I watched a commercial for depression and it said "when your depressed who do u want to c..no one, where do u want to be...no where ECT." i feel very depressed but when im depressed its about not being able to live a happy life and i want to see all my friends and go on vacation and up north and to friends houses but im depressed because i cant. and i feel like im dying. my grandma died on feb 11 and my aunt on feb 22 last year and i fell into depression then, but the only reason i think im still depressed is because i feel like my family has forgoten my grandma and aunt, and i just want to cry with them and tlk with them, but im too scared to bring it up. im only 13

Jul 15, 2010

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    Everyone grieves in his or her own way. Sometimes the family won't grieve the way you want them to or need them to. Find a friend you can trust and talk about it all night if you have to. You're still at the age where late night sleepovers lead to conversations that keep going til dawn. Trust your bff.

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