the shithole that is my life

my life is a mess right now. not too long ago i had everything going the right direction. i had many friends, went to the gym a lot, was finishing my study, had a great paying job which allowed my to travel the world and go to cool parties, and had a hot famous gf. now a year later, im living alone without friends, i stopped studying, i got fired from my job, dont have a gf anymore. instead now im getting drunk everyday, use drugs almost everyday, spent the money i still have left buying beer, whisky, drugs, cigarettes and fancy clothes. i cant even pay my rent now, and i still have a month left to survive. i go out every possible day and pickup random girls, which i f*** (always without a condom), then the next day i kick them out or leave and never see them again. i dont want them to get close to me because my life is such a f****** mess. sometimes i get to drunk and end up in jail, or in the hospital with too much alcohol/drugs in my body. i dont know what to do, i just feel depressed sitting home alone and alcohol, s**, drugs & partying seems to be the only thing that keeps me happy...


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  • My life is worst dude.......My parents are overprotective......they wont even aloow me to go outside....i am 21.....

  • tell it to someone who cares!

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