. There was a time when I was a kid watching “Winnie the Pooh and the Honey Tree” that still made me question my own sexuality, which was way before I hit puberty. My sexual arousal occurred out of nowhere when Pooh sings... [more]

Sister and son

I'm 43 and got a sister who's 40 but doesn't look it,in the summer we was chatting in the garden and she asked how's in been with my son moving back in, said it's ok just hope i don't have another embarrassing situation and told her i walked in on him wanking when he was 16,it was the only thing she wanted to talk about,she likes the attention... [more]

I wish to bring an apocalypse and conquer the earth

Something ever since I was young, the Idea of world domination, has always alluded my mind, however the method of doing so, so the method is now so simple: cause an apocalypse using bio weapons (like the corona-virus).

Cheater or not

I’m so bored and unhappy, with my partner for 5 years and things were good but I’ve been going onto chat rooms and have virtual s** Does it count as cheating ? I don’t know what to do! Do i tell him! do i split up with him !

Parents found a video of me jerking off

I was 15 at the time.
One day i got it into my mind to film myself in the bathroom masturbating so I set up my phone on the counter and pressed the record button.
I started fully dressed and slowly removed my clothing. Once I removed my underwear, I was fully nude, my p**** was not errected yet. I... [more]

Fun out shopping with my son

I got my 16yo son to come shopping with me last tuesday as he had a day of school,when i was trying clothes on the curtain was open a little and seen him watching me, left the shop but went back 30 minutes later same thing again this time i called him over to came in and zip me up,when i turned around you could see his [more]

When I was young I saw it happen.

I think I was 8 or 10 years old when we had a big boy living next to us. (A teenager, but I don’t know how old).
He asked me one day if I’ve seen my mom naked. I had not so he asked if I wanted to. I hadn’t thought of it before, but suddenly I did want to see her naked.
Somehow he was at the table at lunch time and he was telling my mom... [more]

I Can't Stop Lying

I'm a compulsive liar. I've been lying to people ever since I was in grade school. At first it was to make friends, and then the lies got deeper. But I couldn't stop lying. It got to the point to where my lies were spreading around the school. I became the most popular kid overnight, but I had no proof to back up any of my accusations... [more]

H**** son

I came home from work early and seen p*** on my son's laptop,he was upstairs and his laptop was in the living room,he's 17 teen it's normal for lads to watch it but he was watching aunt and nephew p***,I told my 30 year old sister about it and that he... [more]

The Hand of Hanity

Hanity took over my collar from Master Carlsin and began serving in the Fox Station as a security guard on paper but mostly my job was to prepare black guests in the room referred to as the middle-passage. There I would tie and suspend theblack pundits who were having doubts about backing the Fox Propaganda that called their blackness into... [more]

Trump Organized Crime Family, LLC.

I’m embarrassed I voted Donald Trump!
The biggest fraud the world has ever seen. What a disappointment that loser turned out to be.
His campaign motto should have been, MAKE ME RICHER!
He’s driven the country further into debt in three years with his tax cuts for the rich. Remember how he berated Obama for playing golf? It has cost... [more]

Risking getting caught wearing girls knickers

I used to live in a flat in central Edinburgh and whenever my girlfriend went out I'd slip out her thong from her drawer and slip into it.
I'd get so excited I walk up to the front door and slip it off the catch. Just someone closing their door or a big gust of wind would make mine open wide and reveil me erect in a thong.
One time I was... [more]

Can't be the only one

So I was j********** and it's been a while. Well I of course was into it eye closed pumping away. I apparently had my mouth open because when I came it shot so hard it went into my mouth. I'm so embarrassed.

Submissive Slave Woman

I am a 33 y.o. woman. When it comes to achievement or success my rocket never did take off. Kind of a quiet loner. No romance until I met the man I serve. He led me down the path of submission and it actually made me feel empowered in my femininity and sexuality. Each day brings more confidence and more love from this man and I am so happy to have... [more]

Unrelenting l*** for my little sister

My sister is five years younger than I am, and I've been secretly l****** after her since I hit puberty. I would sneak into her room and dig through her panty drawer every opportunity I had, and often dig in the hamper to retrieve freshly used pairs to fantasize with and lick and sniff and dream... [more]

Turn out by a older man

I was 17 almost 18 when I meant Woody . He was a lot older man in his 50 s . He ask me if he could suck my c*** . I said shor why not I let he take it out I was hard he took it in his mouth I was so h**** I [more]

Hungover doing phone conferences

I did legal proceeding phone conferences for the last company I worked with, and knew they were a bad, untrustworthy, and shady company early on. After awhile, I didn't care about going out drinking the night before the legal proceedings, since the company sucked and took forever to pay me anyway. There were not only days, but, full weeks where... [more]

Im a pervert for panties

I am a electrical contractor and do a lot of work in homes that are occupied by attractive woman. and any chance i get i look in there panty drawers and laundry basket because im curious as to what style panties they wear.
i find that most woman in there 30s to about age 50 wear thongs and so do most of there teen daughters. im not interested in... [more]

I am going to kill everyone on the bus in the morning SylveenHill

The cops can think all they want that i am lying, but i have given up. so i will be bringing my ar-15 to the bus and ill hide it in my gym bag. im going to kill everyone on the bus. then i will shoot at cars. the best part is nothing will happn because they think all the threats are hoaxes. can you imagine how bad they will look when everyone... [more]

My Mom Is Lying About Her Diet/Weight And It Makes Me Sick

My mom lies to people about losing weight. She constantly brags about how much she is losing when she is actually gaining weight. Some of our family members have noticed and have chosen to stay silent. My grandmother, my father, and my aunt, all refuse to listen, in spite of me trying to tell everyone the truth.
My mom will work out for 5... [more]

How young is to young

If u r in love u r older like 25 to 35 something like that . How young is to young to have s** with u . Not what the law said but for real.

Black mailing my little sister

One day I could her funny sounds coming from my 12 y sister room . I peeked in to see my sister on her bed and our family dog was f****** the s*** out of her . So I opened the door far enough to record it with my phone . The dog finished quickly I... [more]

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