Stripper wife

My husband is in the Navy on a sub and is gone foe 6 to 8 months at a time. I have an MBA am on a professional job, but three years ago I went on vacation with three friends. We got very drunk amd we all tried out an amateur stripper night. For the others it was a drunk slutty one time thing. I loved it. I love being nude on stage and... [more]

She revved her car I got a hardon

The other day I got a ride from a friend to go to Mcdonalds and the ATM. In the drive thru her car sounded like it was going to stall. So she put it in neutral and revved her engine. She revved it a couple times and said, her car had been stalling and running like crap. The car in front of us was taking a long time to get there order. She yelled... [more]

High Intensity Person

I feel like I'm constantly on 100%. People don't think about me as much as I obsess over them, they don't type responses as long as mine, they don't freak out (good or bad) over things the way I do. I feel like I'm constantly venting/talking about my emotions when I don't completely understand them, and I'm afraid it turns the people around me... [more]

I feel bad that i got my stepdad arrested

I got my stepdad arrested because he slapped me in the face we were fighting and he got mad yelled at me go ahead yell me again in my face I did and he slapped me I am a spoiled brat or a b**** and no I can’t afford to live on my own so before you answer just say nice things not nasty comments

Didn't go over well

My wife's sister stayed with us for 3 years (17,18,19) One night I came home late, Heard noises downstairs and went to investigate, I heard them coming from her room and the door was open just a crack. I peeked in and she was face down, Head buried in pillows furiously rubbing one out.
I opened the door and stepped into the room, Pulled out my... [more]

My wife bring group f*****

I'm not sure if it's embarrassing but I'd like to f*** my wife with another man or two, just to let her explore sexuality more .I had broad sexual experiences growing up and I'm told she didn't , I told her she could have a threesome with me and another man for her birthday and she thought I was... [more]

Avril Obsession

I am totally obsessed with young Avril Lavigne. From age 18 to 28 I couldn't get enough of looking at her photos and videos. Google "Avril Lavigne Makes Me H****", and you'll see me looking at Avril on the cover of Maxim magazine and having maximum pleasure.

Killing my step dad

My step dad hit my frend and i won to killy hem

A Girl forever.

Grew up wearing my sisters hand me down dresses. I enjoy-ed wearing all her clothes when I could. Sis gave me her older petticoats and formal dresses after she wore them, b/c she always purchased new one each year to wear to social events. I got so used to wearing her clothes that I ask her one day if she could help me look more like a girl... [more]

My first time @ 17 (see if I can believe this?)

I worked at a truck stop in illinois as an overnight cook. I wore a bright orange jumpsuit. I was so pasty I sort of disappeared in it. I would strip completely nude in the locker room and put on the uniform. My c*** would get pretty hard. I was [more]

Grey pubic hair.

I've had different fantasies as commonly as everyone else, but my latest is grey pubic hair. It is difficult to find pics. Has anyone any suggestions? Bill

My first time being cummed in

I don't know why but this is the first time telling anyone this.
My neighbor is married and I know his whole family. But we kinda have been flirting and stuff through the fence and he can see in my bedroom from his. I started 'accidently' leaving my curtains up getting changed or out of the shower. Then after he'd watched me jerking it a few... [more]

I love wearing panties & leggings

I wear feminine underwear & women's leggings i would love to collect all kinds of women's clothing love dressing up in women's clothing & nothing else i buy my clothes in the women's Department i don't buy things very often I'm a 66 amputee white man i have always loved wearing feminine clothing

My friend is loyal to a fault

I have this friend whose company I truly enjoy. He's helped me through a lot, and I appreciate his thoughts, company, and companionship. The problem: his roommate/ex-boyfriend hates my guts and he sabotages our ability to hang out all the time. I understand they used to be in a relationship and that they've known each other longer than I have... [more]

My punishment

So my husband and I have been married 36 years and always had a DD relationship, I often get sparked of caned. A few days ago we had a big argument and I locked him out of the house, when I eventually let him in I knew I’d be in for it but he waited a few days, last night was the night. Kneeling over a stack of pillows ( never tied up) I submitted... [more]

Big F**** to that F****** F***

Ok so in my opinion to start off I don’t think it’s possible for a guy and girl to be best friends without one of them having feelings for the other. There’s just no f****** way. Unless the guy is gay or the girl is gay. When I met my girl, she had a guy best friend. My friends knew who he was... [more]

Yo soy raro :v

No se si soy el único pero me gusta escuchar los estómagos de chicas no se porque me satisface tanto y cuando mi estómago hace ruido no me gusta:v
Desde pequeño he tenido este fetiche creo que empezó cuando en mis programas de TV favoritos colocaban este sonido dando a entender que el protagonista tiene hambre luego empecé a ver los videos de... [more]

I still love you

I still am in love with you. I've tried to move on and set my soul free but no matter what i do, you're always a constant memory in the back of my head reminding me of our once strong bond. I would've crossed the ocean, flew to the moon, fought wars and walked through h*** for you to have... [more]

I got Alzheimer’s, I got maybe 30 years left

I confess I got Alzheimer’s, I just found out all about this terrible Brain sickness that is eating away at my mind. I was told I have to go through 7 Stages of H*** before my life ends on this Earth. And they are.
StageExpected Duration of StageEstimated Life Expectancy (Years... [more]


I have a large l**** and after watching p*** and seeing all the girls tiny little p***** it’s got me self conscious and paranoid about mine. No guy or girl is gonna want a meaty [more]

My cousin Q

I want u so f'n bad i cant make eye contact for to long because im afraid you will feel me eye f****** you!

I dont know if my crush likes me

On the first day of a new school year there was this one guy in my class and I litterally fell in love at that moment, we started talking before the teacher came in but I guess his schedule was messed up so we ended up having no classes together. Months went he never talked to me by but he always looked at me and smiled whenever he saw me. One... [more]

The first d*** I saw

I was at my guy friends house.. we were outside swinging and he said he had to go change his shirt because earlier I dumped a bucket if water on him. I went into the house with him and he went upstairs to change. After a few minutes he calls my name and tells me to come here. And my ass is like whyyy. So I went upstairs and there he is but naked... [more]


Sniffing panties mmm

Wife fulfilled my fantasy

My wife is 40 and in great shape for my birthday last year she surprised me by getting her mons tattooed. We found a place where she was comfortable getting her c*** pierced and a tattoo above her p****. There was no [more]

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