Running into your ex girlfriend and then walking awy without sayi

I dated a girl for three years too long. The relationship was going nowhere. The final time I asked her out I asked her to a movie, She said no. I asked her how about a drive to the park. She said no. I asked her to suggest something and she said no it was up to me.
I had suggested everything within my ability for us to do together. ... [more]

Hookup with a HOT Asian girl at the Casino

I’m a 26 yr old iron worker. I was driving back home after a 4 month job in Arizona and decided to stop at a casino in Oklahoma to spend the night and try my luck at the slots.
I was sitting at the slots and a HOT AS F**K asian girl sat next to me. Mie Lu has dark hair and a dark tan, short maybe 4’10”, flat chested but you could see her nips... [more]

Nursing elderly parents

I'm not sure how normal this is but I'm nursing my elderly parents. They live in a senior community that's not a nursing home but they have medical staff that check on them. A couple months ago the care providers told me my parents were refusing food or just picking at it and maybe it would help if I could join them for meals. I was still... [more]

Sleeping with aunt

Im a 25 year old male i chose to be celibate the last two years. However recently i broke that trend by sleeping with my uncles wife. I recently saw her at a family wedding and was instantly attracted to her. Shes known me as a child and always said if i was younger i wouldve dated you. I decided to bring this upto her when we had a conversation... [more]

Want to expose myself

I want to go online/webcam and m********* to a bunch of laughing girls (or just a single girl) in a humiliating way. Like making ahegao faces, squeal and moan like a girl and say stuff like "I'm still a complete virgin at 32" and "I want to know what it's like to be inside a girl" and even... [more]

Come and look

A girl in my school fingered me in the shower. We were both in there naked when she grabbed my b****** and shoved her hand between my !egs. I was so scared about other girls finding out, I let her go down on me. She locked the front door, !aid me on the bench with my legs spread and sucked my... [more]

Bbw in a girdle

I love watching my fat wife squeeze into her panty girdle

Missy’s Feet

I used to have this girlfriend Missy in Tennessee. Very pretty. Nice curves. Pretty face. We had great lovemaking sessions often. My fondest memories of her were the nights she would indulge in my fantasies. One night after a party we snuck into her room. I took off her dress and she stood in just her while lace bra, nude pantyhose and black... [more]

How my brother lost his mouth

One day in fourth grade I walked home from school for lunch, as usual. I walked in our front door around 12:30, as usual. No one in sight, though I could hear my mom's sewing machine running in the back room.
So I walked through the living room and opened the door into the back room. And when I stepped into the back room...
I almost had a... [more]

My daughter f**** my boyfriends

My daughter keep going after my boyfriends. I love peeking in her bedroom door and watching them f****** her young ass. I'm spritzed how ezey it is for her her to get them in bed

Odd coincidence

When I was 12 this huge man who was a ww2 veteran bragged about the time he hit some unsuspecting black guy for no reason at all. The white a****** was about 6'6" tall and weighed at least 300 lbs. Big gigantic tough guy with fists that looked like boulders. I didn't like the story. The black... [more]

So hopeless and dead ??

I feel so hopeless for a future or anything positive and I wonder am I already in H***. I can't remember ever being happy since my so called Father did that to me, I can't even remember how old I was when it started, but my earliest memory was him tucking me in and touching me. God I hate him for... [more]

P****** in my jeans

I'm a 19 year old girl, and since I was a little girl, my parents, me, and my siblings, we never used the bathroom. We were brought up to p*** in our jeans (which I prefer) to p*** in the bed, on the carpet, on the capane ...
Of course we love her and... [more]

Vendetta to my Enemies by Marcel Shihadeh

Dear Enemy,
I will never apologize for psychologically affecting when I had got you knock up then to ghost you. I truly never care about you or your feelings. You was just my fetish because I never been with a mixed woman. I was only attracted to your Black and Hispanic features sexually. I never wanted anything serious with you. I never even... [more]

Humiliated myself to mommy

I once had my mom sit on the bed while I got completely undressed and then got down on my knees on the floor in front of her and started masturbating. I made ahegao faces, squealed at her like a little girl and said things like, 'I'm still a virgin who's never even touched a girl's body before' and 'what does a v***** feel like? I wanna put my wee... [more]

I cannot understand why so many people believe in god.

I grew up christian but I seriously cannot understand how someone can believe that s*** when they get older.
I don't hate anyone who is religious.
I just can't comprehend how the majority of the world population is religious and at this point I am too afraid to ask anyone.
I understand that... [more]

Playing Chess with Marcel Shihadeh

Ahh…bonjour bonne journeé….faire comme écriture français quand même….échec te mat nique ta mére 😂😂 F*** that s*** I will write this confession in English for everyone! Life is grand! I’m about to become a dad to the woman who I love that y’all hoes... [more]

I love seconds!

I am addicted to sloppy seconds. We are a mid 40's white couple and have been into swinging on and off for years.
I remember the first time my wife had s** with another male without a condom. He was a young, attractive, black male and the wife was extremely attracted to him. When we got to the hotel... [more]

Staying Sober by Marcel Shihadeh

Sober…I lie…. I’m not really sober. I haven’t been fully sober in two years. I still have a drinking and drug as well as s** addiction. I’m basically lying to the world saying I’m sober, but no one knows it because I have hide it away from everyone. None of my pure white friends are sober. I’m always... [more]

Knocked up by a n****r

I can't stand to even look at my wife right now. She is 7 months pregnant and I am not the father. To make it even worse the father is a nasty n****r.
We were having a rough patch and I was sleeping in the guest room. She decided to have a one night stand to satisfy her sexual needs. There is a black guy where she works with a reputation as a... [more]

I tried strangling a cat

I was young and naive and I wanted to see if I had the b**** to kill something, so when I found a young stray cat and managed to make it get close enough to me that I could grab it I did. I was very stupid and thought the neck would just break if i pressed hard enough (because of course a 12~14 year... [more]

Marcel Shihadeh Missing Thoughts

I’m glad the nation is taking the time to go on the biggest missing person’s report for that Gabby Petito lady. Y’all see how the nation can come together for my people, my white peoples. If Gabby Petito was a brown or black colored person than to be honest the nation would have not care to come together to find a missing woman. This is why I love... [more]

I hate the college experience!

I’m in my first year of college and hate it! I want to go home!
I’m the oldest of a big family and my parents are super strict. I attended a Christian HS and got a volleyball scholarship to a university 7 hrs from my family. I have a boyfriend and we’ve been together 2 years.
Most of my teammates are bi or lesbian. I have no problem with that... [more]

The IQ test determine how I comprehend not how I talk

I might verbally talk mentally stupid mentally silly but I don't mentally comprehend stupid I comprehend mentally slow the encyclopedia definition of mentally slow a person that take longer or long to understand think learn i'm not mentally retarded.

My abusive step dad

I might sound crazy but my step dad is the crazy one,he makes my mom feel like crap,and i love him and my mom but sometimes if they just took a moment and sat down and talked to me...maybe just maybe they would understand what my life feels like at home and school,plz i need someone to talk too,please i only want to have a perfect life...well not... [more]

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