I was 15 when I got forced into doing sexual things with a nun in a Catholic boarding school for girls. I was sleeping when this nun woke me up in the middle of the night and walked me down the hallway in my pajamas. She took me across the central patio, into the classrooms building and into one of the rooms. I remember the principal of the school... [more]


My husband hung me up side down naked by my ankles, pushed a butt plug in my ass with my own vibrator in my p****. For cheating on him. I remember his did it in front of his friends, turned it on high and told "now you can c** all you want" My brain almost... [more]


I have been sneakily wearing panties and things ever since I could remember. I married a very sexy wife. She had no Idea about my secret. One day She left for shopping all day with her best friend Samantha. Once i was in the clear I was wearing bras and panties and trying on some of my wife's one piece swimsuits.
I was laying on the bed wearing... [more]

How big is "too big"?

I have seen posts on this site from girls meeting men with unusually large d****. Some girls have posted they love it while others were unable to take it.
So, how big is too big?
The reason I ask is that i have been approached by a guy who claims to have a "massive [more]


I was surprised that after losing my virginity .. i suddenly became a more favorite girl.... growing up and through out high school.. i was dripping c** out of my p**** more often then married women......not that i sucked down quite a few loads as well... [more]

Hotel Room Pis*ing

So recently I’ve been staying in hotels more often than usual. I usually travel with friends and family but always have a room to myself.
I love to get dirty in hotel rooms, sometimes on camera for guys to watch me w*** myself off in the mirror. I always get completely naked and rub myself all over... [more]


What a maintenance guy he was! My wife agrees. Sure miss him.

Head master

The head master of our school used to expect the girls showers while we in there. I remember he used walk down the row of showers checking us out. I remember miss Reynol, our bedroom supervisor, never dared to tell him we were all naked in there. I think she did intentionally because she was having a sexual affair with him.

Easy s***

There's a girl in school who's a year below me called ann 15 a six form lad pretend to like her and took her into the six form area where 7 of his friends we're waiting and g********* her I was hearing from a mate that knows her she's been mainly sucking lads off i saw her when i was bunking... [more]

I want to kill and torture all pedophiles so bad

F****** pieces of s*** is putting their hands on little boys and girls, i want to torture then so f****** hard.
and if you're one KYS. you dont deserve to breath.
these subhumans [more]

My mother a police officer at a one police officer station part 2

Last Friday night I went to the police station to see my mother while she was at work at the police station as she works alone as the only police officer on duty on a Friday night and she said it's very quiet tonight she said I haven't even got anybody locked up in the cells here and I asked her if she could lock me up for a couple of hours and... [more]

My pillow as a teenager

As a teenager I learned that I could hump my pillow to o*****.

What did she expect.

My friends went out slumming it one night at a downtown strip club known for having local girl get on stage in an amateur night, Well...Low and behold one of them recognized my sister, recorded a short, sneaky video and showed me, I confronted her with it and didn't intend for this to happen but she went to my friend and he blackmailed her into... [more]

What to do now

I F'd up last night, My girlfriend got trashed and passed out at a friends party and now I am not completely convinced someone didn't slip her something.
She did have a lot to drink but still, She was passed out on the couch and it was just me and 4 friends there, I went to the bathroom and came back and her position on the couch was different... [more]


D****** is a sexual act in which a person goes out to a public spot and has s** with random strangers.
Last week I was in the right place, right time. While driving to Florida I had to stop at a roadside park to get some air and stretch m,y legs. I... [more]

I am gay

I am gay and a senior in high school. I am not embarrassed about being gay, but I am embarrassed about what I have been doing.
I have become the "other girl or side piece" for several guys in our school. My uncle is the basketball coach and he made me the team manager because I am a math whiz, I keep all the books and stats for him so he doesn't... [more]

My special talent

A few years ago my neighbor asked me to talk with her son regarding his choice in sexuality. We met once a week for several months. We started with biblical discussions then moved to a discussion on human sexuality where I showed him my body and allowed him to touch me.
One thing led to another and he ended up fathering my fourth child. ... [more]

Methwhore in the making

There is a meth shortage that has raised the price exponentially in the city where I live, and I had to walk 50 blocks after midnight to get to the only dealer I know who had any. He got me super high for free, but refused to sell me any to take home, and when I complained he took me to his bedroom.
He had [more]

My Kids

I am the mother of two wonderful children. My daughter is 25 and has 2 kids, 5 and 2 years old. My son is 20, has a job he loves, and a girlfriend he's been with for over a year now. They are my whole world!
Their father.....they don't know who their father is for a reason. For over 20 years now my older brother and I have been in a... [more]

It took 20 years.

What a weird turn of events, 20 years ago I was dating my wife's best friend N, It was college and we met at a party and started dating, I was at their place and we were going at it, N was on top riding and she was/is a thicc girl, Not fat in any way just a thicc all over girl with MASSIVE b****, I... [more]

Miss the good old days.

My buddy met a girl at a party one night and nailed her, She started kinda hanging around with us after that but she was never really attached to any particular one of us for a long time and just was always around, I didn't think much of it after my friend banged her I just assumed she was kind of into him but he didn't really seem to into her and... [more]


I remember these boys in school showing my girl friends and I a video on their phone they had secretly taken of boy in the showers. He was standing stark naked shampooing his hair unknowingly exposing every bit of himself. It was such a turn on watching him all soaped up with his d*** hanging out... [more]


I have a pee kink and peed on the rug in my basement but nobody realizes yet

Round two coming up.

Last year was a terrible year on and off for university, In and out of classes and sent home multiple times for stupid covid, Anyway I did manage to attend a few parties and checked off a couple things on my (To-do list).
Played strip poker, Made out with a room mate, Went home with two guys. So...You may ask what's left on my to-do list... [more]


No i can't i cried out as i slammed myself down on his c***.. i was hoping it would happen i wore a lose fitting skirt and no panty......
it started as just a tease and a rubbing of c*** between my [more]

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