which is the r*****....

ive been with the same man for almost 5months.never once have i cheated on him. ive had many many chances to, but couldnt bring myself to do so.when i met him, i was sleeping with everyone. after i met him, he was my only one. before i met him, i was a huuuuge cheater. didnt give a damn about anyone but myself, i always had to get my nut. i needed s**, or i went crazy, id feel very anxious around guys, wouldnt stop thinking about s**, with who ever i was around. after i met him, i changed completely.i stopped talking to every guy. i even blew off my best friends. i never lied to him, i let him go through my phone,text the guys that txtd me. just to prove to him i wasnt txting them. i gave him my everything. when he went to jail for 19 days, i wrote him letter after letter, he called me daily. since march 13th, he has been my love, and i had to have him. all of him.
but, come to find out, this whole damn time, hes still been with his ex. he never left her,he cheated on her while she was in jail, everynight after she got out, he would sneak around to talk to her.he called her from jail. texted her right infront of me. all the while confessing his never dying love for me. and, he slept with his recent ex, the day he went to court, the very same day i saw him. which is also the same day, she f***** some black guy right before she saw him.
im with a loser. i hate myself for still being with him. but i dont wana leave him just yet. i wana break him. teach him a lesson.
but i still love him, and he's hurting me, very badly

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  • just leave now. living to vengeful will only hurt you too. you were a cheater, so perhaps you deserve what you got. try and be faithfull to your next man too. you will like yourself more for being a decent and honest person and maybe find real love

  • I'm glad you were able to commit to someone so much.
    You should tear him down, but never forget him or regret dating him. The fact that you changed so much is a good thing.

  • Looks to me like you like chaos, and chaos you shall find UNTIL you do some therapy because your picker's broken. Wild guess here: your dad was a j***.

  • Yep...you are the dumb f***.

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