mohammed in the ass

I am in the works of producing a homosexual pornographic film featuring mohammed, prophet of the muslim faith, being willfully sodomized repeatedly by gay men portraying jesus christ, zeus, vishnu, odin, jehova, and anyone else who wants to anally rape the prophet of the muslim bullshit faith! Suck it you sand n******!!

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  • I used to be an atheist but I had a drug addiction that defied every therapy for years. When a beloved Christian lady saw me on the street and smiled at me and handed a New Testament, I knew i had to read it. Even when I did not want to; her smiles seemed indelible in my subconscious, I still did read it. One day, I summoned up courage to pray (something like; "Jesus just help me out if you exist . . .")and that did it. The drugs were gone! I have been reading the New Testament for two years (the very copy that lady gave me and I don't need another). I do not attend church but i know that I am a Christian now; I have peace!

  • This is the kind of stories that make me to believe the "Christian God" or Jesus. I have never seen adherent of any other religion talk about their "prophet" or leader saving them from trouble; and they abound in the world.

  • I know a scientist who used to be an atheist. his experience as a passenger in an airplane changed him. The pilot had given up, they had circled and almost exhausted the gas and were five minutes from crashing. The landing gear was not responding. All the while, the "religious people" were praying. He noted that Christians were more confident in their prayers to Jesus and overtime, even the other religious folks joined them in calling "Jesus, savior, save us" etc. last three minutes, the gear was out without the crew's manipulation and they landed safely. He began reading the New Testament from that day! He only wanted to know about Jesus. He read it in his phone (copy is online). Yet to attend church and folks do not know about him as a Church person. For years, he had wanted to quit drinking and smoking which had cost him friends and jobs; had even attended therapies. Said he figured that if Jesus could do all the miracles he read about and what happened in the plane that day, he could do that. And did he do it? Yes, he did! For two years he's been free.

  • I discovered my husband with his best man on bed a week after our honeymoon; was so devastated and on the verge of leaving the marriage then. Throughout courtship for 2 years, I never suspected them. Hubby begged asked me to leave if I wanted to and bragged that he will not drop his "heartthrob". Well I was encouraged by a friend of mine not to leave but to use the "weapon of love" which does not fail. I began to fast and pray and ask God earnestly to restore the man I married; to heal my home. It took 2 long years of agony but what happened next was stupefying, it was the "heartthrob" that found Christ first and broke the relationship. Next, the heartbroken man had nobody to lean on but "his wife" and that she did. It was the grace of God in nursing the heartbroken husband that made him to experience salvation and the desire to "go through a man's butt" left.

    Many a time, we can achieve a lot through love than hate.

    1 John 3:15 Anyone who hates a brother or sister is a murderer, and you know that no murderer has eternal life residing in him.

  • wow cant wait to see it.havnt seen a really good comedy in a long time

  • Post a link to that s***, m***********.

  • shame on you!!

  • How about a jedi ass f****** his master...I would sign up for that one!

  • I have better idea for u. Read about the man's life, his struggles, his innovations and then make what you want about him. you owe that to your poor self!

  • Maybe aim your anger at the people who facilitated then used 9/11 to commit over a decade of war. Yep three buildings collapsed at near freefall - not cause two planes hit two of them ... so the planes did not cause the buildings to collapse - we've been given a bullshit excuse to inflict suffering on all of us, glad people are starting to realise now.

  • Oh my god! A 9/11 p****! GENIUS.

  • "glad people are starting to realise now."
    Herp, it's just the dumbass Americans who didn't see it earlier.

  • I guess no one realized here that that giant post was all sarcasm and satire :/

  • Awesome i hate filthy terrorist muslims.

  • A*** gang rape? that's the best you could come up with? think outside the proverbial box, man! bukkake, golden showers, hardcore BDSM, chains, whips,ropes, mutilation, necrophilia, baby f******! have one of them in a bannana suit for no discernible reason, maybe have jesus rub his phallus against muhammad's and have vishnu blow them both then breathe flames on their shafts till they fuse together in a charred lump of molten flesh, have horses f*** them both in the ass at the same time while fishhooks are impaled through their now conjoined d**** and rip them apart ,have them smear the tattered remnants of their once throbbing panes of meat all over each other, licking every inch of bloodied flesh and smeared s****, have them thrust, tongue unto tongue, into each others now raw gaping a*******, filling their bowels with saliva, drinking every last drop of of salty nectar, every ounce of a*** seepage dripping hot, flowing down their eager throats , let them then s*** each others entrails all over the opposites' chest , then lap up the copper tinted taste of gore as a kitten with warm milk ! Have jesus vomit all over muhammad, then have muhhamad p*** all over jesus , then have vishnu turn into a clown with an elephant d*** and f*** jesus's gaping bowlingball opening, until s*** flows in hot steaming piles onto muhammad's equally gaping a****** and they make a boston pancake! and f*** each other with a phallus made of s*** ! have a group of choir boys c** all over their faces then have jesus turn into a child and have muhhamad fist f*** his tight a*** c***, UNTIL CENTIPEDES CRAWL FROM IT and eat his face. then vishnu skull f**** jesus and smears the gore-c** cocktail of muhhaamd's s*** stained face and millions of fire ants crawl into their a******* and bite them til they both swell with puss and explode in a shower of glimmering s****, excrement, flecks of intestines, streams of golden urine, wet pale green drops of puss, and writhing seas of worms , littering the now soiled earth. and then Vishnu sucks his her own d***[s] until s/he breaks his/her neck and c** shoots out of its nostrils and it drowns in a sea of its own bloodied scarlet s****. The end.

  • Wow. This just shows how ignorant and un-cultured you are. Good luck making your way in the world. Good luck getting any respect. God bless.

  • huh, okay. go ahead and make your film. even if you are a troll.

  • ^Sure you'd say that, too.

  • troll harder.

  • ^Sure you'd say that.

  • actually no, it wasn't. I would know. I posted that comment. and I sure as h*** didn't post the confession. nice try, smartass.

  • ^This is a comment made by the OP. He made this comment because he wasn't getting the reaction he wanted, so he gave himself some attention.
    Sad, but true.

  • wow, you're a f****** idiot. It's people like you that p*** everyone off, you know that? I'm Christian, and no, I don't necessarily agree with the beliefs of other religions, but I DONT F****** MAKE P***** ABOUT IT. have fun with your pathetic life, dumbass.

  • you said f****** and christian. wrong. you stupid f****** "christian"

  • wow. you are so shocking. i mean really, you are, just shocking. you are so cool, you know. wow.
    that was sarcasm. i have the feeling you will be the target of sarcasm for the rest of your life, so enjoy.

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