Sexually Harassed by Family Member

19 year old male, living at home with mom & dad (45) and my 16 year old sister.
I think that I've been sexually harrased by my dad (recovering alcoholic). When I was 17 or 18 he gave me two giant wet kisses on the neck in a row when my mom was a few feet away (distracted on her damn phone) and I ran away freaking out that my father gave me a... [more]

8yo son wanted to try thong underwear.. kids are weird!

I(26f) gave my son $100 to spend on amazon for clothes and about an hour later he brings my laptop into the kitchen and says “can I get these instead of regular underwear?”.. I looked and he really found boys thong underwear on some weird website and wanted me to buy it 😂 I thought he was joking at first but he wasn’t so I told him I KNEW he... [more]

I don't know if I love him or not....

Okay, I'm gonna be totally honest here. I'm 16 and idk if I like this guy or love him...
I'll try my best to explain my situation and I want to know people's opinions...
So this guy who lives in a different country texted me few months ago. He is an E-boy. Our race is same but we live in different countries, he moved there last year.So I have... [more]

Getting back

What would a man do to get back what he has lost due to a silly mistake and bad attitude? would he want to get back and get more benefits ?

Stomach sitting

I want women of weight preferably 55-60 kg to sit on my stomach for long time

Small p****

My husband has a really small p****. I often fantasize about being with a guy who has a big one.

My wife spanks me

My wife spanks me when she is upset by my behavior or attitude. We agreed to do this as a way to resolve conflicts after a series of arguments a few years ago.
My wife felt like words were not enough and having to apologize with action restored fairness and balance to the relationship. She is able to release a lot of frustration and feels much... [more]


My husband loves to watch watch or listen as I get f***** my other men. Turns him on much

Loose pants

I have a fetish for those loose fitting flower pants, women tend to wear now. i simply just love to watch asscheecks jiggle beneath the fabric

The World Is Coming To An End Soon!

The world is coming to an end soon! Stop wasting time on things that don't matter like money, s**, popularity, social status. Very soon everything we know of will come crashing down around us and society will be in chaos. REPENT of your ways and sins and turn to the Lord Jesus for forgiveness.


I hate them. I'm not racist

Wireless bluetooth s** toys for public use

I recently purchased a wireless bullet my husband can control from anywhere in thr world with his phone. Im not sure how comfortable it would be for long time (all “work day hours” use) but to get started I want to wear it all day. We work at separate places and I want him to give me a buzz when he thinks of me.
Does anyone have one of these?... [more]

I thought I was the only one.

From the time I was about 16 I had been carrying on an affair with my step dad, Good god, I don't even remember how it started but I began an infatuation with him and knowing what I know now I realize that it may have been something I was groomed into by him. I used to sneak in and spy on him in the shower etc. and around 15 started dressing... [more]

American living in London

I've been here for three years and counting. I got a job in the States with a British Insurance company and they transferred me here. I really like the city and its people. I don't want to return to the States.


Mo pitty please. 32 tears ago my older brother was watching me when our parents were gone for weekend. He did alot to me that weekend . Im sorry not supposed to go into details on here. I never told anyone but have written it down like this a few time anonymous. Idk just seems to make it real.

What happen to the 50s

You women in this country are lazy. What is wrong with this world. Men don't take control of their wives. Parents don't beat their children. Women acting like children. Trump can't control his American people. Women need to be wives and husbands need to discipline their wives the same way they do their children. Men need to stop being weak and... [more]

Sitting on women

I live in the U.K. and so I have this weird fetish which I noticed not to long ago. And it’s the fact that I enjoy sitting on women. Women especially with a nice body and it’s weird, I know but I actually enjoy it. I was just play fighting with my cousin and I got on top of her and I pinned her whilst I was sat on top of her and I enjoyed it. I... [more]

Blacks ran a white police officer off after they called police

There was a shooting in the black section of Atlanta Ga. A young white police officer trying to help and do his job was run off and back to his car by a large group of black men and women. Black cops only I guess. I hope they get what they deserve.

I Love Blonds So Much

19 year old male
I love blond girls so much. It makes me sad that it's rare for an adult female to have real blond hair. My crush from the internet (lives 20 minuets away and around the corner from my good friend) has beautiful blond hair and bright eyes, I'm tearing up a little because I'll never have her because she's a [more]


A few weeks ago I came home early from work. I hear noises from my oldest daughters room so I went up there. I walked in and she was having s** with a guy. She screamed and cover up and I apologized and walked out. I went into the bathroom, right next door and waited. They started [more]


I have been a cuck to my wife for years. Since before we were married, She first started f****** my friends, sometimes she'd let me watch, other times she'd bring men home. I've always enjoyed it but as our daughters get older I find myself enjoying the idea of them cucking me. I like the idea of... [more]

Daughter Swap

I have a fantasy of me and my friend swapping daughters and al f****** in the same room.


I love to m********* alot

I like sitting on women

So I have this weird fetish where I enjoy sitting on top of women. I know it’s not the norm but I get quiet aroused when I’m sat on top of women or when they’re carrying me on their back. I would love to meet a women who would let me sit on top of them and carry me.


I have this strange fantasy of watching my friends spank my daughters.

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