Beneath the sheets, I palpitate ,my soul begins to sink.
From dusk to dawn a hundred yawns without a drop of sleep.
Tick tock the clock runs another minute passed I think I lost another time failed to bring you close.
Thoughts haunt what can I do to set things as I need
Then I sink further deep thinking I shouldn't try ..who am i
It's meant... [more]

Food confession...Nissan or Ramen noodles..

Recently started buying Ramen or Nissan cup of noodles, as a quick lunch. Hadn't them them in years, but figured, it's cheap so why not.
Problem now is...I'm finding myself practically living off of them because they're so cheap and fast to make. I do have regular food in my fridge and freezer, but have been doing the noodles thing twice per... [more]

Theistic Satanist

By the tine I was 11 years old, I realized that I had always had a strong interest in everything of the occult, including the Devil. I never shared this with ANYBODY, but I started to get more and more interested in it. My parents always let me go to the library on my own (it was near our hoyse) and I would always go there and Sur and read... [more]

Clogged toilet at work

I went number 2 in the private bathroom at work and clogged it with toilet paper. Fortunately there was a plunger and a water sewer. I was so embarrassed my job was gonna be in jeopardy. I cleaned the bathroom and such and left. Now I feel more aware I should flush more frequently or use the public bathrooms to [more]


Fingers. It has peeled the skin off of a naked woman's body. Cooking the flesh of a transgender woman. Five. Euclidian morsels override tusked thorns. Two. Nine. Studies have shown that the majority of Ohioans support the legalization of cannibalism by an overwhelming margin. Coming into question the necessity of the electoral system to regulate... [more]


Raised in lower middle class loving family. I don't want to be rich. In fact, I never wanted to be rich. But I want to make my family rich through my hard work. I have the desire to live a simple life with financial stability. Maybe making average money. I'm working hard for my family, and not for myself. I'm tired of seeing my family living in... [more]

I feel all alone

I feel very depressed and neglected by my parents and friends. I have some sort of severe stress disorder. I feel myself being intellectually abused and forgotten by my friends. About a year ago I got baptized and turned my life over to Christ. I had believed in the supernatural after feeling many bizarre coincidences or "synchronicities" that... [more]

Crappy boyfriend?

Me and my boyfriend seem like we are not dating during school but we are dating after school. We cuddle, hold hands, hug, etc. after school and during school I'm lucky if I get a hug. This happened last time too when we dated before. But right now his excuses are that he has football practice so he can't see me after school and then we have no... [more]


Beneath the light I fall for darkness And through darkness I want to see light.

My Heart Aches...

When the chips are down, when it seems as though there's nowhere else to go no one else to turn to, I hope you know I'm there. I hope you know you are loved. Missing you so much right now.

We know

Karen, we've already had "the talk" and your father and I trust your judgment. That being said, when you come home after being with your friends and your hair is messed up and your makeup is smeared, don't think that we don't know what is going on.
If you could spend a little less time playing around, and more time on academics, we'd... [more]

Husband was inappropriate

My husband is a huge Chicago Cubs fan, and we had a couple of his friends over to watch the game last night. They all got pretty drunk, which was fine. After the game, my husband said, "Am I going to get a celebratory bj?" I replied, somewhat jokingly, "Sure, I'll give you one later, dear." He then said, "How about right now?" and unzipped... [more]

High heels and boots

First off im 20yo female, and i know guys really like girls dressed up and wearing high heeled boots and heels but is it normal for a girl to have a little bit of a fetish for sexy footwear? i own over 50 sets of shoes, heels and boots of all diffrent types, ranging from black pumps to over the knee high heel power boots,
i just feel so hot and... [more]

Blacks are annoying and ungly

I can't stand black people. Everything about them is ugly. I hate looking at their black skin their fat lips, ugly ass f****** hair and annoying nig nog yapping. Please God bring me inner peace for blacks are the worst to live around and everytime I see one of them it ruins my day.

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