High school upskirt

In my PE lessons at high school there was a fat girl who would always sit cross-legged in her short PE skirt and not realise she was showing off her white knickers. I used to always make sure I got a good look up her skirt in every lesson and she never noticed.

This car caught fire, and it's on cruise control to H***

For approximately 9 months now, I have been working on myself and also mending the relationship between my ex girlfriend and I. We're long distance. We act like a couple, in almost every way but She won't entirely commit or give a label beyond "Friend" for me when it comes to explaining to others what we are. To be transparent: I did psyche myself... [more]

13 year old me

When I was thirteen, I was had lied about being sexually assaulted. at the time, i was a compulsive liar, and desperate for attention. I had a bad abusive home situation, and an abusive ex. i was extremely mentally unwell, and I wasn’t in a concrete coherent state of mind. that is not an excuse I am trying to give context. I am now nineteen, and... [more]

Me Very Matury

So I am a functioning member of society.I interact with other people every day,i get paid to work,i pay taxes etc etc.I am considered very mature and an adult.When I was younger (about 20 minutes younger), a person whom I knew DMed me a very disturbing confession from this site. The person who made the confession, felt aroused by an act... [more]


Generic calss of clans hero sound

To be a bisexual

My first bisexual experience was as a kid when on a camping trip this guy asked me to suck his d***. We didn't go to completion, but I thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Since then I've lived my life as a straight person with only occasional interludes with men. But the best [more]

So not me!

I was raised a midwestern girl with strong conservative values. i have led a very uneventful life. i got married at 23 and i have happily married for 21 years. we have 3 kids.
i have always kept my body in good shape for my husband. even though i had 3 kids i have a flat tummy and nice [more]

It's my thing.

I am a 36 y/o, 5'6", 130 lbs, Blonde haired, blue eyed female with large b****** and for the last 2 years I have been exposing myself to others, I dated a guy for a while who got me started doing it because he enjoyed watching other people see me and it really got him excited so in return I would... [more]

Such a weird night.

I am a 32 year old, Single female, I play on an all women's rec hockey team and we got invited to a tournament, We accepted and somehow the person doing all the organizing things booked me in a double room with our goalie who everyone is well aware is a lesbian in a committed relationship and openly gay. I was fine with it but...She brought her GF... [more]

My High school was too damn hot year round

In the early and middle 60's I went to a school that was hot as H*** during the summer and winter both. NO AC during the summer and during the winter the heater overheated the damn building. We were ordered not to open the windows. The eason being in their words "we refuse to heat the outside of... [more]

When s*** happens in schools where the H*** are the teachers?

One of our cheerleaders was in Physical education and some jealous girls in the dressing room thought it would be funny to shove her out of the room in front of some boys when she had nothing on but bra and panties. Another girl was wearing only a towel and was warned not to say anything or they would toss her out without the towel.
Where in... [more]

A large window at school was broken

There was a large glass window at school that some kid kept breaking after school wAs out. The Principal made an announcement that they would find out who it was. They never did but for some months the window stayed intact. During the summer break about halfway through the season someone broke into the school and destroyed food stored in cans... [more]


When i was in elementary i was outside after a class & i had to pee really bad but like we had to go back inside so they wouldn’t let me use the classroom so i peed outside infront of everyone… two times Plus another day in elementary i was in class and i peed on the chair…

5th grade incident

When I was in 5th grade, my friends and i would hop around and hit on other peoples desks. This one time when we were doing it i took break and sat down in someones seat. then my big body s***** dookie itty bitty loser friend came up behind me and pushed me out of my seat. this [more]

Should I do it?

I saw my niece, or at least pictures of my niece, on an escort website. The pictures were nude and did not show a face but I am positive it is her. She is an adult, 19 years old, and has a very unique tattoo I recognized. Should I contact her? Whether she wanted to or not, because of what I know, she would have to do anything I want.

Teaching friend how to m*********

Sorry in advance this is going to be a bit long. well there was this time when i was 13 and one of my friends was having a big boy only party at his house the entire of his year was there.(i am in year 9 he his in year 8) after the party there was me and only 5 other people one of them being my friend there parents were on holiday and i was sort... [more]

I love joe on harkins coal lorry

Hello I am a crossdresser and a sissy I live in moville in donegal in Ireland I am known locally as Wendy tranny or moville sissy s*** there's loads of my pictures all over the Internet.... Anyway there's a guy lives not far from me his name is Joe he woeks on the little red coal lorry and I, m in... [more]

Wife denies s**

My wife has gone through menopause and my accident. She has made it clear no s**, no talking about it don’t watch it. I did not realize I loved s** really bad. I can (not ) give it up so easily. I love to watch if I’m not engaging with my wife. But I found out... [more]

The twists and turns to recognizing that I was gay all along

During my college days I had a habit of going to the Waffle House late at night to study. Just ordered coffee, filled a booth and studied until 2 or 3 in the morning. One night a man was sitting at the counter and he kept looking at me. I guess I looked back, but I don't remember. I got up to use the bathroom and he followed me in. It was a... [more]

I Hate My Sister

I seriously need to get this off my chest.
I don't know if I'm just being immature, but I absolutely despise my younger sister. Like, to the pointing of wishing she was dead. She's a constant nuisance to everyone including my family and pets and it makes me sick. She borderline abuses our pets and gets away with it. She rarely cares about anyone... [more]

Never dismiss coincidence, it's right around the corner

I work as a paralegal for an attorney. On Monday a woman came to see him, I took notes, she was there to see if she could recover her share of her inheritance. Her brother was executor and he claimed there were only debts and nothing to distribute.
Two weeks later a young woman was referred to the attorney. Her case was about a lawyer, he was... [more]

I want to be punished physically

I'm f****** p***** at myself because my familys in f****** chaos my dad's a abusive manipulative c*** and yesterday I got [more]


Checking how good this site is?

I'm hurting

I use Omegle to m*********.
I don't show anything unless the person on the other side 'wants' it.
Or, agrees to it.
But I use them. Selfishly.
And in turn, I abuse them because I know what I'm doing. I'm mastered this..."art".... and I hate myself for it.
I want to stop, but I can't.
I... [more]

Always have been attracted to dominant men

As far back as I can remember I have always been attracted to older dominant men. As a child my favorite uncle was the County Sheriff. In high school I was attracted to Coach. In college I was attracted to my Anthropology professor. And a new hire after college to the Big Man upstairs. Along the way I was felt up and I learned how to show... [more]

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