Husband fell out of love with me

My husband has fallen out of love with me and has asked for a divorce. It's more than I can handle. There is no other person involved. We starting growing apart 2 years ago. He became more and more distant. Didn't want to go out on dates, started doing more things with his friends without wanting me around, like football games and going to the... [more]

Free spirit

A few months ago I asked for a sign from the universe to help me determine what I want to do with my life. I'm 17 years old, will be 18 soon, I know i'm still very young, but I believe I know what I want to do for the next 4-6 years. I feel like I am destined to live the dreams I have, and accomplish every goal I've set for myself. I consider... [more]

I Miss You!!

A smile from you would make my day. So many things I'd like to talk to you about. I miss you!! I miss you!! I miss you!!!

About post – “Male 52 with sexual fantasies for underage girls"

I have a confession to make. The above confession I made a couple of days ago was not truthful of me. I submitted it to gauge a reaction. This was driven by a curiosity, which developed off the back of a conversation with a group of friends. One of the guys had said, if a guy had pedofile desires, and confessed ahead of any offending, what... [more]

Racism disguised as love!

Too many times, I've come across black men who hate black women, and the white women who date those black men who are racist against black women, but love black men. The same goes for black women who hate black men and their white partners who are racist against black men. Love is love, if it is TRULY love! But a lot of what I see is pure... [more]

Friend banged my sister in law.

A couple weekends ago my wife and I had a small gathering at our house, Her younger sister, Samantha was there and so was a friend of mine, Mark. The two of them seemed to be hitting it off and spent quite a bit of time talking, Enough that my wife took notice and mentioned it to me, Around midnight, Samantha said "Well...I should call a cab"... [more]


Geraldo Rivera should be ashamed of himself. Hey Geraldo, why don't you open another vault?

White male

Why is it that listening to Trump and most Republicans I feel I need to apologize? All I can say is I am sorry, I can't say that I don't have my own prejudices but I strive for the future to be better. I can see less prejudice in my generation than my parents and less prejudice in my children's than mine. I want my grandchildren to grow up in a... [more]

Miss you much

I miss you jamel b! i hoped that we could have been the best of friends. you were so cool in my eyes.


I will vote for Hilary. Is she the person I would most like to see as president, maybe not, but compared to Trump, it is hands down. I don't know if Bernie could have beat a Republican candidate or Trump but Hilary is a better option than Trump. Politics are small steps on a national basis and I think Bernie would have been big step. Take what... [more]

Female Basketball Players & Feet

I wish so danged much that I could have a female hoops player for a GF so I could have her wonderful beautiful pretty wet sweaty feet right in my lap and right in my face every night.

I am no one

I am nothing but a shell. There is nothing inside. I look into the mirror and a blank face stares back. Maybe I never was. Maybe I just am no longer. What am I? Who am i? I am lost. I have always been lost. I am not a person. A person feels things like happiness and knows who they are and what they want. I don't know what I want to do... [more]

If he is cheating is there hope?

My husband doesn't know what I've discovered. He has been having an affair literally right under my nose with my best friend. I welcome this woman into my home regularly. I've trusted her and my husband together. She is close to my adult kids, and we are close to her teen son. I went to bed one evening with a headache, and left them watching a... [more]

Why s** is so vital?

I imagine our first time while looking into each other's eyes. We're cuddling and then he says "your first time is going to hurt" while looking into my eyes. I'll look back while looking through his eyes and ask, "are you worth the pain?" While bashfully looking away. Then we'll laugh it off. Afterwards we find each other taking each other's... [more]

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