Though I have tasted your mind but I can't forget the flavour of your heart so I spend my day waiting for you,searching the crowd for your face..

I cant stop

My wife's 23 year old sister moved in with us a year ago and I spy on her all the time, I spend most evenings in the garage working on various things or just hiding from my wife, Her sister sleeps in the basement bedroom and most nights when my wife texts me to say goodnight I sneak along the side of the house and peek in the window, The blinds... [more]


I can't wait for the comet to come that will finally wipe this slate clean.

Haunt me

You are the unnameable old house from my dreams.
You are the secret shadow stealing down the hallway.
You are the stirring breeze on an otherwise still night.
You are the cause of the candle flickering.
You are the echo rising and repeating from the wooded valley.
You are the floorboards creaking when I'm home alone.
You are the eerie... [more]

There is nothing

For you to do but walk to town and back to wherever you come from. To and fro, all the live long day. Sad :(((((((((((((((((((((((

Why not grow?

I'm not perfect, but what I want is. I'd rather be nothing, complimented with perfect misery.

Hopeful Coast Guardsman

I've been a successful student my entire school career, granted I'm only 18 and have never been studied at a university. I'm a senior and am in the top 10% of my class. My parents have been saving for my college education even before I was born. I've had mild social anxiety my entire life but chose to fight it on my own rather than get counseling... [more]

I like weaing Knickers

I enjoy wearing Knickers, I have many pairs,from thongs,to full panties,,I wear them as much as possible,,I started at a young age,,but never got out of the habit,,I often wear a bra as well,,many years ago,I had a girlfriend that would dress me in her knickers,,I wear them under my jeans,,would recomend them to anybody,,

Caught by sister in law

The other day my sister in law was laying on the floor with one of my kids reading a book, She has pretty big, floppy b**** but is pretty skinny, I looked down at her and one of her nipples was poking out, I took out my phone and snapped a picture.
As I did she looked at me and smiled then looked... [more]

What revenge? Why?

I sought revenge.
I wanted you to hurt.
I wanted to make you a pariah.
I wanted all hopes of you obtaining new supply to die.
I wanted you shamed.
I wanted you alone.
I wanted you isolated.
I wanted you outcast and advertised for what you were.
I wanted the feel like I won.
I confess:
Regarding you, I want nothing anymore.
I... [more]

Loving pregnancy

My wife and I have been married 4 years, We are on our first pregnancy, My wife is 27 and has always been super sexy to me, She is short, Slim and beautiful.
My wife has never been an overly sexual person, We normally have s** once a week or so and usually for my benefit not hers but since her second... [more]

A fresh start

When I come back, I'm having a fresh start. I won't be stopping this time. Made up my mind.

This shouldn't bother me so much...

I play Words w/Friends a lot and lately I have been challenged by a lot of women due to my picture. It's just a headshot of mine but I have been told that my eyes are sexy. Sure. Whatever.
When I fist got a couple of new players they wanted to play more than that game. They asked me to get Kik and I did. That was the first 2 and they lasted a... [more]

Stolen clothing

Well a weekend long ago I was out with some friends at the mall for the day doing mall stuff and we stayed until it closed around 10ish in the evening. We passed by the nearby park on the way back and it was completely dark, I always liked that park to go running in on the weekends. Joking around one of my friends was like someone could literally... [more]

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