Don't touch me

I boil up inside when people at work touch me. Despite it being friendly and non-sexual, I want to pound their heads into a pulp when they make contact. At the same time, I don't want to hurt their feelings. They just want to be friendly.

I want you

I crave your touch, your lips, and every word that flows from those lips. It's your arms that I want to be held in and your warmth that I want to feel. Instead, I'm haunted by another's touch and another's words. I wish that I was your first, your last, your everything. Just tell me how you truly feel. Don't hold anything back. It scares me that... [more]

I'm angry

That you don't trust me. You might think you know, you don't.

My wife doesn't love me anymore...

I'm pretty sure my wife just doesn't love me anymore. We have three kids one is a teen and the others are toddlers and I swear she barely even touches me anymore casually, sexually, period. We live with her total b*tch of a mother who treats me like crap and tells my wife I am lying to her all the time ( which is not even close to true) and who... [more]

Deep Sadness

Im so sad you dont seem to be out there and the ones i question are the ones that say you're letting go i dont wannna let go i made a promise to not only you but to myself i wanted nothing but happiness for you from the very very beginning after i got over the whole "type" thing but if i knew its what you really wanted then i would respect that... [more]

Being sat on by girls

I always liked to be sat on by girls .. even since when I was 10 years old .. It always gave me a b**** .. until now I do want this to happen .. I mean not facesitting or though .. just a tall curvy girl to sit on me fullweight while watching TV or though .. while my teenage I managed to trick some... [more]

Once it happens..

It stays for a lifetime. Not you nor me can change it..

A memory

When my tire blew on 275 and you just happened to text me. I told you about it. Hours went by and my husband finally answered his phone, only to tell me that he couldn't help me. You texted me again to see if I was okay. I lied when I said someone was on their way. Eventually someone did come for me.
It meant a lot that you cared enough to check... [more]

I got raped by my cousin

It happen twice , and till this day I'm embarrassed . My husband had his friends over a Saturday morning , they all went quad riding and in the afternoon they got home I BBQ for them and let them be , It was roughly 10 ish when I decided to go to sleep , I went in shower and went to bed . It was 2 am when I felt oral s** being preformed on me , ... [more]

I cheat.

My husband can't be bothered to knock me up. Or maybe he just can't knock me up. So 7 months ago I started cheating. I love going out and meeting men. White. Black. Hispanic. Doesn't matter. He'll be rather surprised when I turn up pregnant. Serves his ass right.

Oh well

I want to shake my boyfriends baby. I want to shake it until it's nothing. I want to slam it into a wall until it's dead and throw it into a river. I hate it for making me fall out of love with the man who's done so much for me. Who made me happier than anyone ever had. I. Hate. It. It and it's ugly fat stupid [more]

Bullies who get away with bullying

My child is being bullied by some asshat whose dad is a cop. I called the school to address it and my child came home beyond upset. Seems the principal told my child he was getting in trouble for attendance. M/F know this, you might be the reason I go to f****** prison. [more]

Without Your presence in life

I Feel like the world has become dull, I feel like I need to sleep for Fall to come. With a hope that when I wake up,i feel everything has become brand new.. It pains every moment to talk blindly to silent walls..

Selfishness and Karma

Was helping my neighbors at risk. I love helping people, but eventually I read their facial expressions extremely well. Even though we've different cultures, I read their minds through their expressions. Their face showed "selfishness." Even though I was well aware of their intentions, I stayed true to myself. However, universe is watching. Karma... [more]

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