your an ass

how is it that you manage to throw yourself and that s*** in my face as soon as i stop thinking about you? i just stopped thinking about you and then you had to email me? now your in my dreams all over again. how could you have cheated on me like that? we were perfect. us together was amazing we never stopped having fun. always laughing and exploring and enjoying life. why? why did you do it? we could have been something great. your amazing. i just want you to leave me alone. why cant you do that for me? for what we had? thats how i want to remember you. on that mountain overlooking the town. there was so much beauty to see but instead your eyes were fixed on me. you made me feel so beautiful. or that day we jumped in with all our clothes on and sundried for hours talking about everything that was running through our heads. those are my memories, those and so many more. we were a fairy tale romance,and that is how i want to remember us. up on the bridge that night, not with you and her. please let me have that, and you, well you have fun with your std bearing w****.

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