P**** envy of the races

Alright, so I've read different posts about how guys of different races compare their p**** size. I'm here to tell you about both size and quality from a ladies point of view.\nAs a white business-woman, I am often in different states very frequently, and just like any guy, I get lonely, so I meet up with different men (sometimes very young men), and I have fun. I've been with a fair amount of guys and from what I can see, it's generally true that black men have much larger d****... they are very satisfying in length, girth, and shape.\n\nI've been with white guys that have had small, weird shaped dickheads, wide but short c****, or simply unimpressive d****. Black guys always have nice length, great size, and are perfectly shaped- the tip is always full and smooth- and feels SO good inside. Ok, so some white guys are just about as perfect, but a very small percentage.\n\nSo you might think I'm a w****, but whatever. I get around, play safe, and if I was a man, you'd think I was a king for my conquests lol.\n\nAnyway, it's true about black c***. Bigger, usually better, and they know how to f***. I had this one black 18 year old (we'll say he was 18) boy that had a bigger p**** than any white guy I've ever been with. We f***** in my hotel room all night with me calling him "n*****" and him calling me "cracka b****" while we f*****.Best s** ever, and he had a body like you wouldn't believe.

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  • Nice use of escape sequences.

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  • So what b****?

  • Don't be jelly.

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