Cheating spouse

We've been together for almost 12 years, we have a 9 year old child....and a year ago he started acting differently one day. Something was off. Checked his phone (not my proudest moment) and within seconds found exactly what I was looking for. Confronted him but the cheating continues and I am so terrified of confronting him again because I know... [more]

Belly punch

I am a 21 year old girl, I like to be hit in the stomach, with hands, knees, I like being stomach trampled, I like that someone sit on my belly and bounce until I can not breathe, someone to who would like to do something like that to me? narrate what you would do to me

I did something....

I stole a credit card.

I'm not black or African American, don't call me that

I'm a child of God
I hate America and I don't care about the people in it. I hate anyone that call themselves American. I'm not a traitor
I'm keeping it real. I'm not on the side of the America. I'm on the other side.
The Nation of Islam is realamerica is not great
White people are murderers and rapist.
I'm not black I was not born... [more]

What is wrong with women????

They have health issues. I can't stand the smell of them. The banana split with strawberries is nasty. Let me tell you this...... the v***** is full of bacteria. You can clean it all you can. It will still smell like some rotten fish. But milder in a way. I will not eat it that junk. The lips are... [more]

I’m so scared

I just got engaged to my African American boyfriend that I’ve been secretly dating behind my very racist family’s back. I love this man dearly but my parents warned my siblings and I that they’ll never accept anyone in the family who isn’t white. I love this man, but my parents will never love me again.

Wife’s fitness has gone

Just sold my wife’s bicycle on Gumtree. Sold for £150 not long After buying it new for £400. It’s a light bulb moment, that says to me that at 35 years of age she has given up on fitness. The reason for selling it is she claims she can’t ride it as she gets so winded, gasping for breath if she try’s to ride. She’s over weight, 5ft 2 and 250lbs and... [more]

Self Spanking Mishap

I had a strong curiosity about spanking from an early age, but was never spanked growing up.
By the time I was 11 I started self spanking occasionally. I never could make it realistic enough or hurt enough to be satisfying. I also was afraid of getting caught so I did it fully clothed, which also diminished the experience.
To try to... [more]

My daughter had a bad dreem

One night we all have went to bed . I awoke to my daughter climbing in bed with me . It had been years since she had did this so I asked her what she doing . She told me that she had a bad dreem . Because she was 13 I would normally told her to go back to her be but I was haff asleep I told her to go to sleep. Soon she complained she was cool ... [more]

I hate religion

This Theology student flunkout kept preaching to me at work. I didn't give a shot about anything he said. When I told him his religion was full of s*** he said "You just keep thinking like that" If we had not been at work I'd have kicked his ugly little ass.
The experience with him and... [more]

Sunny views

My wifes cousin decided after a half dozen drinks that it would be a good idea to see if she could fit in a kids swing, She doesn't but in the process she got herself stuck, In a skirt and while also going commando. So...There she is stuck in this swing and my wife comes to get me, I walk up and...Bam, there is my wife's hottest cousin, Drunk... [more]

Best night ever

My wife (41) and I (44) have strayed outside the lines of manogamy a time or two but not in probably 10 years and before that it was seriously twice, Once in college and once after marriage but recently while on a get away we went back to our hometown and met up with some old friends.
We were all drinking margaritas and having fun, people... [more]

Do I say anything.

My step son spied on me the other night, I was in bed having a little solo go and I wasn't sure but afterward got an uneasy feeling that someone was watching me, I got out of bed and went to the window, I seen him sneaking away and going in the basement door.
I don't know if I should tell my husband or just leave it be and close the blinds from... [more]

Does anyone hate their mother? If so, why?

Lately I've been recalling a lot of repressed memories about my mother. As a child, I always told myself I had the best mum in the world (because we never struggled for money, she'd let me stay up late, watch horror movies, have friends round etc etc)... But now I'm an adult and understand that so much of her behaviour was actually very negative... [more]

DEBT ... how Do people actually manage with finances ....

I try so hard, provide family with average house, 5 year old car, Pay into pension , the odd camping holiday. And Getting my life together with wife and kids and all this I have 20k debt I am gradually paying down. Does everyone have debt .... it’s hard to keep paying it back


Hehe i have a crush and he likes me backkk
but i dont want to annoy him and while he said he enjoys our conversations and never gets bored, he says his ex was "so fun IRL" but not so much on text/call/ft
i feel like once we meet in person (we met during a zoom, im a freshie in hs)
and cos of covid, he wont like me as much if he gets to meet... [more]

Big panties

We were at my wife’s friends house tonight. She is a big fat woman. I managed to get a pair of her panties took a chance going to the bathroom then really quick went to her bed room opens a draw . Thes second one I hit was gold. I have a pair of the fat ladies silky panties.

F****** republicans

I just heard that Ruth Ginsberg has passed from cancer! This is egregious to say the least. I mean no disrespect to her and her family, death is coming to all of us! But now that son of b**** trump wants to appoint a ultra conservative judge to the highest court their is ! Do you people not realize... [more]


I am in my mid 20's. I used to be a s** worker - a "courtesan" or in simple and honest terms - a h*****. My mother is dying of terminal brain cancer. I experienced two big loves in my life. I got over them, but they will always have a part of me. My next... [more]


My wife's niece has been staying with us while her parents are renovating a large portion of the house, Two weeks now and yesterday I came home from work, heard...Sounds like a couple hooking up and was like "Oh no, Not in my house" (She's 16) and I stormed down the hall, Flung open the door and OOOPS...She was alone, Spread eagle, Actually bigger... [more]

Mother in law enjoyed it

The other night while my mother in law was staying at our house I got my wife all worked up in bed, She is not great at contorling her vocalizations during s** and her mom must have listened to the whole thing being her room is right under ours. My wife was trying to be quiet but it didn't work and after... [more]

Filing a Lawsuit

I want to file a lawsuit against someone. When I was 13 (19 now) I had a problem playing with fire. I had a legitimate mental disorder called "child pyromania." I was taken to a psychiatrist and imminently and she frivolously medicated me on a class of drugs that I'm intolerant to. My parents have spent a fortine trying to correct the damage that... [more]


Wow, I dont even know how but I eneded up in bed this morning buck nude with my older sisters husband and he was wrapped around me cupping my...You know whats and had full morning wood pressing against my other you know what as he kissed my neck and whispered "Round two?".
Ok, F'ed up situation to start with, Waking up drunk, naked and [more]

About my bestfriends Mom

Soo..My Best Friend chatted me saying Her Mom invaded her Privacy and went through Our Chats and Seen Me Swearing At her (Not in a bad way and i didin't mean it cause me and my Bestfriend Always Curse Everytime) And Then she told me that My Other friend probably Transferred because of me & its Because of Me swearing. And I cried in the Shower... [more]

Fun with the strap-on

I’m female-22 & the guy I’m hookin’ up with is openly bi. He’s got a strap-on and I peg him. It’s fun & easy & the sizes change out so he can uses it on me. He said I’m so good at it, he started inviting his friends to join us.

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