Making dreams come true.

My friend and I won a trip for two a while back and while on the trip we were sitting at the pool bar, An older couple in their mid 40's were flirting and whatever, I was going to go to bed and went up to the room, By the time I got there I realized I had forgot my stuff at the pool, Went back and walked in on my friend and the woman of the couple... [more]

Locked out of my hotel room

I was staying in a busy city centre hotel and went to bed about midnight after a few drinks with colleagues in the bar. At about 1am, I needed the bathroom, so I stumbled out of bed in the dark and headed to the bathroom. But the door of the bathroom was adjacent to the door to the room, and there I was bleary eyed in the corridor on the 7th... [more]

No one knows

I just put up one way film on my windows and watching girls playing as i beat off

I'm gay

I'm gay. I feel like I need to try telling someone.

Girlfriend in another country

I have a girlfriend in another country. I'm so in love with her. I plan to go meet her soon. I just dont know how to tell my mother I feel like she wont accept our relationship and disapprove of her. What should I do

Family secrets

My mother used paddle my bother bent over a table while I sat watching secretly snapping pictures with my phone. She would lock his clothes away to prevent him from sneaking to the street and not do his school homework. I remember we went to the same school and he never found out I was sharing the picture with my girl friends. When he goes to... [more]

Weird thrill

I’ve been in a relationship for 3 & a half years with my boyfriend, recently he became abusive, while beating me he kissed me, I can’t stop thinking about it, I loved it, I’m so h**** since, I want to have s** with him urgently, I really enjoyed being... [more]

I think I have a son

Days before I was to be married I called off the wedding. This was 23 years ago. I was curious what happened to her and searched for her. I found out she was never married and had a son. The dates would match up that he is my kid. I guess she was pregnant but I didn't know.

Tied up and gagged by Rebecca and Diana

Yesterday afternoon I went to the local art gallery owned by local mother and daughter Rebecca and Diana with a phone that was given to me by my mother Narelle and when I arrived at the art gallery I spoke with Rebecca and she said I believe that you have something for us Robert and I said yes I do and with that her daughter Diana walked back past... [more]


I locked my boy friend out of the bedroom naked in front of my girl friends and his d*** got hard.

Jehovah Witnesses and the hability of our planets

As people Jehovah Witnesses are as good as anybody and I'm never mean to them when they come to my door. On a hot summers day they get cokes and ice tea from me. I read their pamphlets which are sometimes interesting.
Ok heres one of my many problems with their faith. They eschew science. I was talking to two JW ladies about the planets... [more]

Unable to express

I have this girl at work extremely helpful and nice. She has been helping me learing work. I feel extremely positive around her, she would also cover up for my mistakes in front of dumbass our manager.
However, she remains utterly professional I am growing attraction towards her day by day. On the other hand she barely cares about it. No, she... [more]

Can I have a do over?

I would totally restart my life from the beginning and do it all differently if I could, Ok, Maybe not all of it but from......12 on.
Why have I been a used toy for so many in the course of my life, It started at 12 when an older family member started abusing me, A little freckle faced, flat chested girl and he had so many other cousins etc. to... [more]

Chinese Women

I seriously don’t understand till this day what the f*** is going on within the minds of virtually all Chinese women in particular, less so for the men though. They are afraid of the sun(to avoid “becoming black”), they are afraid of the rain(which may in turn ruin their “precious make-up-ed” faces)... [more]

I am so h****

I am a female who is mostly lesbian but somewhat straight and I m*********, think about s**, and watch p*** just about every day. I am lonely and get no action. How can I fix that? I am still in high... [more]

The 2014 Kia Soul

I am smarter than all my co-workers. I’m an engineer with more education anyone in my group. My intellect is more superior than my manager too. I provide the best ideas and solutions. However, because of my age, I get no respect.
I recently purchased my first automobile. I got the best deal on the best automobile. I choose not to purchase new... [more]

Never again (maybe)

I absolutely loved it but I am going to try and not let it happen again. I am a 45 year old married mother of 3 children. Last week I had s** with my sons 18 year old friend. He stopped by the house out of the blue and it just happened. WOW, I forgot how [more]

Beautiful milf neighbor

3 years ago my brother told me that he was s******* our married neighbor, everyday he would brag to me what they done in detail,I was 14 at the time and i used to fantasize about her when i masturbated i knew i never had a chance with her but was happy when it ended with them,fast forward to... [more]

Can't go back!

Got the s*** f***** out of me literally. I am a nerdy girl. twice a week I meet a group of people to do trivia at a bar. There has been a guy in the group hitting on me for awhile. Last week we both had too much to drink and I gave in. We went back to my place. I was shocked, this guy was hung like a donkey. He was hitting things deep in me that... [more]

[Vent] Terrible Waitress Wanted a $15 Tip

First of all, this waitress looked annoyed that we were there to begin with. Did not take our drink orders right away. Left us with the menu and returned 20 minutes later, with no apology. My husband starts to order a drink, she cuts him off mid-sentence and says "we don't have any alcohol right now", in which he replies that he was going to ask... [more]

I don’t know how to take this

I can’t stand the way my boyfriend reacts to me telling him no for s**. I talked to him in the past about this & I thought we were past this. We have s** all the time but sometimes I’m just not in the mood & if I tell him “not tonight” he goes from being nice... [more]

I love being a single guy and you should too

The great thing about feminism is that it has liberated men from the horrors of marriage and from legal entanglements with toxic women. Making money, spinning plates, a man cave and a few good pets are all a guy really needs. Women have a biological clock and, because of that they need relationships, but men simply don't
The... [more]

Do HR staff enjoy terminating someone?

In a way I think they do. The power they have over someones life must for some people be exciting. Looking someone in the eye and telling them to gather their things and leave over their objections may be exilerating for some people.


My name is Michelle I am 24 just married to my husband 3 months. My husband is 27. I have always been submissive. When we f*** which as been almost every night he likes to put me in collar and leash which I love and spank me. But it’s been only in the bedroom till yesterday. On my way from work... [more]

Public beach

I think my most embarrassing moment was being washed on shore practically showing everything. It's risky wearing a string bikini in waving beach, but showing off a lot of skin when you have nice body is kind of sexy having guys looking you. That day I was in waist high water waving at my two girl friends and their boy friends with my back... [more]

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