Catfishing Or Not?

So, I'm A 16 year old Trans Male to Female, And I Play games as a girl, i act like a girl online, and i talk to people (not voice calls) as a girl, I do this because it's enjoyable, i have fun, i like to do it, and it makes me feel good, it's mostly because i'm self-concious about my actual self, (me being a guy), I start online relationships with... [more]

Jeez What are you doing to me

So, theres this guy that i like and hes the only thing keeping me together like i dont know what id do if i had to move. Half of me is like'keep him hes great' but another half of me is like 'omg just get over him already hes not even that good' like i dunno what to do can somebody help? Thanks -Venus


I was waving at you through my window. I doubt you saw me. There I was, waving at you with a giddy smile on my face, like a school girl. But, still, to this day, I wonder, If you had saw me, Would you have waved back?

Fake Love

I'm so sick of this Fake Love Fake Love Fake Love I'm so sorry but it's Fake Love Fake Love Fake Love

A $100,0000 car was found in a barn

Well, I never found a car worth one million dollars in a barn but I do know of a 1940 vintage ford truck that was found in one. It was cleaned up, repaired and put in running condition and sold to a collector for $50000 dollars. You do find gems in an old barn.

I loathe kids!

Let me make something clear at the outset: I don't dislike kids. I don't hate kids. I don't even despise them...I LOATHE KIDS IN THE DEEPEST DEGREE! I despise the way they look, the way they sound, the way they act, they way they smell (all kids STINK!), their rudeness, their snottiness, their germiness--you name it, I despise them for it. Up to... [more]

Has anyone here ever had moonshine?

I was up in North Georgia and there are several legal moonshine operations. The distillers have to pay money to the state and get a license to make their whiskey but the profits are worth the tax. The whiskey is tested to see if its clean and then they can sell it.
The moonshiners usually use corn to make their product and it tastes like... [more]

I didn't care

You thought I would be devastated when you cut me out of your life after that final argument. The truth is....I didn't care enough about you to notice you were gone. You vanished from my thoughts the moment you vanished from my life. It is only now, so many years later, that I realized you were gone....and I still don't care.

I'm going insane because of him

I literally am going f****** insane to a point that when I thinking of me killing my step dad I don't feel s*** he's a piece of s***, a pedophile, a [more]

I'm going insane because of him

I literally am going f****** insane to a point that when I thinking of me killing my step dad I don't feel s*** he's a piece of s***, a pedophile, a [more]

My Autistic toddler

I have a three and a half year old son who was diagnosed with autism last year. My boyfriend who has been in his life ever since the day I found out I was pregnant recently started calling him retarded and yells it over and over from the top of his lungs. It makes me fuking mad and I cry Everytime. I yell at him and tell him he is wrong and he... [more]

A child with out a mother

Im a teenage girl. My mother left when i was young did horrible stuff to me and left because of her i had to go into foster care for a little while and even more bad stuff happen..I always wanted her back but why...?
I loved her but hated her...know i love her no more..I no longer call her my mom i say bio mom or sometimes by her real name.She... [more]

Talking buddy

I will talk to anyone about anything.Ima teenage girl a realy bored one indeed.I want to meet new people. things about me I like to read and write I love goth fashion i like to go on walks in the woods i love anything supernatural Im bi Im funny and loveing


Went for shopping at a store and noticed a woman with suspecious behavior. Here's what I did: I encompassed myself around her until she changed her mind. I refused to leave her sight. She noticed my presence and walked away. I believe she changed her mind.
I personally believe it is vital for an individual to realize the consequences of their... [more]

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