What Do I Do?

I'm 27. My ex girlfriend is 25. Her mom treats her like she's 16. She lives at home for school but pays rent, buys her own groceries, buys her own stuff. At first she wasn't allowed to stay at my place on week days. I got her to stand up to her mom a few times, but she also left me twice. Once because of her biological mom, and the second was... [more]

So relaxed

The other day i was alone with my wife's sister and she sucked me off, we were just hanging out and she said something about a b*******, I scoffed and she said "those don't happen anymore?", I said "Not for two years at least".
A couple minutes later she is sucking me off, Swallowed and sat back... [more]

Mind blown

So I come from a small rural community, Being from a small town I was always kind of sheltered from the real things in the world and I always thought some were just stories but I found out different. I went to university in the "Big city", It was an eye opener for sure, I was with two guys before going to university but it was just normal stuff... [more]

I used to pee on the floor on purpose

When I was younger I used to wake up in the middle of the night or if I hadn't been to bed yet and been up late reading but didn't want to walk downstairs to the bathroom I'd get up and pee on the floor in a corner of my room. This went on for a while until one day I had peed so much it leaked through the floors down into my parent's room. My... [more]

Hate China 🇨🇳 Bunch of cvnt

I am sick of CHINA being a BULLY to other nations in Asia, they have conflict with all their border neighbours, they have taken the South China Sea by stealth and the STUPID FVCKIN WORLD looks on. Then the fvckers let a virus free onto the world, then denying it come from CHINA. WTF you fvcking bunch of lying sleazy low life pieces of bat shlt... [more]

I Joseph Biden, want to bang my sister

Sometimes I look at my sexy sister and see my wife. I just wanna bang her with no connie. Joseph Robinette Biden

I cheating in the US election

I Joseph Robinette Biden comitted voter fraud, and cheated I in the US election. I did this because I know I've been a LOSER my whole life, and there was no way I could beat Donald Trump.
Especially since I have the IQ of a baboon, and cannot even speak English properly. I hope you all can forgive me. I also like raping young girls. I call for... [more]

Sugar baby

I’m a sugar baby It’s not that I can’t work I have a full time job but I pay bills and need stuff I’m a trans girl and I’m willing to show myself off for money Ashley0ak27 is my Instagram

The people on this site that tell lies about who i am mentally

Encyclopedia definition of mentally slow a person that take longer or long to understand learn to process information not immediate to understand learn to process information not stupid not retarded not dumb not simple do believe that

Oh s***

I finally have a job I love. Staff and clients both seem to like my work. But I feel horribly guilty. I have had a problem with fleas. A true infestation. I brought them into my workplace. I heard the clients are noticing them. I really can’t say anything to supervisors due to losing the job. I will bring in some anti flea and hope for the best.

I'm a 24 year old guy and my friend (male) is 23

I'll just start from here me and my friend were chilling at his house he was on his phone and i was playing video games. After awhile i got bored with the game and decided to annoy him cuz friends. So me and him get into a friendly wrestling match trying to see who's stronger cuz testosterone.
I pinned him on the floor and he is kinda strong... [more]

Beautiful Hawaiian Aunt

Every time I see my aunt, I get so lustful. I try to get as close as possible as I can to her. She walks around with a heavy t shirt that shows her nipples every night. She’s a beautiful petite Hawaiian lady. I fantasize about her when I m*********. She literally gets me hard when she walks... [more]

Embarrassing moment

So I came here to get something of my chest today something embarrassing happened to me and I wanted to write about it hopefully i can forget about it this way. Today when I was at school my stomach started hurting badly in 3rd period and i thought it was just a cramp but I had milk in the morning before school and i’m lactose intolerant. I got up... [more]

Life is meaningless

Ive attempted to kill myself three times. for some reason, im still here to tell the tale.
i wont go into specifics, all i'll say is 1) involved a rope and my neck, 2) involved a drug, and too much of it and 3) involved charcoal and a car.
i tried ending my life peacefully, but i guess i dont deserve that luxury? i suppose the only way out... [more]

We want to swing

My wife and I 43 and 45 had a very first encounter with a friend of mine and I loved watching him nail her. We talked and talked and we want to join a swing group. So nerve wracking trying to get into it.

I love to watch.

I love to watch my husband...Come, I blame him for starting me on this. When I was 16 and he was 17 we had attended a family wedding, He was my date and supposed to be staying in the room next to mine, Of course we were sneaking drinks blah, blah, blah and my sister who was 14 at the time was tagging along and got way trashed, We got her to the... [more]

Secretly embarrassed of weight gain.

I started dating my boyfriend a few years ago and everything has been great for the most part. But I’ve gained a little over 100 lbs and I’m embarrassed to be so heavy. The problem is my bF is into much heavier women so he loves it. When we started i was already overweight and I was 165ish. I started out gaining because he was always pushing me to... [more]


Im a f***** but only for black c*** i never realy had cocok every chance i get im looking at p*** o f****** myself thinking about them


Earlier this year my wife a link
https://www.thedailybeast.com/i-love-these-women-only-s**-orgies-but-where-are-the-lesbians?ref=home&via=FB_Page&source=TDB with me I just skimmed through the article and that is just about it.
A few days ago she shared another link... [more]

I love when she wants it

My step daughter bailey lets me treat her like a barbie doll. I dress her 12 yo body anyway i want. (Mostly in her moms lingerie and s** cosplay) i love kissing her young body and making her lay there without reaction. I stuff my c*** in her mouth (her moms... [more]

I need help to try get flirty with my wifes sister.

Any advice? Shes married,

What do i do

I like this girl i met maybe a month ago. She likes me a lot too and we both have similar interests and click well. She also lives close to me
My ex who is also a really sweet girl who i didnt even know still thought about us poked at the idea that i wait to see her to see if we would work irl. But she also doesnt want me passing up... [more]

This is SO embarrassing!

I finally had s** with my husband’s friend and it wasn’t what I expected!
My husband and W became friends over 20 years ago when they were stationed in SD together. W’s single, attractive, sandy hair, sky blue eyes, clean cut, muscular chest & arms. He’s a fit surfer boy with a high paying job at a... [more]

Slutty mum

Growing up i couldn't bring friends home because my mum would try and sleep with them and would hear her with different guys even now she's still the same and would flirt with family members and found out she had s** with at least 2,she's been coming round my house dressed up to slutty for her age she's... [more]

My girlfriends kid gets on my nerves

I’ve been seeing my current girlfriend (26f, 33m) for 8 months and everything between us is great. She is sweet, patient, and understanding. She treats me really well. We’re currently doing long distance (1hr 30 distance) and I try to visit at least once a week.
After a few months of dating she decided to introduce me to her son. His dad is an... [more]

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