Ok so I have been with my significant other for more than 10 years. Got 2 kids. Well, she is on social media often when she can. A while back, she said she got in contact with a friend. I said cool. But soon, she wouldn't stop talking about him. I admit, I got kinda jealous. And I told her about how I felt. She said like it's not going to meeting... [more]

Nalay pem

Dear kinley wangmo. nga ge choe lu ga. nga lu accept bay nang. your love netula. <3

Should I turn my daughter in to the authorities

I recently found out that my daughter killed another girl in high school. We are currently moving house, daughter in question has an apartment though and was not around when this happened. We were getting boxes down from the attic. I do tend to put my nose where it doesn't belong, and as such I did go through a box of her things. I found her... [more]

I tried to seduce my step brother

So last week I spent the night at my moms house because my boyfriend of 10 years and i were fighting really bad and he "broke up with me". She lives with her boyfriend, his 2 brothers and his 2 sons. His youngest son is 22. I was drinking with my mom and her bf and I drank way to much. They went to bed and I was up bored and alone so I went and... [more]

I did something bad

I feel so guilty because I did something I should not have. A month ago I skipped out on work one afternoon. Came home to change clothes and grab my golf clubs. Wife was working but our teenage daughter should have been home. No one was inside the house so I figured my daughter was at a friends house. Went upstairs and started changing clothes. As... [more]

I'm white and I f***** our skinny but pregnant housemaid

I thought she couldn't get pregnant by me since she was pregnant already but here's the strange outcome. She was pregnant with my fathers baby. My mother said that hed have to support the maids child and if he didn't shed testify against him in paternity court. Maid had the baby and the kid is fine. A pretty mixed race girl.


Okay . so many months ago i installed a dating app. and i swiped on many guys. but there was one guy that caught my attention and then we matched and we started talking. he seemed nice and then we talked a lot on the app. so after days he asked for my id and i felt a connection so i gave him . then we started talking in ints. we were talking day... [more]

I married a lesbian to hide an affair with my sister

My sister and I started having s** back in 2005 when we were 15. As best I can recall it started when we had to share a room when our house was being worked on. Her room was part of the remodel so we shared the same room and bed. She was 10 months younger than me, but we were both 15. I often slept... [more]

My mom used to work as a p*** star

When I turned 15, I was finally allowed to ask my mom who my sister's dad was. She was 2 years older than me but was half Korean (my mom's side) and half French. I was half Korean and half Ukrainian. If you saw us, you could tell we had different dads. My dad was a calm and gentle man, but I knew he and my mom had only gotten married a year... [more]

The civilized way to dispose of an unwanted Book of Mormon

Go to the county library and leave it there. No need to destroy the book. Burning it is like something a N*** would do.

Post op embarrassment

I had a neck surgery two months ago. For the first two days I was flat on my back with orders to only move if absolutely necessary.
Well the morning of day two a nurse (Anna) walked in and told me she was working my floor that day. Anna is a really close friend of my wife (Pam). She did the usual, vitals, chart, crap. After breakfast she came... [more]

The real reason I quit my job

I quit my job recently. I was late to work and didn't have time for anything except speeding to work. On the last 25 minutes of the drive I slowly became aware that I urgently needed to pee and when I finally got to work it was so busy there wasn't time for a break.
I was dancing in place and I couldn't take it and ran into the bathroom and... [more]

How do i stop bullying people?

I (14M) am absolutely addicted to bullying (cyber-bullying in particular. I know i'm a fagtard, dw) and it's gotten to the point where it's like an instinctual reaction for me to diss anyone who shows any signs of emotional vulnerability. I barely feel any remorse, the only reason I want to stop is out of semi-guilt/pity and the fact that I don't... [more]

I wish I was dead

I'm so f****** done with life everyone's a stupid ass b**** who only cares about themselves including me f*** my family except my mom I have thoughts of sadistically raping my grandmother I'm done

New found pleasure

I have recently discovered the amazing sensation of a*** s**. I am a 42 year old guy and just tried s** with another man a few months ago. All I can say is WOW! I don't know how I ever went without it.
My first... [more]

I am extraordinary

I confess to be is not a statement filled with egoism i'm being honest with you allow me to explain.
I have autism I'm a r***** a pushover a seemingly untalented person, when it comes to the pragmatics of everyday life you would otherwise see a clear lack of effort but however... [more]

Runaway 30 years later

I ran away at 16 and a college guy driving thru picked me up and kept me. He put me in school where he was going to college, said he was my older brother. At the time not too many questions were asked, or they believed him and that was that. I graduated with good enough grades that he put me through college and when I was done he put me to do... [more]

My affair

I never expected the affair to happen after all this time, but it has, and it has been going well.
Back in 2018 I met a beautiful Chinese girl (I'll call her Mei here) via LinkedIn of all places. She and I were both artists and she was trying to reach out to a fellow artist in the Peninsula (of the Bay Area). We met up in downtown Mountain View... [more]

Shadow self

At times there are people who really f****** annoy the f*** s*** out of me, yet despite that I almost never crack this social mask we all wear this muzzle we all have that keeps us all in check... [more]

Missing my ex and wanting to reach out even if I shouldn’t

From time to time my main ex pops into my head. When you’re together for years it seems inevitable. Despite my doing the breaking, I find myself missing her. It’s been a while since we broke up and we’ve both had other people or at least lovers. No big deal. Still, I find myself trying to find her when I know I shouldn’t bother.
I chucked my... [more]

Mother in law’s little body

My mother in law was about 55 years old and she licked to walk around the house naked only when my wife wasn’t home she told me I was ok if I wanted to look at her one night when my wife was at work she asked me if I wanted to get naked with her and just play with her p**** she told me she wanted... [more]

I enjoy pantyhose and bondage

I have always enjoyed seeing women in pantyhose. Their sexy legs and often open toe sandals were a great turn on. (I'm a product of the 1980's). When I married I loved my wife wearing pantyhose. She knew this before we ever were married. Now we have been married for 37 years and my pantyhose obsession has progressed from her wearing them to me... [more]

Young pleasure

I’m a 41 year old female s** junkie. It started with puberty that’s when I discovered I could control men with a peep show of my b**** or short skirt bending over at the right time g-sting panties only so they get a quick peek at my puss and ass they love... [more]


My portugese wife is aware she is exposed naked to some of you. And she gets wild knowing/showing some tributes to her. Good looking, big aureoles, barbie p****, nice ass.

I wish my Dad would be brutally beaten and tortured.

I wish my dad would be brutally beaten and tortured.
I wish he would feel all the pain he's given me over the years. Every beating and every word he's ever screamed at me. Everything he's ever done to me should be redirected at him.
F*** him. A white-collar slave doomed to serve these powerful... [more]

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