Bf took pic of cameltoe

My bf and I play a lot of Pokemon Go. This was a big weekend for raids and stuff, so we've been out playing a lot. Well we went to the park to try to get one of the new legendary Pokemon, and we needed to beat it with a group of about a dozen others. We got a group together through social media.
When we got to the park, most of the people... [more]

Old friends

My best friend had his 40th birthday last weekend, My wife and i planned on attending and since we live 3 hours apart had booked a hotel room but one of our kids got sick a couple days before and my wife had to stay home to look after him but urged me to go so he had told me to cancel my room and stay at their place.
On the way there i hit a deer... [more]

Prioritize the Heart

Always. -

Breaking hearts

I'm sorry, but whatever I'm doing is for the best. All these white lies are for the best.

Calm but lethal

I am a a peace loving guy. 45yrs old. I don't get into fights and can take alot of s*hit before I get super angry. When I reach my flashpoint I can easily kill. The first and only guy that successfully pressed my buttons ended up in a hospital. I don't know if it's a problem but I consider myself a dangerous person when upset. I have been in only... [more]

Gaslightin Biotch

I found out what you did! Did you really think people wouldn't talk? I thought you were my friend; you are the one who complained about EVERYBODY. I watched you talk so much s*** and then act all nice to their faces. I'm going to take away what you love too - I'm going to tell everybody your... [more]

Girlfriends mom

I was with my girlfriend for 2 years from the get go I was close with her mom and dad got on with them really well he worked away a lot and she and her mom were very close talked about everything the thing was we very rarely did anything and I very rarely saw her naked so when her mom was around and she was walking around in a small towel and... [more]

Beta male

I am married to a beautiful woman and we have s** often but every spare second a sneak off to peep shows how r gay areas where I get used At the peep show I let them come in my booth and do anything to me. The patrons call me she and her and take me how they want Sometimes a few at a time. While... [more]

Nothing yet, but . . . . .

My daughter married a wonderful man 2 years ago. He's 14 years older than she is, but they have a wonderful relationship. My problem is that in the last 3 months, I've started developing some serious feelings for him. Nothing has happened yet, and probably nothing ever will, but it would be wonderful if it did. Those feelings are there, they... [more]

They think i'm lying

I don't have a working cellphone, I don't have Facebook, I don't have a video recorder, I don't have Skype, and my computer doesn't have a camera. When i talk to people online, they don't understand that i'm not making excuses. If i don't want to talk to someone, it would be much easier to tell them that, instead of dragging it out. I just don't... [more]

Addicted to catfishing people [I know i'm an a******]

I don't catfish people because i want money or to be in a relationship. I love that feeling of "first love" (genuinely only experiencing it once), and then the drama of breaking up with someone. I'm absolutely addicted to the thrill of getting someone to like you, intriguing them, and then cutting it off out of nowhere.
Guys and women alike... [more]

I love summer

The best part of summer hands down is bikinis, Seems like anytime you are around girls in bikinis you will eventually get to see something unintentional which leads me to this confession.
My wife and i have been together just over 10 years, Married for 7 and have 2 kids, We were invited to her sisters cabin which we are a couple times every... [more]

I want to date

But in a tiny town and no car, it's not really possible, everyone you meet not only have you met them before, you grew up with them, their friends and either their or friends of their parents are your neighbours so you cant do anything or your gonna have to live with them your whole damn life.

Three more months down the road

I actually really missed him today. I hope he's doing okay. I'm sorry I didn't get the chance to respond to his message. I've been busy lately. Though, I love you too. Take care of yourself until we meet again.

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