Blacks are annoying and ungly

I can't stand black people. Everything about them is ugly. I hate looking at their black skin their fat lips, ugly ass f****** hair and annoying nig nog yapping. Please God bring me inner peace for blacks are the worst to live around and everytime I see one of them it ruins my day.

If he truly loves then he should work out everything with his ex-gf. The reason why I am saying this is because I don't want him bringing up his ex while we're together nor do I want his ex to interfere in our relationship. I wouldn't mind if he wants to get back with her because what's the point of being with someone whose heart is in someone else's hand? I... [more]

I have a friend whose married to a woman with a strange story

My friend told me some of his wife's family story which goes like this.
His wife was born as the result of a failed relationship. Her parents were unwed and apparently her father left her mother and left her very bitter. Her mother met another man and she married the second man. The step dad apparently didn't want his wife's little girl and... [more]

Animal Love

My love, empathy, compassion and kindness for animals, out way my feelings, for my fellow human beings.

I hide who I am

I act all standoffish and aloof because I don't want anyone to get close to me. Anyone who gets close to me will see that I am inferior to everyone and pretty much worthless. So I act like I don't want anyone to bother me even though I really desperately just want someone to hug me and love me even though I know I don't deserve it.

Advice on how to get this guy

So I'm 19 almost 20 and I've always felt for older men. There is this older man who comes into my job all the time but he was always married and has 3 girls. He recently has told me that when he was at the bar he's seen me a few times (I live right across from a bar) He always would throw in things like "I'm on my own now" or saying stuff like... [more]

My sisters thong

My sister has a fat ass thats the only good thing aboit her so I once sniffed my sister's thong in the bathroom it smelled like s*** I began choking, I never have done it again since that day

Dads family

My dads side of the family are f****** idiots. They blame for EVERYTHING they even give me the dirtiest looks, my dad acts like a p****. Many people who come visit even look down upon me because my grandma brainwashed them. It's just so much I can... [more]

My last conversation with my best friend

He was a good ol boy type guy. Full of jokes and fun-loving. He ate too much and he was obese and he smoked cigarettes. Lots of them. He was a long haul driver who drove an 18 wheeler across the country.
One day when he was back from a trip we were discussing things and I said. "We're not getting any younger. Let's get together and lose... [more]

What are we?

We have been friends since childhood. We were in love with each other, but sexually you preferred your s**. I still loved you truly. Fast forward 30 years, thought we could hang out and enjoy our sameness which was always emotional and intellectual, ok some sexual pangs when we were young, though we... [more]

Belly beating

I'm a female, 17. I love to get my belly beaten to pulp. My ex used to do that to me. He used to punch and press my belly hard and gut me with his fists, punches getting stronger & stronger and belly getting red, hot and weak. Then he lies me down, sits and bounces on my belly. He stands and then bounces on my stomach as hard as he could. He knees... [more]

Burning both ends of the rope and we fueled some more

From the beginning of everything I knew we're easy to break, especially by others. I didn't even have someone to ask but you did and that's when things got messed up.
None of us was ready to be the backbone of this. I stopped caring since their interruptions mean the most to you. I knew this was coming.
I'm not mad or sad. I simply stopped... [more]

I think I am in love with my 25 year old step daughter...

I think I am in love with my 25 year old step daughter. What do I do? I have a real hard time controlling myself. I'm jealous of her relationship with her boyfriend and am attracted to her sexually and romantically. Sometimes I want to tell her, but our relationship is so good I do not want to ruin things. No idea what to do. I have to work... [more]

Don't touch me

I boil up inside when people at work touch me. Despite it being friendly and non-sexual, I want to pound their heads into a pulp when they make contact. At the same time, I don't want to hurt their feelings. They just want to be friendly.

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