I am a Racist

I am not part of some organization like the KKK or anything of the like. I am simply some lonely individual, inconspicuous and trying to get by like everyone else. I live in a decent neighborhood with my 12 yr old daughter (sharing a place with a friend), but receive SSI and government help like many of my fellow inner city dwelling counterparts. I have no car and use city transportation like many of them do as well; however, I frown upon much of them.

I attend college and receive financial aid, like many of them do. I am mixed like many of them are(half Irish, half Puerto Rican), and like many of them I have worked on the side to make extra cash. The differences I have noticed between myself and "them," however, is in character, interests, priorities, and behavior.

So that we understand each other, when I say "them," I am talking about certain low income people who have no self respect, appreciation for finer things in life, are closed minded to the point where they won't even try to understand something before chastizing or belittling it, have the attention span of a pea (by choice!), make use of foul language, incorrect English, are ignorant, unoriginal, crude, inconsiderate, and proud of it.

This really has nothing to do with race, although upon observation it is obvious that many of them just happen to be African American. I am sorry, but it is the truth. As I said, it is not the race itself that I am biased towards, but the attitude that eminates from much of "them" in low income areas. It's an empirical, validated, and readily observable truth. What annoys me the most, is all this talk of "white flight" and "resegregation" in terms of school zoning (which has always been mapped by neighborhood).

Just because "white" people, and other races and cultures, by the way, can follow goals, save money, and move themselves to better, and safer areas, does not mean that there is some conspiracy against "African Americans." What is really going on here?

Why do they run their neighborhoods down? Why do they make it unsafe for innocent people to simply walk down their own street at night? Poverty is not an excuse. I have seen poor people live a dignified lifestyle. I have seen them keep their neighborhoods and homes clean. I have seen them throw garbage in the garbage can. I have seen them speak proper English, excuse themselves when necessary, remain quite in libraries and other public places of solitude, be repectful to those around them, and have an understanding and appreciation for the more reflective and historical apects of life. I've seen their children harbor curiosity for the world outside of clothing brands and sneaker brands, or commercial rap music. I've seen them pick up books and read for the sheer enjoyment of it.

I have to say, I have just grown weary and apathetic-- and sometimes outright disdainful of the crude, ignornant and brain-dead mentallity spreading throughout this country.

And how does one expect to be judged when they wear their pants several sizes too big so that they reveal their underwear and reflect a debasing prison-like stance, walk with simian-like movements while grabbing themselves, and talk in grunts as if they are illiterate? It is not a good thing, and there is no excuse for it.

And when I see other hispanics and Puerto Ricans acting like this as well (engaging in petty but destructive tribal wars), I wish the government would crack down harder on their immigration policies. Enough already. Why does the rest of society have to be subjected to it? The basic definition of prejudice is judgement without knowledge. Oh, I have the knowledge. I've lived in several of these neighborhoods. I grew up submerged in it. I have the knowledge.

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  • You can only make assumptions and judgements,from your own experiences.

  • All you lowlifes on gov assistance are n******... whites, spics, fricans,.. ALL of you are f****** degenerate n******.

    Get a job, get a life, don't be a n***** your whole life.

  • I see both sides of this debate, for what it's worth.

    Impressed with the eloquence and clarity of thought in both the OP and the responses. I would love to have seen the debate/discussion taken further as I find myself mulling over and having an internal debate over the same issues and would love to hear more.

    Probably the most enlightening entry on this site to date.

  • I'm black. And I agree.

  • I agree

  • you can't base what you have seen in your area of living or what is in the media to generalize the entire black population. There are do many black people who go beyond the stereotype. Please re-think your views, it is hurtful. For every black person who feverishly tries their hardest to break the mold, get an education, start their own businesses, live in good neighborhoods, be treated with equality within the work place, and crush the stereotypes you have just written, please, PLEASE re-think your racist views.

  • right on the money, couldn't put it better

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