I’m just so weird

I hate pooping. I don’t know what it is but the act itself of defecation just makes me miserable. I hold it in but then I get scared because my cousin told me a story about this child who had a phobia of pooping and started vomiting p***. I’m 23 years old. This is just not normal behaviour. I hate... [more]

I hate myself.

I'm an awful person. I mean I'm truly terrible, I'm the scum of the earth, I'm the worst person alive. I deserve to die as far as I'm concerned. I hate myself so much I'm so disgusting. My ex sent me a message, 3 huge paragraphs to get things off his chest, we broke up about a year ago... [more]

The whole time

They were doing it the entire time...

Would girls be cool with this fantasy?

I want to lay on a girl like a baby. I want to lay flat on top of her while holding my stuffed animal and wrapped in my baby blanket. I want her to stroke my hair, call me a good boy, sing to me, ect. We would also do other positions where she just coddles me. I would be cool doing the same to her.
I turn 20 in a few weeks and I’m not sure how... [more]

Best friends

When i met my current girlfriend she told me she has a "girlfriend". It didn't take long to find out what that meant. I thought that was great. We decided to go to a s** club in the city. we were there for 4 hours and had a great time. I got to have s** with... [more]

Good old gran xx

I will never forget when i stayed at my grans house .i was 12 years old and just starting to get to grips with masturbating.i think she knew i was at that age when your c*** just gets hard all the time,tracksuit bottoms was allso a big giveaway.she didnt say anything but she knew i was rock hard.at... [more]


Ever since i went to amsterdam and ended up in a p*** cinema.when i went in their was just me and what i thought wow im either lucky to see a short skirted lady in heels and stockings or im going to be getting my hands on a nice surprise.id never touched [more]


Okay. Here goes. New to this and kinda trembly.
I’m an 18yo pansexual girl from Newcastle England.
I have put my confession under the category of “s**” even though it is way more than s** to me.
I have been sniffing my used knickers for as long as can remember.
Mostly out of curiosity than anything else. I think people exploring themselves... [more]

Narcissists behaviour

Okayyyy.... Where do i need to start, when it come to something or someone who disrespect you and talk bad behind your back, i will never look this person as the same person ever again, because you'll know the answer,
 "strong mind discuss idea, average mind discuss event and weak mind discuss people". 
Shes a typical [more]

This b**** with Narcissist behaviour

Okayyyy.... Where do i need to start, when it come to something or someone who disrespect you and talk bad behind your back, i will never look this person as the same person ever again, because you'll know the answer,
 "strong mind discuss idea, average mind discuss event and weak mind discuss people". 
Shes a typical [more]

Self destructive

I live in a toxic home. I was raised with my grandmother as my mom and my step grandfather as my dad. My dad recently got cancer a few years ago and afterwards, a bunch of family tragedies happened. My "dad" is so cruel and mean. He yells constantly, gets offended over anything, threatens to be physical, gets physical, and flaunts his high... [more]

Am I too young to be sexual with my boyfriend

I'm 14 and so is my boyfriend, we've been friends for 2 years and confessed feelings around 3 months ago. I thought I wanted to take things kind of slow but I get so h**** around him and he does too. When we were watching anime on his bed he got a b****... [more]


That's it I'm ending my life f*** this life!

I can still hear your voice too

I’m so happy that I found you again; the last time I saw you I was a mess. I wish I never left that day previously. Although, it was probably meant to be. As you were good to me; and I would have just screwed it up at that age. I have a pretty good life now, but I wanted you to know that I still remember waking you up to ask you if you can... [more]

I hate everything about my life.

I'm in my early 40's, I have no kids, not married, never had a girlfriend, still a virgin, still live with my parents and stuck in a s***** job. Got bullied at school starting from first grade all the way through high school. Basically, I have a dead-end life that I know will never get anywhere. I... [more]

My worst day

This morning I am at home, My hubby left for work, House is empty, I start the coffee, shower, make a coffee and go to my room, I crank up the music and start getting ready for the gym, I have on my thong and go back to the kitchen, Grab my second coffee, Back to my room, I make two more trips to the kitchen before I am ready to go.
I get a text... [more]

I've yielded more power than some governments

I'm still kind оf giddy, knоwinǵ ӏ'm living in a time where І can literally make sоⅿethinģ up, post it on the internet, and then watch as all the majοr news outlets actually publish what ӏ say, thinkinģ it's real. - аոοո

Damn, she Too Fine!!

I watched quite a lot of the Impeachment Two proceedings on TV today, and I have to admit that, the more i see of Nancy Pelosi, the more aroused she makes me. I don't like her or her politics, but good g*******, I want to get all over that! What's more, I [more]

Role play games

I love to role play any multi-player BDSM action you can dream up! I'm looking for new random people to play with and introduce me to new excitments!!! I can setup a Discord server if we can get a group going.

Best Friend

I had an experience with "Mans best friend."
Just laying in bed. No clothes on. I felt my dog jump on to the bed. Not unusual.
Then there was a feeling. Her tongue licking me between my legs. My first reaction was to push her away, but I didn't. I let her do it. I got hard and then she licked that too. I came all over my belly, and... [more]

Walking in on my son

I spent a few hours across the road at my friend's house i told her i had to go back home and when i opened the front door i was faced with my 25 year old son jerking off in the kitchen,I shut the door without him knowing i was home and couldn't believe what i was seeing, he's all shaved off down there and had the biggest and fattest [more]

Not alone

So apparently I am not alone in this, I have been reading some confessions on here about women who were accosted when young by a family member.
I was, I can't say who because they are still alive but just imagine, I was 13, he was 55 and approached me and a friend and cornered us with his junk out, neither of us knew what to do, he made her do it... [more]

A truer love

A real, true love between a man and a woman is a rare and wonderful thing. But the love between a man and a she-male is far more rare and precious and beautiful. And it is more REAL. I've experienced both , and so I know. A marriage between a man and a woman is okay, but the presence of a female in that bond really taints the institution of... [more]

It happened really fast

For 8 months i been hanging out with my older cousin drinking and the night's i do he makes sure i get home safe and he likes to hang out with me when im on my own at home im only 13 and having a 17 yo showing me attention was nice i ended up telling him that ive slept with two lads from school and he changed towards me saying i looked cute and... [more]

F*** life

I just hate how life goes 180 in a snap. i try my best to feel better, to do better yet i keep on drowning in my problems. i certainly dont have a family that i can vent to and i dont want to disturb my friends. it just gets too heavy at times. i wanna cry but i dont want to be exposed to people. i dont know why i wanna keep this strong/ okay/... [more]

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