Im a 13 year old guy, and am like really popular. but my best friend is not as popular as me and i know she wants to go out with me and her mom totally drops hints how we'd b a cute couple but i dont find her sexualy attractive at all. and im not that kind of guy, its just i think of her like a sister and i dont know how or if i could ever tell her how i really feel because im prolly closer to her family then i am mine.

im so confused in my life right now i just wanna go back to when i was in preschool and i could do whatever i wanted to and move back to my old housee and not seem like my family is dieing as fast as they are, my gma aunt and gpa died all in 6 months and my gma and aunt were a week apart.

i already tlked to my parents about seeking help but they just say its a stage youll outgrow it or your just sad about grandma dieng and i am sad about grandma dieing but i seriously feel like im trapped and need a way out. i think about running away everyday.

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  • ^I am with this one. The only thing I might throw in is to really pursue something you enjoy in life. Whether that is playing an instrument or a sport or acadmeics. It is tough when our parents do not have a clue. But running away is really just going to create a bunch of problems for you, Be glad you have your friend and as above repeatedly let her know that she is the sister you need in these times of difficulty.

  • whoa, okay, slow down hon.

    First of all - your parents are dumb. If you had the courage to ask for help and they ignored it, that's a real problem. There are a LOT of parents like that nowadays and it's really quite sad, because teens nowadays have a lot more s*** to deal with than ever before. I'm sorry your folks don't understand.

    Secondly - Running away won't solve a thing. It's really just more trouble than it's worth. Despite your parents being dumb, they probably still love you and would get the police involved, and really, you don't need that kind of stress in your life. Now, if you can "escape" for awhile anyway to friends' houses after school and on most weekends, it's great. It's how I survived middle school & high school.

    Three - It really sucks that everyone has died in such a short time span. Death forces you to grow up - mix that with naturally becoming more mature and understandably your emotions are incredibly mixed right now. Eventually, you'll come to find that your memories of the good times ease the pain just a little bit, and it allows you to love and be sympathetic more than most people around you. Cry all you like, be angry all you like, break some glass if you feel like you have to... grieving can be a slow & painful process, but if you're not going to get counseling, you need to discover for yourself what will help you. Holding your own candle light vigil in your room, writing, praying, playing an instrument, building something new or breaking something down can all be very therapeutic. Sometimes you just have to create your own therapy.

    Finally - regarding the girl... even though she has a crush on you, she probably loves you on a deeper level than that. Like the way you feel for her. Since you're close to her, you should just slip in sometime that you love her like a sister and keep harping on that, telling her that she's like a sis, the best friend you could ever ask for, how great it is that you could tell her anything... She'll realize that you two won't become a thing, and you don't look like a bad guy. Also, if she really cares about you so much, maybe she's the one you can talk to about some of this. Leaning on the shoulder of a friend is sometimes the best way to learn how to deal with life. Let her be your shoulder this time and sometime later you can be hers.

    Sorry this is so long, but... I remember what it's like. I hope that something in all of this is helpful to you. Good luck. I mean that. Make your own destiny, babe. Don't let your folks, her folks, or anyone else get you down.

    (respond if you like, i visit this site a lot and will prolly see it)


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