A*** Excitment

A few days ago me and my boyfriend were having s**, we were doing it doggie style and i was thinking about what it would feel like for him to put it in my ass because i had never done a*** before. I was so tired from doing it all day long but i wanted it in my ass really bad so i asked him to do it. He agreed and at first it hurt like h*** but once he worked it in there it felt amazing...sooo much pleasure. It was like he had found the window to my soul. He f***** me so good in the ass that now all i can think about is doing it again, just the sensation of his big hard d*** going in and out of my tight little a****** makes my p**** so wet that it drips. I Just want him to blow his load in there next time we f***. A*** s** must be a gift from the gods, because it feels like im entering into the gates of heaven when were doing it.

Jul 8, 2010

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  • Arsh hole like gates of heaven u hav high openion of ur s******

  • YES IT FELT SO SO SO GOOD I LOVE IT! We just recently broke up, but when we were together we did it daily.

  • Others wouldn't quite describe it like you do - maybe if your boyfriend gets tired of you may let us take his place....Always keen to find a girl who actually loves it.

  • number 1 i don't know who you are? number 2 every girl needs to try this because its perfect.

  • Did it really feel that good?

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