My wife is a secret lesbian s***.

This is not so much a confession, but more of a telling how much of a dirty s*** my wife is! My wife over the years has gotten very fat, borderline obese, which is pretty rare for an Asian woman. She has also slowly been shunning s**, especially in the pas year. Which is ok I guess because I was starting to feel really unattached to her in the first place.

Not too long ago my wife's 16 year-old niece moved in with us so that she could live closer to her school. My wife’s sister believed it would help her daughter to be close by and would save on transportation. I have always liked her niece; she is a very pretty girl, very polite, quiet and is a sweetheart. So I agreed, and welcomed her to our home. I never thought what I would see could even happen. It’s been 8 months so far.

I usually work long hours, but in recent months I have been getting home at early hours on some occasions. One of those times when I came home there was a lot of noise inside the house, a lot of scrambling and shuffling about. My wife and the niece were running around like they were hiding something. When I asked, my wife just said that they were cleaning the house. This happened 2 more times where I came home and they were scrambling about like crazy, the last time I noticed they were rushing out of the guest bedroom, the nieces room.

After asking about it, but not pushing the issue my wife denied she was even scrambling about. So I took matters into my own hands. When they were out of the house one weekend I went and bought one of those cheap tiny babysitting cameras. I installed it in the guest room where no one would even see it. The next day I came home really late. They were sleeping. I went into the basement where the recording was kept and watched the day’s events.

I felt a little nervous because I didn’t want to be caught filming inside my nieces room with out her knowing. What I saw though nearly gave me a heart attack. My wife and her 16 year-old niece walked into the room completely nude. They both got onto the bed and started kissing. They proceeded to give each other oral s** for what seemed like hours!

At first my mind went off, I was going to confront them! I was going to rip my wife a new a******! But then, after thinking about it for a really long time, I decided against all that. I wanted to see more, and this little camera was not going to cut it! I went out and spent a small fortune on a set of really high-tech, high def miniature spy cameras. I installed it the following weekend.

The first video after I installed it was extremely graphic! I watched as her niece ate out my wife while playing with my wife’s ass! Something my wife refuses me to do, even though she knows I love giving a***! I watched as the niece put on a strap-on with a rather large d**** attached and preceded to f*** my wife’s ass! I instantly got hard and jerked off as I watched my wife get dominated by a 16 year old girl! I came so hard as I watched the girl pull out the d**** and then shove it into my wife’s mouth!

Then they got up and walked out, for a really long time, both my wife and the niece came back, my wife had showered and they both laid on the bed cuddling as they fell asleep. I watched the second camera, which is installed in the living room area, where you could see pretty much the whole house. I watched at they came out the bedroom they both went into the bathroom for a very long time. The next day I moved the living room camera into the bathroom. The next few days nothing happened and that following weekend the niece’s parents came for a visit. The day after their visit, my wife and the niece got it on pretty damn hard. In the bedroom I watched as the niece fisted my wife to o*****! Then they moved to the bathroom. I watched as they kissed for a really long time then my wife got into the shower got on her knees and her niece stood over her as my wife ate her out. Then I couldn’t believe it, her niece peed all over my wife’s face and in her mouth! Though that disgusted me to no end, I still have not told them I have been recording them. In all there are 6 recordings so far all of them show my wife being used as a s** toy and a toilet by her niece. At this point I get off seeing my fat w**** of a wife being used like this, but at the same time she could get in serious trouble not only having relations with her own niece, but a minor at that! I have played with the options of brining the recordings to my wife or both, in the hopes that I could be involved in the s**, but I know that is stupid. My other option I have been planning is to show it to my wife and using the tapes as an excuse to use her ass when and how I want.


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  • MMMMMMMMMM This story is soooooooooooooo HOT

  • Wow... if this is true and it seems so as you have described it well and without throwing in -her perfect ass and perky t***- type of stuff which leads me that it is all fantasy.

    What is happening is pretty much criminal. Statutory rape or however you want to spin it. You have involved yourself by taping it.

    So either you confront them with it and look to resolve the issue as you are now in a three-some of some sorts. If you don't object, it seems like you are guilty too by proxy and letting it happen. Either you all go down (ha!) or you all keep the secret. Or you just keep quiet, secretly get a few more vids but don't go overboard and get caught where the bad spot light is on you more than them. Then get your freak on and m********* until your d*** has callouses.

    You all may be able to work things out, but the s** with the niece is the biggest problem. The biggest legal problem that is.

    Tough situation.

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