So I have been sick ER sick nurses they are h****.

So, I like guys but I was a post and been to the ER a lot I like guys but now I am confused. had a PA press them and taking blood my hand between their legs. Confused it made me feel good and I didn't tell so at happened more ????

I found out my teacher is a THOT!

All these teacher confessions and now I want to share mine! I met some guy on this app whisper last year who i found out knew one of my teachers. I dont know how it came up, but he named 2 teachers at my school that he knew and she was one of them. She's an 8th grade teacher and shes really pretty and shes married but this guys said he's best... [more]

Looking for a gay lover (25-55)

Hi I am an older guy and live alone and would enjoy a gay lover to enjoy nice times together and some gay love everyday. I also would enjoy someone who wears nylon panties and bras and maybe likes to use tampons and maxi pads in his panties and loves to go out for supper and maybe a movie and enjoy each other at home making love. would like... [more]

Friends mom

When i visited my friends last time, i saw his mother. Shes 42. When i arrived, she walked around in a halv-unbuttoned shirt and thong. She greeted me, like nothing was wrong. I couldent take my eyes of her.

Yall tripping

Yea f*** dat kud im a 90s youth im 47 now but then man its a diffrent world im white and cherokee back then my homies was asian ,white black mexican who ever you was cool with as they were cool we was cool with wont no color s*** like today yaw fn... [more]

Anyone else loving their new COVID weight?

What can I say? 3 months of sitting on my ass has changed me in more ways than one. I used to be a fairly fit guy (26yo, about 6ft and 180lbs) -- I would put on a few pounds over the holidays each year, but always lost them come spring. Not this time -- not only did I not lose any, I packed on a lot more. And honestly, I'm secretly loving... [more]

I despise religion but love Jesus Christ

It's not The Lord I have a problem with it's his fan clubs known as religion. They talk about torturing people in a place called h*** but they are usually the biggest sinners.

Closet sissy

I so love dressing in any type lingerie. I started around age ten with just panties and I just couldn’t stop. I used to steal lingerie items from my friends sisters so I could have panties and bras to wear when I was home alone. After high school I bought my first pink baby doll. I was in heaven. Yet that desire kept growing so I had to buy more... [more]

I have fantasies about being raped

So I am a weirdo I know this common but I want to be raped on highway or truck-stop-stop bathroom. Why?

I Need To Be Kidnapped

I need to be kidnapped.
It's crazy I know.
But I do.
I need a woman to kidnap me. Keep me bound and gagged ALL the time. Restrain me and isolate me from the world. Keep me for whatever you want me for. Someone to torture? Check. Someone to use sexually? Check. Someone to just keep in various kinds of bondage and isolation? Check.
Take me... [more]

Advise me

Guys i need an advice . Me and my gf are together like for more than 1 year. She is the best girl i ever har , cooking cleaning all the time brautiful and not messing around with others. But in bed she is not that experienced as i m , she only had just 1 partner before me she is very basic in s** which... [more]

Internet and allPornography should be banned entirely in the west

I confess that the whole west in the most screwed up, f***** up, full of a******* Who tolerate and legalize p**********, P********** is... [more]

Justice for Floyd

I'm a white guy, 18, just graduated from high school. With the riots going on after the death of George Floyd, I wanted to do something about it to show support. I live in a gated community 90+% white and wealthy, but I put up posters saying to join my "March for George" in our neighborhood.
Well, only 3 people joined my protest, but we [more]

Just imagine if . . . .

Just imagine if Hitler had sent "people of colour" ie n****** to the gas chambers , then nobody would have batted an eyelid .

My husband got fat, with my help

We met at the start of college, both super athletic and active. He was about 170 then, tall and lean, and I was very attracted to him! We dated through school, moved in together, got engaged, got married.
He put on a few pounds over this time (maybe about 10), but that's pretty normal. Then came a few changes all at once: we moved to the... [more]

I saw him nude in shower

I was at a campground last summer in New Jersey shore, and the second night there I went to the shower house to get a shower . It was about 1 am and figured it was to be empty . I went in got undressed and went in . About 3 minute later this 18or 19 yr old comes in and goes to the shower 6 showers down to my left. Im on the last one this side ... [more]

Ava Ryan is a tender little hottie

And I wish she'd make at least one sketch completely roasting me to the public. She'd have a lot to work with if we ever met-- I'm a fat, hairy dweeb who'd be too socially awkward to command the respect of even a little girl-- and she'd be BOUND to notice how I'd be staring at her the whole time. Haven't seen MUCH of her since she got a LITTLE... [more]

Not sure what to call this. Let's go with "weird fantasy" I guess

I'm an adult man, and I want to have a little girl as kind of a living doll/robot. Not to have actual s** with, but to BE sort of sexual with, I guess? I would hand pick what I want her to wear from her closet, tell her how to do her hair for me. I would manipulate and play with her like a doll-- for... [more]

F*** the small hats!

Those sons of b****** control our media and the courts, and use 'em to s**** us hard working white folk by calling us racist, bigots for "discriminating" against those chinks, n******, gooks and... [more]

I'm ashamed

I like feet

Getting felt up on the underground

Hi, this happened pre lockdown, but just found this site. If you know London, you know that at peak times the tube is rammed, people are body to body, everyone is touching. This of course means you sometimes feel something against your bum or another part of your body, and you can't be too sure if you are being groped or its someone's bag. I... [more]

The perfect soccer mom housewife

My idea of an ultra feminine soccer Mom housewife. Her long acrylic french nails will be immaculate and she will always be in open heels showing off her perfect french pedicure. She will be a makeup expert and spend a lot of time in the morning putting her face on, before I even get out of bed. She will also spend time during each day at the gym... [more]

I want my girlfriend to become so fat she is immobile

After a few years of dating she is definitely well on her way. She has put on over 100 lbs since we started dating and on her 5’2” frame it’s definitely affecting her. One flight of stairs are enough to get her winded now. She probably has at least 150 more lbs to go though until she truly struggles with her mobility. I plan to be there with pizza... [more]

Submissive Wife

My wife came to me and said that she could not continue to work at the office and I asked why and she said that at the office she was in charge. She said that it was hard to instruct them in what to do when she was wearing short dresses and that also when she gets home she has to totally change her mind to not questioning or organising or leading... [more]

My sister in law

My wife is an absolutely gorgeous woman, athletic, blonde hair and beautiful green eyes and I love her so damn much but there is something I can’t get out of my head. During our wedding shower her sister who is older, she’s about 34 and I’m 28, she’s shorter and thinner with red hair and still very pretty was standing there with her son in about a... [more]

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