Don't tell me your sister in law cared cause she didn't your sister in law gave the excuse to say she wasn't ready. when at the time it was suggested that I ask her.i don't even know why your sister in law came up on the second floor to be inquisitive.

My ex girlfriends pictures

My girlfriend was in her late 40s. she had a killer body and great t*** 40DD store bought so they were firm. she was having computer problems and knowing i was a computer tech asked me what she should do. i looked at her computer and by the sounds of it her hard drive was about to crash. i turned it... [more]

Requesting a Spanking from Kelly

So Yesterday afternoon I went to my mate Simon's place and knocked on the front door to see if he was home but his wife Kelly said unfortunately Simon has gone away on a month long business trip but his wife Kelly said come in Robert and let's have a chat Young Man and she said ok Young Man I can see that you have something to say to me let's hear... [more]

Navel Fetishism

That I have navel fetish & I love female belly button. I'm 21 & I want to connect with a girl/woman who also have navel fetish.



That was embarrassing

With it being hot i went to hang out with my aunt today she opens her door in her bikini her huge knockers nearly pop out her butt looked perfect i refused to get my shorts on because i had a b**** from seeing her that way and she kept nagging me to change and took the [more]

I hate my wife for hitting my kids

Why the f*** does my wife have to hit my son with a stick for things he wishes to be. I don’t know why and how a mother can hit kids. I keep telling her. Hitting is for the lowest class of people. But she doesn’t get it. Today he dragged him into the room and locked the room from inside. So I won’t... [more]

I F****** Hate Loud People

People are always talking about how quiet people can't be trusted or are scary. Honestly, loud people are the ones who can't be trusted.
They're like tiny dogs who bark constantly, looking for attention. Those tiny dogs you never know when they're going to pipe up. Unpredictable annoying little [more]

Spanked by April and Amy

Earlier this evening we had Amy's sister April over at our house for dinner and straight after she said ok Young Man you are going to get your bare bottom soundly Spanked over my knee so that you learn not to be rude to me is that understood Young Man and I replied Yes Ma'am and she said ok Young Man straight after dinner you and I will be going... [more]

My mother Narelle becomes a child care centre manager part 4

So following yesterday afternoon's diaper changes from both Olivia and my mother Narelle this morning we arrived at the child care centre this morning and my mother said I need to get into work as the child care centre manager again for the day but she said as you know I spoke with both Giselle and Emma on the phone last night and they are both... [more]

Watching Stacie spank her son

Yesterday afternoon I went to visit a mate's place and while I was there his mother Stacie said to her son Laurie ok Young Man you have been and I have decided that I'm going to spank your bare bottom over my knee Young Man and with that she dragged a straight back wooden chair into the middle of the room and ordered her son Laurie to get over her... [more]

Requesting a Spanking from Louise

Late yesterday afternoon I went to a mate's place to see if he was home but he wasn't there but his mother Louise was home she said Danny won't be home until at least 7am Monday morning he is spending the weekend at his dad's house with his dad and his dad's new girlfriend so Danny's Mom Louise said come in and have a seat Robert I'm just in the... [more]

Spanked by my counselor part 2

So a week after my first bare bottom Spanking over Helen's knee during my counselling session I received a phone call from her administration assistant Elizabeth who said ok Young Man Helen is away for your counselling session today but I would still like you to come in to have your bare bottom soundly Spanked over my knee Young Man and I replied... [more]

Blubber jiggle

My belly's getting so damn big! I can't fit into anything. It's so blubbery and jiggles. I love sending buttons flying.

I want to HUMILIATE my sister who is a single mother

I don't date single moms. However, I usually don't go around and announce it because I know a lot of women -- including my own sister -- are triggered by it. There is no reason for me to be going around looking for confrontations. The problem is my sister who is a single mom, (atop of being a twice divorcee.) I have directly told her that I do... [more]

Spanked by Lisa in front of my mother

Yesterday morning following Saturday morning detention at the school my class teacher Lisa said hang on Young Man not so fast and I replied why Ma'am and she replied because you asked me to spank your bare bottom over my knee Young Man remember that and I replied but my mother is here to collect me and Lisa replied that works out well Young Man... [more]

Spanking at the office after work

Yesterday afternoon I was preparing to leave the office at the end of the working day when all of a sudden my female boss Kate said hang on Young Man not so fast you and I need to have a little chat and I replied what about and she replied just step into my office and you will find out Young Man and I so I immediately did as I was told and stepped... [more]

I want my girlfriend to sleep with other guys how should I tell h

I want to confess that I've been dating this girl for 4 years and she's cheated on me a couple times and everytime I think about it I like it and want her to keep f****** and having s** with other guys instead of me and cuck me and let me watch... [more]


I am wearing a c*** cage and pink panties right now.

Our neighbors

I was washing the breakfast dishes when the doorbell rang.I sort of panicked and looked at my wife not moving . She told me it was Jim and Connie from next door,that she had invited them over. I was still standing there and Sarah got mad and yelled at me and told me to answer the door ,telling me that she was going to paddle my ass till I couldnt... [more]

Exposed sissy

My wife was not happy with me ,my being feminine and many other things and she decided to force me to want a divorce by exposing me to my friends,family and the people I work with and for. I let her take pictures of me totally feminized which she used to black mail me into doing other things like have [more]

Money talks...

I did it for the money. A year ago I graduated high school and had no prospects. My dad split years ago and my mother is an alcoholic. College was not an option at that point.
I got a part time job at one of those s** toy shops. You know, the ones with the gloryhole booths in the back. There I was. A... [more]

I saw my mum`s f**** ad now I can`t stop wanking

Today I walked into the dining room for breakfast .
Mum was in her nightie and had her back to me.
I noticed the nightie was transparent ad I could see my mum`s bare bum cheeks. I sat down and studied my mum`s bottom. Mum turned around and gave me a cup of tea.
I now could see my mum`s f****... [more]


I was married to a stupid freaking white woman for 5 years. For a long time in our relationship she begged and bugged me to have a child with her. I never told her that i had a vasectomy before we had met. I had 3 kids with another woman (black) and did not want anymore. I told her that we did not need kids. I had 3 she had 2. So about 2 years ago... [more]

CGL fantasy

20 M
I have fantasies about having an adult sized crib that I could lay in with my comfort objects. I want to have a girlfriend that could feed me with a baby bottle, read me stories, make me dinner, sing to me, let me lay on her like a baby, and rock me to sleep.
This is called “care giver little” and is a subcategory of age regression. It... [more]

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