Rape Dream

In my dream, I was the older blonde woman (idk why), and I was in a tent in the f****** forest.
Anyways, a creeper came up and the dream just sort of switched to the guy trying to rape me.
And I said, "I'll do anything! Just don't rape me!"
^^^I have and extreme fear of rape. I even prepare myself in real life. I'm a f****** weirdo.
Back to my dream- the guy told me to m********* in front of him. (I hadn't even masturbated in real life, at the time). And I was pretty reluctant, but I did it, and shamefully(I feel so now), I enjoyed it.
I masturbated, and so did he, and I woke up sweating.
I am so ashamed. Was it me trying to make rape less-scary?
WHAT THE F****** H***?
I just want to crawl in a hole and stay there. I m********* now, yes, but I did it in front of my 'rapist' there.
I am so ashamed.

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  • You shouldn't feel ashamed about what you did in a dream. That was not your choice.

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