I will be killed soon. I tried to apply for refugee, but they ignore me.

Cry in the night

I had an over night nurse, I know, after. Some surgery. I found out the other day she heard my talking in my sleep and came in and finished me off. I never woke up. I can’t wait till next time.

The horror of termination

I was fired from a company with loads of great benefits. Six weeks pass and I get taken into the HR office and was told I had made so many mistakes that I was going to be fired. At first it didn't hit me. Goodbye benefits and hello job hunting. Back to the old drawing board.
The lady in HR was looking at me like she was an eagle looking... [more]

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** and gagged by my mother and Marion

Yesterday Morning I visited the local art gallery owned by my mother Narelle and her friend Marion with a phone given to me by Lynda and Kaitlin when my mother said give me the phone and so I did and it suddenly started ringing and my mother answered it and all of a sudden she said to Marion take my son Robert downstairs to the basement and put... [more]

** and gagged by Marion part 1

Yesterday morning I arrived at the art gallery and found Marion waiting for me when Marion said come downstairs to the basement with me and I will tie you up and gag you and render you deaf , dumb and blind and so I followed her downstairs to the basement and she dragged a straight back wooden chair into the middle of the room and ordered me to... [more]

You're on my mind

Tonight I go to sleep with you on my mind. I keep saying I'm not in love just falling but I don't know how much longer I can lie to myself.

I was selfish

I was selfish hipocrytical prideful disrespectful tyrannical impatient self rightous unmerciful unforgiving irresponsible insensitive ungodly unloving ungrateful lustful flirtatious boastful tyrannical gossipping stubborn faithless anxious afraid worried feminine oversexed disgusting pathetic devisive goofy immature irresponsible lazy I passed... [more]

Karma caught up with you didn't it Bobby G

When your punk friend knocked the ** out of me you jumped my friend and knocked him out. I mean we were just hanging out when you and Carl jumped us. Your buddy Carl knocked another guys front tooth out.
So Bobby a day or so later you were in a car accident and killed. It couldn't have... [more]

I was selfish

I was selfish hipocrytical prideful disrespectful tyrannical devisive goofy impatient stubborn faithless feminine oversexed disgusting pathetic self rightous unmerciful unforgiving irresponsible insensitive ungodly unloving lustful flirtatious boastful I was lazy I had resentment I lied I was goofy I had worldly sorrow I overreacted I was self... [more]

You are

You are the best part of my day I can not wait to snap you in the morning!

Was that too much to ask for

A house, wife, children, decent paying job. A normal life was all I ever wanted. Life went suffering and depriving a little love and respect. Can't even die with a free will. I never thought of being labeled as a criminal a sinner. I have groped Many women besides knowing it feels disgusting.
I am sick and wanted to come out of this. God took... [more]

I am my former wifes little daughter

Yes i am a total cuckold and deserve not be treated as a man or like
as adult
Now the whoule family treat me as a baby - around the clock and I am always under supervision
As i was a kid - i was registered in a special school for mentally retarded (i was back in diapers age 8 to 17) and after school i was at home by my mom. My mother posted... [more]

I found out what happened after graduation to the worst bully I h

He's been married and divorced three times. One woman had three kids by him and she left him taking their three children with her. He had to pay child support until the kids were 18. He currently lives alone.

Reminders of the past in a wicked way

I woke up to a beautiful day. The sky was blue the oxygen was good. I had a smile on my face. Then this happened. Out of the low a person decided to make statements of my past. It was the day and days before my rabbit Boo crossed over the rainbow bridge. The statement was made I assume with hate. There was an eye above watching I assume some kind... [more]

I was angry

I was angry hipocrytical prideful disrespectful tyrannical impatient selfish unloving unmerciful unforgiving irresponsible ungodly lustful flirtatious boastful insensitive lazy self rightous stubborn faithless anxious afraid worried paranoid I lied I complained passed judgement against
others I had resentment worldly sorrow I overreacted I was... [more]

Looking Back and Feeling Old

I come from a crappy small town in Western Canada and I'm only 30 but my two best friends from childhood are already gone. One of them in a car crash when she was 19. I remember coming home from college to see her, in a casket, cradled by lace fringed silk lining and in her favorite blouse. (I later learned from her mom she was buried barefoot - I... [more]

Eng teacher from **

My english class makes me want to ** and die all at once <3

I love mother and son videos, but

I love mother and son videos, but the idea of having ** with my actual mom seems a bit disgusting, as I find her unappealing. I have a thing for older women, but my mom is way too old at this point and not so good looking. If she would've been hotter I would probably try [more]

I was at work on break with two Baptists, A Jewish gentleman and

This sounds like a joke but its a real experience. My former manager one of the Baptists said he was shopping at a Jewelry store and he met a man of his (the Jewish gentlemans) nationality.
I instantly asked "what nationality is that Bob?" The other Baptist and fellow worker repeated my question. "what nationality is that Bob?"
My... [more]


Reminded again this afternoon why I wear diapers.
On way home from work and I drop into the supermarket to pick up groceries. Trolley half full and I feel the need to go. Unfortunately I'm not wearing a diaper so I'm thinking do I abandon the trolley and go to the bath room. Problem is we have visitors coming for dinner. By the time I'm in the... [more]


My two sisters locked me out of the house with no clothes on, so the boy that lived next door could see me naked. I almost died when ran up to the fence for a closer look.

Never Too Old

I was visiting a friend of mine Lyn one saturday afternoon and we
were in the kitchen drinking coffee. I had just been telling her of
the latest stupidity from my manager and I had used fairly strong
language. It was when I heard a gasp behind me I realised my friends
son had been coming in... [more]

Growing closer

I feel as tho I've made strides since my last post. I've really gotten to know you and sitting in the backseat next to while our legs touch. Feeling the slight lean of your body on mine while we turn. ** ash I'm not in love but it's only a matter of time.

My wife knows

I were women’s ** and my wife doesn’t care. I put them in family hamper and she puts them in the wash.I am having urges to try a ** with another guy. Should I bring it up?

I rub my ** juices on

The top of beer cans before I give them to friends to drink. They don't know it and I love that they are putting their lips on my ** juice without knowing it. I will also go to People's houses and take silverware or a spatula and stick it in my ** then... [more]

I honestly believe that both Depp and Heard are guilty...

... of domestic abuse.
The whole Johnny Depp-Amber Heard debacle feels orchestrated to feed off people's awareness towards domestic abuse cases, the MeToo movement, the awareness that men can be abuse victims too, and the like. How on earth do you have one person in a domestic abuse case touted to be the One Guilty Party(TM) for years, and then... [more]

Going to be surprised

Within the next couple of months I’m leaving my wife. Well making her leave anyway. We have been going through some hard times but I pretended it was over the truth is I’m just buying time t get everything set up we have been married 15 years since I made up mind I have started chatting with someone from my past we have always been friends but... [more]

My ex ALWAYS comes back

I have posted before about my SO of 5 years. However this is concerning my ex. We dated for about 3 years and it was toxic to say the least. When everything ended I was so sure I wanted nothing to do with him anymore; however that changed a bit.
You see, I was his first and only great sexual partner and he was mine at the time. I need constant... [more]

Swimming without clothes

I'm a slim guy and skinny dip in a lake near my house. Not many people around but a few women have seen me over the years. One lady stops and talks, never commenting on my state of undress. It turns me on and I ** at home.

My aunt

I want my aunt to lock me in a chastity cage.

I was angry

I was angry hipocrytical prideful disrespectful tyrannical impatient defensive argumentative gossipping stubborn faithless anxious afraid worried I had resentment worldly sorrow I overreacted I complained to God accussed him of wrong doing I purposely offended God I overreacted I was ungodly unloving unmerciful unforgiving irresponsible... [more]

I live in Pantyland

So I'm not female and I wear ladies underwear. It's exciting for me to feel feminine and dressing in cute and silky clothes, especially lingerie is the best. I'm certain that I'm not alone and other males are equally attracted to the sensation of gorgeous under things, hose and racy lacy undies. Any other guys live in Pantyland?

This guy again dawg

I text him daily and he doesn't respond, we hung out once and we were smoking pot in my backyard together. I was sitting next to him on a branch when I really got cold and asked if i could lay on his lap, he said yes and I played angry birds on his phone while doing so. I didn't know my friend was his ex girlfriend so told her about this and she... [more]

I like the attention

I have been in my relationship for 5 years now and my SO has entertained about 4-5 people while we’ve been together. nothing physical has ever happened, but it still sucked. nevertheless, i’ve always know i’m very attractive, and i can be very flirtatious when i want to. all that go say, it has never been hard or difficult for me to get the... [more]

I've changed

I am a mature married male that's always ** for ** and **. I love pushy but now I prefer **. I know its just **... [more]

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