I was in love with a p*** star

I was in love with "Zack Randall" before he became "Zack Randall". We went to school together... When he started doing p***, I just couldn't handle it. One day, he asked me how I felt about his line of work -- he didn't like my response, and hasn't spoken to me since.

I miss him... he was a good friend to me, a really caring guy, intelligent, and of course beautiful. Sometimes I wish I wasn't so tied down to the ideal of monogamy; it seems like an unrealistic hope for a gay guy. Being more like other gay men would sure save me a lot of heartache.

Of course, at the time, I had a tendency to sleep with someone I cared about knowing deep down that it meant more to me than it did to them, but would talk myself into believing otherwise. Luckily I've gotten over that phase since college -- You live, you learn!

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